65+ Gifts for Your Photographer Partner

Photographers are people who help others to capture the beautiful moments of their life. These are the people who show the world the beauty of life and make it worth living. These are the people who say a lot without even uttering a word through a picture.

These are the people who find beautiful things in the worst of things. If your partner is one of them, help them embrace their passion with these gift ideas. 

Here are Gifts for your photographer partner. 

Customized Fridge magnets. Your partner who loves photography will feel special when they see fridge magnets customized with the pictures that they have taken of their favorite memories?

Selfie stick. Mobile photography is one of the most sought-after professions by many people these days, and if your partner spends a lot of time clipping pictures, a selfie stick would be a great way to help them out. 

Photographer multi-tool. It might be hard for your partner to carry a tool kit everywhere around with them, and due to this, you can make it easy for them by getting a multi-tool that is specially made for photographers.

Vacation trip. To come up with new ideas and beautiful pictures, your photographer partner needs to travel to beautiful places around the world. Plan a vacation trip with your partner to a place where they can make use of their skills and enjoy the moment at the same time. 

White balance filter. This filter will help your partner to read and balance the light to take better pictures by just placing it in front of their camera. It will prove to be an amazing gift idea. 

Book on photography. This book will help your photographer partner to get new creative ideas from their surroundings and will also keep them motivated to be dedicated to their passion. It will prove to be a very helpful gift idea for them to get better. 

Screen protector. Get your photographer partner a set of LCD screen protectors for their various kinds of camera lenses, which will keep them protected from scratches and will leave no residue when they pull it off. 

Personalized bookends. Make your photographer partner’s bookshelf that is filled with photo albums made by your partner look decorative by presenting them with a pair of bookends in the shape and design of an old vintage camera. 

Battery holder. Your partner cannot obviously fill up their pockets with camera batteries because it will also make them feel uncomfortable and their bottom wear heavy. Surprise your partner with a battery holder which looks just like an instant camera. 

Master kit. These types of kits consist of several camera effects. Not any production software, but they just have to take it out from the kit and stick it to their camera lens for the results. It will be a very helpful gift.

Card reader. Help your photographer partner to share the beautiful pictures taken by them smoothly and in no time by getting them a multi-card reader, which will increase the process of card reading. 

Photography course. Help your photography lover partner get better in their photography skills by getting them enrolled in those photography courses where they will learn how to take pictures like a professional. 

Battery grip. This grip holder will help your partner hold their camera more steadily and have control over them. These also provide a place for two extra batteries for the camera. 

Customized necklace. Getting your photographer partner a necklace that has a small vintage camera hanging will be a unique one, and it will also prove to be a great conversation starter with others. 

Lume cube. This small device will help your photographer partner do wonders because it will help your partner to have the correct amount of light to take pictures according to surroundings. 

Instant camera. Decrease your partner’s anxiety about the results of their photography by getting them an instant camera as a gift that will develop pictures within a few seconds after taking pictures. Make sure that the camera has several modes. 

Personalized pen holder. Wouldn’t it look very decorative to see a pen holder in the shape and design of a vintage camera for your photographer partner as a gift? It will be a very beautiful gift idea. 

Guidebook. Is your partner taking a step towards becoming a professional photographer? You can help them boost their confidence and follow the right path towards success.

Disposable camera. You can surprise your partner by getting them a pack of disposable cameras which they can use to take pictures during a party or event without the tension of carrying around a camera.

Camera shutter controller. Make it easy for your photographer partner to control the shutter time of their camera. Present them with a wireless camera shutter controller as a gift. This is a very functional and unique gift that you can give them. 

Cleaning kit. Do not let your photographer partner’s camera and its gear be as clean as possible. You can help your partner do that by getting a camera cleaning kit as a gift. 

Desktop organizer. Is your photographer unable to express their love for photography? You can help them to do that by getting them a desk organizer in the shape and design of a vintage camera. It will prove to be a great gift idea. 

Lens wrap. Help your photographer partner to protect their delicate and important camera gears by getting them a lens wrap as a gift. This will prove to be a very useful and thoughtful gift idea for your partner. 

Camera holster. Roaming around with the camera hanging on your partner’s shoulders can get tiring and exhausting sometimes. You can make your photographer partner feel comfortable by getting them a camera holster that will secure their camera with their waist. 

Polaroid book. Get your photographer partner a set of polaroid books made by professional photographers present in different parts of the world. It will be a lovely gift idea. 

Customized keychain. It would be very interesting to get your photographer partner a keychain that is in the shape of a small camera with an LED light and which also produces a shutter sound when the button is pressed. 

Rear lens cap. These lens caps will help your photographer partner’s camera lenses stay clean and safe when they are not in use or when they are being carried from one place to another. They will love to see that you care about their passion. 

Camera cufflinks. Help your photographer elevate their style when they are out for photography sessions to different places by getting them a set of cufflinks in the designs of instant cameras as a gift. They will just love it. 

Camera bag. This is a very essential item for every photographer because it helps them to carry their camera and all other gear safely and securely anywhere. It would be more special if you got them a bag in the shape and design of a camera. 

Christmas tree ornaments. Is Christmas around the corner? You can win your partner’s heart by getting the Christmas tree ornaments in the shape and designs of DSLR cameras for their Christmas tree. 

Camera Armor. Find out about the camera your photographer partner uses to take beautiful pictures and videos and get armor made which will protect their camera from fall damage. 

VR goggles. Virtual reality is the new thing. VR goggles would be the perfect gift to make your photos and videos come to life. It is especially fascinating for photographers as it brings another dimension to their photos.

Photo cards. Make your photographer partner’s business popular by getting photo cards designed. These cards will help their business grow by getting distributed to people whenever they meet someone. 

 360-degree camera. Technology is increasing at such a speed that it is getting hard for people to match with them. You can upgrade your photographer partner’s kit with a camera that can record and take 360-degree pictures in just one click. 

Memory cards. Photographers will probably get mad when they are out of shoots because the memory card gets full. You can help your partner avoid such a situation by getting them an extra set of memory cards as a gift.

Personalized pillow. To get creative for photography, your partner needs to have a fresh mind, and that can happen when they can get a good quality of sleep at night. You can help them by getting a pillow printed with one of your partner’s best picture albums. 

Telephoto lens. These types of lenses will help your photographer partner to get a narrow and magnified view. It will also be very easy for them to carry these around with them all the time. It will prove to be a great gift idea. 

Memory card case. Carrying memory cards in pockets has a high chance of getting damaged or lost. Prevent your photographer from such an inconvenience by getting them a memory card case where they can store their memory cards safely. 

Portable studio. Photography sessions will become more interesting for your partner when they are able to set up their studio anywhere and anytime. You can surprise your partner with a portable studio.

Cleaning cloth. A microfiber cleaning cloth is quintessential for any photographer out there, and although this might be the simplest of gifts, it can go a long way to make your partner feel understood and wanted. 

Personalized mobile case. Let others know that your partner is a great photographer and a lover of photography by getting a mobile case designed just like a retro vintage camera. It will prove to be a very creative gift idea. 

 Ring light. A ring light is an absolute essential for many photographic styles to pop up in the right way, and this is why this can be a great carry for your photographer partner.

A drone. Drones are important equipment for photographers. Be it for wedding shoots or corporate event coverage; a drone is ideal for capturing a wider field of view from angles that are not manually possible. 

Camera rig. If your photographer partner has been trying to elevate their level of expertise in photography, a camera rig is a great way to help them fulfill their career objectives. 

Mug set. Drinking coffee in a regular mug will not be interesting for your partner, but drinking coffee in a camera-themed coffee mug will make that very interesting for your photographer partner. 

Light Reflector pack. Let your photographer partner take images just like a professional by getting them a pack of various reflector lights that will help them to get the right lighting conditions for various backgrounds. 

Photo scanner. You can help your photographer partner to share their love for analog photography with others instantly by getting them a photo scanner that can be attached to any phone to scan the films in no time. 

Tripod. Help your partner take stable videos and images by gifting them a tripod. Every photographer needs to possess one of these tripods. 

Personalized wristband. Every professional needs several pieces of accessories that truly resemble their spirit and tell the world about their achievements. A wristband that is personalized to the liking of your partner is a great way to help them feel motivated and show off their skill to the world. 

Waterproof case. Underwater shooting is tough, and it does require a lot of gear. A photographer always needs a waterproof case for their rig in order to capture awesomeness underwater. 

Book on light science. Light is a phenomenon that absolutely dominates the lives of a photographer as photographers need penultimate levels of knowledge about lights to make the most out of any scene using their equipment. 

Power bank. Make it easy for your photographer to keep their photography devices full of charge anywhere by getting them a power bank.

Portable printer. Wouldn’t it be great for your photographer partner to print out the pictures that they have taken in their camera in less time anywhere? Surprise your partner by giving them a portable printer. 

Polaroid lab. If you present your photographer with this amazing device, then it will drive them crazy with happiness and excitement because this polaroid lab will help your partner turn digital pictures into instant pictures. 

Laptop skin. Help your partner show off that they love photography by getting a laptop skin for their laptop in the design of an instant camera.

Camera canopy. The sun doesn’t always shine, and to beat the hassle of a bad weather condition, you could gift your partner a camera canopy to keep their arsenal from getting drenched or harmed due to harsh weather conditions. 

Acrylic wall art. Your photographer partner also deserves a beautiful picture of themselves, but unfortunately, not everyone is as skilled as them in clicking the perfect portrait. Instead, you can get an acrylic wall art done for your partner and present it to them as a gift. 

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