60+ Gift Ideas For Whiskey Lover Partner

Single malt, bourbon, or rye – everyone has their own choice of whiskey. If your partner is quite the whiskey lover, here are some gifts that will help you reach their heart really quickly.

It is like a religion, and the followers seem to be entirely orthodox. You need to be careful while making the choices.

Here are amazing gift ideas for whiskey lover

Infusion Vessel. An infusion vessel is a great choice of a gift as it will help to easily infuse any ordinary alcohol with various cocktails and spirits, and transform it into an extraordinary drink. Your whiskey lover partner will love creating exotic blends and spirits once he gets this gift from you.

Whiskey Tasting Calendar. Gift your whiskey lover partner a whiskey tasting calendar. This pack will feature exotic blends in mini bottles. Your partner will love this beautiful gift, and cherish it deep within. And you may expect them to share the tasting with you.

Heavy Tumbler. A heavy tumbler is any whiskey lover’s favorite. Go on and gift your whiskey lover partner one of these and you love the way they lovingly drink out of it. And if you have gifted them a set of such tumblers, they will take pride in serving their guests in these glasses.

Customized Whiskey Glass.  A whiskey glass is quite a good gift for your whiskey lover partner. However, if you can gift them a personalized and customized whiskey glass, it will go a long way to show your partner the love, thoughtfulness, and appreciation you have for them.

“I Live Whiskey” T-Shirt.  An “I Live Whiskey” t-shirt is a novel gift for your partner, especially since they are an avid whiskey lover. You will enjoy seeing them wear this t-shirt happily wherever they go.

Aged Maple Syrup. Aging maple syrup in a bourbon barrel will bring it a richer and smoky flavor. It is a unique gift you can give your whiskey lover partner. They will simply love this gesture of yours and will love you far deeper than ever.

Cocktail Sugar Cubes. Cocktail sugar cubes are a grand gift idea to give your whiskey lover partner. They will delight themselves by infusing these with various flavors and spirits as well. Then see them serve these cocktail sugar cubes at parties, and enjoy the appreciation that your partner gets from his guests.

The Whiskey Dictionary. The Whiskey Dictionary is a great source to learn about whiskey. They talk about different whiskeys from around the world, tastes, reviews, techniques, and recommendations. Gift your whiskey lover a subscription to this great platform, and buy them shirts and gear from their website. Your partner will love you ever so much for this lovely gesture.

Their Favourite Single Malt Whiskey. Your partner is a whiskey lover. You want to gift them something appealing. Why not gift them their favorite single malt whiskey? A bottle of their favorite single malt whiskey will say that you love them better than a million could

Whiskey Bitters Bundle.  Since your partner is a whiskey lover chances are that they love blending cocktails too. Gift them a bundle of bitters and watch them blend those cocktails with more interest and the aplomb with which they introduce these cocktails at parties.

Favorite Aged Whiskey. This is practically the best and the most perfect gift that you can give a whiskey lover. They are sure to cherish this for years to come and the best part is that every time they have a sip, they will remember you.

Collector’s Whiskey. If your partner is an avid collector of aged spirits or ages whiskeys alone, this could be the best gift. Just do some prior research to have some insights into their bucket list. You will surely find something. 

Honey Whiskey Soap. Whiskey and honey, sweet and smoky at the same time. This infusion of honey with whiskey in a bar of soap is classic and sophisticated and makes for an amazing gift for your whiskey lover partner. 

Spirits Subscription. A monthly subscription of whiskey delivered to your partner’s doorstep will work wonders as a gift. This is thoughtful and unique. Also, this will be the least expected out of all the gifts.

Whiskey Stones. If your husband likes the foaminess of whiskey and does enjoy a stone or two in his whiskey, this could be the best you can gift him. Just be sure that are premium and aren’t cheap.

Cocktail Cherries. Wow, isn’t it? Cocktail cherries are loved by every spirit or alcohol lover. No matter what drink someone likes, they will surely like to have themselves some expensive cocktail cherries. 

Whiskey Infused Toothpicks. Very unique, right? This will come as a surprise as this gift has quite a sophistication and is an elite enough gift for your whiskey lover partner. And this is functional and useful too.

Jim Beam Black. The classic Jim Beam Black is a whiskey that every whiskey lover ought to have in their collection. Jim Beam is a classic and you just can’t go wrong with this. 

Ice Cube Tray. Whiskey or scotch on the rocks – sounds like something that your partner enjoys, isn’t it? This is a great gift for your whiskey lover soulmate because ice cubes are a must for every night’s unwind session or otherwise. 

Cocktail Muddler Set. The perfect friend for a person who is quite the cocktail maker. This is an absolute must in a person’s kitchen (or minibar) and also a very thoughtful gift. If your partner has enough guests coming over, this is a great gift. Also, they can also use this while making you the occasional cocktail. 

Scented Candles. Candles with a smoky or woody scent with a whiskey flavor infusion are sure to sweep your partner away. These candles are quite premium and bring about sophistication in a room, something that your partner seems to love. 

Diamond Decanter. A glass decanter shaped like a diamond is elegant and royal. They will pour themselves whiskey from a special decanter, especially when their special someone has gifted them this. 

Cigar Gift Set. A gentleman’s favorite, you have seen it in the movies. There’s just something about it when you roll the smoke of a cigar and sip on to your favorite whiskey. This is a fantastic gift for your gent. 

Whiskey Shelf. A personalized whiskey shelf in the living room could be the perfect way to showcase the spirits that your partner boasts and also, it can be the best interior décor that you can gift as well. 

Personalized Whiskey Glass Printed Socks. Oh, this is so sweet! A great way to tell your partner that you like to see them in their most comfortable and honest selves. This is a gift that shows care and acceptance. 

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Square Whiskey Glass. A square whiskey glass is a classic and there is some added amount of sophistication in a square-shaped premium whiskey glass. This is modern and also something unique.

Poker Pack. The perfect partner for your whiskey sessions. You need something to spice up the occasion and playing poker while drinking is a charm. Also, you could go a little too far if you try playing drunk poker. Hmmm!

Whiskey Barrel Dispenser. Vintage, crude, and classic – these are the exact emotions that will hit your partner’s mind when they see this gift. This is something that every whiskey lover will love.

Whiskey Glasses With The World Map. Whiskey glasses with a print of the world map will make your partner feel on top of the world. This is something very unique and it is a great gift for anyone who is highly ambitious and motivated. 

Bourbon Barrel Wood Watch. A bourbon barrel wood watch is the best that you can gift your whiskey lover partner. It is an everyday essential and it will remind them of their favorite thing in the world at any point of the day.

Whiskey Mug. If your partner is a voracious drinker of whiskey and loves to chug down enough whiskey at a go, they will love themselves a great whiskey mug. Don’t get confused, they aren’t as big as a beer mug though.  

Corkscrew. A spirit lover and a premium corkscrew go hand in hand. One cannot live without the other and this is an absolute essential that your partner will cherish all day every day. This is also a gift that should stand the test of time.

A Personalised Lighter. Just like a cigar set, a personalized lighter is a great gift for your gentleman. They would possibly like to smoke a little with every drink, and a signet lighter will make them feel special every time. 

Whiskey Books Set. Your partner should love whiskey books as they will love to read about their favorite. This will also help them on their quest to find their signature drink and also, they will be well equipped to show off some alcohol knowledge.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass. Everyone likes a glass made of glass but stainless steel glass is perfectly different. Also, you need not worry about an accident on those extremely drunk nights because stainless steel doesn’t break. :/

Whiskey Sampler. A whiskey sampler is a set of his most favorite whiskeys in small amounts or the ones he might be interested in. This is a great gift. Also, along with this, you can add a whiskey club subscription.

Comic Book Inspired Decanter Set. Batman, Captain American, or Star Wars inspired decanter is a great way to balance maturity with some childishness. This is a great gift for every whiskey lover with a unique twist.  

Game Of Thrones Inspired Decanter Set. Game of Thrones is a series that hits the right chords in the brain. If your partner loves GoT, this is a match made in heaven. Something very unique and quirky. 

Glass Cigar Clips. The perfect way to keep a cigar while pairing it with your glass of whiskey. This is a functional gift that your partner will make a lot of use out of. These are easily available and you can get them customized too. 

Whiskey Hat. A personalized hat with the imprint of “whiskey lover” is a great gift for your partner. This is a unique way to tell the world that they are sophisticated and they can also use these while they head out for casual occasions. 

Personalized Coasters. Coasters are an absolute must on every drink lover’s table. This is a perfect accessory for everyone who likes to have an occasional drink. A personalized coaster makes it more specific and special. 

Woody Perfumes. Your whiskey lover partner most probably likes woody and earth notes in their perfumes. Why not gift them a great perfume that they can use for formal events and this is a great way to remind them that they love whiskey. 

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Set. A set of different Jack Daniel’s variants is a great gift for a whiskey lover. This is something that your partner can enjoy for quite some time and although regular, this is absolutely essential. 

Freezable Whiskey Glasses. Automatic freezing whiskey glasses are very modern and unique. If your partner likes their drinks chilled and can’t seem to stop while adding ice, this is convenient and can be carried to any place. 

Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel. This is vintage and does the job for a core an avid whiskey lover. Combine that with some personalization, maybe their initials or some custom artwork, and this will be a steal of a gift for your partner. Chances are that they will flaunt it to their friends too. 

Whiskey Barrel Wall Clock. A wall clock made from a single barrel of vintage and aged whiskey will be the most unique gift that they can get. This is extremely thoughtful and also very relevant. Most of the times they see it, it will remind them of you 

Assorted Whiskey Bottle Set. If you have quite the budget and don’t mind going overboard and spoil your partner, you can gift them an assorted whiskey bottle set. This will last for some time and they won’t have to think of buying their favorite spirits anytime soon. Make sure you make the right choices.

BAC Breathalyzer. If you want your partner to drink but also keep a check on themselves so that they don’t drink and drive, a breathalyzer is a perfect gift. They can monitor their blood alcohol levels and moderate how much they drink.  

The Art In Whiskey Book. This book is an absolute must for every whiskey connoisseur. This book is well equipped with almost everything that one needs to know on their whiskey quest. You won’t regret gifting your partner this. 

A Mini Freezer. Ahhh! There is nothing much to say about a mini freezer. You love drinks, you will love a mini freezer. You can keep it in your bedroom or beside your work table. It can be your partner’s most favorite unwind buddy.

No matter what gifts you give to their partner, the best gift you can give them is to make them understand to avoid over drinking and also you should know how to control them being their partner. Happy living! 

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