65+ Gifts for Your Travel Lover Husband

It is not hidden how much your husband loves to travel. He gets excited just at the thought of going to a place he has never visited before and meeting new people.  Help him on his journey to satisfy his wanderlust by giving him a great present. 

Here are Gift ideas for your travel lover husband

Travel bag. A travel bag in which he can keep all his necessities like clothes, shoes, and toiletries that he needs to have a good time while traveling. Make sure it is not too heavy and can be carried around easily, pick his favorite color too. 

Trolley. A trolley is the perfect travel bag. It comes in a lot of shapes and sizes and the best part about it is that it has wheels which makes it a hundred times easier to carry around. Pick something big enough and durable. 

Toiletries pouch. A toiletries pouch is a must-have for every travel lover. This is going to be the most important part of your luggage and it will help you get ready and stay clean no matter what the location. Pick one with different sections. 

Sleep mask. While he is on the flight or traveling for hours to go to some location, he can easily take a power nap with these sleep masks. It helps you avoid jet lag and make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep every single time. 

Passport holder. This is going to be something that he will have on him all the time. A leather or a metal passport holder is where he would store all his important cards including the passport and you should get his name written on it to make it more personalized. 

Slides. A pair of slides are the most comfortable form of footwear and are ideal for any kind of long trip. They are easy to get into and get out of and can be carried in any bag. Get him a few pairs just to be safe. 

A vacation. This is the best gift that you can give to your travel lover husband. He would be delighted to hear that he would soon be traveling and going on a vacation after so long. He would start packing the moment he heard it. 

Shorts. A pair of shorts is all you need to get around the world comfortably. They are perfect for the beach, the pool, or even some kind of sports that he really enjoys. Buy him a few pairs and make sure he has all the right colors. 

Socks. To complete his outfit and add some color, get him some funky and quirky socks which will take his boring outfits to travel mode. Go all out with different prints and patterns.

Electric kettle. This is going to be a lifesaver whenever he is in a foreign location and has to stay somewhere with not-so-great service. These are easy to carry and he can always pour himself a cup of his favorite tea or coffee whenever he wants. 

Beachwear. He loves the beaches and it is always a difficult task to keep him away from water. Make sure he has all the right Hawaiian shirts and shorts to nail his beach look the next time he goes out to take a dip. 

Jackets. Leather, bomber, varsity, and every other jacket, all add a special touch to the outfit and when he is traveling somewhere cold, he needs to have all of them to look as sharp. Jackets are absolutely essential for any man. 

Beanie. Beanies not only are very functional as they protect our head and ears from cold but they are also back in trend. Almost every other fashionista out there is rocking the beanie. This also works great if he is losing out on his luscious locks. 

Water pouch. A pouch specially made for both hot and cold water which he can use to relieve the cramps that long hours of traveling offer. This is absolutely essential for any travel lover to avoid unforeseen discomfort in the joints due to the toll of traveling. 

Multivitamins.  One might easily forget to take his medications or forget about his diet when having too much fun in a foreign location. However, you need to make sure that he is eating right and his body gets all the right nutrients. 

Work out equipment. If your husband is someone who is a fitness freak, this could be the absolute perfect gift. Travel requires one to be in the pink of health. Thus, easy-to-carry workout equipment can help him cater to his fitness requirements even while traveling.  

Yoga mat. A yoga mat and the morning sun are all that he needs to keep his body and mind healthy. Just half an hour of morning yoga can cleanse your body and help you stay clean. Make sure he is doing it right by giving him a comfortable yoga mat. 

Suitcase tag. This is a problem that regular travelers face. There is always a fear of their luggage being misplaced and the only thing that you can do from your end is to put a tag on it, which has your name and number so that it can find its way back to you. 

Power bank. He needs to stay connected to the world no matter which part of the globe he is in and he cannot do it if his phone dies. To make sure that his phone always has enough juice left, give him a power bank. 

Phone charger. Different countries have different types of sockets but the phone that you have comes with only a single type of adapter. Make sure that he has the right charger for the country that he is traveling to. 

Headphones. A pair of headphones and some great music can make any journey seem beautiful. With the scenery outside the window and some great tracks playing in your head, you just feel blessed to be there at that moment. 

Journal. A journal in which he can write all his travel stories and experiences that he gathers as he travels more and more. Make it special by adding a personalized touch to it, get his name engraved on the cover, and do not forget to write the first page yourself. 

World map. Get him a world map and start pointing out the places that you have been to, the places that you wish to go to, and also the locations that you have no intention of visiting anytime soon. You will know where you are going next with this. 

Backpack. A backpack that he can carry all his essentials in and can freely roam around with it. Make sure that it is lightweight but is just about the right size to make the traveling experience fun.

Travel organizer. A travel organizer is a one-stop place to keep all your important things in one place. Everything from your toiletries to your important cards and documents has dedicated spots and it is going to help you stay organized. 

Hip pack. A hip pack not only lets you move around more freely with your belongings but it is more of a fan accessory now that goes well with your outfit. Make sure you pick the right one to match his outfit and his body type. 

Cap. A cap is a must-have for any travel lover. When you are too lazy to spend time and effort on your hair but want to look just as good or maybe even on the days when you feel a bit sporty, this cap is going to be your best friend in all cases. 

Headwear. Headwear like bandanas or head coverings not only protects your head against the sun but keeps all the grease, dirt, and moisture away. Get him a few of these in different colors so that he does not have to worry about it all the time. 

Swiss knife. A Swiss army knife will help in doing the simple tasks himself. A Swiss army knife has a lot of useful tools from a bottle opener to a penknife that you could use for a lot of different tasks when out traveling. 

Sunglasses. A pair of cool sunglasses will protect his eyes against the harmful rays of the sun when he is out traveling plus they will make him look super sharp when he puts on a shade that complements the structure of his face well. 

Power strip. A power strip will not only help him get all his gadgets charged in a single place but also make wire management a lot easier for him. It is always a hassle managing your gadgets when you are out traveling and this strip is going to solve all your problems. 

Wallets. A wallet is a must-have when you travel to an unknown location not just to carry cash but also your identification and any other important card. Make sure to get a classic leather wallet and get his initials engraved on it. 

Watch. Nothing beats a good old analog watch that completes any outfit and takes it to the next level. He might struggle a bit with a change in time zones but he will figure everything out pretty soon. A leather strap always looks good. 

Pillow. Some people face a hard time sleeping in other places than their bed and if he happens to be one of them, make sure that you give him a pillow to remind him of his house and help him sleep better whenever he is out traveling. 

Travel towel. A foldable towel that he can travel with would be a perfect gift for him. They are available in different colors and these towels can be disposed off on the way back. Make sure it is the right size. 

Skincare. He needs to take care of his skin no matter which part of the world he is in and you need to make sure that he is keeping his skin moisturized and cleansed at all times by giving him a complete skincare kit that he can travel with. 

Body wash. The places that he would be staying in while traveling might not have the body wash that makes him feel fresh at the start of the day. Gift him a few bottles of his favorite body washes so that he feels fresh no matter where he is. 

Haircare. Haircare is the most important routine for any man. Men care a lot about their hair and tend to even spend hours after it. Make sure that his hair is always in the best shape and he does not have to bother about it all the time.  

Weighing machine. A weighing machine will serve him well in multiple ways. Firstly, it would help him monitor his weight while traveling abroad and make sure that he does not get too unfit. Secondly, it will also help him check the weight of the luggage that he is traveling with. 

Boxers. Boxers are essential for every man and to make sure that he is comfortable on all his trips and feels free, get him a few boxers that are super comfortable and make him feel at home. Do not shy away from picking flashy colors, have fun. 

Belt. A belt could make or break an outfit. It makes the body look proportionate by separating the upper body from the lower body more clearly. Pick a belt that he does not have in his wardrobe already like a fabric belt or a beige one. 

Travel pins. Travel pins are a great souvenir when coming from a tourist hotspot and can even turn into a hobby once you start collecting them. Buy him a few travel pins so that he continues to grow his collection as he travels to different parts of the world. 

Scarf. There is something really attractive about a man pulling off a scarf well and you are pretty sure that he can do it. When he is traveling to colder places, make sure that he has enough scarves for all his outfits. 

Sling bag. A sling bag would make his life a lot easier while traveling. It would take a lot of weight off his back and allow him to be freer. Not to forget that they look super cool and stylish if done right, make sure you pick the right color. 

Travel books. Only a true travel lover can feel the essence of a travel book and if there is any book that he would love to read, it is this one. Give him one now and he would not be able to put it down any time soon. 

Airport stickers. Airport stickers are a great way to mark all the places that you have traveled to. They are a great souvenir and will bring back a lot of memories whenever you look at them. Make sure to collect them while he is busy doing something else. 

Camera. The only way to make traveling more interesting and make it last for a lifetime is to capture all your experiences in photos. Gift him a camera so that he captures all the precious moments and the memories that he would love to take back home with him. 

GoPro. GoPro is the ultimate travel camera. It allows you to capture the world through your perspective, has great video quality, and is very easy to carry. It is something that will make travel a lot more fun. 

Headlamp. A headlamp makes reading in dim places, especially when you are traveling a lot easier. It is the perfect light for a traveler. Consumes less energy and is easy to travel with, get him one now. 

USB fan. A fan that one can connect via USB and power-up is a blessing for places that are characterized by scorching heat. They will keep your husband cool for at least as long as there is enough battery in the device. 

Hiking kit. Travelling can take you to different places and it could even turn out to be a camping or hiking trip. Make sure he is ready with the right gear when the opportunity presents itself, get him a kit now. 

Gloves. To keep his hands warm and cozy at all times when he travels to a colder location, you need to give him a pair of woolen gloves. Make sure they are the right size and do not keep falling off. 

Neck pillow. Travelling is all about relaxing and busting out the stress that is built up due to the various dynamics of one’s life. A neck pillow, thus, is absolutely essential when traveling as it can be the perfect accessory that can help your husband have a comfortable commute. 

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