60+ Gifts for Fantasy Lover Partner

If your partner is fond of mystical fantasies and lives in their own world, then it’s time to escalate the love in the relationship.

Gift them what they are fond of, making them aware of their significance. Get ready to see an ecstatic smile on their face through these magnetizing gifts.

Here are Gifts for Fantasy Lover Partner

Stainless steel wolf mug: This mug has a bracing 3D wolf design and can also be used as a notable decor item. This exquisite mug will help them have their refreshing drinks and also look eye-catchy and virtuous while enjoying it; they will relish it at its full.

Dragon pen holder: Help them organize their pens and pencils with the most fantastic pen holder. The dragon will arouse their excitement and make them exhilarated. It will intrigue them to no more keep their stationary cluttered and make them find the right things in the right place.

Blue dragon wine goblet: Almost every fantasy nerd would have dreamed of enjoying their wine in an exceptional goblet. Turn their dream into reality, and give them this alluring blue dragon wine goblet to savor their favorite wine occasionally and stand out while relishing it.

3D dragon illusion LED night lamp light: This dragon has some hidden mystical powers that it can unleash in the dark to brighten the room up. The 3D design will make it look superlative and flawlessly depict their fantasy love.

The eye of dragon trinket box: In the other-worldly fantasy world, the eye of a dragon can be a fascinating object. You can give them a unique box with the engrossing eye of the dragon, and they can store some of their essentials inside this compact box. It will increase the grace of the place they put it in.

Enchanted forest cave waterfall and magic tree doormat: This will be a perfect doormat for a person living in fantasies. It is unique and prepossessing by its appearance, they will be staggered by this gift, and they will yearn to put it near their door, which will serve as a warm welcome sign.

Vintage leather journal: This invigorating journal will make them feel fresh when taking notes or making transactions in it. The vintage theme will make it look classic, and they can relate close to medieval fantasy stories through it. Now their time spent in school/college will no longer be tedious.

Final fantasy anime mouse pad: If they like playing final fantasy, then this will be a pr-eminent gift. Their mouse pad will no more be or look ordinary as this marvelous gift will be there to enhance the looks. They will enjoy more while using their desktop/laptop, especially when playing final fantasy, and this shall add some everyday value to their life.

Dragon coaster holder: If they have a lot of coasters and you don’t want them to keep it in a mess, then this gift will aid. It will also embroider the look of their dining table or kitchen. Their place will look well organized and even more mystic due to this gift.

Water dragon blanket: Make their heart pound a bit with the soothing yet thrilling look of this gift. The water dragon blanket will keep them warm even if the outside is cold; they will even look pleasing when dreaming of their mystic fantasies. They definitely adore and admire this gift.

Cross Eye box: This can symbolize both religious and fantasy worlds. You can also put some chocolates inside it to make their day delightful. This merge will definitely look unique and admirable. When they put it in their house, then it will surely showcase their obsession with fantasy.

Harry Potter UNO: UNO is one of the most amusing card games. When combined with our favorite fantasy fiction, its value escalates. The moments of they with their friends and family will become momentous. They will be elated by the Harry Potter theme and will relish it more than ever before.

Standing Buddha Chakra stone incense burner: This will serve as a supreme decor item, Buddha can be considered as an epitome of peace, and it will bring calmness to their home. It will stimulate their creativity and generosity with its soothing fragrance and give them some spiritual pleasure.

Glowing dinosaur placemats dining table decor: Make their time while enjoying their food rapturous. These placemats will make their dining table look unique and premier. Whoever they serve food on it, those folks shall probably fail to control themself to admire and adore the beauty of fantasy.

5D diamond painting landscape wall decor: Make their wall look magnificent and unmatched with this ultimate and best-in-class wall decor. The fantastic and pleasing painting will make their day when they catch the sight of it. Whenever they fall in a pensive mood, then this decor will make them joyous.

Final fantasy wall clock: The final fantasy wall clock will help them keep track of the time. It will intrigue them to use it efficiently, making the doors of success open in the future. This extra piece of time will grasp their attention due to its fantasy theme.

Magic wand decor: Make them feel like the wizard they love to see with this magical wand. It can definitely give them the feeling of being a Harry Potter for quite some time. This will also be an iconic decor item symbolizing magic and their possession of fantasy.

Not all who wander are lost engraved wooden bookmarks with tassels: While reading a book, a bookmark is a must to keep track of the verse where we stopped. This bookmark with tassel will make them use it often and don’t get lost somewhere and quit reading the book. After this bookmark, even if they keep the book aside, then the mark will intrigue them to conclude it.

Dragon ax with wood stand: This is made to be used as a tabletop decoration. This can provide a classic and eminent look to the table. Whoever sees it will start staring at it for its remarkable appearance. They will unquestionably be praised for your choice.

Game of thrones bookend: Help them organize their books with this unrivaled gift. This will look arresting and elite. This will also denote their fantasy love and turn all the eyeballs in the room towards it so that they can admire this adorable piece of art.

Beauty and the beast music box:  This gift has a retro feel and will give out some strong fantasy vibes. This will be best for family gatherings to make the moment momentous and memorable. The beauty and the beast theme will make everyone lose their psyche in the melodious music.

Gothic angel candle holder: The angel will guide them in the dark with its light. It will give out some fantasy thrill and soothe your partner’s mind. This will look mesmerizing and striking. They will certainly be pleased and satisfied by its looks.

Lord of rings rollerball pen: Make them obsessed with their pen with this gift, as now they will move on the right path, which will intrigue them to induce their creativity to a greater extent and store their exceptional thoughts, which may evolve into something humongous in the future. It will make them productive and lead their way to a better life.

Heroes feast dungeons and dragons cookbook: Every time we stare at the food shown in fantasy fiction arouses our desire to taste it. This cookbook has 80 recipes from the magical world of dungeons and dragons. They will now not only look at the mouth-watering feast but also its luscious taste.

Blue beaded potion bottle charm necklace: Make them look stunning and unique whenever they go out with this mystical necklace. The magical potion inside the charming bottle will make them fascinated, and they will make it their companion whenever they decide to step out of their house. It will stagger and content them.

Wizard chess: Increase their intellect with one of the most beneficial board games ever made. They will enjoy it playing even more as the wizards will magnetize them and arouse their love for fantasy. This will also look great for its wizard theme and make the fun enraptured.

Mountain skull fairy T-shirt: Gift them a t-shirt just like them, filled with fantasy. They will together make up a perfect companion for each other. They will look good and astounding, showing the goodness of fantasy; they will definitely wear this t-shirt regularly.

Lady of ocean aged silver and Swarovski ring:  If you want to propose to your partner, then this gift idea can turn out to be the finest. They will definitely admire the importance which you give to their relationship, and the probability of them saying yes will be high.

Dragon egg cookie canister: Help them store and relish their favorite cookies or food whenever they want, as it will retain its freshness in the canister. The dragon egg design will give it a splendid look. They will definitely use it more often for its unique design.

Chronicles of Narnia assorted charm bracelet: This mystical-looking bracelet will make them obsessed with it, and they will be wearing it regularly while wandering around or hitting a party. It will accompany them to look and feel awesome.

Harry potter hardcover limited edition box set: This gift includes all the ground-breaking harry potter books- Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, chamber of secrets, prisoner of Azkaban, goblet of fire, order of the phoenix, half-blooded prince, and deathly hallows. This special edition will show that they are an extraordinary fantasy nerd.

Tree man incense backflow burner: This gift will look mystical and fascinate them; this will also give out some soothing scent and relax their mind. This will really be unique and eye-catchy. They will love it like anything.

Palmistry hand kit: This can be a pre-eminent decor item; they will be staggered by its uniqueness. They would have probably never seen something as fascinating as it. This will grab the attention of the viewer and make them think for a while.

The legend of Zelda metal coasters: Give them a complete experience while having their hot cup of coffee or tea. They will look alluring when they keep their drink on it. It will win their heart, and they will definitely use it to rest their drinks and get fascinated while having it.

Slytherin scarf: Gift this iconic scarf that resembles our favorite harry potter series. It may also denote their ambitiousness and the quality to be a strong leader. Whenever they go out, then this scarf is there to represent their fantasy love.

Jigsaw puzzles: Make them solve fantastic mysteries of their favorite fantasies, these puzzles must have 1000 pieces, and they will relish after putting every single piece together. This will kill their time and make their brain engage, and thus they will become better with the flow of time.

Mythical creatures drawing game: It has 150 prompt cards, and there are always random and unpredictable drawing challenges to engage them with a sterling hobby. This will make them productive and creative.

Mermaid metallic gift wrapping paper roll: Gift them something to help them gift others. This will showcase their personality when they wrap something inside it and then gift it to someone else. After this gift, their close friends may also not need to see the name to know the place from where it came from.

Harry potter smartwatch: This officially licensed smartwatch will tune their wrist to their personality. Their search for the perfect smartwatch will be complete after getting this; it will also help them to keep track of the time.

Dragon with red LED illuminated eyes: This can be used as amazing and amusing wall decor. The dragon will look as real as it can with its eyes filled with illumination. The green and red combo will look astounding and take your partner’s mind.

Dragon with sword collectible: The dragon with a sword will take their heart with awe. This collectible will look great on their table. They will unquestionably want it to increase the grace of their fantasy collection. This gift will please and soothe them.

Dragon bedspread: Their bed will look more awesome than it ever did with this exquisite dragon and engrossing knight; they will together make up a sublime combination that shall be loved by everyone.

Game of thrones seven house signals socks: Gift them these seven pairs of their favorite game of thrones socks. It will protect their feet from germs and blisters. They may wear a different sock and add some versatility to their wardrobe.

Final fantasy oven mitt: Ensure the security of their charming hand while cooking something hot in the kitchen. The oven mitt, by its look, will never make them dare to forget to use it. They will prepare luscious food and savor it without any arduous effort.

Dragon handwoven rug: In the fantasy world, the dragon is a fascinating creature. Make floors look splendid with the aid of this gift. It can also be used to hide stains or save the floor from stains. They will also provide their feat a comfortable experience while they rest on it.

Funky Fantasy Earbuds: This will surely give them a funky and very unique look. They can relish their favorite songs through it and enjoy its pronounced audio. They will definitely find this gift fun and at least snigger once after seeing it.

Hogwarts backpack: Backpacks are useful in carrying essential stuff. This gift not only does this job but also captivates them with its look. They will be content while using it. They will look amazing not only from the front but also from the back.

Wizard wand makeup brushes: If they like putting makeup on their face but still use ordinary and boring brushes, then it’s time to revamp. These engrossing wizard wand brushes will help them attain a splendid look and also perfectly suit their style.

Activated carbon dragon mask: Due to covid-19, masks have become an essential rather than a fashion commodity. Face masks are now the most notable thing on them, so you should better make that thing stand out. This will look sublime and unique with a mask.

Game of thrones hat: Whenever going out under the hot Sun then, it is essential to keep a hat to protect yourself from the UV rays of the Sun. This gift will also protect their eyes and make them look desirable, according to a fantasy nerd.  

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