70+ Amazing Gift Ideas for your Minimalist Wife

Minimalism is a great way of leading your life. It helps the planet and teaches you to be healthy and happy with what you have. Help your wife be happier with her minimalistic approach by gifting her something minimalistic she would love.

Here are Amazing Gift ideas for your minimalist wife

A pack of T-shirts. A pack of solid t-shirts of all the colors that she loves to wear and feel comfortable with would be the perfect addition to her minimalist wardrobe and provide her with a lot of options whenever she wants to wear something. 

Shoes. One sneaker and one running shoe are all that she needs to get through the day. Help her move around more comfortably by giving her a few pairs of these. Do not forget to pick a color that they love and the right size. 

A portable wardrobe. A wardrobe that she can move around with and is perfect to store all the clothes that she owns would be the perfect gift. It does not take much space and you can easily get one without spending too much. 

Backpack. A simple backpack that she can carry her belongings in and still be able to move freely with it. Everyone needs a reliable backpack to help them get around and it is your turn now to get her one. Do not forget that it should not be too big. 

Slippers. Some comfortable slippers that she can relax in and be comfortable around everyone. Go for some solid colors with little to no prints whatsoever. Nothing too flashy to get her off her minimalist vibe which she is all about. 

All in one skincare. One skincare kit consisting of all the essential products should be enough for her to take care of her skin. If her skin is looking great, she will always be in a good mood and you have to give her something to achieve that flawless skin. 

Complete makeup kit. Nothing too fancy or over the top, just the basics should be enough to get ready for any event and look her best. However, it is very important to pick the right ones when looking to build a compact makeup kit. 

All in one hair care. Haircare is just as important as skincare and is placed very high on the priority list. Just a shampoo, a conditioner, and some essential oils should be enough for her to keep her hair smooth and frizz-free. 

Set of socks.  A couple of pairs of socks should be enough to keep her feet clean and warm at all times. Besides the classic black and white pair, add a different color like blue or even yellow to give it a different touch, even patterns are welcome. 

Glass bottles. Plastic bottles are not only harmful to the environment but also need to be replaced over time. Glass on the other hand is easily recyclable and much more durable. Switch to a glass bottle by gifting her a cute little glass water bottle. 

Metal straws. Metal or even bamboo straws help aquatic life and stop pollution to a great extent. Plastic straws are neither recyclable nor reusable while metal or bamboo straws are a much greener and recyclable alternative. 

Hats. Hats are essential for any wardrobe. Be it those big hats that protect one from the sun or the caps that are sporty and look super cool, one must have a few to be worn on every occasion. Make sure she has all the right colors. 

Rings. She would love to receive a ring as a gift no matter what day of the week it is and she would love it even more if it has some story behind it. You could try getting your initials on it or get one for yourself too to match with her. 

Paintings. Minimalist paintings like one-stroke paintings or monochrome art match very well with the aesthetic that she enjoys and you need to find her a few pieces of such art that she would love to hang around in her house. 

Books. A few books that she would love to have in the house not just to make the place look better but to actually read them when she finds the time or is in the mood to dive into the world of literature. Paperbacks are the only option here. 

Baking kit. A baking kit would really make her life a lot easier. She is just too tired of ordering or buying cookies and cakes all the time when she is somewhat of a great baker herself. Help her bake by giving her the best baking kit. 

Tote bag. A tote bag is the ultimate minimalist bag. It has enough to transport her entire wardrobe plus it looks super minimalist with its simple design and solid colors. On top of that, they are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment at all. 

Oil diffuser. Oil diffusers make the environment of the house feel more pleasant and peaceful.  When the house smells like the oils that calm your nerves, you cannot resist just relaxing the moment that you step inside the house. 

Tissue dispenser. A tissue dispenser that matches the vibe of the house like a complete monochrome black or white would be a great minimalist addition to the home décor. Instead of buying tissue boxes all the time, just get a tissue dispenser that you can refill. 

Electric kettle. The electric kettle is a life savior for anyone who likes to keep their kitchen well organized and clutter-free. It not only helps you make your favorite tea but you can boil a lot of things here without consuming almost no power at all. 

Coffee maker. A coffee maker is exactly what she needs to enjoy her morning coffee in peace without having to pay anything extra or waiting for a long time. With this, she can just brew herself a cup whenever she wants without waiting for too long. 

Rice cooker. A rice cooker is a must-have for any kitchen and especially for people who believe in minimalism, this is essential. You can obviously cook rice in it as the name suggests but there is also so much more that you can do with it like make noodles or even pasta. 

Table cloth set. A set of all the different types of table clothes that she could ever need. Keep the colors the same and the patterns minimalistic. This should make the dining space simpler instead of flashy, keep that in the head when buying the set. 

Cup set. A set of all the cups or any other crockery that she could need to enjoy a good tea or maybe some coffee. Chinaware is always a great addition to the household, make sure it is all in the same shade and does not pop out too much. 

Coffee mug. A good, simple coffee mug is all that she needs, with some great coffee of course at the beginning of the day to make her day ten times better. Get minimalist written over it and she would be in love with the cup. 

Bean bag. Bean bags are great to just relax when nothing much is going on and you wish to have a good time. They are not super heavy like a regular couch and hence, can be moved around in the house.  

Travel tumbler. A single tumbler that keeps the hot things warm and the cold things cool is all that she needs to get around the world easily. Get her a good tumbler that does the job.

Bookshelf. No one needs an entire book cabinet to crowd the house when a single bookshelf is enough to make the house look and feel better. A single bookshelf that can easily be attached to the wall is enough to take care of all her books. 

Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers are a great way to bring the party to your house. Get something with a strong sound system and a better-built quality. You could even go ahead and get one of those voice assistants that are very popular now. 

A trolley cart. This is going to be the ultimate tool at home. You could use it to serve breakfast in bed, use it as a dining table and even use it to move heavy things around. Make sure that it is the right color and serves the purpose right. 

Gloves. Gloves are a must-have for any wardrobe. Winters would be arriving soon and you would not want her to freeze her hands in the cold. You could even take a sportier note and give her a pair of sports gloves to maybe ride a bike. 

Table lamp. A table lamp makes your life so much easier. It is perfect for some late-night reading when you do not wish to disturb anyone, it is ideal with its dim lights and will save you when you abruptly wake up in the middle of the night for a sip of water. 

Blanket. Some cozy blankets for her to sleep more comfortably in. Even if she thinks that there are enough blankets in the house, you know that the moment she sees one, she would immediately want to snuggle in and refuse to come out. 

Mats. Some mats or even a rug would make the house look so elegant. A complete monochrome mat would immediately make the house look more minimalist and she would love it without a doubt. Consult her once before you take the call.

Chopping board. Chopping boards are underrated and you have got to have more than just one for different things that you would be chopping. It has to match the vibe of the kitchen so that it does not seem out of place. 

Knife set. A complete knife set would make her want to spend more time in the kitchen and experiment with all the dishes that she always wanted to. It has to be one of those super cool shining, black ones that we see in the movies. 

Pot plant. A simple plant like a cactus or even a money plant would make the house so much better and her minimalistic senses would surely be pleased with this. Pick something that she would not have to spend a lot of time after. 

Laughing Buddha. A laughing Buddha is just a great addition to her minimalist house. It brings in a lot of positivity and will definitely bring a smile to her face the moment she takes a look at it. Something that is not too big but not too small would be ideal. 

Feng shui. Feng shui is a great way to bring positivity to the house and keep out all the negative energy. Plus, the feng shui turtle matches the minimalistic vibe perfectly and adds a lot to the home décor, she would love to have it on the table.  

Bonsai tree. A bonsai tree is all about minimalism and is a great gift for any minimalist. It makes the place look and feels so much better, so positive without any extra effort, and not to forget the element of greenery that it adds to the house. 

Photo frame. A simple photo frame with a basic tone and simple design would be enough to make her happy. Make sure to add a lovely photo of you guys that is very special to make the frame even more special than it already is. 

Painting. A painting is a great way to make your wife feel good. Women always notice the little things. A painting is a subtle gift and can go a long way. Abstract art is trending and it could be a choice.

Phone case. A simple phone case that is neither too fancy nor too flashy would be ideal for her. Simple and classic colors like black or white should be perfect as long as it does the job of protecting the phone against any serious damage. 

Shoe rack. Even if she does not own that many shoes, a shoe rack is essential for every household. She needs a space to store all the different types of footwear that she owns and protect them against dirt, dust, or yellowing out. 

Body grooming kit. A kit to keep her body well-groomed without the need for waxing or shaving every few weeks. This is going to save her a lot of time and make her life a lot easier. 

Vase. A vase that matches the minimalistic vibe of the house and brings out a different flavor in the house will be great. The perfect place to keep all those fresh flowers and make sure to pick something ceramic in black or white. 

Ergonomic chair. A chair that takes care of the ergonomics of her body and saves her against potential backaches over a long period or long hours of sitting down. Gaming chairs are the best when it comes to ergonomics and comfort. 

Hoodie. A simple hoodie with a simplistic design that she feels comfortable wearing around and will be happy to wear. You could customize it to her liking by getting her name or something that she loves printed on the back. 

Candles. Candles are a great way to turn the environment in the house into something romantic. Get her a few scented candles with a fragrance that she loves for one of those candlelight dinners at home.

Lights. Lights play a major role in setting the tone of a house and you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of lights in their house. Get her some minimalistic lights so that she can feel comfortable whenever she puts them on. 

Room fresheners. Some room fresheners keep the house smelling just the way that they love and that they can just relax and chill the moment that they step inside the house. 

Perfume. A bottle of perfume is a minimal yet essential gift. Most women are all about their olfactory senses. Know the type of fragrance that your wife likes and choose accordingly.  

Watering can. A small watering can for all the plants in the house. Taking care of plants is more like therapy and has a calming effect on the mind. This is minimal and does the job just right. 

Leather bag. A single leather bag should be enough for her to carry to work, to take with her whenever she is going out, to carry all her belongings stylishly. 

Overalls. Some overalls or jumpsuits would be a great addition to her wardrobe and when it comes to overalls, you have to give her a denim pair now. She would love to just put them on and go about her daily life feeling comfortable. 

Pajamas. Some pajamas for her to relax and chill in when she is at home. Pajamas are all about comfort and fun, so give her a few pairs that would not only make her feel comfortable but would have some crazy and fun patterns or prints all over them. 

Fish tank. A fish tank would be a great way to make the house feel more home-like. It is always good to have a pet around and fish are a great way to make the house more colorful. Make sure it does not take too much space and is easy to maintain. 

Wall hooks. Hooks that can be stuck on the walls save a lot of space and time. They are super minimal and help you stay organized easily. Make sure they are durable and can take some weight. 

Hangers. Hangers are a lifesaver when it comes to organizing your wardrobe and you have got to have more than a few to make them look better. Gift her a set now. 

Pendant. A pendant with something minimal like a ring or an alphabet would be the ultimate minimalist piece of jewelry that she would want to wear whenever going out. 

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