70+ Gifts for Your Football Lover Husband

Football is a unique sport because of the defense that a team strategizes against the opponent team. It is this part that makes it exciting and unique. A player needs to be very agile, strong, and should be fast to be good at it.

These features make this game popular. If your partner is one of them and you are on a search for a gift related to it then you can score a goal by referring to some of the ideas listed below. 

Here is a list of unique gift ideas for your football lover husband.

Picnic table. Is your husband a person who always likes to go out on picnics with his family and friends? Get him a portable picnic table that has the logo of his favorite football team on it. 

Official jersey. What could make your husband sportier and prouder than wearing an official jersey of his favorite football team? Get your husband one of those jerseys as a gift for your football lover husband. 

3D night lamp. It would be a very interesting idea to give your football lover husband a 3D lamp that shows an image of a football helmet or football in the dark. 

Wall art. An art that will make your husband’s office wall look more decorated and will also help him to brag about his favorite team or to show others that his favorite sport is football. 

Beer glasses. Does your husband like to drink beer while he is watching football matches on TV? Then you can surprise him by getting a set of beer glasses that are in the shape of a football. 

Cleats. Does your husband like playing football more than just sitting on the couch and watching it? If yes, then you can get your football lover husband a pair of new cleats so that he can have a firm grip on the ground. 

Coaster Set. Keep your tables clean when your husband keeps his glass of bear on the table in excitement and that leaves a mark. Get him a set of coasters in the shape of football as a gift. 

Whisky stones. Keep your football lover husband’s beverage chilled throughout the football game by gifting whisky stones that are in the shape of a football. It will be an interesting and useful one. 

An apron.  Is your husband a great cook or loves cooking food at home? It would be an amazing idea to gift him an apron that has a print of his favorite football team on his apron.  

Leather wallet. These types of wallets are more dashing and durable when in use. A leather wallet designed and shaped just like a football for your football lover husband will be an interesting gift idea. 

Wristwatch. One should never lose track of the time because it can make them miss a lot of things. Help your football lover husband keep a track of the time by getting him a wristwatch that has a football-shaped dial.  

Pair of moccasins. Wouldn’t it be an interesting and cool gift idea to give your football lover husband a pair of moccasins based on the theme of football? Make sure that you get him the cool ones. 

Backpack. Make it interesting for your partner to carry his backpack to the office by getting him one of those which has a print of the logo of his favorite football team on it as a gift.  

Leather shoes. Just when the football season hits, a pair of leather shoes made from the leather that is used to make footballs will be a unique and great gift idea for your football lover husband. 

Pen holder. Wouldn’t it be interesting for your partner to keep his pens in a holder that is in the shape of a football or in the shape of a football helmet that players wear while playing? It will also make his desk look attractive. 

T-shirt. A t-shirt that has a football print on it for your football lover husband will make him feel proud of the sport and its uniqueness whenever he is wearing that one. 

Pushpins. You can get your football lover husband a box of push pins for his board at his workplace shaped and designed just like a football or football helmet as a gift. 

Sunglasses. You can make your football lover husband style quotient and passion at the same time look better by getting him a pair of football sunglasses which he can wear while watching a game. 

Mobile cover. Help your football lover husband show others that his favorite sport is football by getting him a personalized mobile cover that will also keep his device protected. 

Action figure. Make your husband a little childish by getting him action figures of the sport football for his table at home as a gift. It can bring a sweet smile to his face. 

A cooler.  Whether your husband is watching his football game at home or outside with his friends he might need a cooler which will keep his beers or soft drinks cool till the match ends. 

Socks. Make your partner feel cozy and comfortable in a pair of socks that has his favorite team’s logo printed on it or has small football prints all over it. He will surely love it and wear it everywhere.  

Phone tag. Make your husband’s phone tag interesting by replacing the old one with a new one which is designed and shaped just like a football as a gift to your husband who loves football. 

Serving tray. Make your husband serve drinks on special occasions at home just by getting a serving tray in the shape of a football. He will automatically want to serve drinks on his own because of the tray. 

Glass tumblers. Keep your husband hydrated when he is at home by gifting him a tumbler in the shape of a football. Which will make him want to pour more water and drink in it. 

BBQ set. Grilling barbecues in the backyard of your house will become more interesting for your football lover husband when you give him a BBQ set based on a football theme. 

 Fan book. If you know that your husband’s favorite sport is football, and he has a will to learn more about the players but can cope up because of his work. A book that has information regarding everything about football will be a great idea. 

Pillow cover. Make your football lover husband’s pillows look like a football by changing the covers of it with a pillow cover that has football prints on it. 

Team beanie. Beanies are mostly worn in winter times. It makes one look very cool and stylish. Make your football lover husband a stylish and cool man too by getting him a beanie that has the logo of his favorite football team. 

Necklace. Wouldn’t it make your husband look unique when he wears a necklace that has a small football hanging in the middle of it? It will show others that your husband is a football lover. 

Target net. Help your husband improve his shooting skills in his game by getting him a target net that will make your husband’s shots more accurate. It will be a very helpful gift for him. 

Ceiling fan.  Make your husband’s ceiling look sporty and decorative by replacing his room’s old ceiling fan with a new football theme-based ceiling fan. He will be surprised a lot when he notices it. 

Foosball table. What could be a more interesting and loving gift for your football lover husband than a table that has a football game in it and he can dine on top of it at the same time. 

Customized football. Get your husband a football that has a picture of him printed on it as a gift. You will see that he will keep it as a showpiece on his table. 

Neck fan. Your football lover husband can get sweaty and hot while playing football on the ground. You can help him cool down by getting him a portable neck fan as a gift. 

A cap. Boost your football lover husband’s cheering game by gifting him a cap that has the print of the logo of his favorite football team. 

A TV. It is not always possible for your husband to go and watch every football match in the stadium. You can ensure that your husband does not miss any single football match by bringing home a brand-new TV as a gift. 

Tickets to a game. Make your football lover husband’s day special by getting tickets to the game of his favorite team. It will make him happy a lot and the time that you spend there with him will be beautiful and fun. 

A video game. It is very common to find that people who love the sport football have a video game related to it. If this is missing in your husband’s life, then get him a football video game as a gift. 

Keychain. Carrying keys can get boring at some point in time but you can make it interesting for your football lover husband by getting him a keychain that has a small football hanging with it. 

Sweater. These are the most beautiful and stylish winter wear if one wishes to look good. A sweater that has prints of small footballs all over it for your football lover husband will be a good gift idea. 

Table clock. Get your football lover husband a clock for his table in the shape of a football that will make his desk look attractive and will also show others that his favorite sport is football. 

Personalized pillow. Make your husband’s sleeping time interesting and kind of sporty by getting pillows that are in the shape of a football. Make sure that they are comfortable too. 

Keyholder. Your husband might keep his keys and forget the place where he has kept them. Get a key holder for your husband as a gift in the shape of a football or football helmet so that he does not lose his keys more often. 

Laptop skin. Let your partner make others aware that his favorite sport is football every time he takes out his laptop in public places by getting him a football themed laptop skin as a gift. 

Football helmet. If your football lover husband is a collector of things related to the sport football. A football helmet of his favorite players will be a great gift that will make his collection more valuable. 

Ashtray. If your husband is a person who smokes cigars with great pleasure and is a football lover. An ashtray in the shape of a football helmet that is upside down will be a great idea. 

Coffee mug. Coffee time should be interesting with beautiful topics to discuss. You can make it even more interesting for your husband by getting him a coffee mug that has a handle in the shape of a football. 

Autographed stuff. It is not easy to manage such a gift, but it will be marvelous if you get an autographed t-shirt or jersey of your husband’s favorite football player as a gift. 

Ring. Rings are proven to be the most beautiful accessory for both men and women. You can take it to another level by getting your football lover husband a ring that has a small football on top of it. 

Card game. Playing card games with your family at night could be very fun and interesting. Make it even more interesting for your husband by getting him a football card game as a gift. 

Table statue. These small sculptures can make a place look beautiful and marvelous. You can make your football lover husband’s office desk look amazing by gifting him a football statue. 

Personalized belt.  Make your football lover husband’s outfit unique and interesting by getting him a belt that has a buckle in the shape of a football as a gift. It will be a unique one. 

Rug. Make your home’s drawing-room floor look more interesting and amazing by covering the floor with a rug that is just like a football ground and which has real grass on it as a gift. 

A hoodie. Make your husband look cool when he is going out to a football game by getting him a hoodie that has a print of the logo of his favorite football team as a gift. 

Handbag. It might be uncomfortable for your husband to carry a backpack to his office or work daily. You can give him a handbag in the shape of a football. It will be an interesting and unique gift for him. 

Box of chocolate. Is chocolate and football at the top of your husband’s priority list? A box of chocolate personalized by you that is in the shape of a football for your husband will be a tasty and beautiful gift. 

Personalized cake. A cake made by you at home that has a football scene in it for your football lover husband on his birthday will be a beautiful gift idea. Make sure that he likes the flavor. 

Leather bracelet. Help your football lover husband accessorize well and look different from others by gifting him a leather bracelet that has a football in the middle of it. 

Wooden photo frame. Choose one of your husbands’ pictures that you like the most and get it framed in a wooden photo frame that is in the shape of a football and present it to your football lover husband as a gift. 

Must-buy gifts for your football lover husband

Night Light Football – 3D 

This uniquely designed football night lamp is a ready option for a gift to every football lover. It is extremely convenient for usage. It is a smart touch and remote-control lamp. The superiority of the product lies in its adoption of a unique crack base design. The lamp is low voltage, has double resistance protection, and uses a low heat generation process. The lamp can be a perfect gift piece on Christmas and several other occasions. It can be used as a high-quality décor frame also.

Football Cross Necklace

This football pendant for the male segment is indeed a unique gift and even more uniquely designed thought for the same. The neckpiece is fun, interesting, authentic, and stylish. The material consists of hypoallergenic stainless steel; hence, it would not cause skin injuries or be harsh on the skin. Stainless steel chains will not tarnish or alter colors. It comes in a black velvet gift bag. The chain is convenient to wear, is comfortable, and mild on the neck region as well. It is a perfect gift for all football enthusiasts and players!

I’d Rather Be – Funny Socks Novelty Gift 

This fun pair of socks for football fans is worth the buy. These are super soft, comfortable, and properly fitted socks. The material has combined cotton, elastic, and spandex and offers long-lasting use and fit. These socks are premium knit ones made to prevent sloppy edges and fraying. Its premium quality promises to ensure no fading of color or material quality. The pair is fun, interesting, and cool.

Funny Football Mug 

This football mug is yet another unique and fun piece, perfect for gifting purposes. The mug is a ceramic, high-quality mug. It is affordable, uniquely designed, of superior quality, and comfortable to use. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and hence, can be used in respected areas. It is convenient and can be gifted to football lovers on several occasions to brighten up their days!

Page-A-Day Calendar 

This football trivia calendar is fun, exciting, and a unique gift, all ready for football fans and enthusiasts. Stocked with stats, facts, additional information, and football facts, this is a whole package of surprises for football lovers. It serves the purpose of a calendar, to check on dates, important ones, and the ones to be necessarily remembered also. It keeps memories alive by helping to remember important dates and brings you closer to your loved and valued ones!

Gatorade Gx Hydration System 

These personalized, customizable Gx bottles are a new catch for football lovers. What has to be done is simple. The formula pods can be emptied, and then one can fuel them wherever they head ahead. This feature makes these bottles super compatible and fun to use and deal with. Surprise your football fans and maniacs now!

Sport Squad Endzone Challenge  

This sports squad challenge is an extremely interesting and unique designed game for all. This is a quick and easy game that one could play in a span of a few minutes. This is because it is lightweight, comfortable, and durable at the same time. This can be played anywhere, so it is convenient. Additionally, it contains four footballs and four flying discs. Plus, this game helps bring family and friends together. It’s time to strengthen your connections, too; when are you getting yours?

(12-pack) Football Keychains

The pack of twelve football keychains is made from silicone rubber and comes with a flat metallic chain for holding the keys. Interestingly, each of the keychains has an inspirational and motivational message on them. This is what makes sit fun and perfect for gifting to football lovers. The messages motivate and drive you forward to do better and encourage you to opt for the best, always.

Football Tumbler Cup 30 

The football tumbler is a pack of a football gift set, so to speak. It comes with a lid, a cleaner, and a straw. This is made from stainless steel, so there is no point in getting tarnished. It is convenient, fun, and easy to use. It has an insulated vacuum space that keeps warm and cold water hot and cold, respectively. This is indeed a perfect choice for a gift to football fans!

Codear Lights for Bedroom Football Light String 

These football lights are an interesting and unique purchase. This gift to football lovers can truly bring smiles to their faces and motivate them more toward this field. It comes in various colors. The lights are best suited for decoration purposes. Do not think twice; go get yours!

Sportybella Football Bracelet 

 This football bracelet is the exact inexpensive gift that you have been looking for. To give one of your biggest football fans or to boost someone’s motivation is the best option. Its size usually varies in size and is pretty charming as it has not only a braided strap showing a sign of strength but also a metal-shaped football attached to it, making it so eye-catching. It is indeed the best gift to motivate or celebrate any football lover!

FiGoal Football Theme Birthday Party Supplies and Party Decorations for 16 Guests 

This particular package will be a big hit surprise for any football lover on their birthday. The package is meant to cover every angle of this football-themed party, starting from decorations to food plates which are all equally well printed and coordinated. It is not only made with good paper and plastic but is also very kid-friendly. Thus this package of football-themed party decorations gives you a major vibe for your birthday or anyone a big fan of football that you are throwing a birthday party to. Don’t delay in putting this fast as it is a major hit idea!

Ceramic Coffee Mug Football 

Suppose you want to boost your energy with your first and your soul second to work better than this the thing that you were missing out on. This is a very handy and sufficient capacity mug in a fair price range made of ceramic so that it looks further better with its design. Do not miss out on this amazing chance of getting a football theme mug for your own booster-style!

Men’s Fantasy Football Legend Socks Funny Sarcastic Game Day Tailgate Gift for Dad

These lightweight socks are the best chance for you to repeat the level of sarcasm comfortably and yet successfully. This sarcasm never fades away and can be gifted to any member of the family as they can play with their idea of either putting it on their feet or their hands as it has no right or left specification.

Rugby 3D Illusion Birthday Gift Lamp

An awesome gift for any occasion to a rugby sports lover that changes its colors 16 times and can be used as an amazing lamp on the table for the year-round as it not only gives the room an artistic and creative vibe but also seems to be4 pretty cool to keep at hand at any age. It also provides the facility of smart touch and can be connected to a USB for further use.

Football Wall Decor Art Prints 

If you are a die heart football fan, then you have to have a poster or two to show off to your friends and also make it look cool. Such is the creative idea in these two posters that can give your room a new vibe to set on. Not only can you fit this in your own choice of frame, but you also put it in bedroom doors for creativity. It is an amazing set of posters to be kept waiting to be purchased!

Football Gifts

This package of two beautiful football-related items for moms is exclusive. The themed tote bag and the tumbler is exceptional, giving them a spontaneous sporty look. This chance of being a true sport for the inclination towards football can be shown by the purchase of this gift.

Football Throw Blanket 

This is a super soft and comfortable idea to give someone on their birthdays. Not only is it cool but also comfortable that can be used for double beds and also for the couch, radiating a different feeling for those football lovers. It can also be used as a perfect gift for the babies to lie on as it is super comfortable and is also suitable for all reasons.

Football Player Mom Cosmetic Bag

Not only does every football lover mom need to show their love for football in public, but she can also have a desire for something more personal and what can be more personal and dearer to a woman than her own cosmetic bag? This particular item not only makes your vibe with football more interesting.

American Football Gifts for Football Lovers

For all the football lovers who do not want to be alienated from their roots deeply grounded in football, even at the time of recess, it is an amazing gift for them. It is an amazing thing to give to your football fans who have been your inspiration so that they have something close to their heart that will also boost their inspiration.

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