70+ Gifts for Golf Lover Husband

It is a sport where people use different types of clubs to hit a ball inside various series of holes in a smaller number of strokes. It was first played in the 15th century in the kingdom of Scotland.

After that, it became a popular sport played by people of high status. If your husband is one of those people who love to play golf, then a gift for your husband related to it will be a great idea. 

Unique gift ideas for your golf lover husband.

Lunch bag. Your husband might get hungry while playing out there on the golf field for the entire day. Make his hunger go away by packing a meal for him, a golf theme lunch bag as a gift. 

Key chain. Make your husband’s car keys or home keys look beautiful by getting him a key chain in the shape of a golf ball. He will love it if he is a lover of the sport golf. 

Personalized headcovers for golf. If your husband is a person who loves to play golf and is very careful about his kit, then you can help him keep his golf safe from damages by gifting him customized headcovers. 

Leather bracelet. Men used to wear these to show their status and power earlier but now it has become a style accessory. Get your golf lover husband a golf theme leather bracelet to make your wrist look stylish. 

Bottle. Does your husband spend his day in the golf field playing golf? You can help him stay hydrated and it will be a great gift idea to give him a bottle in the shape of a golf ball. 

Personalized mug. Wouldn’t it be beautiful and exciting for your golf lover husband to get him a coffee mug with a handle designed in the shape of a golf stick? He will fall in love with it. 

Customized necklace. A piece of unisex jewelry that can boost one’s appearance level to its utmost. You can surprise your husband by getting him a necklace that has a small golf ball hanging in the middle of it. 

Decanter. Surprise your golf lover husband by serving him wine in a decanter that is in the shape of a golf stick or a golf ball as a gift. It would be a lovely one. 

Personalized golf balls. You can make your husband’s daily golf game interesting and exciting by getting him a box of golf balls that has a picture of him printed on it. 

Wine stopper.  If your husband has maintained a small bar at your house, then you can make it look more beautiful and if he is a golf lover then you can get him a wine stopper in the shape of a golf ball. 

Golf shoes. To help your husband’s game get better in golf. You can get him a pair of golf shoes that is flexible and has a sturdier foundation as a gift. 

Golf cart. Prevent your husband from getting tanned by the hot sun by getting him a golf cart that will help him to move around the golf course conveniently. 

Duffle bag. Does your husband play golf on a daily routine? Make it easy for your husband to carry his sports gear around the golf course by getting a duffle bag with a golf scene printed on it. 

Golf game for the bathroom. A bathroom is a place where people can stay more peaceful, unlike other places. Make that time interesting for your golf lover husband by gifting him a toilet golf set for his bathroom. 

Gloves. If your golf lover husband has sweaty hands and this makes it difficult for him to play golf, then you can solve this problem by gifting a good pair of golf gloves that will help him play better. 

Athletic cap. To save your husband from the harsh sun you can get him an athletic cap that has a golf print all over it. Your golf lover husband will love it. 

Sweatshirt. These are the most comfortable wear for athletic people and if your husband is a person who is athletic and loves to play golf then this would be a great gift idea. 

Brush kit. Make your husband’s brushing time interesting by getting him a brush kit made on the basis of the sport golf. If he loves golf, then he will love it as a gift from you. 

Personalized photo frame. Wouldn’t it be a great surprise for your golf lover husband to get one of his pictures framed inside the photo frame in the shape of a golf ball? Get it as a gift. 

Polo t-shirt. Earlier back then men who used to play polo would generally wear these types of t-shirts because they were comfortable. Gift your partner a polo t-shirt with a golf scene on it. 

Flip flop. These are the most comfortable footwear that one can wear and walk anywhere. You can get one of these that are made on the sports theme golf for your golf lover husband. 

Gift card. These attractive, catch, and beautiful cards can store beautiful messages and pass them to others. get your golf lover husband a golf theme gift card. 

Groove sharpener. Help your golf lover partner have a little more grip on the golf ball while playing. You can do that by just getting him a groover sharpener for his golf stick as a gift. 

Shot Glasses. You can add these shot glasses that have a beautiful golf scene printed around them to your golf lover’s husband’s small mini bar counter. It will be a great gift idea.  

Golf club cover. Help your partner to keep his golf club safe and allow him a chance to show off by getting him a designer golf club cover as a gift. He will love it a lot. 

Golf tees. Good quality golf tees for your golf lover husband can add a little more yard to your husband’s tee shots while playing golf. It will work very well as a gift. 

Customized wall watch. Make one of your husband’s room’s walls look beautiful by putting up a wall clock designed and shaped just like a golf ball. If he’s a true golf fan he will love it. 

Divot Tool. Help your golf lover husband to mark the shots he has made while playing golf by getting him a divot tool as a gift. This action will be appreciated a lot by your husband. 

Golf pants. Get your husband a pair of golf pants that will make him stay comfortable and will not restrict his movements while playing golf. He is bound to love it.  

A tie. A tie that has a golf stick or golf prints on it will make his dress look very cool and stylish and above everything, your golf lover husband will love it every time he wears it. 

Golf towel. Some days your husband can get very sweaty while playing golf under the hot sun. You can get your golf lover husband a towel that has a golf scene printed on it and which will soak his sweat. 

Dartboard. Is your husband good at playing darts and golf at the same time? Then a dart based on the theme of the sport golf will be a good idea to give him as a gift. 

BBQ set. Does your husband make barbecues in the backyard of your house on Sundays and watch golf matches while eating it? Then a BBQ set based on the sport golf will be a great gift. 

Customized golf clubs. Let your husband show off his unique designs on his golf clubs that you have presented him as a gift. A golf lover will no doubt love it. 

Pocket knife. Everyone should carry this tool because it is very handy and useful. You can get one of these pocket knives for your golf lover husband in the shape of a golf stick. 

Desk golf.  Mini golf sets are also available in the market which will make a golf lover’s desk look beautiful and interesting. You can give one of those to your husband as a gift who loves golf. 

Smartwatch. Help your golf lover husband to keep track of time and access some shortcuts to his phone while he is playing golf by gifting him a smartwatch that has a dial in the shape of a golf ball.  

Scorecard holder. Make your husband’s golf scorecard holder by getting him a scorecard holder that is based on the theme of golf. It will look very cool in his hands. 

Glass tray. Wouldn’t your golf lover husband be surprised if you serve them food on a glass tray that is in the shape and design of a golf ball? It could be the best.  

Face mask. Keep your husband protected from viruses that are present in the air while he is out there playing golf by gifting him a face mask that has golf prints on it. 

A calendar. You don’t need to know everything about golf if your husband is a golf lover. You can surprise him with a desk calendar that has a useful tip for golf players on every page. 

Statue. Gift your golf lover husband with those small golf statues for his office desk or home desk to make it look beautiful and decorative. He will love that piece of art if he is a golf lover. 

Personalized cake. Surprise your golf lover’s husband on his birthday or on the day when he has achieved something by baking a golf scene cake in his favorite flavor. 

Golf rangefinder. If you want to help your golf lover husband improve in his game and be the best one, then a golf laser rangefinder will help him a lot in that and will be a great gift. 

Flask. Keep your husband’s cold coffee cool and make it a habit for him to carry it every day when he goes to play golf by getting a flask in the shape of a golf stick as a gift. 

Ball putter. Reduce the errors in the strokes and make your husband more confident about him by gifting a golf ball putter as a gift. It can be a game-changer for him. 

Customized cufflinks. These small things help people to handle the cuffs of their shirts. Make it a little bit fancy for your partner by getting him cufflinks in the shape of a golf ball or golf stick. 

Shorts. Shorts make very comfortable and easy wear for the people who play golf. You can make your husband feel the same by getting him a pair of shorts. 

Photo canvas. Does your husband love to collect things related to the sport golf? If yes, then you can get him a beautiful golf-themed photo canvas for his collection as a gift. 

Chipping Net. A chipping net for your golf lover husband as a gift will not only make him feel happy but will also help him improve his short wedge shots and chipping. 

Leather diary. Bring a smile on your husband’s face by getting him a golf-themed diary to maintain his journal. He will appreciate you a lot because golf is his favorite sport. 

Indoor golf set.  Does your husband feel too lazy to go out and play his favorite sport, which is golf? You can make him play by getting him an indoor golf set with which he will play in the drawing-room. 

Cleaning kit. If your husband is a golf lover and possesses a golf kit but has stopped playing. Then give him a cleaning kit which will help him to clean his golf kit and keep it shining. 

Sunglasses. Protect your golf lover husband’s eyes from the harsh sun which is present out there while he is playing golf by gifting a good pair of sunglasses. 

Set of socks. Make your golf lover husband feel cozy and happy by getting him a set of socks that have golf prints all over them and are comfortable at the same time.  

Money clip. If your partner does not like to carry a wallet with him because of some reason, then you can get him a money clip in the shape of a golf stick as a gift. He will love it if he is a golf lover. 

Membership to a golf club. If you know that your husband loves to play golf but is not subscribing to a membership of a golf club because of some reason, then you can get him the membership as a gift. 

Belt. Wouldn’t it make your husband look cool when he wears a belt that has a buckle in the shape of a golf ball to his game? Get him two or three of those belts as a gift. 

Rule book. Is golf your husband’s favorite sport? Then you can provide him a lot of knowledge about that sport by giving him a book of rules of the sport golf. 

Dashboard dolls. Is your husband a golf lover and uses his car to commute to every place? Then you can make his car dashboard look cool by getting a golf doll for him as a gift. 

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