69+ Gifts for Mountain Biker Husband

Mountain biking is a great adventure sport and one needs to be well equipped to go on those steep mountain hikes. If your husband happens to be a mountain biker, you should prepare a gift for him which will help him in his adventure. Here are a few ideas to help you out. 

Here are gifts for mountain biker husband

Mountain bike. Could your husband be any happier than when he receives the bike that he has always wanted? He would want nothing else in the world and would feel like Christmas came a lot early. Pick the model that he has always wanted. 

Leather jacket. To help him on those deadly and freezing cold terrains, he would want a leather jacket to keep him warm and ride on. This is a one-time investment and one leather jacket is going to last him a lifetime, pick a color he loves. 

Cardigan. A cardigan to protect him from the cold while making him look like the cutest biker in the world. You could try and knit one yourself or buy one according to his size, make sure it is of color he would love to wear. 

Bike parts. Spare parts for his bike would be a very thoughtful gift for him. He has to keep his bike in top shape all the time and to do that, he constantly needs to change the damaged or broken parts every few weeks, help him here. 

Servicing coupon. A coupon that will help him get his bike serviced and stay in its best shape for a long time is bound to make him happy. Get him a few coupons for multiple services and he would keep them really safe. 

A bandana. A bandana not only looks super cool on a mountain biker but also protects their hair from any dirt or dust that makes their hair oily, greasy, and dirty. Gift him more than a few with the patterns that he would love on his head. 

Ring. A ring that would remind him of you every time he would go mountain biking would encourage him to take lesser risks and come back home to you safely.  Get your initials printed on it to make it more special. 

Helmet. A helmet is a must-have for any biker, not just a mountain biker. The terrain is going to be uneven and he does not know what lies ahead for him in the next turn. Make sure he has the most important safety gear on his head at all times. 

Gloves. Gloves are necessary for any mountain biker. You need to have a good grip over the handle to control the bike and cruise through those mountain trails. These gloves provide a much better grip and ensure a much safer trip. 

Muffler. A muffler might be something that he needs when it gets too cold and he has to protect his head against the cold. You could try and knit one yourself or maybe even buy him a few pairs which will help him on his journey in the mountains. 

Glasses. The mountain trail is truly unpredictable and you cannot predict what might appear in your path. Make sure his eyes are well protected from the sun, the dirt, and the dust and that nothing could take his eyes off from the trail. 

Bike cleaning kit. A complete kit to keep his bike clean and shining every time he steps out of the house. He would be delighted to see something that would make his life a lot easier as he has to clean his bike every few days because of how frequently dirty it gets. 

Key chain. A key chain for his bike key with something memorable like a small bike or even a mountain would be a great gift. Every time that he would go to take his bike out, he would be reminded of you and that special gift that you gave him. 

Bike charm. A charm that he can hang on the handle of his bike or even below his seat would be a great way to make his bike more personalized. It could be anything from a cross to a miniature that he would love to see hanging from his bike. 

Backpack. A small backpack that he can carry on his back every time he steps out of the house. It should not be too big to drag him down but should have enough space to store all his essentials like a water bottle or a cap. Make sure to pick something sporty. 

Toolkit. A toolkit with all the necessary equipment that he can use to fix his bike and keep it in top condition should anything ever happen to it. He should not have to go to the mechanic every time. 

Tripod. A tripod that would allow him to get some amazing pictures when he is cruising through the mountain tracks without having a partner click a great photo for him. Pick something long enough for those great panorama views.  

Phone stand. A phone stand that he can easily attach to his bike and use as a map to guide him through. Most bikers already have one of these to make their trail a lot easier and it is high time he added one to his bike too. 

Bluetooth headphones. To make his mountain trip on the bike even more enjoyable, give him a pair of Bluetooth headphones. He could not only happily get lost in the lap of nature but could also immerse himself in some peaceful music while he is at it. 

A bike photo. A photo of a bike, framed and gifted to him that he could put up on his wall would surely make him happy. He is all about that adventure and the adrenaline rush that he gets when he goes mountain biking so remind him of those good times by gifting him a photo of his bike in action. 

GoPro. A GoPro is the ultimate biking camera. You can easily attach it to your bike or even your body and record your journey in great quality through your perspective. He has to have one of these strapped to his body the next time he goes mountain biking. 

An adventure book. Gift him a book of adventures that he can read and draw inspiration from. An adventure book is something that thrills a tourer. They have descriptions of the most exciting places that one should visit. 

Road trip movies. Mountain tracks are nothing short of a road trip movie. Just like an adventure book, a movie about a road trip can give your husband the enthusiasm that he is lacking to go out on his next trip. Maybe, you can join him too. 😉

Road trip playlist. Gift him a playlist of all the songs that you think he would enjoy on his journey in the mountain. A true biker would love to listen to some music when they take a halt after covering some intense kilometers. When they have a playlist made by you, they will feel even more special. 

Raincoat. A raincoat is an ultimate tool to help in those rainy and thunderous days that he finds himself biking on. They will surely protect him against rain and stop him from catching a cold or getting sick. He could easily carry them in his backpack. 

Waterproof case. His phone is going to be surrounded by a lot of danger whenever he steps out to go mountain biking. It could fall down and break, it could fall in the water and what not.  Gift him a waterproof case and protect it against any major damage. 

Wallet. Although he might think that a wallet is unnecessary for him, you need to remind him that besides being a mountain biker, he also lives in a society where people dress up and go out to have a nice evening and he needs a wallet to do so. 

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Card case. A hard case for him to keep all his important cards and even something that he can take on his trips just as a reminder that he needs to come back home safely to you. Make sure you put your photo inside and get his initials written on it.

T-shirt. A t-shirt that he could go biking in without sweating too much or feeling uncomfortable. You could try and customize it to his liking by getting a quote or a number printed on it that he would be more than happy to wear out.  

Camouflage pants. Some camouflage would be great for his mountain rides. They are comfortable, have a lot of pockets to store things, have enough legroom for movement, and go perfectly well with the natural environment. 

A bike encyclopedia. An encyclopedia dedicated just to bikes is bound to make his eyes sparkle. He would not be able to let it go until he has got all the facts down in his memory about the things that he loves the most, bikes. 

Coffee mug. A coffee mug with the word Mountain biker or even Mountains calling would be a great gift for him. It would not only wake him up with a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee but would also motivate him to do the thing that he loves so much. 

Swiss knife. A Swiss army knife is the ultimate tool for any man. There are tools in it for everything from getting some mud off from his tires to tightening a few screws, he can do it all with this knife. Make sure he has one the next time he goes mountain biking. 

Bike. Just because he is a mountain biker, does not mean he has to go everywhere on his mountain bike. He could even just relax and ride around in the neighborhood on a normal cycle like normal people, give him one now.  

Flashlight. When he is out in the mountains and it gets dark, it gets a lot difficult to see the trail and find his way back. Make sure he has a flashlight that he can attach to his mountain and know in advance what lies ahead in his path. 

Anti-puncture kit. A kit that would help him fix any puncture in his tires without having to go to the mechanic every single time. He would love to take care of his bike himself given that he has all the right tools. 

Biking shorts. This is one piece of clothing that is absolute manna to a biker. Most bikers would love to have a pair of shorts that they can wear when they travel shorter distances since they are breathable and comfortable.  

A pump. This is going to be a true life savior. For him to go up and down the mountain with any extra effort, the air pressure in his bike tires needs to be optimum and he needs a pump to monitor it at all times and adjust it if needed. 

Sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are absolutely essential to almost any person. A black sweatshirt with graffiti of a rider or the mountains would be something that your husband would absolutely love.

Insulated socks. Insulated socks help in keeping the temperature of your feet stable and take care of the excess sweat and odor that long hours of riding bikes cause. He needs a few pairs of these right now to keep his feet in good condition. 

Power bank. It is going to be a long trip up the mountain and there is going to be no electricity and no network the moment he steps on the trail. However, he does need his phone to stay alive for quite a few reasons and a power bank will help his phone get the juice that it needs. 

Smartwatch. A smartwatch does several things to help him. It will tell him how far he has come, how many calories he has burnt, and will even monitor his heartbeat while he is riding the bike. You have to get him one right now. 

Mask. Oxygen does get very thin when someone is so high up. Plus, it might get very dusty when he is on the trail. This mask is not only going to help him breathe better but will keep all the dirt and oil away from his skin. 

Bottle opener. He needs to drink his fluids and stay hydrated to keep riding his bike. Up there, there are not going to be any refreshment centers to open his drink for him so he better have his own bottle opener to drink his fluids. 

Sleeping bag. A sleeping bag would ensure that although he is out and is missing his warm and comfortable bed at home, he gets to sleep comfortably in a cozy sleeping bag under the sun. Make sure you pick the right size. 

Flannel shirt. A flannel shirt is going to protect him from any cold that might hit him up in the mountain. They are relatively warmer than any other shirt and there is no denying how good he looks when he puts one of those checked denim shirts on. 

Sling bag. A backpack might be uncomfortable if one has to keep riding for a long time, on the other hand, a sling bag is as light as a feather and does the exact same job without causing any extra trouble, almost effortlessly.  

Hip pouch. A hip pouch is yet another simple and effective way in which he can carry all his belongings up the mountain. The weight distribution on a hip pouch is very even and it causes no pain to the holder whatsoever. 

Headwear. Headwear like a cap or a headcover will not only protect his head against any dirt or dust but when worn inside the helmet, it makes the helmet feel a bit more comfortable than usual. 

Bracelets. He should have a few bracelets on his wrists to remind him of you every time he goes to the mountain just to remind him that how much you love him and you want him to be back home safely, as soon as possible. 

Work out belt. Work-out belts will help him stay fit and stay in shape while he is riding. He can easily put them on under his t-shirt and nobody would even know. It makes you burn more calories than you usually do without any extra effort and keeps your weight in check. 

Tire set. A set of spare tires are always great to have at the back should the current ones need changing and you have no time to visit the shop. Gift him a set of spare tires so that he can change them himself and take better care of his beloved bike. 

Windbreakers. Windbreakers are great outerwear for bikers. They not only have great friction to protect you against the wind but are also water and damage proof, not to mention that they are back in trend and will look super good on him. 

Grips. To not only protect his palm against any skin damage but to also make sure that he has a better grip on his handle and better control of his bike, give him a set of grips. He needs to make sure that the handle is always under his control for safety. 

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