75+ Gifts for Netflix lover partner

Netflix is a great source of entertainment, and it has been a bliss for many people whose life turned completely monotonous in quarantine.

It has prevented many people from going into depression and anxiety. If your partner is really fond of Netflix and its awesome shows, then here are some gifts to elate them.

Best Gifts for Netflix lover partner

“Netflix and Cheese” chopping board: These boards are often useful in protecting the surface when your partner chops something like fruits or vegetables. It can be considered as a necessity to sustain the quality of the surface. The classic Netflix and Cheese logo will make it look preferable per your partner’s taste.

Logo poster: The symbolic “N“ logo of Netflix undoubtedly looks cool and unique. For a Netflix lover having the poster will probably intrigue them to use it to embroider the value of their wall. This poster will represent their love for Netflix, and if your partner likes to showcase their love, then this is a gift for you to go for.

Marathon and Netflix mug: This mug will do a great job of emphasizing the significance of Netflix in your partner’s life. Most of these mugs have prints like “I run marathons. On Netflix,” which will make them recapitulate those blissful hours of binge-watching and also give out a bold statement of their personality.

Popcorn time: This popcorn Netflix tie will tune with their personality as popcorn is food which many people prefer while relishing an awesome series or movies on Netflix. Your partner can also wear it with their formal uniform, which will give them an attractive and distinctive look.

Movies to watch list: If your partner is exhilarated by watching a Netflix show and is thrilled to enjoy new movies. Then this gift will help them organize their schedule and keep track of movies to watch. They will be watching their movies in the right order, and they will never be missing out on any amazing stuff from Netflix.

Soundbar: When consuming content, the thing which matters the most is audio; it is even considered more important than video by many people. Pronounced audio will give your partner an altogether better experience while watching their Netflix shows.

Binge-watching blanket: If your partner likes to binge-watch a lot of shows on Netflix, then this gift can be a pre-eminent one. It will give them the extra warmth in the chilly nights they so need, and it also has special quotes like, “This is my Netflix binge-watching comforter,” which will make the blanket even more special for them.

Netflix and chill pillow: If your partner has a home theater, then this gift can be a great way to increase its grace. This gift will accompany them while watching their favorite shows by either comforting their head or back.

Quarantine and chill whiskey glass: Netflix had turned out to be a boon in the pandemic situation when every human was trapped inside their home. Netflix has emerged as a great source of entertainment. This whiskey glass will let them enjoy their favorite glass of whiskey and also suit their style.

“Serial killer documentaries and chill” hoodie: Hoodies are one of the coolest clothes to wear. This hoodie will surely make them look spellbinding and astounding. If your partner likes to watch serial killer documentaries on Netflix, then this can be a good gift.

Number eleven candle: Eleven is the fictional character of Netflix’s Stranger; if your partner had watched and loved the show, then this can be a considerable gift idea. It is a scented candle which means they will also encounter some relaxing fragrance.

Hanging Netflix marathon sign: Your partner can use this sign at their room’s door to signify their Netflix obsession. It has a print “Sure I do marathons on Netflix,” which will give the person entering their room an idea of their personality.

Bella Ciao Music box: The Music Box is great for family functions; it can give out some good audio and a retro vibe; it produces music by using a set of pins on a revolving disc or cylinder. Bella ciao is a song in the famous Netflix show Money Heist.

“Wine snacks bae & movies” t-shirt: This T-shirt will definitely stand out when it comes to appearance. It will show your partner’s possession of movies. They will probably like to wear it while they wander outside their home or hit a party. This gift can become their everyday partner.

Bridgerton food quote print: If your partner has watched Bridgerton on Netflix, then they would have probably liked it. This decor will probably match the theme of their wall and look aesthetic. It will surely grasp the attention of the viewer.

Hotel Cecil keychain: The vanishing at Hotel Cecil is a documentary on Netflix. This key chain has an iconic look; if your partner has a problem in protecting their keys from getting lost, then this can be a utilitarian gift. Even if they lose it, then also finding it will be much easier.

Hawkins middle school sweatshirt: If your partner is a fan of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things,” then they are most likely going to like this gift and try to wear it more frequently. Sweatshirts are very comfortable to wear; these are designed to absorb and induce sweat.

“Netflix and wine” stemless wine glass:  If your partner likes to drink wine once in a while in a moderate quantity, then help them savor it with this super-cool Netflix wine glass. They can also enjoy their drink while watching Netflix shows; they would definitely love the experience.

Popcorn maker: If popcorn is one of your partner’s favorite snacks while watching their favorite Netflix movies. Then after this gift, they will not always need to buy ready-made popcorn from the store as they can cook some luscious and healthier ones in their home itself.

“Just one more episode” sticker: If Your partner always feels like watching one more episode until the series ends, then this gift shall perfectly tune with their personality. They can stick it on their laptop, or anywhere they desire. They will surely appreciate this gift.

Ice-cream and Netflix spoon: Ice cream is a mouth-watering dish. If your partner is magnetized by its taste and has it while enjoying their favorite Netflix series, then this can be a great spoon to make their experience complete. This gift will be a perfect ice-cream spoon for them.

“Netflix and chill” earrings: These earrings have the potential to add a charm to your partner’s look. It will openly show their favorites and make people appreciate their looks. If they wear earrings, then they will be excited to make this one their everyday companion, but even if they don’t, then also they will definitely give it a shot.

Wireless Headphones: If your partner consumes their Netflix content from their smartphone, then the speakers of the device may not be enough to give a worthy experience. They will need a good pair of headphones for a remarkable experience. The fact of it being wireless means that wires wouldn’t disturb them while relishing their content.

Bluetooth speaker: Bluetooth speakers are great in producing enhanced audio; if your partner is enjoying Netflix shows with a group of people, then they might need a louder audio source, gifting them Bluetooth will enhance their experience and add some everyday value to their life.

VHS enamel pin: They can put the VHS and chill enamel pin on their clothing to make it look desirable. It will give a new look to their outfit; they can also put it on their bags. This gift will do a good job of denoting their character.

Do not disturb door hanger: When your partner is watching their most awaited movie or favorite web series, then they probably don’t want someone to enter their room and spoil their fun. This gift will give a clear statement of what they are doing inside and also serve as an indication that they don’t want any disturbance.

Big bang theory-themed diary: Diary is often useful in storing secrets, taking notes, and even for time-pass drawing. Having Netflix’s big bang theory on it amplifies its value. If your partner had watched the show, then they shall adore its value.

One hundred movies scratch-off poster: There are some extraordinary new movies, but we also have some movies which never get old. This poster will give your partner a hundred high-rated movies by which they can pick up the most appealing one and enjoy it on Netflix.

What to watch dice: If your partner gets into a dilemma to decide what to watch, then this gift will help them choose a path; they can choose between different genres by just rolling one dice. It will make them choose one movie to watch rather than wasting their entire time thinking.

Netflix dog toys: These toys really look adorable and eye-catchy.If your partner has a dog and it is having behavior problems, then this can be due to their boredom. This gift will do its best to fill it with happiness and make it active. They will get a boost with these cool toys.

TV backlight: When they watch their favorite Netflix content on their TV, then this backlight will embroider their experience by adding some extra details and creating an environment for binge-watchers. Your partner will love the light emitted by it, and it will help them enjoy the shows even more.

Binge-watching kit: For a person who consumes a lot of content on Netflix, this kit can be considered necessary for them. This kit will contain everything which they will mostly require in their binge-watching journeys. It will make their experience complete, and they will relish their binge time at its full.

Money Heist face mask: There is a high chance that your Netflix lover partner had watched this series and liked it. Make the series even more memorable for them with this gift. In today’s generation, the mask has probably become the most notable item on clothing; this mask will give them an engrossing look.

4k QLED Smart TV: Gift them a great TV to make their experience superlative. They will be able to watch all their favorite Netflix content on a big and greater screen. Enjoying the content on a good TV escalates the enjoyment and gives a cinematic experience. An expensive gift will show your love towards them.

Netflix subscription: This can be the best gift if they don’t already have a Netflix subscription. If they want to enjoy the premium content, then they would need this gift. With the help of this gift, they can explore many more movies, anime, and series that they first couldn’t enjoy.

Laptop Netflix cover: If your partner is bored with the flat design of their machine, then you can get them this cover to revamp their laptop. It will provide protection to the laptop’s surface by protecting it from dust and scratches and thus improving its longevity; the Netflix logo will make it look splendid.

Netflix Hamper: This gift can be simple but ultra-useful for a Netflix lover. They will get some luscious popcorn, unique socks, and use coupons. They will really appreciate your choice, and this hamper will make their experience better than ever before.

Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream Netflix: If your partner likes the taste of ice cream, then they will surely love this. Ben and Jerry’s original Netflix flavored ice cream will accompany them while watching their favorite TV shows, and with its wonderful taste, it will make them merrier.

Netflix and chill iPhone case: For people who are iPhone users as well as Netflix lovers, this merge of their phone with this cool case will be the best combo. Gift your partner this case to give a new and refreshing look to their device and also protect it from any kind of fall damage or scratches.

Eat Sleep Netflix Repeat button badge: This can be used in several ways, like it can be a part of their collection or a great fashion accessory. The quote will surely grasp the attention of the viewer and intrigue them to complement your partner for your choice. They definitely find it fun and useful.

Money Heist stickers: Money Heist has emerged as an iconic Netflix show; it has also created its fan base and if your partner is one of them, then give them these stickers, which they can stick at any place they desire. There are several stickers included in the pack to make them use it in many places.

NETFLIX & Chill gift box: This gift will help them chill and can make their experience while watching Netflix content worthwhile. This can be a perfect last moment gift; it can emerge as a great choice; this gift is specially designed for Netflix lovers. They will definitely adore it.

“N” logo ceramic mug:  Ceramic mugs do not hold the taste of the previous drink served in them, which will make your partner enjoy their drink without any annoyance. These mugs are good to serve both hot and cold drinks, and it is also microwave safe. The symbolic N logo of Netflix makes the mug look iconic.

Netflix pop socket: A pop socket is really a useful accessory, it can be used by your partner for a better grip, and it can also double up as a stand. Pop sockets also turn out to be useful when taking selfies or even texting. The Netflix theme on it will help it hold a prominent place in their heart.

“Netflix and chill” socks: Socks will help your partner protect their feet from germs and blisters. This will also accompany them with their shoes when they decide to step out of their house. They can’t help themself falling for its Netflix theme; these socks surely give out a classic and aesthetic look which a Netflix lover would love.

Salt Fat Acid Heat cookbook: This book has been the New York Times bestseller, and it is now a Netflix series. With this book, your partner will learn how to cook extraordinary and out-of-this-world dishes. This book will help them master the use of four simple but essential elements in a food- salt, fat, acid, and heat.

Netflix gift cards: Gifting a Netflix lover a Netflix gift card can be a great idea. It will bring the exclusive Netflix TV shows and movies to your partner’s way. They will definitely be able to bring out the complete value of your gift.

The Blacklist backpack: Blacklist is a Netflix TV show, and it is really a great one; if your partner had explored its awesomeness, then this gift is for them. Backpacks are useful in carrying stuff like laptops, notebooks, and water bottles, and they often make a great contribution to the person’s overall experience.

Netflix water bottle: A water bottle helps to store water or beverages in it. They can also carry it as water bottles are mobile. If your partner tends to always keep a water bottle with them, then make it replaced by a better-looking one as the Netflix logo will suit both their style and personality. 

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