80+ gifts for Toy Lover Partner

One should never let the kid inside them get lost but keep holding on to that innocence and simplicity to make the most of your life. You should also encourage your partner to bring that child out sometimes, and you could gift them their favorite toy to do so. Here is what you can give as a present.

Gifts for toy lover partner

Soft toys. Soft toys have always been our first best friends growing up, and some of them stay with us for most of our lives. They are the only cuddle partner that we ever need and if your partner still loves them, get them the biggest soft toy you can find.

Doll set. Dolls are for everyone, guy and girl alike. When we were small, we would spend hours talking to them, playing with them, and building a world around them. This is a great toy to gift to your partner if they still love them. 

Hot wheels. The kid in school who had the hottest wheel cars was undoubtedly the coolest kid in the class. They were like the biggest assets for us in childhood that we would show off, and they are still great collectible pieces. 

Playhouse. A complete playhouse would make anyone’s day if they received it as a gift. All of us wanted one of these growing up but were mostly denied by our parents. Well, now that you’re grown up, how about you gift it to your partner and make them happy?

Beyblade. Beyblade is one of the most iconic anime series out there, and anyone who has ever watched it is a fan. The classic Beyblade invited a lot of competition, and you can get into a duel with your partner when you gift them a set. 

Trading cards. Be it football, basketball, baseball, or any other thing, trading cards were always hot, and they kind of still are. Gifting an entire vintage set to your partner is going to bring some memories back and make them happy. 

Figurines. All of us have a few characters that we love deeply growing up, and if we are lucky enough, they even stay with us in adulthood. The figuring of your partner’s favorite character is going to be their next favorite toy. 

Fun socks. Add a different touch to their socks by customizing them with photos of their favorite characters, toys, and quotes. Gift them a few of these, and they would never stay away from having a great time. 

Lego. Lego is the ultimate toy set for people of any age. They provide space for complete creativity and allow you to make your own world. Your partner will love the latest version of the Lego set if you gift it to them. 

Rubik’s cube. Growing up, the kid who could solve the Rubik’s cube was hands down the smartest kid in the class irrespective of their age. Even if your partner was not one of these kids, they could still learn how to solve it and have fun. 

Laser set. The laser set is undoubtedly the coolest toy that one could own growing up. They come in a number of colors and shapes, and their range was long enough to irritate the kid next door. Get your partner the classic set now. 

Invisible ink. For all the naughty kids out there, this is going to bring back a lot of fun memories. Gift your partner some invisible ink and force the kid inside them to come out and cause all the mischief that they want. 

Mechanics. Just like the Lego set, you could use these mechanics to create all sorts of automobiles and even other shapes if you felt creative enough. Gift them a mechanics set to bring out all the creativity they have. 

Playing clay. Playing clay is for people of all ages simply because of how fun it is to make different kinds of shapes and how many games you can play around it. You have to gift them a set now and start playing guess the shape. 

Monopoly. Monopoly is undoubtedly the most famous board game in the world, and all of us have great memories playing it with our loved ones growing up. Well, it might be the right time for you to gift one to your partner and start making some great memories. 

Japanese dolls. These dolls not only bring good luck to your house but are great fun to play with. No matter how much you try, they just won’t stay on the ground but stand right up. Gift an entire set to your partner. 

Toy guns. To cause a little fight in the house, gift your partner a toy gun that shoots small beads and forget about your mental peace. They were fun in childhood, and they are fun now, but only for the person holding the gun. 

Their favorite cartoon. We used to sit in front of the television for hours watching our favorite cartoon without ever missing any episode. You could bring a lot of great memories back by gifting your partner everything related to that show. 

Pokémon. Pokémons have not lost their popularity all over the world since our days growing up, and we don’t think they ever will. How about you gift your partner a few poke balls and go catch some Pokémons, don’t forget to gift them their favorite Pokémon too. 

Remote-controlled cars. Remote-controlled cars are yet one of those toys that never fail to excite us. The longer the range of the remote, the more fun the car was. Gift them the coolest set that you can find. 

Pop it. Pop it is probably the only toy that is super fun and extremely irritating at the same time. However, it does make for a great stress-relieving toy and is strongly recommended as a gift to your partner. 

Pillows. Pillows were our first soft toys and maybe even the first toys that we ever had. Get a few pillows for your partner in shapes, sizes, and gimmicks that they would love and would happily spend their time with. 

Toy story set. Toy story is undoubtedly one of the most iconic animated movies out there, and the Toy Story universe is so huge and filled with so many different kinds of toys that you would never run out of options for gifts. 

Stress balls. Stress balls were just fun to play within our childhood, but they mean a lot more than that now that we are all grown up. It is a perfect toy gift for your partner as it would help them relieve some stress when they play with it. 

Ping pong balls. Ping pong balls were undoubtedly the most fun balls growing up, and to some extent, they still are. However, they will surely be getting lost no matter how hard you keep your eye on them. Gift them at least a dozen. 

Bricks. Building bricks are not just a toy for kids, but even adults can have a lot of fun with them if they feel like building something. They are oddly satisfying to play with, and if you plan on gifting it, you have to get the entire lot.

Toy instruments. If you are not that interested in real music instruments but still want to have some fun at the karaoke nights, then toy instruments should be your best option. They still make some decent music if you try a bit. 

Drawing kits. All of us remember spending hours with those coloring books and colors we used to get growing up. Some of us who still want to get back to drawing might just start it again if we get the right push and gifting your partner this is the right push. 

Custom t-shirt. Your partner loves toys, and she is proud of them. Make sure she can express her love for toys by gifting her a customized t-shirt with the logos of her favorite toys or maybe even Toy Lover written in the front. 

Shopping vouchers. If you cannot make up your mind about what toy to gift your partner who is crazy about them, just gift her some shopping vouchers from her favorite store and let her decide for herself what to buy. 

Disney land. She loves toys, and she still feels like a kid on the inside. Well, what is the best place that you could take her to meet all those expectations, Disney Land it is! Get her all the toys that she likes when you are there. 

Gaming console. All of us wanted the latest PlayStation or the Xbox growing up, and for those of us who did not have it, it was always a dream to own one. If your partner is one of those people, make sure to fulfill their childhood wish. 

Trivia games. Trivia games are the most wholesome card games out there. You not only get to learn a lot many things, but you can play it with all your loved ones, friends and family included. Get the biggest deck you can find. 

Led lights. Led lights have always been super fun ever since they were invented, and even after growing up, your partner would be delighted to own some. The classic remote-controlled RGB lights are always a hit as a gift. 

Doctor kit. A lot of kids start dreaming about becoming doctors after playing doctor with the doctor kit. Even if your partner has already made it in the medical field, this would be a great way to take a trip down memory lane. 

A kid’s toolbox. Nothing has motivated kids to pursue engineering more than this toolbox. This is a great gift for your engineer partner to remind them of the old days when they were just a kid with their little toolbox. 

Fairy tales. Who does not like fairy tales, and who does not like to feel all warm and fuzzy when we read them? They are a great gift for your partner to let them know that everything will be fine at the end of the day. 

Building blocks. Building blocks are not only very satisfying to play with, but you can make as many types of structures with them as you like and come up with new games around them. Gift your partner the biggest set you can find. 

Jenga. No party is complete without a game of Jenga simply because of how fun and challenging it is. It is the perfect gift for your partner but makes sure to pick the right size as they come in all sorts of sizes, from small to gigantic.

Nerf gun. The nerf gun is the gun to have if you want to engage in a playful gunfight with your partner. They come in almost all weapon types, from pistols to an Assault rifle to LMG, and you can even choose your attachments and customize them. 

Yoyo. Kids who did different tricks with the yoyo were undoubtedly the most famous kids in the class, and all of us have owned one yoyo at least once in our life. Gift your partner the special led yoyo to make it a fun gift. 

Pictionary. Pictionary is a fun game to play no matter what environment you are in and who is accompanying you. Gift your partner this incredible game, and you will never have a dull moment together. 

VR. VR is the definition of what the kids of today are into. It is their favorite toy, and maybe your partner, who is a toy lover, gave it a go. Gift them this advanced toy so that they can have fun with virtual reality. 

Jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles can get on your nerves more than anything else. You would want to complete it the moment that you get it, and that reasons enough for you to gift one to your partner right away. 

A safe puzzle. This one is going to make your head turn in so many different ways. A safe that can only be opened if you use your brain to its maximum capacity, and it is bound to give you a hard time; there are many versions of it available online. 

Connect 4. Connect four is the real test of your acumen, and going head to head with your partner would make it even more fun. A simple game but easy to mess up; gift her a set now and get playing. 

Magnetic chess. Chess is a game all of us have grown up knowing and playing. Gift your partner a board of magnetic chess to help them get back to this beautiful and make all the right moves with you when needed. 

Mini golf set. It does not get any more competitive than this. Even if your partner is not much of a golf fan, a mini version of it is bound to make them happy and have a swing at it. Don’t forget to take the extra balls. 

Arcade games. The classic arcade games like Super Mario or Space ball are still favorites of the people who grew up playing them. Gift your partner an arcade set to take transport them to the times when they were the happiest. 

A skateboard. Skateboarding has been cooling ever since it was introduced, and the best thing about it is that anyone can give it a try. Gift your partner a skateboard and let them take it for a spin, don’t forget some Vans to go with it. 

Roller skates. We were taught to roller skate when we were little, but we could never continue to enjoy riding them for too long. It will be a great gesture to bring all those memories back if you gift your partner some new roller skates. 

Hula hoop. Hula hoops were more than toys for us when we were growing up, and they would be more than a toy when you gift it to your partner. It would not only keep them fit but improve their core strength and flexibility. 

Jumping boots. These are the coolest boots that you could gift your partner. These toy boots come with a spring attached to the soul, and the harder you push yourself against the ground, the higher you will jump; it sounds crazy isn’t it?

Hoverboard. There was a time when everyone was using them to move around, and they were the toy to have. Even if they saw a downfall due to some technical issues, they have been fixed now, and it would be a great gift for your partner. 

Pogo stick. This is the stick version of the jump boots that we just discussed, only with a handle and a small platform for you to keep fit and keep bouncing. Make sure to keep your balance with this one. 

A karaoke mic. The karaoke mic is bound to bring out the singer in them, which has been lying idle since childhood. Moreover, gifting it to your partner will make any party ten times more fun when people try on their best voice with it. 

A 3d puzzle. If you take a normal jigsaw puzzle and turn the difficulty settings to maximum, you get a three-dimensional puzzle. They are incredibly hard to solve with 3d pieces, but nevertheless, you’ll be delighted when you complete them. 

Walkie Talkie. Just imagine being able to talk to your partner in the other room over a walkie-talkie. Just the sheer joy of being able to say Over and Out is worth gifting it to your partner. 

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