65+ Gift ideas for your Minimalist Husband

Your husband is a minimalist and he does not like to own things that have no use in his life. He does not believe in overspending and leads a very simple life. Find a gift for him to match his simplicity.

Here are gift ideas for your minimalist husband

A t-shirt set. He could spend his entire life in those basic, solid-colored t-shirts that make him feel comfortable and relaxed. He does not really need much when it comes to clothing but he would really love to have a few t-shirts of different shades. 

Sneakers. When we say that sneakers are a great gift, we do not mean something over the top or trendy. Just a pair that he can walk or run in and maybe a pair that he can go out in. That is all that he needs and they are easy to find. 

Mini wardrobe. A mini wardrobe will be a great gift for him to sort all his belongings in one place. It does not take as much space as the normal wardrobe and is even portable if you would like to move it frequently, plus it does not even break the bank. 

Coffee mug. A simple coffee mug with World’s best husband or maybe even Minimalist written over it would prove to be a great gift and would mean a lot to him. Black is always the right color when it comes to mugs. 

Rice cooker. A rice cooker is the ultimate minimalist kitchen utensil. It does cook rice just like its name suggests plus it can also be used to cook noodles, soup, broth, and a lot many things that can be steamed. Would be of great help in the kitchen. 

Pants. Some nice and relaxed pants that he could relax in the house or even go out for a nice evening. Chinos or even joggers are a great option when it comes to pants that are stylish, durable, and comfortable. Give him a couple of different shades. 

Socks. All that he needs are a few pairs of socks and he is good to go. You have to give him the classic black and white pair plus just to make things interesting, give him a pair of crazy patterns or prints to add color to his minimalist wardrobe. 

Body and skincare kit. Just because he is a minimalist, does not mean he will not take ample care of his skin. Minimalism means making the best use out of the minimum. Just a few basic products should be enough to serve his purpose. 

A perfume. Even if he does not believe in expensive fragrances, he should be willing to make an exception just for this once. One bottle would easily last him a year and it is something that every man must own a bottle of. 

A suit. A well-fitted and well-tailored suit will easily take him through all the weddings, events, and formal functions that he needs to be present at. Just one classic black or grey suit should be enough to do the right job. 

A few shirts. One white shirt, one black shirt, and maybe a few checkered ones will easily make his wardrobe complete and he would never run out of things to wear. Make sure they are durable and last him for a long time. 

Dress shoes. Dress shoes are something that does not come cheap but when you look at how long they last, the cost seems significantly less. Invest in a good pair of dress shoes like Oxfords or monks and they will be enough to carry him through. 

Slides. One pair of comfortable slides are all that he needs to relax, work and even enjoy a run if he feels like it. They are extremely stylish, comfortable, and budget-friendly. Black or white, both look equally amazing when he wears it. 

Photo frame. A simple photo frame that he could hang in the bedroom or any other place that he wants. Solid color with a simple design and the photo of you guys framed in it is what will make it super special not the frame itself. 

Table lamp. A table lamp is something that he needs for all his night reading. He likes to stay up late and dive into his books but the room light might be too bright for him at that hour so get him a table lamp that he can switch on when he puts his reading glasses on. 

Miniature. A miniature of him or you guys as a couple would make the perfect minimalist gift. Something to bring a smile on his face and adore each other even more than you usually do. It will make the whole place come alive. 

Underwear. He needs more underwear than he owns even if he does not admit it. One can never have enough underwear so it is your responsibility to get him a few extra pairs even if he suggests against it. Bring some color in while you are at it. 

Phone case. A minimalist black or white phone case that is nothing too fancy, nothing too flashy but does the job of protecting the phone against any serious damage should be enough for him. You can play around with different materials like rubber or silicon. 

Wallet. One leather wallet is all that he needs to go out. Something to carry his money, his cards, and his identification that does not weigh him down but it is practically weightless. When it comes to wallets, it has to be none other than leather. 

Belt. A belt can make or break an outfit and you want him to look his best all the time. Get him those reversible belts that serve the purpose of two belts with two colors in the same buckle and are a lifesaver for someone like him. 

Card case. A hard case for all the important cards like his credit card, his identification card, his gym membership, and everything would be the ideal gift. Go a step further and get his initials written on it to make it extra special. 

Iron. He likes to take care of the things that he owns so that they last longer and prove to be valuable for money. Gift him a steam iron so that he can keep his clothes clean, crisp, and as good as new all the time. He would love to iron his clothes himself. 

Shoe rack. Even if he does not own a lot many shoes, he still needs a shoe rack to store the shoes that he has. Nothing too big but just a simple shoe rack with maybe a couple of shelves to keep his shoes from dust and dirt. 

A tie. One black tie or maybe a blue one at maximum is enough to complete and complement his entire wardrobe. A tie truly makes a good outfit better and you have to get him a few for all those formal events that he would be attending. 

Iron board. To help him enjoy ironing the clothes more, give him an ironing board. Something that folds easily, is portable and does not take much space. Also, get it in a color that he loves and pick the perfect size for all his clothes. 

A Swiss knife. A Swiss army knife is the ultimate, all-in-one minimalist tool that he needs to take care of the handy work. It comes with tools like a small knife, a nail cutter, a bottle opener, and much more. Easy to carry and is essential for a lot of things. 

Shoe cleaning kit. A shoe cleaning kit will help him take better care of his shoes. To keep them clean, crisp, and keep them as fresh as new and to stop them from yellowing or accumulating dirt, this cleaning kit is a must-have, get him a few brushes too. 

Hangers. Hangers are a lifesaver for anyone who loves to stay organized and take good care of his clothes. Hanging the clothes in the hanger helps them to maintain their shape and quality for a longer time and keep the wardrobe clean. 

Coffee maker. A coffee maker is a must-have for any household. No one likes to wait for an hour to get a cup of their favorite coffee in the morning. Gift him a coffee maker so he can have his beverage within a few minutes whenever he wants. 

Electric kettle. An electric kettle is truly a multipurpose tool for your kitchen. Besides doing its job of making the tea or coffee that you love, you can also use it to make a lot of different things like instant noodles while using almost no energy at all. 

Alarm clock. A minimalist alarm clock would complete his room. Phone alarm clocks are no good and to give his space a genuine minimalist feel, you have to give him an authentic old-school alarm clock to wake him up with a bang in the morning. 

Bean bag. A bean bag is a great object to have in your house. Not only is it super comfortable but it is also light enough to be carried anywhere in the house, unlike the sofas, which weigh a ton. Pick a few different colors to make the house seem more vibrant. 

Room freshener. A room freshener to keep the house smelling nice and fresh all the time. The moment that he steps inside the house, it should smell like home, it should help him relax and this room freshener is going to help him do it. 

Shorts. Just a few pairs of shorts are enough to take him through the day. Not only are they super comfortable but they also go with everything and can be worn in most casual places. Pick a few different shades to add more color to his wardrobe. 

Boxers. Boxers are undoubtedly the most comfortable items of clothing ever made. They are crazy comfortable and can never like any kind of underwear once he has worn boxers. Get him a few different ones. 

Yoga mat. To match his minimalistic outlook, yoga seems like the perfect exercise to keep him fit at all times. Yoga is best done early in the morning and on a yoga mat. They do not take much space and can be rolled up into a tube. 

Watch. The classic analog watch will never go out of fashion and every man must use one of them to complete every look in his wardrobe. A good watch is definitely worth spending after, look at it as a long-term investment and get a nice one. 

Power hub. A hub to bring all his charging stations in one place. A power hub is a powerhouse capable of charging all your electronics without being drowned in wires, something that he could really use with his minimalistic outlook. 

Home workout equipment. He is never going to join a gym and he is in no mood to go out to work out. Well, you cannot let him be unfit so you have to get him all the basic equipment that he needs to keep himself fit and stay in shape. 

Cable management system. A system that helps you manage all your cables and keep them in a more organized way. With his minimalist outlook, he would not like the wires to take too much space and make the space look unorganized, he needs it. 

Gaming chair. Even if he says that the chair that he has is perfectly fine, in the long run, it is going to cause a lot of health problems. A gaming chair is ergonomically designed for users to sit comfortably and work for longer hours, plus they look super cool. 

Phone stand. A phone stand serves a lot of his problems. He would not have to carry the phone in his hand all the time, especially while taking calls, he could use it as a tripod and click a lot of pictures himself and so on. 

Cufflinks. Cufflinks make the suit look so much better with just a few changes. Cufflinks are the ultimate definition of minimalism when it comes to suits and shirts and you have to give him a pair to make his formal look cleaner and crisper. 

Glasses. Glasses are not only super functional in protecting him against the harmful sun rays or the blurred light that the gadgets emit but they also make the face look more structured. Aviators or wayfarers, he could rock both pretty well. 

Cap. A cap is all the headgear that he could ever want. When he cannot spend any more time fixing his hair or is too lazy to do so, he could just put on the hat and he would be good to go. Pick a few vibrant colors besides the old black and white. 

Ring. A ring to let everyone know that not only is he married but to tell others that he is married to someone who loves him dearly. Even if he denies it in the first instance, you need to force him to take it and never take it off thereon. 

Bracelet. A bracelet does not need to be anything fancy. Anything from a simple metal bracelet to bracelets made up of beads or ribbons, he would love everything that you give to him. Give him more than a few for that matter. 

A jersey. A jersey of his favorite sports team; something that he can wear on match day to support them and be happy about it. Do not forget to get the matching shorts or the right kind of bottom wear to go with it. Keeping it oversized would be just fine. 

Water bottle. Not those plastic water bottles that do not last for long but a solid metal water bottle that would last him for a lifetime. It is very important to stay hydrated and what better way to remind him to keep drinking water than to give him a water bottle. 

Metal straws. Straws are the main reason behind the destruction of aquatic life amongst many others. Give up on plastic straws and switch to a greener, reusable alternative by using metal or bamboo straws. He would love the thought behind it. 

Calendar. A simple calendar with photos of your family for every month. He will be reminded of everything that he holds close to his heart every time he looks at the calendar and feels grateful for all that he has. 

Food processors. Food processors are a necessity for every kitchen now and they should be there in his kitchen to make his life a lot easier. One does not need to spend hours anymore just to cook a single meal with these food processors. 

Container set. A set of containers of different sizes and shapes for everything that he wants to store will be a good gift idea. Pick a single color to make the kitchen seem minimalistic, just the way he likes it. 

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