85+ Gifts for Your Horse Lover Partner

It feels like riding a horse and bracing through the wind. It isn’t too difficult to handle a horse, once you have learned the ways to do so. There are people who love horses and take great care of them.

Here are gifts for your horse lover partner. 

Hoof pick. Help your horse lover partner keep their horse clean by getting them a hoof pick as a gift that will help them to remove stones, dust, leaves, etc. from their horse’s hoof. It will be a very useful gift idea. 

Scented candles. Make your horse lover partner remember about their horse even when they are at home by getting them the beautiful and natural soy scented candles as a gift. It will be an amazing gift idea. 

Shampoo set. It feels very beautiful to slide your hands through the silky hair of a horse. If your partner is a horse lover and owns a horse, then get them a shampoo set that will help them to maintain the clean and silky hair of their horse. 

Customized Scarf. Wouldn’t it be bold and elegant to wear a scarf designed like a horsetail? If your partner is a horse lover, then get one of these scarves as a gift for them. It will also help them to show their love for horses. 

Saddle soap. Help your partner to keep their items of horse clean and beautiful like new by getting them a saddle soap as a gift. It is a usual gift idea, but it will never let you down. 

Horse guidebook. If your partner is in love with horses, then he should be able to draw horses to themselves without getting hurt. If your partner is a beginner then a guidebook for horses will be a very helpful gift idea for them. 

Tack sponges. These sponges come in very handy when one is giving a bath to their horse. It helps them to clean their horse without giving too much effort and is also safe for their skin. Get a pack of these for your horse love partner. 

Face mask. Keep your partner protected from viruses present in the air even while they are taking a ride on their horse by getting them a pack of face masks that have horse prints on them, as a gift. 

Custom string lights. It is believed that they are a very beautiful house décor for one’s room. You can light up your horse lover partner’s room with these beautiful string lights designed in the shape of a horse. 

Softshell jacket. If you present your horse lover partner with one of these jackets, then it will not only make them look stylish while they are riding on their horse but will also keep them comfortable while they are working in their barn. 

Spectacle holder. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful and fun gift idea to get your horse lover partner a spectacle holder in the shape of a horse? It will woo their heart away as soon as they see it. 

Custom bracelet. Show your horse lover partner that you care for their interests by getting a bracelet customized with prints of beautiful horses on it and gift it to your partner. It will be a very creative idea. 

Notepad.  Make it interesting for your horse lover partner to write down the important things by getting them a horse-themed notepad as a gift. It will prove to be an amazing gift idea for your partner.  

Safety stirrups. This could prove to be an amazing gift idea for your horse lover partner who loves to ride on their horse every morning. These stirrups will not only help them to improve their skills but will also not let their feet get caught if they fall. 

Horse slippers. Make your horse lover partner feel good and comfortable when they slip their feet into a pair of slippers that are soft and are designed just like a horse. It will be an adorable one. 

Illusion lamp. Wouldn’t it be beautiful and interesting to see an illusion of a running horse in the dark? Gift your horse lover partner with one of these illusion lamps as a gift that will do their work when the lights are out. 

Brass stallion. Make your horse lover partner’s desk look beautiful and attractive by getting them one of these brass stallion statues that will win their heart and will also help them to show their passion towards horses. 

Personalized door plaque. Your partner’s horse should deserve special recognition because they have become a very important piece of your horse lover partner’s life. A personalized door plaque will be a good way to represent your partner’s horse and a great gift idea. 

Tree carving. Get a scene of the affection that a person shows to his horse in a piece of wood for your horse lover partner. It will represent the feelings that they have for their horse. It will prove to be a creative and beautiful gift idea. 

Shower curtain. Make your horse lover partner’s shower time fun and interesting by getting them a shower curtain that has a beautiful drawing of a horse on it. It will bring a smile to their face whenever they see it. 

Trinket box. Wouldn’t it be interesting for your horse lover partner to keep their jewelry in a trinket box in the shape of a horse? Make sure to get one that is beautifully designed as a gift for your partner. 

Riding gloves. Surprise your horse lover partner with a pair of horse-riding gloves that are not only comfortable to wear but also have an elegant look so that they can wear them even to their shows. Do not forget to get good quality ones. 

Sweatshirt. If your horse lover partner also has good taste for a retro design, then you should look no further and get them a retro horse-themed sweatshirt as a gift. Make sure that they are comfortable. 

Wall clock. A clock for your horse lover partner in the shape of a horse will make their wall look more decorated and beautiful. It will also show their love for horses. 

Custom print leggings. Leggings are the choice of a lot of women as bottom wear. You can get your horse lover partner a pair of leggings that has a print of horses all over them. It will be an amazing gift idea for them. 

Horse portrait. If you are on a hunt to find a gift that will be a memorable one for your horse lover partner in your life, then nothing can be a better idea than gifting them a portrait of their horse as a gift. 

Custom necklace. Give your horse lover partner a custom horse-themed necklace as a gift. They will wear it proudly and will love you more for such a lovely gift.

Nail decals. If the horse lover person in your life is your female partner, then you can surprise them with these small but beautiful nail decals that have a small horse printed or designed on them as a gift. 

Stirrup earrings. Help your horse lover partner to show off their passion by getting them these exquisite stirrup earrings that are very fashionable in style and will not break your bank. It will be a beautiful gift idea. 

Camera mount. Help your horse lover partner to capture those beautiful moments while they are riding on their horse by getting them one of the camera mounts as a gift. This will keep their camera steady and safe while riding. 

Custom-designed socks. Take some time out from your busy schedule and customize a pair of socks that have some beautiful scenery with a horse printed on them. It would be more special if you could do it all by yourself. 

Cookie-cutter. Is your horse lover partner a lover of cookies too? If yes, then get them a cookie cutter in the shape of a horse that will make their cookies even more special for them when they have it in their leisure time. 

Bookends. Is your partner a horse lover and a bookworm at the same time? If yes, then you can surprise your partner with a gift that will support both their passions at the same time with the horse-shaped bookends. 

Coloring book. This gift can be given to every horse lover regardless of their age. This coloring book of horses will keep them occupied and will never let them get bored in their free time. 

Tote bag. If your partner is a person who loves to go to the market to buy stuff for your home and is a horse lover too. Get them a tote bag that they can use time and again that has a canvas print of a horse. 

Scrunchies. These are fabric-covered hair ties used to tie long or medium hair. You get these in the shape of a horse for your female horse lover partner as a gift. It could prove to be an adorable gift idea. 

Rain boots. These boots have proven themselves to be a great gift idea for a lot of people. It can do the same for your horse lover partner by getting prints of small horses on it. It will show them that you care about their interests. 

Grooming kit. Your horse lover partner would make their utmost efforts to keep their horse well-groomed and clean by any means. You can help them with it by giving them a grooming kit for horses of good quality. 

Personalized tumbler. Everyone loves a tumbler that is insulated. You can make that tumbler special for your horse lover partner by getting a picture of a horse printed on it and giving them as a gift.  

Custom pocket knife. This tool can prove to be useful for a person at any point in time whether it is for cutting anything or defending yourself. You can get your horse lover partner a pocket knife that has a design of a horse engraved on it. 

Customized brush for horses. Help your horse lover partner to groom their horse with these brushes that come with a wooden handle and these can also be customized according to their choice. It will be a very beautiful gift idea. 

Custom t-shirt. A t-shirt with any horse-themed print on it will work wonders for your horse lover partner. They will just love you so much more for this beautiful gift. Expect to be invited to go out riding with them cross country and to a very romantic spot.

Water bottle. Your horse lover partner definitely spends a lot of time with horses and works really hard with them. It is only natural that your partner will need to have some drinking water handy at all times. Well, go ahead and buy them a horse-themed water bottle and see how happy they carry it with them always.

Horse figurine. Nothing could prove to be a better gift idea for your horse lover partner than a figurine of a horse from the movie Black Stallion. Your nerdy partner will be very grateful to receive this as a gift from you. 

Tail brush. Get your horse lover partner a brush that will do wonders and will help your partner to remove stubborn tangles in their horse’s tail. It will prove to be an amazing gift idea for your partner and their horse. 

Boardgame. A board game with a horse theme or to do with horses, and with a lot of trivia on horses to learn from, is a great gift idea for your horse lover partner. And they will simply enjoy spending time with you, family, and friends whenever they can, to play this board game.

Phone case. Surprise your partner by getting a silhouette of a horse printed on a back cover that will fit your horse lover partner’s phone and it will also keep their device protected. 

Tack trunk. These trunks are the most beautiful and stylish way to keep one’s tack and equipment organized and clean. Get one of these trunks designed with a horse carving on it to give as a gift to your partner. 

Throw blanket. Your horse lover partner will love a lot to get inside a cozy blanket that has a portrait of a horse printed on it after spending the whole day at the barn. Get it for them as a gift from you.  

Handmade plushie. This can be one of the most adorable and sweetest gift ideas for your horse lover partner if you can manage to take out time and make a plushie of a horse and gift it to them. 

Custom journal. A journal that has a leather horse-themed cover for your horse lover partner will make it interesting for them to maintain their journal.   

A blueprint. This gift idea will surely take a special place in your horse lover partner’s room. Get them a blueprint that features a horse of a special breed that will provide knowledge and will also make the walls look good. 

Wine rack. You can add a little touch of equestrian theme to your horse lover partner’s small wine counter by getting them a wine rack made of horseshoes that will hold their bottle of wine safely and will bring an elegant look. 

Memo dispenser. This could prove to be a very cute accessory for your horse lover partner. A memo dispenser in the shape of a horse that also has space to hold pens will be a great gift idea. 

Bath bombs. It can be very tiring for your horse lover partner to spend the entire day on the bran working. You can help them get relaxed and relieved from pain by getting them bath bombs in the flavors that will remind them of the barn. 

Custom knitted horse. If you are a creative kind of person then show your creativity by knitting a horse with the name of your horse lover partner on it. It will be a very special gift idea for your partner. 

Pajama Set. Make your horse lover partner feel comfortable and lovely in a set of pajamas that has pictures of horses all over it as a gift. Make sure the material is of good quality. 

Custom boot rack. Your horse lover partner should have one of these shoe racks made from horseshoe to keep their boots on it. If they still do not have this amazing shoe rack, then get one. 

Door Knocker. Make your horse lover partner’s door look attractive and beautiful by getting this beautifully finished door knocker in the shape of a horse head constructed using old cast iron. It will be an amazing gift idea for your partner. 

Gifts for the adorable horse lovers

Horse Gifts For Women

This is a water tumbler that comes along with a lid. This is a high-quality product that comes with a supremely unique design. It has a very cute print of horses and a message printed on it. Indeed, a perfect catch for horse lovers!

Jeasona Women’s Fun Socks

The Jeasona animal socks are super comfortable to use. These come in fun horse prints on them. They are available in various prints and colors to suit your variable needs. The quality is perfect, and so is the product for horse lovers!

Willow Tree Quiet Strength

The Willow tree’s quiet strength is a hand-painted, sculpted box. This is a very unique gift and supremely crafted product. The design is of a girl caressing a horse. It is mild, artistic, and beautiful. Grab it now, a perfect gift for the horse fans!

Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoe 

This pair of sloggers are super fun and come in a chicken red print and color. It has comfy insoles for protection and comfort to the feet. It is waterproof and a high-quality product. A perfect blend of comfort and art in a product!

Primitives by Kathy 

The Primitives by Kathy is a box sign which comes in a beautifully appropriate print and message for horse lovers. It can be hung on a wall for usage as well. This is a convenient and quality product for all horse enthusiasts!

Wrangler Women’s Ladies Horse Crew Socks 

The Wrangler socks are very comfortable to use and are mild on the skin. They come in super fun prints of horses on them. They are available in different colors as well. These come in a pack of 3 and are super affordable!

Equestrian Gifts for Horse Lovers

These are insulated bottles that help to maintain the temperature of the liquid stored in the bottle. It is made of stainless steel. The bottles are super cute and come with an elegant print of a horse on them. Indeed, horse lovers would love this piece!

Bathrobes for Women

These bathrobes for women come in beautiful rustic prints and prints of horses on them, too. These are super soft and so much more comfortable for usage than several other such bathrobes. Indeed, the comfiest product for horse lovers!

Foster & Rye Horseshoe Countertop Metal Wine Rack

This is a cast-iron wine bottle holder and can store up to three standard wine bottles. This is a wine metal rack. It is very useful for the drinkers who can elegantly store their bottles. Indeed, a perfect product for horse lovers!

Chala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

This is a cell phone purse that comes in an authentic and elegant horse print on it. This is very useful as one can use it as a handbag as well. This is a convenient as well as a very handy product for all. Indeed, the horse fans are going to love this one!

Horse Makeup Bags

This is a makeup pouch or a bag that comes with a funny and cool horse and dog print on it. The pouches can carry and store several small products inside them. It is handy, portable, convenient, and a high-quality product!

KATYDID Barn Hair Don’t Care, Baseball Cap

The KATYDID caps are super cool and fun products. These are baseball caps and are super useful for those who are into sports or even those who wear caps often. The horse lovers are going to love the print on it, and they are so comfortable to use!

Dawhud Direct Horse

The Dawhud direct horse is a wind chime. It is beautiful, elegant, and charming. This comes with a wooden horse piece attached to it. It is so subtle and artistic that anyone would die for the product! A perfect gift for horse lovers!

Miss Lulu Horse Print Bags 

The Miss Lulu horse printed bags are so comfortable and lightweight. They come with a shoulder purse and are charming pieces. These school bags are lovely and are available in some very vibrant colors!

Ahaet Horse Bracelet 

This horse bracelet is extremely charming and elegant. They are super mild on the skin and do not cause irritations upon usage. They are super fun and lightweight. This just elevates any look, for dinners or any parties with friends!

Women Makeup Bag

This women’s makeup bag comes with a subtle yet super fun print of horse on it with a cute message printed as well. This is an extremely unique and useful product. This could easily store earphones, chargers, lip balms, and the like!

Horse Gift Necklace

This horse necklace is so much fun. With a silver lining and overall detailing, this chain is so elegant and beautiful. The details with the designs and prints just capture it all. Indeed, the best gift for horse lovers!

JNIAP Horse Cosmetic Bag

The JNIAP horse cosmetic bag is so useful and super fun. This is convenient for users as well. It can store makeup items as well as other such products. One cannot ignore the cute detailing of prints on it. A perfect gift for the horse fans!

Decorative Throw Pillow

This is a decorative throw pillow that has a picture and a message related to horses. It is upper cute and elegant. This can be used for décor purposes as well. Indeed, it is a very soft product and perfect for horse lovers!

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