75+ Amazing Gifts for Entrepreneur Husband

As an entrepreneur’s wife, you always need to be on your toes. Your husband is a busy man and to be effective in what he does, he needs total support from you, especially when things don’t seem to be going his way.

Give him a little morale boost by giving him something he might be able to use in his day-to-day life. We have a few ideas to get you started.

Gifts for Entrepreneur Husband

Amazon Echo speaker- An echo will surely save him a lot of time. Virtual assistants act as your secretary and help you become more efficient in your work. Could even indulge in a conversation once in a while.

USB adapter- These things keep getting spoilt or malfunctioning over a while. It is always safe to have an extra one in the back. 

Vision board kit- Such boards help your man visualize his dreams and motivate him even more. If what you want to achieve in life lies in front of your eyes, it makes you want to realize it even more.

Hourglass- Aesthetically pleasing for the room and easy on the eyes, an hourglass will not only make you fall in love with time but make you want to appreciate it.

Book- The latest publication of his favorite authors, people that he idolizes and draws motivation from are the perfect idea for a gift.

Audiobook platform subscription- If there isn’t enough time in his hands to sit down with a book, introduce him to the world of audiobooks and watch him become as efficient as ever.

Kindle- Times are changing and he needs to change with it. There is no substitute for a good old paperback but kindles are more efficient and accessible. Modernize reading. 

Calendar- A printed desk calendar with quotes or pictures that he likes will not only make his workspace interesting but help him mark and remember all the important dates.

Candle- Some scented candles that help him stay calm and focused for a long night of work. It is always difficult to work at night but when there are no other options, you have to do whatever you can to remain efficient. Can’t drowse when working. 

Digital Wall clock- Not only are the digital clocks aesthetically pleasing but they add that extra modern touch to the room. Customizable digital wall clocks are a great option as they come with reminders throughout the day. He will never be late.

Alarm clock- As irritating as the alarm clocks may be, they are extremely efficient when compared to your typical smartphone alarm clock. You will have to get off the bed once those things set off. 

Desk plant- Not only does a desk plant bring positivity and freshness to the workspace but having a bit of greenery around always sets your mood right. Pick something that does not require much care or water and is easy to keep healthy.

Pen- A fancy looking pen is an extra accessory that his outfit needs when in the corporate setting. Something classy and perfect to go with the formal setup and of course no need of searching for something to write with anymore. 

Massage oil- When the stress levels go off the charts and it gets difficult to focus, just a few drops of this oil will tune his world back to normalcy and he’ll be ready to go again. 

Happy lights- Some lights that set his mood right and keep the vibe of the workplace happy. Don’t go for something too flashy or it might set him off. Classy, elegant, and happy, remember the words. 

Luggage tags- As an entrepreneur, he has to travel all over the world and he is always on the run. When he is living out of suitcases, make sure he has tags that set his luggage apart and make it look pleasing for him. 

Paperweight- A paperweight that suits him perfectly and keeps his hands occupied when focusing. Something that just does the job and adds a different touch to the table. Could even be a good stress-busting exercise. 

Desk organizer- There are only a few things messier than the desk of an entrepreneur. Help your man clean up his workplace and tidy up the place he spends the most time in. An effective desk organizer might not be easy to find but it is the gift that he needs and deserves. 

Notepad- No more searching for something to write on in an emergency. Gift him a notepad that matches his style and also makes him want to write more. Encourage him to write his thoughts down and pick a notepad he would want to carry around. 

Ashtray- There is not much to say about this. Every man needs an exquisite looking ashtray for when he wants to just sit down and enjoy a puff. It is all about the looks when choosing an ashtray. 

Flask- Try and look for a smart flask that automatically monitors its temperature and keeps all his drinks at the temperature he prefers. Silver or even black might be the way to go on this one and it does not get any better if you can find one with a digital clock to it. 

Decanter- A few bottles to keep the drinks that he likes to enjoy in his free time. Pick a few that not only do the job but also make the drink look better. Also, try picking a fancy looking glass set to go with the decanter. He’ll appreciate the thought behind it. 

Pin holders- The office is a place where pins and pens keep vanishing every single day. Gifting him a pin holder to help him tackle this problem would tell him how thoughtful you are. 

Pen holders- Every table, every work desk needs a pen holder to go with the vibe of the room. He might have a thousand different things he might want to stuff in the pen holder, make sure he has enough space. You could add a little color to this one or even try making one yourself, DIY gifts are the best, aren’t they?

Gaming chair- Those age-old office chairs hurt his back if used for a long time and these latest gaming chairs are ergonomically designed for long hours. They are the most comfortable when it comes to chairs and gifting one to him will decrease his stress to a great limit. 

Suspenders- To maintain the crisp shape of his shirt and help him look as crisp as ever, some suspenders would do just the trick. Could be leather, could be elastin, anything works as long as he likes to wear them. 

Hotspot device- A mobile hotspot device to help him always stay connected and logged in. He hates being disconnected and likes to be in touch with everything that is going on all the time. Get him his wi-fi in his pocket. 

Laptop bag- The most important gift for an entrepreneur. It is the lifeline of every workaholic and gifting him one would make him immensely happy. Make sure it has enough compartments. 

Smart bottle- A smart bottle not only regulates the temperature of the liquid but tells you when and how to drink and even reminds you about the time. Technology these days is off the charts. He’ll be delighted. 

Smartwatch- Having a watch that not only tells you time but can make calls, check messages, tell you about the weather, and above all that, helps you hit your fitness goals. The only thing that could do all of that is a genie. Sadly, you can’t gift him a genie so you would have to stick with a smartwatch. 

Headphones- Some Bluetooth headphones for those conference calls and even a short music break would help him stay efficient at all times. No more wires and noise cancellation is a must.

Digital pads- Notepads run out of pages after a time and might even get lost once in a while. When the whole world is turning digital, how can notepads be left behind? Gift him one today. 

Coffee maker- No one messes with the caffeine of an entrepreneur. It is probably the only fuel that he needs and giving him a coffee maker is a perfect decision. 

Multipurpose charger- One charger for all his devices, his laptop, his phone, his tablet. No more getting tangles under a tree of wires whenever traveling. Just carry one charger and you are good to go. 

Power bank- For the times when his devices run out of juice and he has no time to charge. Every entrepreneur needs one. 

Bluetooth speaker- Not only does it help with those zoom calls but he might even want to zone out with some music once in a while. A very thoughtful gift. 

Smartphone- Technology keeps evolving every single day and new tech is introduced with every passing hour. Gift him the smartphone that can handle his workload without fail and the phone that will help him save a great deal of time. Performance is the key on this one. 

Bluetooth keyboard- One might not want to sit at the desk all day and stay wired in. Free him from all the cables and get him a wireless keyboard, or even a mouse to allow him to move around and get a bit of stretching done. 

Scanner- There are a lot of instances when he needs to send in a physical document online and might not have the time for it. Gifting him a scanner will not only save him a lot of time but also allow him to be less dependent on others. 

Coffee mug- A customized coffee mug, with something that he loves or even a quote that greatly inspires him would be a great idea. He must start his day with the right amount of caffeine and the right kind of positivity. 

Night lamp- A lamp might not sound like a gift but for someone who hardly finds time, a night lamp might prove to be a life savior. When he wants to have some me-time in the night and just wants to dive into his favorite book, this lamp would be his light to go to.

Wall art- Some wall art that he loves to have around, something that he finds fascinating would be the perfect gift for him. It would keep his workplace happy and would make him want to go to work every single day. 

Cardholder- A clean and compact holder to keep all his important cards in one place. Try engraving his initials on it and he will fall in love with the detail. No need to keep looking for cards anymore. 

Wallet- An entrepreneur deserves a wallet worthy of his efforts and hard work. Pick one that is not only sturdy and easy to handle but also defines him as a person. You know the best what your man likes, keep that in mind.

Pocket squares- The final element in his formal attire. Pocket squares complete a formal outfit and it does not matter how many he has, the more the better. You can always experiment with these and do not shy away from patterns or prints. Experiment where you can. 

Ties- A tie sets a man apart from everyone else in the room. If you manage to find him a tie that he loves, he will cherish it for a lifetime and will wear it when he needs some extra luck. Moreover, you can spend a few extra minutes with him, tying it. 

Glasses- Whether to protect his eyes from the harmful sunlight or to save it from the harmful blue light that he keeps staring at for the entire day. Gift him a frame that matches his face shape and looks the best on him. It might be a difficult decision but it is worth the effort. 

Dress shoes- Some elegant shoes for an important meeting to go with his special suit and give him an extra boost of confidence. Makes him look a bit taller and shine in the room. 

Day planner- Being efficient and organized is one of the major problems that every entrepreneur faces. Get him a day planner to encourage him to organize his day and pre-plan everything. He might even be able to squeeze in some time for you once he is done filling in all the slots. 

Key chain- A beautiful looking keychain, something that is close to his heart and he finds to be fascinating. Something to keep all his important keys in one place. No more losing time looking for keys. 

Phone case- Just a protective cover for the device that he is on almost every second of the day. Customizing it to his liking will add the extra touch that he needs. 

Laughing Buddha- For a touch of positivity and to bring in happiness and good luck in the room. Said to bring in good vibes, it will bring a smile on his face every time he has a look at it. 

Hot plates- When the workload is too high and the copy seems to turn cold, these plates will help him keep his drink warm. Easy to use and extremely efficient for those long working hours. 

Travelling kit- Entrepreneurship and traveling go hand in hand. He needs to be on the road 24\7 and giving him a traveling kit to make it easy for him would be a thoughtful gift idea. It would be even better if you could compile one for him yourself. 

Grooming kit- He hardly gets any time to take care of himself, let alone having a skincare routine. Grooming would be the ideal gift for him, something to help him get ready within minutes and have him looking as fresh as ever. 

Teacup- Ceramic or Chinese teacups to help him enjoy his beverage better and bring out more flavors in it. Not only does it feel good to drink tea out of it but it also makes the table look better. 

Blindfolds- Something to help him sleep better at night when he is tired from all the work in the day and needs to just zone out for a few hours. Gift him a comfortable and peaceful sleep with this one. 

Flashlight- An electronic or USB flashlight might prove to be of great use when the power fails and nothing else seems to work. Help him find his way when the world seems to have lost its way and give him the guiding light that he needs. 

Laptop table- A handy and compact laptop table or more precisely a work table, especially if it suits his style will have him excited to work in no time. Be very specific about and detailed about this one. 

Crafted glass- Some glasswork or even painted\tinted glass will be an amazing desk piece. If you manage to customize it to his liking, you have a perfect gift idea in your possession. 

Socks set- A set of patterned or amazing looking socks to help him break the stereotype bland socks and add that extra touch to his formal wear is the perfect way to go. When the calf of his trouser pulls up, the socks will surely steal everyone’s attention. He’ll thank you for it.

Book of quotes- A compilation of motivating and inspiring quotes, maybe from the people he admires in life or looks up to, will help him get his spirits high in low times. All of us need some words of wisdom once in a while, don’t we?

Backpack- A compact backpack for carrying his day to day essentials like his laptop, maybe a water bottle or so on will be an efficient option for a gift. A clean looking leather bag might be the best way to go. 

Shirt stays- if you don’t know about shirt stays, you might as well be living under a rock. These tools help you keep your shirt tucked in at all times and maintain that clean and crisp look no matter how much you move. This will change his life, thank us later. No more unclean tucks.

Detergent pen- For the times when he is on his way to an important meeting and manages to spill some coffee on his shirt or stain it somehow. These pens work like a spell and the stain will vanish in no time with just a few strokes. He might not even know that it exists, a perfect gift to surprise him.

Feng shui turtle- Nothing brings in more positivity to a workplace than the feng shui turtle. The very symbol of positivity itself, these tiny glass objects are said to bring in not only good vibes but also good luck and fortune. 

A mixtape- Some music to set his mood right on the days he feels low or even some tunes to groove to when he is celebrating a new victory. Get him one for boosting his motivation too, just in case. Prepare one for him for every situation. 

Laptop stand- An adjustable laptop stand and something that fits him ergonomically, something that will help him from all the looking down throughout the day. Save him from back pain and make his work life easy.

A cologne- He not only has to look sharp in the office but has to keep smelling good for everyone. Pick one that is neither too strong nor too faint to have him feeling fresh and happy at all times. Be very choosy on this one. 

Two-sided belt- The most efficient option when it comes to belts. Just turn the buckle over and you have a new belt. Pick two of his favorite shades and something that goes with all of his outfits. Will save him a lot of time and effort. 

 Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneur Husband

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