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55+ Gifts for Your Cigar Lover Husband

Cigars have always been a symbol of status and exquisite taste. They are a league above normal cigarettes and only a true cigar connoisseur knows what a true cigar feels like. That connoisseur happens to be your husband and you must keep his love for cigars in mind when you buy him a gift. 

Here are amazing gift ideas for your Cigar lover husband

Cigar punch. This can be very useful for a person who loves to smoke cigars on his way to his destination. It comes in the shape of a pen; you can get your cigar lover this punch as a gift. 

Folding ashtray. If your husband is always on the move and does not stay in a place for a long time, an ashtray that can be folded and carried in the pocket will be a great gift idea for your cigar lover husband. 

Cigar-designed socks.  Make your cigar lover husband feel warm and cozy in winter times by gifting them a pair of socks that have prints of small cigars on them. 

Belgian chocolate cigar. It is one of the rarest and beautifully flavored chocolate in the current time. If you get this for your cigar lover husband then he is bound to appreciate it a lot and will love you more. 

Ice tray. Cigars and whiskey are the two things that go together. So, wouldn’t it be a great surprise for your cigar lover husband to make his whiskey even better by getting him an ice tray as a gift? 

Cigar t-shirt. Get a t-shirt personalized for your cigar lover husband that has a print of cigar on it or a picture of it is embroidered on it. It will be a very beautiful gift idea for your husband. 

Collar clips. Collar clips make the shirt look a lot crisper and cleaner by keeping the collars straight. For someone who loves cigars so much, you have to get him a pair of collar clips that look like a cigar to surprise him. 

Cigar rest. A cigar rest is a must-have for any cigar lover. Good cigars are extremely precious and hard to come by and just like any other precious thing, it needs to have a resting place for itself. Get something that matches his style. 

Customized whiskey stones. Rock your husband’s chill-out time while he is smoking a cigar by getting him a glass of whiskey that has your husband’s name on those whiskey stones.  

Cigar cake. A cake for his birthday that is baked to look like a cigar is going to make him super happy solely because of the thought behind it. Order one if you cannot bake one yourself. 

Ammo can. Get your husband this creative ammo can as a gift that has everything a cigar lover needs when they are at a party with their friends or families. It will be an amazing gift idea for your cigar lover husband. 

Cigar box guitar. If your husband is a person who loves to listen to music while he is smoking out one of his cigars; a guitar in the shape of a cigar box will be a great idea for him, which will also make him learn to play a musical instrument. 

Cigar holder coaster set. Get this beautiful set of coasters set for your cigar lover husband, which also has a cigar holder stuck with it. It will drive your husband crazy, and they will love it a lot. 

Set of cologne. A fragrance that he will love to wear whenever he steps outside the house with the catch that the bottle of the cologne would be in the shape of a special cigar to make him happy to keep it on his dressing table, will be a great gift idea. 

Customized cigar box. A cigar box is an important thing for a cigar lover to carry wherever they go. Get one of these boxes personalized for your husband to show him that you care for his interests and passion. 

Cigar starter pack.  If your husband is a person who has recently started to smoke cigars and is getting very interested in finding out the perfect drink that will go with their cigar; help your husband out by giving him a starter pack. 

Cigar tasting book. People do not only love to smoke cigars, but they also like to record the taste and their thoughts on it when they try different types of cigars. If your partner is the same, then a cigar-tasting book will be a great gift idea.  

Chocolate cigars. Chocolate and cigars are the two best indulgences of two different categories and what if they come together? Wouldn’t it be interesting? Get one of these for your cigar lover husband as a gift. 

Cigar sampler. Does your partner like to try different types of cigars to find his perfect match? You can get your cigar lover husband a set of cigar samplers that has different types of cigars in it.   

Zippo lighter. When it comes to lighters, it does not get any better than the classic Zippo lighter. Gift him the classic silver Zippo lighter with his name or initials engraved on it to make it an extremely stylish gift. 

Cigar atlas. What could be a more beautiful and informative gift for a person who loves to smoke a cigar to get a cigar atlas that has information regarding different types of cigars around the world? 

Leather humidor. Get your cigar lover husband one of these great crafts works especially made for cigar lovers that have a wood case and are covered with a layer of leather that will protect their cigar from drying out. 

Record player. A person who smokes cigars is always seen as old school and old school styles have been making comebacks these days. Get your partner an old classy record player with his favorite albums as a gift. 

Tumbler set. Wouldn’t it be interesting for your husband to drink his drinks in a tumbler that has a cigar design engraved all around it? Make sure to get a good quality one. 

Cigar pen. Make it interesting for your husband to write with a pen that is just in the shape of a cigar and has the color of it. If you get them as a gift, they are bound to treat them as special ones. 

Shadowbox. This could prove to be a unique gift idea for your cigar lover husband. They come with a hardboard so that you can hang them on any wall. Get one of these personalized for your husband and gift it to them. 

Personalized ring. Wouldn’t it be an interesting topic to talk about when others see a ring that is in the shape of a cigar on your husband’s finger? Get them for your husband as an anniversary gift this time.  

Travel set. Make it interesting for your husband to carry his cigars everywhere he goes by getting him a travel set of cigars as a gift. They will love it a lot and will also be very useful to them. 

Cigar wall art. Decorate your husband’s room wall with the wall art of the things that are very close to him and this could be a cigar for your husband. Get it done and surprise him when he gets home after work. 

Flask. Help your partner to carry his get-along spirit with his cigars by giving him a flask that is portable and will keep his favorite drink safe and secure. It will be a very useful and unique gift idea. 

Night lamp. Make your cigar lover’s dreams beautiful and peaceful by getting him a night lamp that will be beside his bed and which is in the shape of a cigar. It will be a creative and fun gift idea for them.  

Cigar clip. It is a very interesting tool for all the cigar lovers out there. It will make it easier for them to hold their cigar by just placing their cigar in it and clip it almost to everything. It will prove to be a great idea. 

Coffee mug. Make your cigar lover husband’s morning coffee time interesting and beautiful by getting a coffee with a cigar printed all over it to make it extra special and something that he would love to drink from. 

Personalized whiskey decanter. Does your cigar lover husband not like to have a glass of his favorite spirit with him when he is smoking a cigar? They are to do that and make it interesting and fun for them by getting them a personalized decanter as a gift. 

Cigar wind chime. Gift your husband a wind chime that will help them to avoid the bad situation to take place at their home and make it interesting for them by getting them a chime based on cigars. 

Portable humidor cigar case. Wouldn’t it be very helpful for your partner if he can carry his cigars without getting dry? You can help them with that by getting them a portable humidor case for cigars. 

Pen holder. Get one of those pen holders in the shape and design of a cigar for your husband who loves to smoke a cigar and is very passionate about it for his desk at the office or home.  

Customized oak barrels. Oak barrels have something special about them. They give the antique feel to the house plus are extremely useful to store liquids or other things and when it comes to barrels, oak is the best. Get his name written on the wood. 

Puff candy. This is a gift that has the three important things that a cigar lover will always have with him. A puff candy is the sweetest bourbon drink barrel. Get one of these for your husband.  

Personalized face mask. Wouldn’t it be fun for your cigar lover husband to wear a mask that has a drawing of a burning cigar on it? Not only will it keep him safe in these times but will also be a cool face mask. 

Cigar sculpture. Make your husband’s desk look beautiful and help him to show others his love for cigars by getting him one of those cute small sculptures of cigars as a gift. 

Poker pack.  What could be a men’s night? Group of your friends, glasses of whiskey, and a good conversation topic with a poker game. Get your cigar lover husband a poker game as a gift that will help him make it a perfect men’s night. 

Watch lighter. Wouldn’t it be an interesting and fun gift idea for your cigar lover husband to get him a watch that is also a lighter? It will make him look cool when he lights up the watch to burn his cigar. 

Golf bag with a cigar holder. Do not let your husband’s two different interests collide with each other. If your cigar lover husband is also a lover of golf, then a golf bag that also has a cigar holder will be a great idea. 

Jet torch. Make your cigar lover husband’s desk look more attractive for him by getting him a jet torch that is windproof and adjustable too. It will also level up the style of his smoking. Make sure to get him a good one. 

Cigar pocket watch. Help your husband to be on time for every meeting that is related to work and to get back home on time by getting him a pocket watch in the shape of a cigar as a gift that will help him to keep a track of time. 

Cigar holder. Help your husband multitask while he is smoking a cigar and doing work at the same time by getting him a cigar holder as a gift with which he can put the holder on anything and make it a cigar holder. 

Cigar cutter. This beautiful and handy tool will delight any cigar lover. A cutter that has an ergonomic design and has a stainless-steel blade will be a great gift idea for your cigar lover husband. 

Personalized cufflinks. It gets very hard to set back the cuffs of your shirt when it gets open during a party. Help your partner not worry about his cuffs by getting him a pair of cufflinks in the shape of cigars. 

Car ashtray. Does your husband smoke a cigar even while driving his car? If yes, then an ashtray for his car as a gift will be a great idea, which will also help to keep his car clean and tidy. 

Cigar necktie. Help your husband elevate his style and uniqueness in dressing for important events in his life by getting him a necktie that has small prints of cigars all over it as a gift. 

Tablecloth. Make your husband’s office desk look beautiful and attractive by gifting him a tablecloth that has a print of cigars all over it. This will also help them to show their love for cigars. 

Carpet. If your husband is the kind of person who likes to decorate his house or room then help him in decorating the house by getting a carpet that has a design of cigar engraved on it.  

Cigar pendant. Help your husband look good and unique when he is getting ready for some special occasion or event by gifting him a pendant that has a cigar hanging in the middle. 

Personalized bracelet. Show your husband that you care about their choices and likings by getting a bracelet personalized that has a small cigar in between and give him as a gift. 

Photo frame. Get one of your husband’s pictures in which he is holding a cigar in his hand framed in a photo frame in the shape of a cigar. It will be a very creative gift idea. 

Leather wallet. Make your husband feel good about his love for cigars every time he takes out his wallet from his pocket that has a print of a burning cigar on it. Get it for him as a gift. 

Doormat. Allow your husband to show his love for cigars and welcome guests to his house by getting him a doormat that has a print or drawing of a cigar on it. 

Cigar calendar. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful gift idea for your husband who loves to smoke cigars to get him a calendar that will have good information about it on its monthly page? 

Mobile case. Is your husband a lover of cigars? If yes, then get a picture of a cigar printed on a mobile case for his device that will keep his device protected from damages and will also help him to represent his love for it. 

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