71+ Best Gifts For Actor

If your partner knows how to sway people off their feet with their acting skills and is quite the showstopper, you would want to give them a gift that is as killer-cool and unique as them.

Here are some gift ideas that are sure to help you find the perfect gift for your actor partner.

Top Gifts for Actor

Shades. If your partner is quite the actor, style and fashion are something that is an integral part of their everyday lives. A cool pair of shades is something that they will love, possibly quite a lot because let’s face it – who doesn’t want to have that James Dean-like persona!

A Portrait. Actors generally tend to be obsessed with themselves. Not to generalize things but most actors have to spend quite a lot of time on their looks and this is one great way to appreciate that.

Wax Model. Madame Tussauds or otherwise, wax models are made for people who are deemed to be celebrities. Why not take the chance to celebrate your actor partner a little and overwhelm them with a wax statue?

Tickets To The Theatre. An actor and theatre – That says it all. To be honest, whether your partner is in front of the screen or has more footage in the theatres, they will possibly love drama appreciation and it just can’t get any better than theatre tickers.

Movie Tickets. Movies and actors, just like the above point, are two words that go hand in hand. If there is a movie that you have been anxiously waiting for, this is a great opportunity to get a couple of tickets and watch it with your actor partner. Who knows? You might just get to hear some free criticism and insights on BTS and also about the other side of the screen from your partner. 

Collection Of Their Most Favourite Movies. If your partner is an avid movie addict and loves binge-watching a particular actor or director, you could gift them a collection of their best works. They will simply love it.

A Collage Of Their Influences. Your partner is bound to have some influence from their idols. You could gift them a collage of their heroes from the screen. It would also motivate them to do better and outperform themselves. 

A Lights-Camera-Action Showpiece. This is the perfect showpiece for your actor partner as it truly symbolizes what they do and what they can relate to the most. Also, this is a classic gift which his friends will be jealous of.

Potpourri. Your partner is bound to love the beauty of things. This is why potpourri is a great gift for your actor partner. Also, it’s a plus because he must be having friends coming over very often. They will surely get impressed by these.

Big Picture Frame. Let’s face it! Actors tend to be a little too into themselves. This is a great way of making them feel good. What’s best is that you might be featured in the picture used too! 😛

A Mirror. Outfits and appearance do have a major impact on an actor’s life. Gifting your actor partner a mirror will help them know exactly what to do and what to wear before heading out of the house for the big events.

Dress For An Actress. Talking of big events, your partner needs that gorgeous dress to rock and kill the scene at an event she has to attend. The dress will be even more special for her since you have given it and she will love to flaunt it a little more every time she wears it! Think of a little black dress! Sexy, right?

Tuxedo For An Actor. Likewise, your tall, dark and handsome prince charming needs that killer tuxedo to slay his fellow actors at the big events and parties. Since this is a no-brainer, why don’t you gift him a tailored tuxedo before he plans to buy one?

Watch. Actors are known to be worse with time. Or wait, aren’t they? If not, it could only be because they have that designer watch that they love rocking and it also seems to be quite functional for them. 

A Good Poster. Think of Tarantino movie posters or similar cult classic posters of legendary movies. An original movie poster of such movies is bound to give you the keys to their heart! 

A Card That Says “You’re Awesome”. The lives of actors are challenging. They’re always working hard every day to better their skills and deliver better performance and in the course of doing that, they might have their own share of low phases. This gift is a great way to cut off the actor’s anxiety and also show them that you really do care. 

Socks. Your actor partner needs to be cozy when lazing around at home. You can gift them simple things like these which will be functional and it will tell them that you care for who they truly are.

Fridge Magnets. Fridge magnets are a great gift for all age groups. You could gift him a set of magnets of the countries that he or she has been to! This sort of gift is unique. It might take some work and effort but your partner is sure to love it!

Accessories. Belts, Cufflinks, Sunglasses, Rings, etc. are the exact things that your actor partner needs to make a statement and create an identity out of themselves. This could be a great gift.

A Wallet. Shhh! Quiet question! Your partner should be carrying a good deal of money everywhere since they have many appointments and engagements on a daily basis. A wallet would be a great gift for them to securely carry the money that they have worked so hard for. 

OTT App Subscription. For those lazy weekends when you and your partner, OTT app subscriptions are going to come in handy. You too could be all cozy on the couch and binge-watch your favorite serial and shows!

Books. Actors tend to read a lot to enhance their skill sets. Books on direction, acting or simply their other fields of interest are a great way of telling them that you care for their mental health too. 

Museum Membership. Does your partner like exquisite stuff and is into antiques? What’s better than gifting them a museum membership that would help them spend their off days? Plus, you could tag along and it will help you two spend some quality time with each other.

Film Study Classes. Enrolling them in film study classes could be a great gift. Especially for struggling actors on their initial days, you could give them the necessary support they need to hone their skills and this gift will stay with them for long. 

A Duffle Bag. Since actors need to carry around a lot of essential items, a duffle bag is a perfect gift. Starting from workout gear to cosmetics to cash to a water bottle, everything fits into the duffle bag. Add to that the style quotient of a trendy duffle bag, it doesn’t seem to get any better! ?

Make-Up Kit For An Actress. As an actress, your partner needs to remain under makeup a lot of the time. Gift her a makeup kit and see for yourself how much she loves you for this gesture. She will reciprocate in the most unexpected of ways. Bask in her love and also help her with her makeup at times.

Grooming Kit For An Actor. A grooming kit for your actor partner will mean a lot to him or her. It says that you wish for them to be well-groomed and well-kept at all times. and they will appreciate your deep feelings and thoughtfulness.

A Lunchbox. A lunchbox may not be a necessity, but gifting them one will show your concern for what they eat. It also says that you really wish that they eat healthily. Such a gift says a million words in silence.

Workout Essentials. Workout essentials will be much appreciated by your actor partner. They do their workout regularly. So having the most comfortable essentials will actually make them do their workout happily.

Gym Equipment. Since your partner is an actor, they have to stay fit and in shape. Buy them some gym equipment and see for yourself how much time they spend using this equipment to stay fit and in good shape.

A Pair Of Trendy Levi’s 501 Jeans. The shape of this model of Levi’s jeans is just so mesmerizing. And these will make your actor partner look fantabulous. Their figure line will get so well highlighted. These high-rise straight jeans are an absolute delight to wear. Your thoughtfulness will never go unnoticed for sure.

Vintage Clothing. Your actor partner most certainly loves doing things a little differently. Gift them some vintage clothing and see them wear them at the most unwarranted times and occasions. Proudly too. You will be the one to love them more for this boldness in them.

A Tripod. A tripod goes a long way to state that you wish for your actor partner to hone their skill in photography and videography as well. And you will be pleased to see them engaged full time honing this skill of theirs.

A Television. Let them have a new television so that they may watch all that they wish to, even their collection of movies, serials, and even sports and concerts. It will help them spend more time with you and will allow you to know exactly what their taste is.

Broadway Costume Poster. A Broadway costume poster goes a long way to say how much you love your actor partner. They will have such a poster displayed on the most visible wall of your home. Their pride will keep showing on their face all the while. And their love for you, too.

Cult Classic Film Set. A set of cult classics will work well with your actor partner. It is a great source of inspiration, satisfaction, and pride for them. They will spend time watching these and appreciating them as well. And to top it all, you will be pleased that they want to spend their time with you.

Signed Merchandise Of Their Favourite Stars. They do have their favorite stars too. Gift them some signed merchandise of their favorite stars and see them glow with pride. Their glow is doubled because this gift came from the one whom they love most – you.

A T-Shirt That Says “You’re A Star”. Gift them a t-shirt that says ‘You are a star’. It will actually make them happy and proud of the attention that you are showing them. And coming from the one they love most, such a gift will make them love you even more than ever.

Some Role Play Material. To spice things up in the bedroom, since actors are quite the right people to experiment with, gift your partner some role play material. You will be extremely pleased with yourself for having gifted them such gifts. See them take over in bed and bring you the pleasure and ecstasy of making love.

A Polaroid Camera. A Polaroid camera will work wonders on your actor partner. Watch them click away to glory and snap beautiful memories of the two of you together. It is a great way to say how much you appreciate his skill.

A Big Couch. A big couch will allow your partner to lie around whenever they have free time, and allows for them to ponder over their next performance. They will show their appreciation for this gift in the strangest ways.

Small Freezer. A small freezer for your actor partner, to keep their drinks, beer, and other condiments, is a great way to express your love and thoughtfulness for them. And then enjoy their company. Be pleasantly surprised to watch them make those beautiful cocktails for you.

Dress-Up As Their Fantasy Crush. They definitely have a crush. Why not dress up as their crush and enact their crush. It is a great way to surprise them and in a “pleasant” way! Get it?

A Hollywood Wall Art. Let them have some Hollywood wall art hanging in their office or study. It is a source of inspiration for them. See the elegant side of them come out in the open. You are being supportive. So expect a lot more love and attention from them.

Sofa Pillows In The Prints Of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Etc. Gift them a set of sofa pillows and you will be surprised how much they love using them. It will amuse you more when you get those printed with Netflix, Amazon Prime on them. He or she will perceive this gesture as your serious interest in his work.

A Pet. There is so much workload that actors tend to become tired easily. Gift them a pet and watch him gain back their lost vigor. They will remain active even under, and after, every stress.

Card Holder. A cardholder is a great utility for your actor partner. Whenever they meet those new business contacts, they can always store their business cards in this card holder from you. And a cardholder is an elegant and professional-looking accessory as well.

A Pen. To sign autographs for their fans, make them carry a pen at all times. And whenever he or she signs up for a movie or serial, this very pen will come in handy. As a gift from you, the one whom they love so much, they will write and sign with utmost pride and confidence.

A Leather Jacket. Your partner must be pretty good-looking. Why not gift them a leather jacket to showcase their fashionista side. Their fans love their looks. However, when they find that even you wish them to flaunt this edgy and cool side, they will bask in your attention.

Cool And Funky Slides. A pair of slides will keep the humor alive, more so if they are cool and funky. And it suits their field of work. By the pool, see them crack some jokes and cheerfully enjoy their time with you by their side.

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