65+ Gift Ideas For Tea Lover Partner

Your partner loves tea. Tea is the first thing that they want to smell and taste in the morning, and tea is also the last drink that they want before they hit the bed.

For someone who is such a tea lover, you need to gift them something that would make them fall in love. 

Here are gift ideas for tea lover partner. 

Tea set. A tea set is a most obvious and also useful gift for your tea lover partner. Your partner will be able to serve tea to the guests using them. A tea set contains some beautiful cups and dishes, making it look elegant. 

Ayurveda tea.  Ayurveda tea is healthy. Drinking too much tea is not good for health, but when you know that your partner is a tea lover, then you can give them Ayurveda tea, which will not be harmful and will be satisfying. 

Teapot. A teapot is a good gift idea for your tea lover partner for serving hot tea. Buy a beautiful teapot so your partner loves using it in front of the guests and when you are on a tea date at your home. 

Chinaware. Chinaware is a beautiful gift idea. They are made beautifully and look very attractive. Choose beautiful chinaware for your partner to make them happy. You can also gift dome coasters along with it. 

Electric kettle. An electric kettle will be of great use to your tea lover partner. It will help them make tea real soon, and they will come to real use on tours. They will be able to make their own tea when in need and will not have to order every time. 

Tea leaves set. Delight a tea lover by gifting an organic tea leaf set. Pack it in a beautiful gift box and gift it to your partner. Give your partner a chance to taste different flavors of tea, and they will surely enjoy it. 

T-shirt. Buy a t-shirt specially customized for tea lovers. Your partner will love to wear a t-shirt that is customized specially for all tea lovers. Buy their favorite color and try to make it unique by being creative. 

Tea plant. It is possible to grow a tea plant at home. Although it will take time before your partner can make tea from the leaves, they will surely love taking care of the plant. Your partner can grow it in their garden or also in a container; it will be a really unique idea. 

Tea seeds. It takes two months for a tea seed to grow, and slowly, your partner will get a chance to enjoy the process. It will take patience and time before your partner can actually start making tea from the leaves. Tea seed oil is also useful. 

Mugs. Customized mugs would be a good idea for your tea lover partner. It is an old gift idea but has always been useful. Tea lovers usually love drinking tea from mugs, so you can definitely plan on gifting one. You can customize it by writing a beautiful message on it.  

A tea gift set. You can prepare a gift box, which will contain a lot of gifts. You can include tea leaves of different flavors, a set of cups and dishes, teaspoons, and tea bags. Pack it beautifully with a small note on top; it will be a really sweet gift for your partner. 

An hourglass. An hourglass reminds us that many problems, which worry us every day are not big from the perspective of time. An hourglass will be a beautiful gift idea for your partner. Your partner will be able to do everything according to time with the help of an hourglass. 

Tumbler. Tumblers are generally used for cold drinks, ice teas, and summer cocktails. You can give your partner a glass tumbler to prepare ice teas and various summer cocktails. Along with a tumbler, you can also gift a straw set. 

Organic tea set. An organic tea set is a gift idea that will be helpful for your partner. Having organic tea will keep them healthy and fit without any side effects. That way, you can also show your affection towards your partner and tell them that you are concerned about their health. 

Teabag set. Teabags are useful on tours. You can gift a tea bag set when your partner is going out on holiday. It will be easy for your tea lover partner to satisfy their cravings without any problem. There are tea bags of different flavored tea; you can try giving your partner a chance to taste different flavors. 

Tea stick. Tea sticks make preparing tea easy and hassle-free and also make it look elegant. It acts like a strainer and a stirrer in one and also allows the tea to filter in a way that provides a full flavor experience. It also helps the process neatly. 

Tea-themed cake. You can buy a tea-themed cake for your partner’s birthday. Your tea-obsessed partner will be shocked and happy at the same time to get your gift. It is a very creative gift idea and unique in its own way. 

Chocolate tea.  Chocolate tea is good for the heart and is full of antioxidants and a strong source of magnesium; it also aids in muscle and nerve function because it contains iron and zinc. Your partner will have a healthy drink if you make them chocolate tea for a change. 

Morning tea. You can make morning tea for your partner before they wake up and surprise them. Your partner will be really happy about your effort and that you made a change in your daily routine. Promise your partner to give them a day off, and you will take care of everything. 

Photo frame. You can give your tea lover partner a photo frame where they are having tea. That will be a really special gift idea. Since your partner is a tea lover, a photo frame containing a picture where your partner is having tea will portray their true self.  

Kettle. Drinking tea from an old-fashioned tea kettle has its own fun. Buy your partner an old-fashioned kettle and let them enjoy having tea more. It will be a different experience for your partner but surely they will love it. 

Tea bottle. Tea bottles are useful for long trips. They keep the tea warmed up for a long time and your partner does not have to take the pain of making tea again and again. Long trips are really tiring and so before your partner plans one, gift them with a tea bottle. 

Iced tea. Iced tea is a summer drink. It keeps you hydrated, de-stresses you, and boosts your metabolism. Iced tea improves your heart health. You can also gift her a tumbler where your partner will be able to make it and also the ingredients required.  

Cold-brew tea. Cold-brew tea is less bitter, smooth, and a cleaner-tasting tea, and it also has a lot of antioxidants, which are good for health. You can prepare cold tea for your partner to experience a better taste and something which is also healthy. 

Christmas tea set. You can choose a tea set that has the Christmas color combination of white, red, and green. Prepare hot tea for Christmas and enjoy it with your partner. The Christmas tea set will give a different feeling of Christmas, which your partner will surely love. 

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Tea leaf reading kit. Your tea lover partner will definitely enjoy a tea leaf reading kit. All they will require is a teacup, tea, hot water, and their intuition. You can learn tea reading together and spend time together.  

Teabox subscription. A tea lover partner will absolutely love a tea box subscription. Your partner will enjoy trying different flavors of organic tea provided by the tea box subscription. Every day will be exciting that way for your partner and you. 

Socks. You can gift your partner socks with tea leaves printed on them. Your partner will surely enjoy wearing them all the time and love your idea. If you do not get tea leaf printed socks, then you can also buy a pair of green color socks and gift them to your partner. 

Hoodies. Drinking hot tea in the winter season is more fun. You can gift your partner a beautiful hoodie with doodles on it or printed tea leaves. If you do not get something like that, buy your partner’s favorite color hoodie and gift it to them. 

Leaf tea. Leaf tea is of higher quality than the tea in tea bags, so you can plan on buying leaf tea for your tea lover partner, and they would love to try it. 

Strainer. A strainer is a daily use thing for a tea lover. You can also buy a tea stick, which works as a strainer and a stirrer and looks elegant and different. Depending on what your partner would like to use more, choose it. 

Bodhi tea set. A bodhi tea set will help your partner sleep; it has anti-anxiety properties and will help your partner to relax. It helps in digestion, it contains antioxidants, which are good for health, provide energy, and take care of the liver. It has a lot of good effects, so you can definitely gift your partner a bodhi tea set. 

Tin tea. Tin tea naturally supports the immune and cardiovascular systems and promotes detoxification. Your partner will enjoy the organic tin tea, which will keep her healthy and will work as an energy boost. Gifting your partner a tin of tea will not be a bad idea. 

Perfume. A perfume is a beautiful and very simple gift idea for anyone. The smell of tea is really refreshing, so look for a tea-flavored perfume, and your partner will absolutely love using it. Tea-flavored perfume will be a little difficult to find, though, but you can surely look for one. 

Room freshener. There are tea-flavored and lemon-flavored room fresheners that are easily available in the market. Buy one of them or both, and they will not be a bad idea. Gift it to your partner. They will love their room smelling like tea or lemon as their smell is very refreshing.  

Tea toner. Tea toner has a lot of benefits for the skin. Green tea toner can help your skin with acne and also help your skin look younger; it also has the potential to prevent skin cancer. Tea toners are also used for tan removal. Do not leave a chance to let your partner take care of their skin and gift them a skin toner. 

Pink tea. Pink tea contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium, which help to build our bones stronger. It is more useful for old people. Drinking pink tea will regularly reduce the chances of having heart-related diseases. 

Tea sampler. A tea sampler will give your tea lover partner to choose the best tea from among them. Buy them a tea sampler set that contains a variety of flavored tea; your partner will be able to taste all of them and choose the best one for their regular use. 

Peppermint tea. Peppermint tea will help ease the digestive upsets and relieve tension and stress, and your partner will feel better if they are upset. Peppermint tea also helps in freshening breath and may also improve energy; it helps reduce menstrual cramps and may fight bacterial infections. Peppermint tea is really helpful and essential for you to stay fit. 

Tea gift set. You can prepare a tea gift set on your own to gift your partner. Make a gift box that may contain teacups, dishes, teaspoons, corsets, tea bags, leaf tea, and different flavors of tea. Your partner will be really happy to get a complete tea package.  

Tea factbook. A tea fact book will be helpful for your partner to know about the important facts. It will contain all the essential information for your partner. 

Mug and warmer set.  A good warmer set will keep the mug warm to make the liquid inside it hot. Choose a beautiful mug for your beloved and a warmer set along with that. Your partner will surely need them and will love using them. 

Teabag masks. The cool tea bag masks will help reduce the swelling around your partner’s eyes and tighten the skin, which will make them look and feel fabulous. A green tea facial scrub is really useful to make your skin look young and fresh and helps remove tan.  

Herbal tea. Herbal tea is made from herbs, fruits, seeds, or roots steeped in hot water. Herbal tea is really old and has been used as remedies for a lot of things for years. It will be a healthy gift for your tea lover partner. 

Green tea set. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants and is healthy, helping you stay fit. Ask your partner to drink green tea after doing their regular exercise. Green tea face masks are also good for the skin. 

Ginger tea. Ginger tea helps when you have a cold. It really helps you feel better. So if your partner is sick, you can make the ginger tea, and they will definitely feel a lot better. Ginger tea is also tastier than normal tea. 

Spiced tea set. Masala tea is a perfectly blended concoction of tea leaves and spices to make a beautiful flavored tea. Your tea lover partner would surely love a spiced tea set that will contain all sorts of spices to make their tea taste better. 

Rose tea. Rose tea has anti-inflammatory effects and a vitamin profile that helps reduce menstrual cramps and bloating. Women who drink rose tea experience fewer mood swings and anxiety. It also has anti-aging properties. 

Tea bath. Tea bath helps in detoxifying skin, delays skin cell aging, smoothens skin, helps to balance a good skin tone, and helps in repairing sun damage. You can plan a tea bath with your partner and relax together. 

Haircare. Tea is packed with good nutrients, which will make your damaged hair soft and shiny again. The antioxidants help your hair absorb vitamins and minerals to nourish it and also protect it from the harmful UV rays that can damage your hair. 

Skincare. Tea face masks help in tightening your skin and also help to remove sun damage. You can gift your partner skincare and help them take care of it.

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