78+ Gifts for James Bond in your life

Your husband is undoubtedly the biggest James Bond fan ever, and he would feel the happiest when you make him feel like the James Bond of your life. Shower him all the gifts that make him feel even more like Bond than he already is. We have a few ideas for you. 

Gifts for James Bond in your life

A suit. The perfect James Bond look is all about that perfectly well-fitted suit, and if you can manage to find him one, he could not be any happier. Classic colors like black and grey are the trademark of the Bond style. 

Gin. We all know how much Bond loves his Martini, and if you want him to enjoy them too, a bottle of the best-grade Gin would be the best gift to give. Gin is the alcohol used in the making of the famous shaken cocktail, and he would love the reference. 

Cigars. We don’t see Bond smoking too often on screen, and neither should your partner, but once in a while, if he feels like it, he could indulge in some quality cigars. You could make things better with a 007 printed cigar case. 

Dress shoes. What goes with the perfect fitting suit to complete the outfit, some great dress shoes. These are worth every penny that you spend on them, and remember that Bond, no matter where he is, is always rocking the best footwear. 

Shaving kit. The clean shaved look is something Bond has mastered, and you would hardly see him rocking a beard or even any patches of facial hair, even when he is in the middle of the mission. He is more of an old-school open razor guy, not the modern t-razor. 

A watch. James Bond and his love for classic analog watches need no instruction. You would always see him rocking a Rolex or An Omega wherever he goes, and we strongly believe that a man should own at least one good wristwatch. 

Perfume. Smelling good is an important part of the whole Bond persona, and a good perfume only adds to his charm. The Eau De Toilette is the official Bond perfume, and you can find it in a few different fragrances, certified by Bond himself.  

Hairstyling kit. His hair is always looking clean, and you would hardly see any loose strands when he suits up. The classic slick back or the tight sides are both iconic bond hairstyles, and in order to get that look, you must gift him some styling products. 

Martini shaker. Martini and Bond is a match made in heaven, and anyone who has just scratched the surface of this entire Bond world knows how he likes his famous cocktail. A martini shaker is the ultimate Bond gift you can give to your partner. 

Blazer. All of us know that Bond cleans up nice no matter what the occasion, and when he is not rocking a suit, you would see him wearing the best-fitted blazers on the planet to stay close to that look. Fill his wardrobe with some quality-fitting blazers. 

Tie. When it comes to wearing a tie, only a few people do it better than the world-famous spy himself. The color always on point and tied to perfection are two rules that he always follows when it comes to ties; gift him a set. 

Tuxedo. No one wears a tuxedo better than Bond, and if you really wish to make him look like 007, he needs to have the perfect tuxedo in his wardrobe. Visit a tailor as soon as possible and remember to focus on the small details. 

Sunglasses. The moment that he is out in the sun, you will notice the sunglasses coming out of his pocket. The classic Ray-Ban is always a great option in sunglasses and tries to find something that matches the bond vibe. 

A t-shirt. Dress shirts are his go-to option when it comes to shirts, and there are more white dress shirts in his wardrobe than you can think of. While your partner does not need to own so many dress shirts, a few of them are necessary for the Bond look. 

Entire movie collection. The majority of the Bond fans came into the fandom because of all those exciting movies with great actors and gripping storytelling, and neither of us ever went back. Gift him the entire Blu-ray collection of all the Bond movies.  

Book series. Despite a majority of Bond fans thinking that Bond exists only in the world of cinema, the real Bond lovers know that it is indeed an adaptation of the Bond series by the write Ian Fleming. Gift him the entire paperback collection. 

A poster. Every Bond fanboy has had a poster in his room in his childhood, and now that he is the man of your life, why should he need to adjust? Gift him the James Bond poster that he has always dreamed of putting up on the wall. 

Rent a car. Bond has a lifetime deal with the famous car manufacturers Aston Martin, and even if you cannot gift him the car, for now, you can always rent one for a few hours to make him somewhat like Bond himself. 

A painting. Here is a great idea for the Bond in your life; how about you get a painting of him dressed up as Bond, with the iconic pose through the tunnel with the gun and give him the biggest surprise of his life? 

Showpiece. A Bond showpiece that he could keep on his work desk or on the center table that he would feel happy being around. It could be anything from small Bond figurines to even a Gun or a quote that he will happily put up. 

Cufflinks. Getting some cufflinks customized is not much of a hassle but proves to be a great gift. Two great ideas would be to get 007 on both of them, or even better, get No time on one and die on the other cufflink. 

Bracelet. You would find many Bond-themed bracelets if you just look online. Anything from 007 bracelets to bracelets with the letters Q or M to make it special. Make this special; gift him a few to choose from. 

Wallet. James would never be James Bond without his classic sleek leather wallet that all of us have noticed over the years, and frankly, every man must own a wallet like that, without any questions. Get 007 engraved on it, and you are golden. 

Cardholder. He keeps traveling around the world day in day out, and when you are traveling so much, you need to have a cardholder that makes your work easier. Get a sleek cardholder with his name or Bond written on the side. 

Duffle bag. The classic leather duffle bag is what he uses to carry his stuff around while looking like the stylish man that he always is. Get your man a black leather duffle bag, and he could travel in style just like 007 himself. 

Coffee mug. The only thing that could make his morning better than a hot cup of coffee is a hot cup of coffee in a Bond-themed mug. They are easy to customize, and you can play around with what he likes about Bond the most. 

Pullovers. When he is not rocking the usual suit or blazer, you would see him in some dark-colored pullovers most of the time, especially when he is traveling to colder countries. Anyhow, every man must have at least one good pullover in his closet. 

Polo shirts. Polo shirts are his go-to piece of upper wear when he is not wearing a shirt. Ideally, a black polo or even a navy one would be his style, but you can be lenient with your partner and try other shades that look equally good on him. 

Music album. With every new Bond movie comes a new Bond album, and we have seen quite a few masterpieces over the years as Bond soundtracks. Gift him his favorite ones to add to his exquisite Bond collection. 

Car models. From his Classic Aston Martins that Sean Connery used to ride to the modern ones which Daniel Craig uses to move around, you can find all of them as small models and collectible items. They are easily available if you open the official website. 

A toy gun. The age-old Bond logo has always been a pistol with the numbers 007 written close to its grip. While owning real gum is not a good idea, you can always give him a fake one that he could keep in a safe place. 

Brooch. The James Bond brooch will only add to the glory of his outfits and would be a great conversation starter when people notice it. Moreover, he would love to have as many brooches and pins as he can get. 

A pea coat. When the climate is cold, and he needs to save the world, he turns to the trusted pea coat to keep him warm. What makes it even more functional is its functionality and the ease of movement that it provides. 

Bond quotes. There have been some iconic Bond quotes over the years, and we are sure that he might have his favorites too. Well, if you are looking for a great gift, how about you take his favorite Bond quote, frame it, and wrap it for him? 

One-liners. Bond one-liners are one of the wittiest and smartest one-liners ever written on the big screen. What makes them even more special is how the actors deliver them, and he would be delighted to receive a collection of all those lines as a gift. 

Original movie posters. Original Bond movie posters are hard to come by, and the older the movie, the lesser the chance. However, if you look carefully, you might just stumble upon A Pussycat or A Gold finger poster; it is worth the effort. 

Bond trivia game. If he wishes to evaluate his position as a Bond fan and find out how much does he really knows, this game is for him. You can host entire game nights with all the Bond fans that you know, and he will be delighted and fascinated. 

Playing cards. Bond playing cards have been in circulation for quite some time now, and if he still does not have one, it is your responsibility to get him the latest deck in the market. Let him have his childhood days back. 

Figurines. Bond figurines are always a hit as a gift when it comes to Bond fans. Just make sure to pick the version of Bond that he likes the most; the fun fact is it is not Pierce Brosnan for sure. The wobbly head figurines are even better. 

Rings. You can always get some rings customized with the words 007 or the Bond logo engraved on top of it. Make sure to pick the right ring; the black squared rings provide the most room for customization and creativity. 

Jack the Bulldog. One thing that has remained constant in the Bond world over the years is, no matter how devastating the accident or how major the threat, Jack the Bulldog always finds his way out. Get him a little Jack the Bulldog of his own. 

Stamps. Bond stamps make up for great collectible items simply because of how much he travels and the parts of the world that he has been in over the years. You can try and collect all the different actors, for starters. 

Socks. Not only do they keep his feet warm, but they also add a strange sophistication to his outfit. Bond is all about those clean dark-colored socks with sometimes a few minimalist prints to add a new flavor to his outfit. 

Bow tie. Bond loves his bow ties, and you can notice him wearing them sometimes even more than the normal tie itself. Get him a set of bow ties that he can wear with his suits or blazers, just like the spy himself. 

A poker set. All of us know how great of a gambler he is; we got a major glimpse of it in the recent Casino Royale movie, and thanks to that, there are a lot of poker sets put there that are specifically made with that theme in mind. 

Bond gift box. You just need to type in these keywords, and you would find everything that a Bond fan has ever wanted as a gift. You could try to compile a box of your own, but if you do not have the time, they are usually pretty great. 

Visiting cards. Keep his boring visiting cards to the side for now and print him a new set in the iconic bond style. The black card with the number 007 on the top and all the necessary information on the other side will be overjoyed. 

Travel stickers. To keep your luggage safe, just like Bond keeps the world safe, you need to gift him some Bond-themed travel stickers to let everyone know how big of a fan he truly is, even when he is traveling. 

A scarf. When the weather gets cold, the scarves come out, and Bond sure knows how to wear and carry one. Gif him a few quality scarves, preferable wool or cashmere, because that is what his favorite spy recommends to wear. 

Handkerchief. Carrying a handkerchief with him is the sign of a true gentleman, and that is something Bond and your partner have in common. Gift him an entire set to make sure he never runs out of them and if you really want to make it special, add a little 007 to one corner. 

A cocktail manual. James Bond’s love for martinis is not hidden from anyone, and when he cannot get someone to make it for him, he does not mind shaking one himself. This manual is going to help him have a good time and become a better bond. 

Doormat. On his study table or even outside the house, if you just get a doormat with a James Bond theme, he would be excited the moment he stepped inside the house. Make sure to get the right quote on the mat. 

Led frame. A bond-themed Led frame would undoubtedly make his day. These frames are easily available in a lot of different colors, and you can get them in the silhouette of your favorite version of James Bond. 

James Bond comics. Only the hardcore James Bond are aware of this experiment that a few editions of James Bond comics were released in the early eighties and were an instant hit. They are major collectible pieces and hard to come by, but it is worth a try. 

A chopping board. James Bond-themed chopping boards have been famous since they first came out. Two reasons for that, one, they are James Bond themes, two, they are super creative with quotes like licensed to grill; he would be surprised. 

Binge-watch session. This is the best gift that you could give to your partner who is crazy about Bond. Spend an entire weekend binge-watching all the classic Bond movies and his personal favorites, and he cannot be grateful enough, get the binge-watch train going. 

Decanter. They are a great gift for someone who enjoys a good drink when he finds the time. To keep all his precious alcohol in a safe place and maybe to travel with it in his car, a decanter is a perfect gift for a bond lover. 

Lighter. The zippo lighter is already a gift in itself, but the only way in which you can make it even more special is to get a Bond-themed zippo lighter for your partner. They are available on the official UK website, in case you wanted to know. 

Journal. The leather journal with 007 engraved on the front would make any Bond lover’s mouth fill up with water. You can easily customize a journal like that online, and do not forget to attach a note on the front page from Q herself. 

Passport case. For a man who travels the year around and is in and out of countries all across the globe, a passport case is his best friend. Even if your partner does not travel as much, when he does, make sure he does it in style with a 007 like passport case. 

Signed merchandise. Nothing will be able to get your partner to go crazier than signed James Bond merchandise. It’s like a dream come true for every Bond fanatic. 

Monopoly. Believe it or not, there is a whole edition of the famous board game that all of us love so much especially dedicated to James Bond. With cruise and property references from the Bond world all over the game, he is bound to love it. 

Pocket watch. Nothing spells class and style more than a pocket watch which we have seen Bond carrying in his earlier spy days. There are a few collectible pocket watches that are dedicated to the great spy; get him one now. 

Jigsaw puzzle. All of us enjoy a good jigsaw puzzle, and would it not be fun if you could gift him a challenge to reconstruct the different scenes from iconic bond movies in the shape of jigsaw puzzles? Gift him the hardest ones now. 

Backpack. When it comes to backpacks, a true Bond fan will always pick leather over anything else. Also, make sure it is compact and does not weigh him down. Do not forget to add that extra touch by adding a small 007 on the corner and maybe even a similar key chain. 

Gloves. You will hardly see him not wearing any gloves when he is in colder countries simple because he has to rely on his hands to do all his work, and he cannot risk being inefficient because of the cold. Leather gloves, preferably black or brown, are the right way to go. 

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