70+ Perfect Gifts for Your Cat-Lover Husband

Cats are the most beautiful and purring pets that will keep a person happy and entertained throughout the day. Not a single person will be able to control his smile when they see a cat chasing a laser toy.

If you settled in with a person, who is a cat lover and has a cat as his pet, you should not worry when it’s time to give him something related to cats because we have got you covered.  

Here are the top gift ideas for your cat-lover husband.

Personalized phone stand. Wouldn’t it make your cat lover husband happy to have his phone rest somewhere cool? He will be able to use his phone while watching a movie or typing notes. Do this by getting him a phone stand in the shape of a cat. 

Cat carrier. It might get hard for your husband sometimes to carry his cat with him everywhere he goes. You can make it easy for him to do that by giving him a carrier in which he can keep his cat and roam around freely. 

Cat coasters. Help your husband to keep the dining table free from the marks of drinks and spirits by getting a set of cat-themed coasters. He will love it if he is a cat lover. 

Nails caps. A beautiful set of nail caps for your husband’s cat will be a great gift idea for your cat lover husband. These will also help your husband safe from getting scratched by his cat. 

Measuring spoons. Does your husband love to feed his cat the food that he has made at home? If yes, then get your husband one of those measuring spoons that are in the shape of cats, as a gift. 

Wristwatch. Help your cat lover husband accessorize uniquely and differently by getting him a wristwatch that has a picture of his cat on his dial as a gift. 

Doormat. Help your partner welcome his guests to his house and show his love for cats by getting a doormat that has a cat design engraved on it as a gift. 

Cat beanie. These are the most beautiful accessories for a person to wear. You can make your cat lover husband look good and help to show his love for cats at the same time by gifting him a beanie that has a cat print on it. 

Customized mug. Most people love to drink coffee and there is no specific time to drink it. It gets interesting when your husband will drink in a coffee mug that has a handle in the shape of a cat. 

Bottle opener. Does your husband love to open bottles of champagne and wines whenever there is a party at your house? Make it even more interesting for the cat lover husband by giving him a cat-shaped bottle opener. 

Sweater. Keep your cat lover husband warm and cozy when he is returning home from his workplace at night in winter by getting him a sweater that has a print of a cat on it. 

Vinyl stickers. Does your husband have lots of interests in cats and want to keep one as a pet? You can get him a pack of vinyl stickers in the shape of a cat as a gift. It will be a very adorable gift idea. 

Cat scratcher. If your cat-lover husband’s cat loves to get her body scratched by your husband, a cat scratcher would prove to be a beautiful gift idea for your husband. 

Throw blanket. Does your husband love to snuggle up with his cat when he is watching a movie? If yes, then a blanket that has beautiful pictures of cats printed all over it will be a great gift idea. 

Pet portrait. If your husband is a person who loves cats and also has a cat at home as a pet, then the gift idea that you could think about would be to get him a portrait of his cat as a gift. 

Trinket box. What would kill the gift game rather than a trinket box for your cat lover husband as a gift? You can make it even more special by personalizing the trinket box with a personal touch for your husband. 

Personalized necklace. A necklace is a piece of unisex jewelry that makes both men and women look beautiful and is also a way to communicate with others without saying any word. Get your cat lover husband a necklace that has a small cat design hanging in between them. 

Note dispenser. Since your husband cannot take his cat to work, you can make his desk in the office interesting by getting him a note dispenser in the shape of a cat.

Cat massager. This is the tool that will help your cat lover husband make his cat purr. Get this cat massager for your husband as a gift that will help him to roll across his cat’s little face smoothly. 

Wall clock. Wouldn’t it make your cat lover husband’s room look decorative by getting him a clock in the shape of a cat as a gift? It will be the cutest gift idea for your husband. 

Cat stationery. What could be a better gift idea for your cat lover husband than a set of high-quality stationery based on the cat theme? Make sure to get the good ones. 

Custom tote bag. Help your cat lover husband proudly show his love for cats when he goes out to the market with a tote bag that has a print of a cat on it. It will be a useful and beautiful gift idea. 

Robotic mouse. This little robotic mouse will help your husband to reveal his cat’s predatory skills and his movements because cat and mouse are all about a chasing game. It will be a lot of fun to see your husband’s cat chase that robot mouse all around your house. 

Cat planter. Surprise your cat lover husband by getting a planter with a picture of a cat and get it for him as a gift. It would become special if you do it by yourself at home.  

Set of socks. Make your cat lover husband feel cozy and warm when the winter has arrived with these socks, which have beautiful prints of cats all over them. Get it for your husband as a gift. 

Robot vacuums. Cleaning litter boxes of a cat for your husband can get uninteresting and boring at some point in time. Make your partner relieved from that task by getting him a robot vacuum as a gift. 

Sleep mask. Make it a funny and memorable night by gifting your cat lover husband with a set of sleep masks that have been designed just like the eyes of a cat. It will be an adorable gift idea. 

Carpet. Helping your husband to decorate the living room of your house with a carpet that is in the shape and design of a cat for the floor will be a great gift idea and this also shows his love for cats. 

Desk calendar. Wouldn’t it be interesting and fun for your cat lover husband to learn some new facts about cats every time he turns the page of the calendar? Get your husband a desk calendar that is featured with these ideas as a gift. 

Denim vest. Wouldn’t it look cool to see your husband and his cat rocking in the same color denim vest? Get your husband an adjustable vest, which is also very functional as a gift for his cat. He would appreciate your efforts a lot. 

Coloring book. Keep your husband occupied and interested when he is getting bored in his free time by getting him a coloring book of cats as a gift. It will be a very cute gift idea. 

Fountain.  Do you know most cats love to drink from running water? If your cat lover husband is still not aware of it, then make him so by getting him a small fountain as a gift for his cat to drink water from. 

Kitten pillowcase. Get your cat lover husband a set of pillowcases that has a print of kittens all over it. It will show him that you care for his likings and interests. 

Cat lounge. This could be the best gift idea for your cat lover husband and his cat to get a lounger that will not only make his cat feel comfortable but will also help him to scratch his body while he is lying in it. 

Art print. Help your cat lover husband to show his love for cats by getting him an art print of a cat as a gift, which he can hang on one of the walls of his office. 

A blanket. Cats love to sleep and get relaxed under the blankets that we humans use. You can gift your husband with a soft blanket for his cat on a special day. 

Cat pod. Your husband’s cat might like to lay around the house all the time when your husband is not at home. A cat pod will make her feel comfortable and will be a beautiful sanctuary. Get your husband this amazing gift.  

Cat grass. Cats are always into unusual things, and therefore, you can make it more enjoyable for them. Gift your cat lover husband a cat grass for his cat.  

Tea infuser. Make tea times interesting and fun for your cat lover husband by getting him a tea infuser that is in the shape of a cat and is in black, as a gift to him. 

Cat tree. These trees are specially made for cats so that they can move, play, and sleep on them. Get one of these as a gift to your cat lover husband for his cat. It will be a very useful one. 

Food wrap. Get this amazing food wrap that has a pattern of cats all over it and it can be washed and used again and again. It will prove to be a great gift idea for your cat lover husband. 

Da bird. This can sound silly but will be the best gift that you can get your cat lover husband as a gift. Cats go crazy when they play with this toy. 

Luggage tag. These are used to put a tag on your luggage, and it would reduce the chance of getting misplaced. If your husband loves to travel with his cat, then a luggage tag in the shape of a cat will work very well as a gift idea. 

Toy tower.  If your husband has a cat that is quite old, then this would prove to be a very useful and great gift idea for your cat lover husband. This toy tower will keep his cat in one place and play for a long time. 

Litter box. One would not like to go on cleaning the litter that your cat has made all around the house. Get your cat lover husband a litter box as a gift so that it gets easy for him and his cat to keep the house clean. 

Laser toy. These toys do not have any purpose until you own a cat or have a cat as a pet. It will help your husband to make his cat freak out with this laser toy in a good way. It will make your husband’s cat playful. 

Personalized t-shirt. Does your husband love to always stay casual and rock with normal clothes when he is in the house? If yes, then a t-shirt that has a picture of his cast printed on it will be a very creative gift idea. 

Cat bungalow. Cats love to curl in the darkest and smallest places that they can find in your home. A small bungalow for a cat that has a small opening through which your husband’s cat can crawl will be a beautiful gift idea. 

Custom yoga mat. If your husband is a person who loves to do yoga every morning to keep himself fit and is also a lover of cats; a yoga mat customized by you especially for him will be a great gift idea. 

Deshedding brush.  Hairballs are always taken to be a big problem for cats, and it gets worse if they are long hair ones. Help your husband solve this problem by getting him a de-shedding brush as a gift with which he can brush his pet’s hair every day. 

Cat book. Your husband’s cat might have some habits, which he does not like or want to change but is unable to find a way. You can help them by gifting a book on cats, which will help him to change the unwanted behavior of his cat. 

Metal scooper. Make it easier for your cat lover husband to clean the litters of his cap by getting him a metal scooper as a gift because scoopers made of plastics break very easily. 

Wine tumbler. Make drinking sessions or parties at your home interesting and fun for your cat lover husband by getting him a set of wine tumblers that has the design of a cat engraved all around it. 

Food bowl. Wouldn’t it make your cat lover husband have his meals in a bowl that’s engraved with designs of cats in it? It will make him fall in love with that bowl and with you after you gift him with this. 

Custom towel. Get your cat lover husband a customized towel that has a drawing of a cat all over it and make sure that the towel is comfortable, and soaks water easily. 

Face masks. This might prove to be a very different gift idea for your husband. It can make your partner feel a little girly at first, but it would not matter to him if loves the cat and wants to show his love to others. 

Laptop skin. Help your husband show his love towards cats by getting him a laptop skin that has a drawing of kittens on it, as a gift. It will be a lovely gift idea. 

Night light.  Switching off the night lamp present at the side of your bed is the last thing that one does before going to sleep. Make it fun for your cat lover husband by getting a night light in the shape of a cat in white color. 

Mobile case. This could be a funky and stylish gift idea for your cat lover husband to get him a mobile case that has ears of cats jutting out of the case. He will love it. 

Cup and spoon set. If your husband is the person who likes to serve tea to the guests that come to your home; a set of cat-themed cups and spoons as a gift to your cat lover husband will make the serving game interesting for him.  

Gifts for your cat-lover

Late for the Sky CAT-opoly Board Game White

This is an extremely fun and thoughtfully designed cat board game. This game can be played by almost 2-6 players of age groups eight and above. This game is a combination of trading of traditional property along with a few interesting catastrophic twists and turns in it. It is exciting to participate, play, and have an enjoyable moment with friends and family. The game is simple. One has to buy their most loved and favorite cats out of the lot who would collect litter boxes and further trade them for the fish bones. This is fun and a perfect gift for cat lovers too!

Cavertin Men’s Programming Alien Sasquatch Cat Dad Dog Dad Music Fishing Socks 

These pair of men’s novelty programming alien sasquatch socks are a perfect fit for most men with US size 6 to 10. These socks are a perfect gift to cat lovers in a simple yet fashionable method. It is fun, comfortable, and mild on the skin too. The pair comes in a gorgeous gift box which elevates the look of it altogether and makes it a perfect piece for gifting purposes.

Wish Island Men’s 5 Packs 

This pair of Wish Island Men’s socks come in five exciting packs with ‘MEOW’ written on them. This is extremely exciting for cat enthusiasts and cat fans! These are cotton socks, hence, mild on the skin and can be put on in the summers easily, and are unhesitant about irritations on the skin. They are casual crew socks with fun images of animals on them. Every animal lover would love them. Got get yours and make your cat and dog lovers smile!

Hoovy Cat Butt Refrigerator Picture Magnets 

These exciting, exclusive and fun cat butt picture magnets are the best in style and quality. The magnets come in a pack of 6 and are perfect for holding on calendar notes pictures of your loved ones, to-do lists, and many more. Additionally, these are superior quality products with attractive and authentic designs, convenient usage, and an affordable price. These are made up of sturdy vinyl and have no trace of phthalates. These are truly eye-catching and are the best for décor purposes. Elevate the look of your office’s white magnetic board or your home’s refrigerator or dishwasher by adding on these cute, little magnets and including style yet comfort around in the environment. These durable and functional products are a must-buy!

The Catfather 

These fun, humorous t-shirts are a must-buy for cute kitten and cat lovers and owners. The product makes them feel as if they truly own their love- the cats! The sizing and the fit are nothing drastic as the majority of the people wear t-shirts of a similar pattern. It is slightly less boxy on the side, much unlike the earlier mass-market t-shirts. The fabric is soft, hence, comfortable to wear. It is a fine jersey knit on 100% USA-grown cotton and is ring-spun. The product is durable, functional, eye-catching, and fun to wear. These unisex t-shirts are truly a savior for the summers and a perfect buy!

11 Oz Black Cat Mug 

These cute, exclusive cat mugs are available in black color and are best suited for gift purposes. These are dishwasher and microwave safe, so they can be used for making mug cakes and the like without much hustle or trouble. It has a large, grip C handle which makes it easier to attain a grip on the mug and use it without breaking it. It contains a full-color sublimation imprint of the picture on it, so it is long-lasting. It creates a lead-free image and remains vibrant all along. These are ceramic cups and are perfect for decoration uses also. These mugs can be gifted to all those cat lovers with a thrilling sense of humor!

Office Gift for Cat Lovers – Moodycards!  

This is one of the most thoughtfully crafted and authentically gorgeous presents for first-conversations, random fun exchanges, giveaway gifts, or even the little gag gifts for your office boss. Indeed, a perfect catch for an office gift! These moody cards serve several purposes- to make someone’s day, to make someone smile, to bring people closer, and settle those terrible mood swings. The 25 moody cards that come along with them are always a perfect match to everyone’s moods at least one day or the other and for at least one out of the entire group. The humorous and adorable cat images make you laugh aloud, and at the same time, those little motivational messages push you forward to do better. In a workspace, it is very important to keep moving and doing well with peace of mind. These Moody cards restore your energy, mood, and motivation. Get yours now!

Whimsical Grey Buddha Cat Figurine  

For those meditation and yoga lovers who are cat fans as well, this humorous and elegant piece should not go unnoticed. This meditating cat figurine is so relaxing, fun to look at as well. It can be kept as a personal companion or be gifted to others too. Made up of hand-painted resin, the figure of the cat meditating in peace relaxes and comforts an individual too. It is fun yet aesthetic, and it is simple yet stylish. That is what makes it a perfect piece altogether. Why wait? Go grab yours or make your loved cat enthusiasts smile brighter!

Sterling Silver Cat Necklace

This gorgeous piece of Celtic knot Viking jewelry is a must-buy for the cat-women. This necklace is not only a piece of aura and jewelry but signifies loyalty, trust, and love. It is made up of 925 sterling silver with a black hue that symbolizes or foreshadows the mysteriously noble. It is mild on the skin, and it is tarnish-free, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, suitable for long-term wear. This is a premium quality product that is comfortable and stylish at the same time. This is a perfect catch and a buy for the cat- women out there! 

Cat Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets 

These cute red oven mitts are a perfect gift for the cat-lovers too. They are heat-resistant thick, non-slip, durable, and heat insulation. Hence, they are convenient to use and clean. They are made up of quality waterproof polyester and are high-quality products. It comes with ropes that reduce the storage area and make it easier to hang them. This is perfect for cooking and kitchen spaces!

Funny Cat Hand Towels

If you are looking for something designer yet cost-friendly items in the bathroom that would bring you an inch closer to the cats you love, then this is something you could pick for your decor! It is also made of very soft fabric to make you feel comfortable and also satisfied!

Black CAT Decor

If you are looking for amazing decor that will blow your mind whenever you enter a room and can also be flexible to be repositioned, then these models of black silhouette cats are a perfect choice. So, if you are looking for something artistic for your decor, then this is your choice!

Cat Blanket

If you are looking for something comfy and cute, like cats printed all over your blanket to give you a nice soothing feeling, then this is your choice. It is perfectly suited to give any young member of a family who wants to be cuddled by cats. Then this blanket is the answer to all your wishes!

Jeasona Women’s Fun Socks Cute Cat Animals

These pairs of socks are cute, like anything that you would want to have in your collection if you are a cat lover. These pairs are not only soft because they are made of cotton but also have been patterned with cat paws and faces on top. A perfect gift!

Cat Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons 

At any point in time in the day, if you are looking to brighten your mood and think to resolve the issue in the kitchen, then these cat-shaped spoons with grey and pink color-based themes can assure to make that happen. It is not only made of very good silicone, but also every spoon has been attached to a white ribbon at its end so that it can be easily hung somewhere for a purpose.

Cats Journal

If you are willing to pounce your feelings about something, then this journal is your pick, especially if you are a lover of acts, as this journal is themed with cats in every angle, reminding you about how comfortable you feel around your cats. So, this journal can be the perfect gift for your cat lover friends!

GANSSIA Colorful Cats Design 0.38mm Gel Pens 

To make your writing skills more playful and enjoyable, then you can choose your favorite cat-styled pens to enjoy your studying time with something so cute and closer to your heart. These gel pens will solve your purpose of being focused and having fun at the same time!

Evelots Kitty Cat Hanger Hooks

When you are looking for something strong yet yourself in the washroom for hanging stuff, then these kitty hangers are very useful and also very adorable if you are particularly inclined towards cats. It is manufactured using premium quality material with highly detailed features of a cat and also is very reliable for hanging purposes.

Alex and Ani Expandable Bangle for Women

If a woman is personally attached to the characteristics of a cat, then they would always like to have a part of them with themselves at all points of time. This bracelet is very comfortable and adjustable, and its beautiful Austrian-themed prints with a paw print attached to it. So do not waste any time getting hands-on with this beautiful bracelet!

Cat Shaped Ice Cube Tray

If you are trying to bring in fun for the kids with their cold drinks, then this cat-shaped ice cube tray is the best fit as it not only shapes the ice cubes in the shape of cats, but it is also incredibly fun to look at for the kids while they are drinking. So do not lose this incredibly cute ice cube tray and miss out on all the fun!

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