80+ Gifts for Your Nature Lover Partner

Deep down every person has some connection with nature. Some hearts can resonate more with nature and everything beyond materialism.

If you are lucky enough to have such a pure soul in your life, here are some gift ideas that may help you win their heart and make them grow a little fonder for you. 

Here are amazing gift ideas for your nature lover partner 

A plant. Gift your nature lover a plant and see how much they love this as a gift from you. They will take immense care of the plant and nurture it very well. This will prove to be a very well-thought gift idea for your nature lover partner.

Raft-designed bed frames. Raft-designed bed frames will be one of the best gifts to give your nature lover partner. They will be thrilled to get into bed at almost any time that they can. And they will love to have you accompany them as well.

Picnic blanket. Since your partner is a nature lover, they definitely love planning picnics quite often. Gift your nature lover partner a picnic blanket and see how gleefully they organize their picnics, henceforth.

Eco stoves. Eco stoves are grand gifts for any nature lover. Go on and give your nature lover partner an eco-stove and be proud of your decision. They will just belt out one dish or the other once too often.

T-shirt. A nature-themed t-shirt is a great gift idea for your nature lover partner. They will wear this proudly to almost every place they go to. They will adore you for such a thoughtful gift.

Animal-shaped nightlights. Animals are any nature lover’s love. So go on and give your nature lover partner some animal-shaped nightlights. You will be amazed at how fond they become of these lights.

Feather clocks. A feather clock will be a great gift for your nature lover partner. They will hang it on the most prominent wall in their home. A feather clock will keep them happy at all times.

Bicycle. Since your nature lover partner truly loves nature, they would not wish their surroundings to be polluted. So gift your nature lover partner a bicycle and see how happy they become. They will use this bicycle at the slightest opportunity.

Camp gear. Camp gear is a great option as a gift for your nature lover partner. They love nature, so they definitely love camping in nature. This gift will be a great excuse for them to go on a camping trip soon.

Tree trunk tables. Your nature lover partner will simply fall in love at first sight with the tree trunk tables that you will give them. They will be ever so gracious as hosts to the guests they invite home.

Garden set. A garden set is a great gift idea for your nature lover partner. They will just love to relax in the backyard with you sitting with them in this very set, sipping away at your wine glasses after dusk.

Camera holsters. Camera holsters are an innovative gift idea for your nature lover partner. They go out on nature trails, picnics, camping, and so many other nature activities. So it’s only natural that they take snaps of their outings. And since they definitely own cameras, why not give your nature lover partner camera holsters for them to safeguard their photo capturing equipment?

Forest wallpaper. Forest-themed wallpapers will go a long way to truly express your love and appreciation of your nature lover partner. They will simply love you more for this exclusive gift and will also love to spend more time by the wall with such a themed wallpaper on it.

Multi-tool. A multi-tool will be a handy utility tool for your nature lover partner as they will need this tool in almost every outdoor activity they undertake. You will be amused to see your partner carry this multi-tool with them almost at all times.

Cupcakes. Cupcakes are a great gift idea for your nature lover partner as they love nature and all things natural and basic. So go ahead and give them some cupcakes and see how much they love not only the cupcakes but also you.

Zipper tents. Since your partner loves nature, they definitely go camping quite often. A zipper tent can be a welcome gift for your nature lover partner. They will carry this zipper tent on their next camping trip.

Mosquito net. Since your nature lover partner loves going on camping trips, why not give them a mosquito net. It is a very thoughtful gesture from your side, and they will be kept safe from any mosquito bites at all, as also from any other insects and pests. So go ahead and give your nature lover partner a mosquito net today.

Plant necklaces. You can think of a plant necklace for your nature lover partner as they will wear it with great aplomb. And give them a bottled plant necklace and see them wear it with pride.

Hanging planters. Hanging planters work both to rear various kinds of plants and also as decorative items. Gift your nature lover partner a set of hanging planters now and then. And you will be glad you did because they will keep busy rearing their plants in these new hanging planters.

Bird nest. A nature lover is usually a bird lover too. So why not give your nature lover partner a bird’s nest. They will enjoy having little birds nesting in these nests. And these nests can be complemented with a birdbath as well.

Sleeping pad. A sleeping pad is a really considerate gift for your nature lover partner who loves the outdoors. It will let your partner sleep as comfortably as possible outdoors. They will love you for it. 

Eco-friendly wallets. Eco-friendly wallets are the most enchanting gifts you can get for your nature lover partner. Made from cork or bamboo, these wallets are long-lasting. Though a little expensive, you won’t mind it when you see how excited your nature lover partner is about getting such a lovely gift from you.

Solar floral charger. Nature lovers will love anything that nature offers them. And they would definitely love to conserve conventional sources of energy as well. So go ahead and give your nature lover partner a solar floral charger and see them use it to its maximum potential. These may be a little on the expensive side though, mind it.

Wood earrings. Wooden earrings are a fantastic gift idea for your nature lover partner. They will not only love to wear these to almost every place but will do so with great pomp and show too. And they will love you even more deeply for having shown them how much you understand them and their feelings.

Cookware set for campers. A cookware set for campers is a compact set for your nature lover partner to carry when they are out camping. They will just adore you for getting them such a great gift, and they will have this set ready and packed always.

Jute bags. What could be more eco-friendly than jute bags? Get your nature lover partner a couple of these jute bags and you will be pleasantly surprised by the way they receive these bags.

Nature-themed calendar. A nature-themed calendar goes a long way to show your support for your nature lover partner. It will be the first and last thing they will stand in front of religiously each day after waking up or before hitting the sack.

Tablet coasters. Tablet coasters will be a really pleasing gift for your nature lover partner as these can be differently themed – in botanical, herbs, plant themes, and even more. Great gift truly.

Car roof tents. Car roof tents can be unique gifts to get for your nature lover partner. They will love the idea and will readily take you out camping to the most romantic seats of natural solace.

Solar power bank. A solar power bank is a fantastic gift as it works as a charger and a power bank as well. So go and give your nature lover partner one of these today and see them begin using it almost immediately.

Tree-shaped pen holder. A tree-shaped pen holder is such a cute gift for your nature lover partner. They will love keeping their pens in this holder. And they will keep the pen holder on their work desk with pride.

Recycled journals. Recycled journals will go very well with your nature lover partner as they detest wasting paper and anything that comes from nature. Gift them one of these journals and you will be amused to see how much more your nature lover partner is involved with their journal.

Coffee shampoo bars. Coffee shampoo bars hold well with your nature lover partner as they are not only good for deep cleansing but also a natural product. Your nature lover partner will just adore you for this gift.

Electric bike. An electric bike is a novel gift for your nature lover partner as they will love saving fuel. They will cherish this electric bike as one of the best gifts they have ever had from you.

Hiking boots. Hiking boots will be very welcome with your nature lover partner as they keep trekking off into nature. These boots will actually ease their endeavors and also give them comfortable trekking experiences as well.

Statement necklace. A statement necklace is a great gift, especially for your female nature lover partner. They are so chunky and grab attention so easily. Your lover will love you a whole lot more after you give them one of these statement necklaces.

Autumn leaf door stops. Autumn leaves door stops are a great gift idea as they work as a wedge between the door and the floor and protect the door from swinging too hard and banging on the wall every time. Gift your nature lover partner a few of these and they will use these door stops almost immediately.

Ceramic mug. A ceramic mug may be a grand gift idea for your nature lover partner as they will just love to use this more often.

Adventure trip. Book your nature lover partner on an adventure trip and see them all excited and ready to take off. Once they are back they will remain ever so grateful to you for such a kind and thoughtful gift.

Tour to a national park. Arrange a tour to any national park and see how much happiness you bring to your nature lover partner. After the trip expect them to pamper you in any which way they can.

Leaf designed notepad.  A leaf-designed notepad is a symbolic way of showing your support for your nature lover partner. They will love you more for such thoughtfulness, and they will try to reciprocate in the strangest, but most amusing ways.

Trekking.  Go on a trekking trip with your nature lover partner. They will readily go ahead and arrange everything, accompany you on this trekking trip, and bring you back home all exhausted, but relaxed. And in all that excitement and activities, you will never see the energy levels of your nature lover partner drop even a bit.

Garden tote. A garden tote may be an excellent idea as a gift for your nature lover partner. They do need some bags to transfer and transport items and plants and equipment from one place to another. This one tote can work wonders for your nature lover partner’s gardening activities. And they will keep their equipment well organized as well.

A backpack. A backpack is essential for your nature lover partner as they love going hiking, camping, and more. They will be overjoyed to get such a lovely gift. And they will look forward earnestly to get on one of those trips they enjoy so much.

Mountain-designed ring. A mountain-designed ring is simply one of the best gifts to get for your nature lover partner. They will wear it with absolute pride and honor.

Plant watering can. A plant watering can is a great gift for your nature lover partner. They will just enjoy watering their plants with this can. And they will love to show you how well-nurtured their plants are, and how you have been a great help in this whole process – just because of a simple gift as a plant watering can.

Wood-shaped saltshakers. A set of wood-shaped saltshakers is a priceless gift that your nature lover partner will love to have on the dining table at all times. It gives them the feeling of being closer to nature.

Personalized tiara. Especially for your female partner, a personalized tiara is a little like a crowning for her. So get a personalized tiara for your nature lover partner and make them feel like a princess.

Comfy blankets. Comfy blankets are a lovely gift for your nature lover partner. Not only will they enjoy sleeping under these, but they will also love to have you under the blanket with them. So soft. So comfy. So cozy.

Binoculars. Binoculars can make a huge difference to your nature lover partner as they love nature watching. They will spend hours with their binoculars and studying nature across a distance.

Recycled hoodies. Recycled items are what your nature lover partner loves to use. So give them a recycled hoodie and they will wear it with great pride.

Bird feeder. A bird feeder says a million words silently about your love and support of your nature lover partner. They will use this bird feeder to keep those birds happy.

Wool slippers. A pair of woolen slippers are a grand gift for your nature lover partner. They prefer everything natural and a pair of woolen slippers are just what they will love to wear.

Pocket flask. A pocket flask is a great thing to carry on various outings into nature. Gift your nature lover partner one such flask and you will get all the attention and pampering in return.

LifeStraw. Since your nature lover partner is away in nature quite often, it is important that they don’t fall ill from the water that they may have to drink. Gift your nature lover partner a LifeStraw and let them use this small utility to cleanse the water that they drink on those outings.

Hip pack. A hip pack is really a great utility. Gift your nature lover partner a hip pack and you will trigger their dream of traveling into nature again.

Grass floor carpet. A grass floor carpet will work wonders in keeping your nature lover partner happy. Even if it is one of those synthetic grass floor carpets.

A plot of land. Why not buy a plot of land for your nature lover partner? They will love you forever for such a grand and kind gift. Now they can spend their time in that plot of land and among nature – something they always wanted.

Personalized sweatshirt.  A personalized sweatshirt goes a step further to show how much you love and appreciate your nature lover partner. They will wear it with pride for sure. So give them one today.

Deer-shaped wine holder. A deer-shaped wine holder is a really artistic gift for your nature lover partner. They will love to keep their selected wine in this deer-shaped wine holder. And they will serve wine to your guests with the flair of a connoisseur.

Wooden photo frame. A wooden photo frame is a great gift for your nature lover partner. They will have your picture in it to remind them of the two things they love most – you, and nature.

Membership to a nature club. Get your nature lover partner membership to a nature club. They organize many nature activities and your nature lover partner will be proud to be a member here.

Safari trips. Arrange some safari trips for your nature lover partner at times. They will love the safari and the natural surroundings there. Your partner will always come back from these safari trips with many exciting stories, photographs, and so much more.

Treehouse. Build your nature lover partner a treehouse. They will spend a lot of their time in their treehouse, and they will love to have you with them there. It is a great feeling to spend time together in a treehouse. It is so much a Tarzan-and-Jane sort of a feeling.

Gifts that will amaze your nature love partner

STARSCOPE 12X42 High Definition Monocular

The starscope high definition monocular is a world-class monocular telescope that helps take high-quality pictures from your phone itself. Through the usage of the lens, that of the professional photographers, it transfers it onto your phones and hence, on your hands. This device s perfect for camping, bird watching, and hunting. It makes the hunting of animals an experience to be remembered for life, lively and joyous!

The combination of the perfect tripod, lens, and monocular adapter makes it the best phone camera lens for all. It is waterproof, so there is no worry about it getting damaged. It is lightweight, hence, ultra-portable. It can be carried along anywhere you head to for camping or otherwise. It also contains a scratch-resistance lens coating and protection for 24 hours from harmful UV rays. This ensures a perfect shot and a perfect experience altogether!

Advice from a Squirrel Makeup Bag

This cute squirrel makeup pouch is the perfect choice for an adorable present to all the nature lovers and nature fans out there. This bag is made up of soft polyester material. Hence, it is super mild and comfortable to use. It is durable, waterproof, and lightweight too. This is portable and can be handy whenever you would require your makeup, toiletries, and the like. It could be used for various purposes such as a pencil bag, makeup bag, charger bag, and similar sorts of things. It has a piece of cute, wise advice printed on its body by a squirrel. It is motivational and fun to read and watch at the same time. This multifunctional pouch is a must-buy!

Galison Houseplant Jungle 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

The Galison houseplant jungle jigsaw puzzle is a fun challenge for adults, especially nature lovers. It comes in a set of 1,000 pieces of art and features a collage of over 50 plants, completing the gorgeous set of the puzzle game. The vibrant houseplant puzzle pieces and the leaves are a whole new combination of aesthetic and colorful plant snapshots. The vibrance, grace, and greenery of natural plants are portrayed and displayed at full length in this puzzle set. It is a functional and educational product.

It sharpens the mind and helps one face complexities and match them to the solutions, literally, as well as in the journey of life. The matte finish storage box helps to keep all the puzzle pieces together and safe, without the worry of any damage. This multicolor, fun indoor activity is indeed an intriguing piece of art, perfect as a gift to nature enthusiasts!

InYourNature Shower Steamers Aromatherapy  

The in-your-nature shower steamers, in the truest sense, allow you to be amidst the glory and fragrance of the natural world. These shower steamers or shower bombs are made up of the most authentic natural ingredients, pure and mild, to offer a beautifully scented and soothing experience. They are made of superior quality essential oils, shea butter, and coconut oil, keeping in mind the safety of the skin and well-being of the mind and body. The mild and authentic fragrance of the shower steamers rejuvenates your minds and revives your spirit. The calming fragrance relieves one of the stress and sinus pain and restores your peace of mind.

The natural vapors often your mind and body with a therapeutic experience. These steamers come in various colors in a set of 6: Eucalyptus & Peppermint, Lavender, Vanilla & Patchouli, Sandalwood, Rose, Cinnamon & Orange Blossom. The colors leave no residue, and they are perfect for the skeptic systems, so all you got to do, is enjoy and relax at the moment. It is carefully packed, so there is no chance of damage or breakage of the shower cakes. It is beautifully designed and artistically crafted, indeed, perfect for gifting nature lovers!

Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

This Bonsai tree seed starter kit is a perfect catch for nature enthusiasts and lovers of the natural world. This is indeed the best gift for the ones who find the joy of life in the minimal yet the most beautiful things of life- nature and natural beauty. This is like a mini bonsai plant growing kit. It contains four major and authentic types of seeds that come along with the kit- Brazilian Rosewood (Jacaranda mimosifolia), Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea Pungens Glauca San Juan), Flame Tree (Delonix Regia), or Black Spruce (Picea Mariana).

The potting soil and pots are provided as well. Additionally, the pruning shears, scissor tool, plant markers are added to the kit and provided to the customers also. It is a beautiful experience to watch the plants grow- from a mini bonsai plant to a full-grown, beautiful one! This is perfect for indoor gardening. It brightens up your gardening space and inculcates in you the joy and beauty of nature. This counts for the most appropriate gift ideas. The best wood gift box, indeed!

Plants Get Me. Blue Q 

The plants get me pair of socks is the best and cutest gift for any and every nature lover. This is a high-quality product made up of soft, luxurious combed cotton, nylon, and spandex. This is easily washable, and no bleaching is to be done. This is comfortable to wear and soft on the skin, too!

Huangpai 14″ Wild Bird Feeder

This is a metal hanging frog décor piece. This is uniquely crafted and designed for nature lovers. This can be used for decoration purposes in the garden or yard and is authentic in its style and look. This is waterproof too!

AQUEENLY Hummingbird Houses

These are handmade hummingbird nests that are used best for decorative purposes and serve the purpose to the utmost level. These are durable, breathable, and are environment friendly as well. Indeed, a perfect set of 4 for nature lovers!

Hummingbird Feeder with Perch

This is a hummingbird feeder which comes in a beautifully crafted blue-colored piece and is literally the best for nature fans. This is made from hand-blown glass with 38 ounces of nectar capacity. It comes with hanging wires and a moat hook too!

 Advice from a Squirrel Makeup Bag 

This squirrel pouch is made from pure polyester material and is super comfy for use. It is soft, durable, and waterproof. It comes in a unique design and print on it. A perfect gift for nature lovers with a cute, moral message!

Plant Theatre Funky Veg Garden Starter Kit 

The Plant theatre is indeed a very fun vegetable garden kit. It consists of five different kinds of vegetable seeds. Additionally, it comes with pots, planting markers, and peat discs as well. A perfect gift and décor item for garden areas!

Plants Get Me

The ‘Plants Get me’ socks are super fun and comfortable. These socks have some very cute prints on them and are super basic yet classy. They are soft on the skin, comfortable, and prefer no bleaching. A perfect gift for nature lovers!

 13. KIBAGA Mason Bee House

The KIBAGA mason bee house is made up of natural bamboo material. It is handmade and has an authenticity of a beautifully natural kind. These elegant pieces only add to the productivity of your garden spaces and elevate the look all together!

Indoor Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit

This kit is an herbal tree-growing set that can be placed and installed indoors. This is a unique product. It comes with several other items such as medicinal herbs, Lavender, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Mint Seeds for Planting, Soil, Plant Markers, Pots, infusers, and Planters Boxes.

UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes

The Upblend outdoor wind chimes are basically black aluminum and natural bamboo chimes that enhance the look of your garden space. This adds melody to the area and transforms the space into a feel-good area for nature lovers!

 CHOORO Daisy Flower Necklace

This daisy flower chain is made from glass and leather cords. This is a beautifully authentic piece as it uses actual dried flowers in the making. This is handmade and created with a lot of care and love. Indeed, the most elegant piece!

Golf Socks

The Zmart novelty golf socks are literally the most fun pair. It has a cute message printed on it. It comes in a soft green color and is super elegant. Additionally, these are comfortable, durable, and super soft on the skin!

New Leaf Notes 

These animals and nature-themed blank paper notes are so unique. It can be used for educational purposes as well as for sending cute little notes to your loved ones in love with nature! They come in a pack of 20 such cards and envelopes!

Nature’s Hangout Clear Window Bird Feeder 

The hangout window bird feeders are the weatherproof birdhouses that enhance the appearance of your garden spaces. They come along with strong suction cups as well as large outdoor bird feeders. Indeed, these are a very unique set of products for nature lovers!

Moon Lamp Balkwan

The Balkwan moon lamp uses a dimmable and touches control mechanism for the lights. Additionally, they are rechargeable night lamps and are super classy and elegant. This can make the garden or the yard space look incredibly beautiful!

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