72+ Gifts for your math lover partner

You should be extremely proud to have married a genius. If your partner is someone who is good with numbers and can do every math right, you too need to do some solid math and calculate which would be the perfect gift for them. Here are some gift ideas that you can take inspiration from!

Here are amazing gift ideas for your math lover partner

Math wall clock. For your math lover partner, a math wall clock will keep them energized and happy at all times. They will remain elated and will love you even more because of the appreciation you have shown them through this gift.

Cellphone case. Your math lover partner is a genius. So there is a great chance that they will be quite unmindful and may damage their cell phone. So get them a cellphone case as a gift and they will remain thankful for your thoughtfulness. And if the case is imprinted with math equations you may expect them to reciprocate most strangely and amusingly.

Scarf designed in numerical pattern. A scarf designed in numericals is a great gift idea for your math lover partner. It will work wonders for their psyche, and they will wear it with pride almost everywhere they go.

Math necktie. This one is really unique. A math necktie. Your math lover partner will simply adore you for this unique gift and will wear it to those seminars and conferences where they have to present a thesis.

Wall art. Wall art with math stuff on it is another great gift to keep your math lover partner charged up at all times. The wall art itself will prove to be the inspiration for them always. And they will adore you for it.

Personalized t-shirt. Anyone loves a personalized t-shirt. Get your math lover partner one and you will be amused by the way they accept it. That smile your gift will bring to their face will be there for a long time.

Mathematics bracelets. Bracelets are a great gift idea. And mathematics-themed bracelets will be a really out-of-this-world gift for your math lover partner. They will cherish this gift as one of their most prized possessions.

Math puzzle.  Though this may sound like a too common gift, just go ahead and gift your math lover partner one of these and see them staying engaged and engrossed in solving this math puzzle repeatedly whenever they have free time.

Formula chart. Even a genius can forget. Of course, they forget more easily actually. Gift your math lover partner a formula chart that they can hang somewhere as a ready reference. They will be ever so grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Math tote bag. A tote bag itself is of great utility. Giving your math lover partner one with math stuff printed all over it will be one of the most thrilling gifts your partner could ever expect. And you will be amused by the pomp and aplomb with which they use this math tote bag in public.

Mathematic nameplate. A nameplate with a mathematical theme is a fantastic gift for your genius math lover partner. They will appreciate the thought you have put into getting them this gift. And for those visiting your partner, they will instantly realize the math lover they are about to meet.

 Shower curtain. A shower curtain is a thoughtful gift. Try getting your math lover partner a shower curtain with math stuff printed all over it. They will love using the curtain each time they go in for a shower.

Customized bottle opener. A customized bottle opener goes a long way to show your love for your math lover partner. With this customized bottle opener at hand, you can expect that your partner will organize many drink sessions.

Personalized wristwatch. A personalized wristwatch is a great gift idea for your math lover partner. It will not only help them keep track of time but will also make your partner organize their schedule the best they can.

A calculator. A calculator is a really handy gadget that your math lover partner can have at hand. It will always be easier and quicker for him to solve those great math problems and equations.

Pencil pouch. Since you have a genius who plays with numbers, they definitely scribble a lot of rough work for their calculations. Gift them a pencil pouch for them to keep their pencils and pens. It will help them stay organized with their writing essentials. And they will be ever so grateful for such a considerate gift.

Rubik’s cube.  A Rubik’s cube is a great gift for your math lover partner. Whenever they have free time, they will try to solve the cube at the best time they can. It is a constant personal challenge they will set up for themselves.

Handmade math bookmarker. A bookmarker is a very thoughtful gift to give your math lover partner especially since they are bookworms by default. They will be ever so much happier when it is a handmade bookmark made by you.

Customized mug. A customized mug will be a much-appreciated gift for your math lover partner. They will cherish this gesture forever. And the fun part is that this won’t go unnoticed. Expect something really amazing from them soon.

Stationery box. This is an item that is of immense value to your math lover partner. Give them a stationery box and they will use it to keep all their stationery well organized for sure. No more mess or cluttering in any part of their rooms.

Personalized face mask. With the pandemic on, it is good to think of a face mask for your partner. Go on and give your math lover partner a personalized face mask and they will just love it for sure. Get them a math-themed personalized face mask and you will find that your math lover partner and the face mask are quite inseparable.

Lunch bag. To make sure your math lover partner doesn’t forget to eat their lunch, give them a lunch bag and you will never have to worry about them forgetting to have lunch. It would be even more effective if the lunch bag is all math-themed as well.

Algebraic wine holder. A wine holder that also makes room for wine glasses as well will be a great gift for your math lover partner. It will be an even better gift idea if you can get them an algebraic wine and wine glass holder.

Math hoodie. A math hoodie is an apt gift for your math lover partner=. And they will enjoy wearing this hoodie wherever they go. You will be amused by the way they flaunt their hoodie wherever they go. And they will bask in the math prints all across their hoodie.

Glowing Math stickers. Glowing math stickers are a grand gift idea for your math lover partner. They will enjoy using these stickers in almost everything they can. They will love you even more for this amusing gift.

Mathematical jewelry. A piece of mathematic jewelry will make your math lover partner go gaga all over you. They will just go bonkers and fall crazily in love with you all over again. Bask in the extreme excitement and attention that you get from them.

Calculus-themed shoes. Calculus-themed shoes can work wonders for your otherwise quiet math lover partner. They will just enjoy wearing these shoes to almost every place, and they will wear these with pride too.

Calculator keychain. A calculator keychain goes a long way to show your love and your respect for your math lover partner. Give them one today and they will not only use the keychain for their keys but also use the calculator that comes along with the keychain, for their calculations.

Mathematic glass set. A mathematical glass set is a superb gift for your math lover partner. They will keep using this set at the slightest opportunity. And they will have their friends over more often just to offer them a drink in the glasses that you have so lovingly bought them.

Board games. Board games can be a great source of amusement for both your math lover partner and you. They will enjoy playing these board games while spending more time with you.

Pi plates. Pi-Plates are great gifts for your math lover partner. They can use these add-on circuit boards to interact with the outside world using their Raspberry Pi. The best part is that these are interchangeable circuit boards that may be stackable as well. What a novel gift for your math lover partner.

Greeting card. Just a simple greeting card can also be a very good gift for your math lover partner. You can write down all your feelings and wishes in a greeting card for them to read whenever they wish. Believe this one thing we are saying. Your math lover partner will have these cards put away safely. They will cherish every bit of the greetings cards that you give them.

Biography of pi. Pi is regarded as one of the most mysterious numbers. Gift your math lover partner this book called ‘A Biography of Pi’ and you will see them pleased beyond expectation.

Formula printed journal. A formula printed journal will make your math lover partner happier than ever as it is a great utility and gift to them. They will be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness and understanding of them.

Algebraic-shaped chocolates. Algebraic-shaped chocolates are the most unique gifts you can give your partner. They will be so amused they may even do something strange but equally amusing and pleasant for you too. So go ahead and give your math lover partner a box of those algebraic-shaped chocolates.

Poster.  For your math lover partner, a poster will be a pleasant change in the room. And if it is a math-themed poster you will be astonished how excited your math lover partner will be.

Printed bowls with math proofs. Gift your math lover partner printed bowls with math proofs (short proofs only, as the full proofs, can be the size of huge textbooks). ☺ They will love your gift so much that they will delve directly into those printed proofs rather than eat out of the bowls.

Math equation socks. Gift your math lover partner a pair of socks printed with math equations and see the glee you bring into their otherwise serene life. They may even wear these to bed. Careful there.

Books by great mathematicians.  Books by great and famous mathematicians are a beautiful way to keep your math lover partner engrossed in reading whenever they can. They will hone their skills, gather more knowledge, or even get to know new stuff that they never knew of previously. They will remain happy for a very long time.

Math cufflinks. A pair of math-imprinted cufflinks are a lovely gift for your math lover partner. They will love to wear these to any conference or formal affair. You may take it to another plane by adding a math-inspired tie-pin as well.

Math-designed scarf. A math-designed scarf is something that your math lover partner will cherish forever. They will just enjoy wearing this scarf to almost every place they go.

Advanced math books. A set of advanced math books may work wonders for your math lover partner, especially as ready reference material. They will just keep on referring to these books, even as casual reading material.

A bobblehead of Albert Einstein. Your partner is a genius. Albert Einstein is an iconic genius. So why not give your math lover partner a bobblehead of Albert Einstein. It will be of great inspiration to them for sure.

Personalized tumbler set. A set of personalized tumblers will go well with your math lover partner as they will bask in the beauty of these items. They are quite inspiring and amusing for your math lover partner, and they will love having drinks or water out of these glasses.

Math designed doormat. A math-designed doormat goes a long way to say how much you love your math lover partner, and also how much you respect what they do. Expect them to change the old doormat for this one almost immediately. And each time someone rings the doorbell, see how much in happiness your math lover partner opens the door for them.

Math pendant. A math pendant says a million words of love without speaking at all. It is a gesture and a gift that your math lover partner will never forget. Expect to be surprised by them quite soon. And expect that surprise to be a grand one too.

Mathematics pen. A mathematics pen actually expresses your appreciation for what your math lover partner does. It will hold quite well with your partner and they will adore you for this thoughtful gift. You will be pleased to see your math lover partner carry this pen wherever they go.

Math designed cushion. A math-designed cushion can be a really inspiring and most lovable gift for your math lover partner. They will enjoy having such a cushion around whenever they wish to relax.

Algebraic math earrings. Just like the pendant, we told you about a pair of algebraic math earrings that will do extremely well as a unique gift for your math lover partner. You will be happy to see them wear these always with much pride and happiness.

Abacus. Who needs an introduction to an abacus? It is truly a fantastic gift for your math lover partner. They will just adore you for this gift. And you will be amazed to see them keep this abacus displayed in the most prominent spot of their study room.

Math engraved frying pan.  A math engraved frying pan is an out-of-the-world gift that you can buy your math lover partner. It will inspire them to cook great dishes one after the other. Be enthralled by the dishes your math lover partner belts out, one after the other.

Formula print blanket. A math-formula print blanket is a great gift your math lover partner can get from you. Gift them one today and see them sleep like a baby every night. You will just love the way they accept this wonderful gift from you, the one they love so much.

Math designed table. A math-designed table will work as a great inspiration for your math lover partner. They will enjoy entertaining guests at this table during the dinner parties they will organize.

P engraved wine glass. A P- monogram engraved wine glass actually expresses your love, respect, and appreciation for your math lover partner. And to them, this is one of the most desired gifts ever. They will just love to enjoy drinks with you in the evenings. Just the two of you relaxing, spending quality time together.

Pi designed a dress. Any Pi-designed dress will hold well with your math lover’s female partner. They will wear this dress with pride – first because you gifted it to her, and second because she is your math lover partner, and she just loves anything math.

Math-designed pen holder. A Math-designed pen holder will keep your math lover partner absolutely happy at all times. They will proudly use this with extreme love. Especially as it has been a gift from the one they love most – you.

Hypotenuse designed laptop skin. A hypotenuse-designed laptop skin is a great and thoughtful gift for your math lover partner. They will stick it on immediately on their laptop, and they will readily show it off with pride to their colleagues at work too.

Math-designed tablet cover. A math-designed tablet cover is a fantastic gift for your math lover partner. They have been wanting this for a long time. Coming from you as a gift, they will give much value to this innovatively thought of the gift.

Sudoku puzzle. A Sudoku puzzle is a grand challenge for your math lover partner. Gift them one and see for yourself how much they enjoy solving these, and how long they spend on solving these puzzles. A grand and engrossing gift for the one person you love so much.

Pi designed an office chair. A Pi-designed office chair goes a long way to express your appreciation for your math lover partner. You will be amused by how they use this chair with the aplomb and grace of the elite.

Interesting gifts to send to maths lovers

Funny Nerd Socks

These funny nerd socks are the best pair of socks one could get their hands on. These socks are super comfortable, durable, and soft. It feels absolutely the best and is super mild on the skin. The material is cotton, and it is made with the utmost care, keeping in mind the comfort and demands of the majority of the public and customers. These socks are washable, and it is long-lasting as well.

The color does not fade, and there is no chance of fraying after several or multiple washes. So, you can keep wearing them on and on. Additionally, these pairs of socks are lightweight, not too hard on the skin. Hence, this is a perfect gift for all. It has mathematical signs printed on it. A perfect blend of fun and excitement in one product!

Decodyne Math Wall Clock 

This is a uniquely crafted, beautifully designed, and artistically thought product for a math lover. This is art, in the truest sense. The perfectly measured hours are depicted by simple and calculative mathematical formulae and operations. This is super fun and aesthetic. It requires no cords or wires for connection. This is because the clock operates on an AA battery system.

This is highly technological and a superior quality product. It comes in a white and black combination which is a forever perfect combination of colors. This would perfectly fit into any color background or wall of a certain room or house. This is a unique way to calculate the hours and watch the time. A unique gift piece, indeed!

“Symbols of Mathematics”

‘Symbols of Mathematics’ is a very unique planned and designed gifting pen. It has symbols from mathematical formulae engraved on the body of the pen. It serves multiple purposes, for it is like a 3 in one product. This pen comes in a keepsake pen case. It contains a stylus that can be used on electronic gadgets like laptops, tablets, phones, and the like.

It also contains a ballpoint tip for writing purposes and a LED light. The rubber tip of the stylus leaves no dirt on the skin and is safe on the gadgets. Additionally, it is compatible with mini-D-1 size ink refills too. A perfect gift for math enthusiasts!

Waldeal Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is super fun and convenient to use. It is a ceramic cup with 35% bone. It is not safe in microwaves and dishwashers; hence, it is preferable to hand wash these cups. This retains its safety. Additionally, it has a print on both sides of the cup. This adds to the look of the mug and elevates it.

This is a lot thinner and lighter in comparison to other mugs and cups. It has good transmittance power and is twice harder than other cups. The colors of the print on the body of the cup do not fade on washing. This is an overall efficient product and can be gifted to all math lovers!

Di Capanni Math infinity scarf

The Di Capanni Math infinity scarf is a beautiful product. These come in a variety of colors. They are super soft and silky on the skin. The scarves are made up of very soft and mild, breathable chiffon fabric. This feels super comfortable, and there is no hustle in its maintenance. It is portable and can be carried along with it too. It has prints of mathematical relations and formulae on the body of the scarves. Indeed, a perfect gift for math lovers!

TOBGBE Math Lover Gift 

This math pouch or a bag for math lovers is an exclusive and interesting product. The print on the bag is solely dedicated to math lovers. It contains a large space within. Hence, the spacious facet of the pouch offers one the opportunity to add in several products or items inside the bag. For instance, one can store cosmetics, makeup, stationery, or similar such items in a pouch. It is a premium quality product and extremely lightweight. Hence, it is super fun, convenient, and comfortable to use the bag for daily usage as well. It can be carried anywhere and everywhere you head to. Indeed, an amazing gift for math fans!

Symbols of Mathematics” Engraved Gift Pen

This pen is characterized by three multifunctional qualities just in one pen, which makes it even more of a significant gift to any maths nerd. It not only helps to write manually but also has a stylus attached to it so that it can be used on any screen instead of a finger, and last but not least, it has an LED attached to it that gives it a super look. This highly incorporated pen is just waiting for the maths nerds that you think deserve something really that they can feel worthy of!

Math Teachers Gifts

Now not every maths teacher cannot be our favorite, but if maths itself is our favorite subject, then we find some cosmic connection with the teacher as well. This particular wall hanging piece made of high-quality porcelain is a symbol of such a gift that you present to that teacher as a token of your appreciation on any occasion that will make his/her day special. Thus, making it the most decent gift for teachers!

LAYENJOY Mathematics Fleece Blanket

If you are looking for a particular gift for family and friends who are reputably lovers of math, then this comfortable and dreamy blanket is just the one for them. It has been made with high-quality fabric and can be used to give on any occasion to family or friends who love this beautifully designed blanket to lie on in bed or sofa. So do try to get this beautiful blanket for your close maths lovers!

Funny Math Teacher Gift Mathematical Makeup Bag

When you are trying to show a sign of gratitude to your maths teacher for she has helped you achieve a lot of tasks in mathematics, then this is your way of showing her how much you are thankful to her for help. This makeup bag will not only always remind her of the fact that she was true to her job, but also her being a woman would make her feel a great deal that it is her makeup bag!

The Geeky Days Math Formula Wall Clock

If you are willing to surround yourself or rather remind yourself and everyone around you that you are a maths geek, then this is the perfect choice of a clock that you need to get your hands on. This is also an artistic clock with a black background and white acrylic writing on top that gives it a classy look. Also, if you are looking to give this to your friends or family who love mathematics, then this is your choice to surprise them!

Math Lessons Ceramic Ornament

Have you been wondering about getting something fancy yet new to decorate your tree with something that no one has ever thought of before and is still your favorite choice? Then this mathematically patterned beautiful ornament is the one that you have been looking for being a lover of maths. When maths is all you dream about and also feel like doing some interesting stuff beyond just practicing it, then this ornamental piece is your long-awaited answer to that for you as well as any maths lover!

Cute Unicorn Face Pi Day Girls Women Math Geek Notebook Vintage

This notebook is for the ones who are willing to relate themselves to everything related to maths. Also, if you are thinking as to what you should gift for your next maths geek friend, then this notebook is your way to surprise them on any occasion!

PENQI Mathematical Formula Keychain

The one thing that we all use in our day-to-day lives is our keychain that keeps everything of our choice in place. It is a vital thing for any being, and this key chain is specially patterned for those who are known to maths geeks so that they can be easily motivated with this idea of the keychain, especially for math teachers and also other colleagues.

Hanes Men’s Short Sleeve Graphic T-shirt

These days the best way to show off people what you believe in or stand for is by making customized t-shirts with your favorite symbol on them. This shirt which is available in various sizes and colors can be such a statement for all maths geeks because of the patten pie printed on it boldly. So if you are looking for some serious fun and also wish to make a statement for yourself and even for your friends on any occasion, then this is your pick.

Holderoo Cool Math Rubik Cube Rubix Math Lovers Gift 3-Piece Bedding

For all those maths geeks who are looking to solve their favorite cube Rubik in their dreams, this blanket is going to solve that very purpose of dreaming better and also make you feel comfortable at the same time. This bedding set is made of high-quality fabric that provides immense comfort to the body and the minds of the maths geek. This set is the best gift for any occasion to your near and close ones.

Decodyne Math Mug

The combination of coffee and maths is just mind-boggling. On top of that, if the mug is made of black ceramic and also is printed with stuff related to maths so that it can make our cognitive self more energized and vibrant for the better working of our brain!

Good Luck Sock

These pairs of socks are comfortable and satisfying to those maths geeks who find comfort in working with formulas all the time. This pair of black socks is a gift that you want to give your near ones to make their day even more beautiful with something so comfy yet smart!

WSNANG Math Gift I’m A Math and Coffee Kind of Girl Keychain

This keychain is a shoutout to all the girls who are going to kick some real deal in the real world and want to make people aware of that, so they better not mess with them. This keychain is made of very good quality and is also an amazing gift item if you’re thinking of presenting someone on any of their special occasions!

Fraction War Math Game

The best way to learn mathematics and, most importantly, to do it quickly and correctly, we all need time to practice. But what if there was a shortcut and efficient way of doing it? This war maths game helps kids to understand any form of calculations faster and also more efficient as just a part of the game4 with no pressure of being marked incorrect but with underlying pressure of winning and who doesn’t like to win? So this game is the perfect gift that you are looking to give your next kids birthday or any occasion so that they can excel at working maths better.

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