61+ Best Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is a tech geek and programmer, choosing the perfect gift for him might be challenging.

You need to think of techy gifts which will also help convey emotion. Here are some of the gift ideas that you can take inspiration from. 

Best Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

Binary Watch. A binary watch is regarded as a very elegant gift by those tech geeks. See your boyfriend literally light up when you give him this gift. He will regard it as one of his best possessions. And he will use it with pride.

Personalized Coffee Mug. A personalized coffee mug says so much about your feelings for your boyfriend. If he’s a techie, then gift him a smart mug. Either way, he will love you more for this gift and may even reciprocate with something unique for you.

Wireless Keyboard And Mouse. A wireless keyboard and mouse combo is a great idea as a gift for your geeky boyfriend. He will simply spend so much more time happily at his laptop. And yet he will have ample time for you as well.

Workstation. Since your guy is a techie, and he loves programming as well, gift him a workstation. See him enjoy this new device and the thankful look in his eye. He will regard this gift as one of his most special ones.

Computer Glasses. Since your boyfriend is a hard-core programmer, he must spend long hours on his laptop. Save his vision by gifting his prescription glasses. Computer glasses are a novel idea as a gift for your boyfriend.

Magnetic Nano-Dots. These magnetic nano-dots are a great gift for your boyfriend as they will seem attractive to him in his free time. See those various designs he makes using this gift. And those designs will look most unique if you have gifted him a multi-colored set of nan-dots.

Software Engineer T-Shirt. A tee that has ‘Software Engineer’ printed across it will be an item of pride for your boyfriend. And he will just treasure such a t-shirt while making it an integral part of his wardrobe. See him wear this gift with utmost pride.

A Hoodie. A hood can be a great gift idea for your programmer boyfriend. Even better if it has some techie print. He will simply love it and will feel really comfortable wearing it. And to top it all, he may even gift you one for both of you to wear on your next date with him.

Keyboard Buttons. He is a programmer. He types almost all day. It is quite natural that the keys on his keyboard may not function due to wear and tear. So let him have a set of keyboard buttons so that he may instantly change any button that gets damaged.

A Coding Puzzle. Gift your boyfriend a coding puzzle and amuse yourself by seeing him trying to solve it fondly. This way, you can keep him engaged and away from any complaints. Go on and gift him one today.

A Wall Art That Says “Debugger.” What’s more inspiring for your programmer boyfriend than reminding him that he is a great debugger? Gift him a wall art that displays the word ‘Debugger’ in bold. It is a gift he will love. And he will work with more vigor.

An ergonomic Keyboard. Since your programmer boyfriend is at the computer working for hours on end, his hands will feel the stress. Gift him one of those ergonomic keyboards and see him feel so relaxed and free most of the time.

A notebook. With so many algorithms already on his mind, he is bound to forget lots of codes. Gift your boyfriend a notebook so that he may make notes of those codes which he may need later. It shows great thoughtfulness on your part.

A monitor. He has been using that age-old monitor. Buy him one of those latest monitors and see him enjoy his work even more. And he will also have time off to dedicate to you. A great way to make him happy, surely.

Tech-Store Gift Card. Get him a gift card from any tech store so that he may purchase something to help him to work better. It is a grand gesture gifting him such a card. Your kind gesture will be something he will always cherish.

Laptop Sticker. Buy him a laptop sticker for his laptop. And if it is geeky, he will love it even more. It is also great as it will protect his laptop from scratches.

Udemy Courses. You will show great thoughtfulness if you enroll him in one of those Udemy courses he has been talking about. You know, the ones where he wishes to hone his programming skills and advance further in his career.

Magic Cup. A magic cup will work wonders for your relationship. He is an avid drinker of coffee. You will be amused by the look on his face whenever he pours hot coffee into his cup and sees it light up with your photos and some inspirational techie or geeky quote as well.

Geeky toys. Since he is a programmer, it is quite plausible that he is geeky too. Buy him some geeky toys and see him spend so much more time playing with them while he also spends more time with you too.

A Rubik’s Cube. A Rubik’s cube is a great pastime for many, more so for your programmer boyfriend. Gift him one and enjoy watching him fiddle around with it while he concentrates internally on his next programming code.

A Sanitiser. With the pandemic still on, get him some sanitizer. It helps to keep him safe and well while also making him appreciate your concern for his health.

Amazon Prime Video Membership. An Amazon Prime Video membership or subscription for a year will go very well with him. He will enjoy his breaks from his hectic coding schedules and relax by watching his favorite series.

Spotify Premium Subscription. A Spotify premium membership will keep him charged up and happy always. He will just wear his headphones, turn on his favorite playlist and continue programming at a great pace.

Bose Audio Glasses. Audio glasses are one thing. Bose audio glasses are a whole lot different. He will cherish these glasses not just because they are Bose but also because they are special. And they were gifted by you, his most special gal.

Blue Screen Of Death Poster. Anyone who knows the blue screen of death must be shuddering at the phrase itself. Gift him a poster displaying that infamous blue screen of death and see him take extra care of his system.

Nerdy Sunglasses. A techie at heart, your programmer boyfriend will be so happy if you gift him a pair of nerdy sunglasses. They come in so many designs. So choose one of those innumerable designs.

A Synthesizer. He will cherish a synthesizer, especially if he likes playing some musical instrument or if he is into audio editing. He will just use his free time creating new music and sharing them with you.

Air Purifier. With so much pollution all around, get him an air purifier. Let the two of you breathe clean and pure air, especially when sleeping. And remain healthy always.

LED Photo Frame. An LED photo frame will light up his face. More so if the frame has an intimate display of the two of you together. He will cherish this gift as if it were his most treasured belonging.

LED Lamp or Fan. He works long hours. And in any nook or corner he finds empty. He may feel uneasy as his spot may not be airy enough or may not get ample light. Let him have an LED lamp or an LED fan so that he may not feel so uneasy and can work freely. Gift him both.

Colour Changing Smart Bulbs. Smart bulbs are great, but color-changing smart bulbs are simply fantastic gifts. They will light up his work area to suit him best. And he will feel more comfortable working in such a well-customized setting.

Autobiography of A Yogi. Swami Yogananda is an inspiration to many. His ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ is a grand book to gift your geeky boyfriend. See him read each line minutely and get inspired so much in life.

A Collage With The Best Programmers. Gift a collage of the best possible programmers. It will work as a source of great inspiration, especially when he is coding the hardest computer programs.

A MacBook Pro. A MacBook Pro takes the cake as a mesmerizing gift idea. It is a dream come true for him. He has always desired one, and now you have gifted him the latest one.

A Book Of Jokes. A book of jokes can be such a beautiful source of relaxation. Gift him one of these books and see him spend more time together with you, cracking one joke after the other. Such an enjoyable experience.

Matrix Trilogy DVD Set. A DVD set of the Matrix Trilogy is a past gift compare. What a work of fiction. And yet so real, what with the underlying Hindu concepts. A great choice for a gift, surely.

Programmer Caps. Buy a couple of programmer caps. Gift him one and see how happy he is. Show him yours and see how his face lights up with pride and joy.

Alexa or Google Home. An Alexa or Google Home is a great choice for your techie boyfriend. He really will enjoy enjoying these virtual assistants all day long. Anyway, he does code programs to automate tasks, doesn’t he? 

A Coded Bracelet. A coded bracelet is a great source of inspiration. Gift him one and see him become more obsessed with the gift from you.

A Card. A card can mean so many things. Gift your programmer boyfriend one and see the difference it makes in your relationship. Enjoy it as long as it is there. You will be surprised by what it depicts for your boyfriend.

Simple I Love You Card. A simple ‘I Love You card is enough to keep his love for you kindled. It will goad him to reciprocate with something unexpected too.

A Ring. A ring can mean you want him to be your partner for life. He will just love you more, and he will be more committed to your relationship together.

External hard Drive. An external hard drive is a great utility for these programmer guys. Gift your boyfriend one and see for yourself. He will just carry it with him wherever he goes. It is a prized passion for him, after all. And since it has come from you, it holds a special place in his heart.

A PlayStation. A PlayStation is a good option for a gift that you can gift your boyfriend. Because he is a techie, he will enjoy those games more. After all, he does like playing those popular computer games.

Science Facts Book. A Science facts book is something he always desired. Now that you have gifted him one, he will remain committed to you. And he will just keep on reading the book over and over again.

A Beanie. A beanie is a great spot for relaxing. Gift him one, and you will enjoy how he uses this seating utility. He will sit and lie on this beanie in the most unexpected postures. Smile away at his gimmicks.

Computer Table. He sits anywhere he gets a free spot. So why not get him a computer table, so he has a specific place to sit and work? It will also give him a sense of workspace and a fixed spot to sit for his work.

Wall Décor. Any wall décor is a great gift for your programmer boyfriend, especially since it beautifies the place where he lives or works. It will always uplift his psyche, and he will work with renewed vigor.

TWS Earbuds. True Wireless headphones or earbuds are a great gift idea. Buy one and see him move about freely without those otherwise disturbing wired headphones. And to top it all, the sound quality of these TWS earbuds is simply amazing.

A SmartWatch. A smartwatch is of great utility for most people. He will treasure this gift from you most fondly. And since your programmer boyfriend loves gadgets, he will also love this new add-on.

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