75+ Top Gifts for Your Book Lover Wife

Books are the best friends that we always look for. They stay with us in all phases of life and teach us something new every day. It is nothing but a blessing to have someone who loves books as your life partner.

They are not only super romantic but you will never run out of topics to chat on. Gift your bibliophile wife something that will increase her love not just for books but also for you. We have a few gift ideas to help you in this case.

here are Top Gifts for Your Book Lover Wife

A collection of her favorite books- The complete works of her favorite author, the total works of a publishing house, or even a complete series that she has been following, all of them make great gifts. Pack them well and make sure they come with a ribbon and a note when you give them to her. Christmas came early. 

A magazine subscription- Get her a subscription to her favorite magazine to keep her updated with the week and give her something to read other than books. It could be a weekly or a monthly thing, just make sure to pick something that she will make the effort to read. 

A kindle- Kindle is the future and is on its way to take over the present of the book world. Not only are they extremely convenient to carry about but you get an entire library in your hands in that sleek little device. Even if it misses the feel and smell of a physical book, it still contains the text that you could see and read. The text and layout can also be customized to your liking.

A library membership- Get her a membership to a library nearby but be prepared for her to spend a lot of time there and not with you. It is a double-edged sword but you need to bite the bullet on this one. She’ll love it and you know it. A library is where she wants to be.

Audiobook subscriptions- Audiobook platforms are becoming extremely popular these days and rightly so. They are not only very convenient but give you an entire experience of reading a book and to some extent, it even relaxes you. 

Vouchers of a book store- She is always on the lookout to buy more and more books and gifting her some vouchers to help her in the process would be a great gift idea. Instead of getting her a book that she may or may not read, get her the vouchers and let her choose. 

Bookmarks- A book lover will always run out of bookmarks. They need one for every book that they read and that they have read. You can get creative with this one and get her a whole bunch so that she does not run out of them in near time. 

A book reading session- Take her to a book reading session by some renowned author and let her have an experience of a lifetime. If you don’t plan on going on one, try reading one to her yourself and she’ll always remember it. 

A signature of her favorite author- Getting the signature of her favorite author like be a dream come true for it. It would be an asset for her that she would cherish for a lifetime. Might not be that easy but you need to try at least, it is worth all the effort.

An old book- An extremely old book, something that dates back to more than a few decades and has some historic significance would make their day. The smell of such old books is like perfume to them and they would give it the care and love it deserves. 

Book covers- For those books that need a little bit more care than the other books, you need to get them a book cover and you need to make sure that it stays in the best shape possible.

Slambook of signatures- A collection of signatures of all her favorite authors would be a perfect gift for her. They don’t even need to be hand-signed but even a printed compilation would do. 

Reading glasses- These are very important for an avid reader and need to be the best of their kind. She would be wearing them for long hours so make sure that they are extremely light on the eyes and save against any headache. 

Night lamp- This one is for late-night readings. A little dim enough to not hurt the eye but also bright enough to make the letters of the book visible. It is just the right balance between being too bright and too dim and is ideal for a small study table. 

A book stand- The ideal gift for a book lover. It helps keep the book in place and makes it easier to read without causing much pain in the neck and upper back. It further makes it way easier to read a book as one does not have to keep holding it for hours. 

Cover art- Cover art always gets a book lover excited. They are interesting as they give us a different version of the cover that we had initially received and how cool is that? Some people like to collect them and they make excellent gifts. 

A book-shaped cookie-cutter- If both books and baking is her thing. If she likes to read the pages with a pastry in her hand, then this is the perfect gift for her. How about some book-shaped cookies with a reading session? 

Coffee mug- A coffee mug that says Bibliophile, I love books or books for life would be the morning motivation that she needs. However, if you could get your hands on a coffee mug that looks like a book, you have hit the jackpot and there is nothing else that you need to do. 

A book club membership- Get her enrolled in a book club. She would feel at home immediately with people who are as invested in books as her and share the same interests as her. Find a good group and she will always be looking forward to the next meeting. 

Postcards- Some postcards for where the books are from and where to send them. They add a new touch to the book and give it a story of its own. Get her a bunch of various types. 

A bible- One of the most sold books in the world and everyone should have one with them at all times. Get her a hard copy of both the old and new testaments to be kept as the pride of her study. 

A page holder- These are quite new but are gaining more popularity with every passing day. These help you get rid of the tedious job of holding the page you are reading. Saves you a bit of effort and costs almost nothing. A very smart gift for a reading enthusiast. 

Book locket- A locket or a pendant in the shape of a book would take them by surprise. It is what they are a person and their personality would come out well with that locket. 

Writers’ trump cards- A deck of cards with the faces of various writers would make for a really fun game session. Build one if you can’t get one custom made, it is not much effort. 

Tickets to a play- Drama is as close as you will get to see a book in live-action. Classics like Shakespeare are always a fan favorite and it would be an amazing experience altogether. Make sure to get the book along. 

A book gift box subscription- These are really special. Buying this subscription will result in you receiving a gift box every month with a few books inside it. It cuts costs and also you will always be excited as you don’t know what book you are going to get. 

A stationary pouch- A compact pouch to carry all their stationery, essential and effective. 

A book-shaped Cardholder- This one will always get eyes rolling. How cool is a cardholder that looks like a book? Especially if you are a book lover. You will always feel proud to open it up. 

Anti UV glasses- These protect the eyes against not only the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun but also against the blue light emitted by the smartphone, computer, or even the kindle.

A pen- A book lover is never far away from a pen. Gift them a really fancy-looking pen to be carried to important occasions and something to help her sign more elegantly on important documents. A pen is more about feel than looks, make sure it fits right in. 

Take her to a book fair- A book fair to a book lover is what an amusement park is to a child. With nothing but books for as far as the eyes can see, they not only feel at home but never want to leave. Books of literally every type are found there and are there anything that she could ever ask for? Make sure to drag her back when it gets too late. 

A trip to a printing press- The smell of the ink being splattered on paper, the warmth of paper and the process of binding a book, all that and so much more of the beauty of books. This trip would not only be educational but extremely emotional for her. She’ll be at a loss for words. 

Stationary- One should always have the right tools for the right job. Make sure she is always stacked on all sorts of stationaries, you never know when the right idea might spark up. 

A bookshelf- The favorite and most cared for part of the house is without a doubt where the books lie. Helps her get organized with her books by getting her a pretty-looking shelf to be a home to all the books she loves. 

A book care kit- This one is for the older books who need extra love and care. They are old and just like anything old, they need all the love and care in the world. This kit is equipped with all the right tools to help those book have a longer and happier life. 

Headphones- Some headphones to help her get away from all the noise around and concentrate only on the book that she is interested in. Noise cancellation is a must and makes sure it is not too tight on the ears and fist just right. 

Highlighters- For a word that she finds interesting, for a line that touches her, or even for an entire part that she does not want to forget, these highlighters help her create highlights out of the books she has read. 

A quotes book- A book filled with quotes from her favorite writers all compiled under one name. Books like these are easily available and it is the right kind of wisdom that she has been looking for. 

The complete works- The complete works of her favorite author will surely give her goosebumps but if you manage to find the early publications, her joy would be unprecedented and she would be delighted. 

Ribbons- If she likes to keep her books in a condition where they look as good as new, we are sure she might be needing a lot of ribbons. They not only keep the binding of the book but can also be used as bookmarks. Get colorful with this one. 

A t-shirt with quotes- To not only express yourself better but also to brag about your skills, these t-shirts with loud and bold quotes have always been in trend. Take good care of the fit and color and everything will be fine. Make sure she likes the quote and does not find it to be cringe. 

An old bookcase- An old bookcase not only elevates the look of a book but gives it the authentic feel that most modern books lack. Moreover, it protects the book against any external damage and keeps it in good shape for a longer time. 

Book cleaning set- Equipped with all the right tools to keep the books looking as good as new and not lose their essence even after years. These kits are total care kits and every proud book owner should have one. 

Invisible ink- This is as close as we have come to magic. All of us wanted to get our hands on a bottle when we were small and it will probably bring back a smile on her face. Pranks galore. 

A trip to a binding place- A place that specializes in binding books and bringing them all together. If they happen to be doing it by hand, you are in for a treat for it is really aesthetic and satisfying to watch. Really a skilled job that requires precision and practice. 

A DVD of her favorite adaptations- A collection of all the movies that are based on her favorite books and bring the characters from the book to the big screen is bound to make her happy. Be prepared for the movie marathon to never stop and have a great time. 

Lenses- You might want to move from reading glasses to lenses and they help you with headaches and are easier to handle. Glasses might even feel heavy after daily usage and need to be cleaned frequently. Gift her a pair of lenses now. 

Colored pens- To mark different words with different colors is what we used to do when we were kids so why should we stop now. Get her all the colors that she needs and makes sure she never runs out of colored pens. 

A scanner- A scanner to help her create a digital copy of a page or a line that she wants to preserve and keep close to her. It makes it convenient to check when it is needed and is a lot easier to manage as compared to flipping pages for hours to find where exactly the line or word was. Makes total sense to give her one. 

A typewriter- In a world of keyboard and mouse, a typewriter is what the smell of books is to a love lover. Hitting those metallic keys is oddly satisfying and keyboards come nowhere close to it. Moreover, we do have digital typewriters now where all the data gets saved in the cloud and there is no wastage of paper or ink. 

Trip to a books museum- Book museums were specifically made for book lovers. It is their rightful place as it tells them the story behind the story. You might find books here from before you were born or even your granddad was born. 

A poetry audiobook- An audiobook consisting of all her favorite poems. Listening to her favorite piece of poetry whenever she finds time would not only put her at ease but will help her feel better and get the strength that she needs to get through the day. 

Illustrations- Illustrations of her favorite literary works to be hung like paintings, wall art, or even as frames would be a very creative idea for a gift. The illustration gives a magical touch to the entire experience of reading a book and surrounding her with a few will definitely make her happy. 

Posters- Getting her a poster of her favorite author, her favorite book, or maybe even a great quote would be an amazing gift idea. She is bound to be impressed by the thought behind it, make it as big as possible. 

Paintings- Some paintings for her study table or even the bedroom to make sure she is always in the best of her mood when she wakes up and looks at them. A painting of her favorite author or the cover of her favorite book or character is the way to go. 

Photo frames- Book-themed photo frames are easy to customize and make an amazing gift for a book lover. Make sure to get the theme right and that the design should remind her of a great book. Pick a cute little couple photo, fit it inside the frame and you have a great gift in your hands. She’ll be in love with this one. 

A drink-Be it a cup of tea that relaxes her, be it a mug of coffee that helps her concentrate and stay away for good long reading, or even a glass of wine that increases the feel of the book, make sure you get everything that she gets everything to enjoy her book well. 

A soft toy- This is for the days when she wants to stay in bed and enjoy her book. Something for her to cuddle while she is lost in her books. If you can find a soft toy that looks like a character from any of her favorite books, it is even better. 

A neck pillow- For someone who reads for several hours every single, it is quite common to have neck pain and this pillow will help you not only ease that pain but keep it away for a longer time. Neck pillows should always be used while looking down to read a book. 

An ink eraser- Even if you manage to scribble something on a book that you didn’t mean to or just happen to have written something wrong, this eraser will take care of it in no time and you won’t find a trace of the ink when you are done erasing. 

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