70+ Gifts for your tree-hugger partner

If your partner is an old soul and loves trees, they won’t be the ones craving for material pleasures. You need to find things that will help them resonate with their inner senses and go beyond the realms of superficiality.

If you are thinking about gifts that you can give to your tree-hugger partner, here are some solid ideas. 

Here are amazing gift ideas for your tree-hugger partner. 

Tree guide. The best gift that exists is a book that will be able to brief them about all the species that excite them so much, is a book. This is one gift that your tree hugger partner will keep hugging for now and ever. 

Confetti Dinnerware. Your partner is sure to love some intrinsic designs, and confetti dinnerware is just that. They will definitely love to serve you some food using these too. 

A shovel.  A shovel is an essential tool for any gardener, and chances are that your partner seems to love gardening. This will be their perfect gardening buddy.

Tree necklace. Necklaces are always special and it doesn’t get better than gifting your special someone a necklace that has a pendant shaped like the silhouette of a tree. 

Nature’s history book. Your old soul will love to read about the evolution of flora all over the world. A book that has the A to Z about the evolution of their most favorite tree.  

Sprouter. This will be a fantastic addition to their kitchen and they will love to store their sprouts here. If they love to cook, they will surely be fascinated by this gift.

Bonsai kit. A beginner-centric bonsai starter kit will be a great way to surprise your partner. This will be a great pastime hobby and chances are whenever they use it, you will be on their mind.

Tree heirloom sewing Kit. This is a childish yet creative gift that your tree hugger partner will love to use. They usually come with a lot of patterns that users can refer to thus making it a perfect kit. 

Concrete planter. These are fantastic pieces of interior décor as well. These not only stand the test of time, and are rust-free and robust, but will also motivate your partner to take up gardening seriously. 

Fertilizers. To aid them with their tree planting process, you can give them fertilizers that will help bloom a smile on their face faster than ever.  Make sure that they are of premium quality and are not harmful to your partner’s little plants. 

Upcycled mittens. Yet another great accessory for your tree hugger partner, these mittens will keep your partner motivated to cook, and every time they do, they will be excited as you’ve gifted them these.  

Ring print. You can include your pictures together and also some pictures of their most favorite trees and plants. Also, if they like gardening, you can add some of their works. They are great accessories in the living room. 

Brass tree earrings. Brass is ethnic and also has a very rustic and vintage feel towards it. Brass earrings in the shape of a tree will make your partner go nuts with excitement. These will surely resonate with such finer details of life. 

Wool runners.  Wool runners are perfectly made for your tree lover to provide them the perfect amount of comfort and functionality even in the coldest of months. These are sure to keep them happy all year long.  

Recycled t-shirt. Your partner must be a huge fan of eco-friendly products since they ought to believe in the earth and its natural resources. What’s better than gifting them a t-shirt made of recycled materials in their favorite colors or prints. 

A book by a famous Botanist.   If your partner takes some serious interest in the world of flora and loves researching on the same topics, you can gift them a book by their most favorite botanist. This will enlighten them and also be educational.

Recycled cardholder. Everyone needs a cardholder, especially since most things are going digital. Although no one can do without a cardholder, everyone needs one. You can give your partner a recycled one. 

Organic sheet set. Organic products have different feel and importance. They always feel special. An organic sheet set for your partner will make their sleep complete every night. 

Silk purse.  Silk is beautiful and luxurious. A purse made of silk will be perfect for your partner as they love anything related to the forests. They may be a little hard on the pocket, but surely worth it. 

Handmade metal tree. A great interior décor showpiece. This will be of great flamboyance all by itself. These are not very heavy on the pockets but the designs and options are simply endless.

Recycled globes. Your partner must have a secret journal where they write which places they want to visit because of those forests. Gift them a recycled globe. This will serve both purposes.  

Reusable food wraps. Your partner will love you a little more because gifting them something like this will make them connect with you. The fact that they are getting something reusable will satisfy their want to change the world towards caring for fauna.

Tree-designed headband.  A headband is cute and your partner won’t be able to say no to this. Although slightly childish, a tree-designed headband will help your partner showcase their morals and passion to the world. 

Solar charger. Since your partner cares enough for the planet to use eco-friendly gadgets, they will love themselves a solar charger. Energy-efficient and helpful to nature, does it get any better?

Watering can. A perfect partner for any person who loves gardening. Your partner will love using this every day and this nifty accessory will surely make them happy. 

Bushcraft knife.  If your partner loves going trekking or in the jungles, a bushcraft knife will be their best friend. It helps in a million ways and can help them survive in some difficult conditions. 

Organic sheet masks. Sheet masks are great for the skin and essential for every person. Gift your partner some organic sheet masks of good quality and see them love you a little more. 

Water bottle. Another great accessory for your partner who likes to visit and wander in the forest. Be it at work, home, or anywhere else, this is an everyday essential.  

Clinometer. If your partner likes to go trekking often, this is important equipment that will help them understand slopes and inclinations of various places. Nifty and safe. 

Indoor plants. A great piece and adds to any living room. These are great for interior design and allow fresh air and proper ventilation. You have a variety of plants to choose from. Happy hunting. 

Tree wind chimes. These wind chimes are believed to be good luck to a person who gets it as a gift from others. You can give your tree lover partner one of these wind chimes made of wood. It will be a lovely gift idea. 

Sacred pine-designed cardigan. If your lady love is a tree lover partner, then she would definitely love to wear a cardigan, which has the design of a sacred pine on it. Get it as a gift for them and make sure that it is of good quality. 

DVD set of Greensburg. If you want to take your tree lover partner on a green tour while sitting at home; a DVD of Greensburg will prove to be the best gift idea for your tree lover partner, and they will love it a lot. 

Tree hugger patch. Help your partner vocalize their passion for trees to others by getting them a pack of tree hugger patches as a gift to your partner. 

Jute bag. Every tree lover will love to rock with these jute bags when they go out in the market and will also be very interested to make others use these types of bags. Get one of these jute bags for your tree lover partner. 

Tree trunk glassware. Wouldn’t your tree lover be surprised when they are getting their water served in a glass that is designed just like a trunk of a tree? Get a set of this glassware as a gift to them. 

Customized necklace. Help your tree lover look different and elegant while they are going out to attend a special event by getting them a necklace that has a small tree figure hanging in the middle, which will also help them to show their love for trees.  

Personalized coffee mug. Who does not like to start their day with a cup of coffee? It keeps you energetic and sound throughout the day. Get a mug personalized for your tree lover partner as a gift to them. 

Tree pot. If planting trees is one of your partner’s favorite hobbies, then it is a fact that they are tree lovers. You get your tree lover partner an amazing tree pot as a gift. It will be an adorable gift idea. 

Tree planting kit. A tree lover will always be ready and happy to plant trees whenever they get a chance. If your partner loves doing this beautiful activity, then a kit that will help your partner in planting trees. 

Peeled snacks. These can prove to be a very beautiful gift idea for your tree lover partner to give it as a gift. These are proven to be very healthy and organic snacks for a health-conscious person. 

Tree growing seeds. If your partner is a tree lover then they are probably into planting trees and plants wherever they find a place. It will be a very useful and beautiful gift idea to give them a pack of tree-growing seeds. 

Tree-themed wallpaper. Is your partner a tree lover? You can surprise your partner by getting one of the walls of their room decorated with a tree-themed wallpaper as a gift to them. 

Tree-designed serving bowl. Wouldn’t it surprise your tree lover partner to get their meal served in a bowl that has a beautiful design of a tree in it? It will be a very beautiful and creative gift idea for your partner. 

A lemon tree. Trees are already providing the human world with a lot of resources that help them to live a beautiful life. You can surprise your tree lover partner with a lemon tree as a gift.    

Garden stacker. If your partner might wish to plant some trees at your home but does not have a lot of space to do it. To fulfill their wish, you can gift them with a garden stacker, which will take a little space and a beautiful garden can be set up. 

A beanie. A beanie can make a person look beautiful and cute and at the same time, it keeps one’s head and ears warm. Get your tree lover partner one of these beanie hats that has a small tree embroidered on top of it. 

Money tree. Everyone loves to plant trees in their backyard. Who doesn’t? If your partner is a tree lover, then a money plant as a gift will make their little garden more beautiful and nature friendly.  

Tree ring serving platter. You can help your partner to make their kitchenware look more beautiful and attractive, by gifting them a set of serving platters that are in the shape of a tree ring. If your partner is a tree lover then they would surely love it a lot. 

Wooden photo frame. Getting one of your tree lover partner’s favorite moments or memory framed in a photo frame designed in the shape of a wooden trunk will be a beautiful gift for your partner. 

Tree table lamp. A table lamp for your tree lover partner in the shape and design of a small tree as a gift will be an amazing gift for your partner on some special occasions. 

Wooden serving tray. Does your partner love to serve the guests when they come to your home? If yes, a serving tray made of wood for them would make their serving task more interesting. 

Family tree sculpture. Gift your tree lover partner with a sculpture that has pictures of their family members on the sculpture of the tree. It will be a great and creative gift idea for a partner.  

Forest bookends.  Is your partner a person who is always inside their books and a tree lover at the same time? Help your book and tree lover partner decorate their book space with bookends in the shape of trees. 

Pair of socks. Make your partner stay warm and cozy by getting them a pair of socks that have designs of trees on them as a gift. Make sure to get them good quality ones. 

Tree wall art. These arts are proven to be the best décor for a wall. You can get your tree lover partner one of these wall arts based on trees or nature as a gift.  

Pruning tools. It is always a good thing to do a little bit of pruning of your garden to keep it beautiful and naturally lovely. You can help your tree lover partner to do that by giving them tools that will help them in pruning. 

A camera. If your partner is a tree lover, then they would be going out to their in-forest parks or national parks to enjoy nature. Get them a camera as a gift to store their memories. 

Tree-shaped jewelry holder. It can be difficult for your partner to do their work while wearing their precious jewelry, which can cause damages. You can make your partner relieved from that tension by gifting them a wine holder just like a tree. 

Tree-shaped wine bottle holder. Wouldn’t it be beautiful for a tree lover to see their wine bottle placed in a holder that is in the shape of a tree trunk? Get your tree and wine lover partner a wine bottle holder like that as a gift. 

Here are cool Gifts for tree-hugger partners

Adroiteet Squirrel Bird Feeder

This is an outdoor tree décor piece. This is beautifully designed and artistically planned. It is a unique product in itself. This product comes with two pre-drilled holes and two screws for easy fitting. This is designed in a way that the real-life squirrel seems to attract the birds for food. Several seeds can be put in the space. A variety of seeds is preferred too, for instance, black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds to attract red finches, tits, house finches, birds, bluebirds, warblers, starlings, and several more. 

This unique bird feeder is very easy to use. It just has to be hung on to the right area, and the seeds have to be placed for the birds to dig in. this is a premium-quality product; it is durable and waterproof too. This elevates its quality and style. This is UV rays resistant and is made up of proper resin material. The art is lovely and realistic. Overall, a perfect product!

MISUMISO Raccoon Tree Hugger 

This raccoon tree hugger is the best and the cutest of all the tree huggers. This is a superior, premium quality product and comes with an LED lantern. This helps to light out the dark regions in the garden space during the nighttime. This offers a beautiful scenario and a realistic effect in the garden space of the household.

It has a welcome sign fitted onto it, and this just adds to the quality and essence of the product. This is UV-resistant art; it is waterproof and super easy to use. This looks beautiful in itself, and with its valuable facets, the product just reaches the top. Indeed, an amazing product for all the tree-huggers!

FUN delivery Kitty Carpet

The fun kitty carpet is fun and exciting indeed. This is used as a downstairs toupee merkin wig. This carpet can be used as a décor item and simultaneously for elevating the look and appearance of your houses. This just adds to the grace and aura of a certain space. It is comfortable and mild to the skin. It is not harsh to the feet or skin in general. This is an excellent and very appropriate product for tree-huggers and nature lovers as a whole. Indeed, the perfect gift!

Bits and Pieces – ‘Old Man’ Tree Hugger

The Old man tree hugger is a sort of a whimsical sculptor which is beautifully designed and craftily thought of. This piece of art seems so authentic that one would die to have it as part of their garden décor. This is perfect for the yards, and it would elevate the look of the entire space by its very presence and charm. Authentic and original pieces always carry a unique charm along with them.

This piece of art contains the sculptor of an old man with watchful eyes as if peeping out of the branch of a tree when placed on it. It is made up of durable polyresin and comes in a set of four pieces. Each piece has a keyhole on the reverse side to hang screws and other such stuff. Indeed, an amazing gift for all the tree-huggers and nature lovers!

Tree Face Outdoor Statues

These tree face statues are an excellent work of art. The pieces are realistic and seem so original. The authenticity and beauty of the word count for its value and essence. It is made up of raw resin and quality craftsmanship. The realistic figures and statues make these three-dimensional figures seem so real and purely authentic. It is just the look of the figures that catch the attention of people. It is super easy to install as well, and it is crafted and designed with a bracket hanging hole which makes the installation process smooth and hustle-free. It makes your garden space look alive and vivid with colorful figurines and exciting, fun designs.

FUNATIC Funny Outdoors Dress Socks

The FUNATIC funny dress socks are the best pair you could opt for. These can be used outdoors without hustle or worry. They are super comfy, soft, and easy to wear. When comfort and style come in handy to you in one single product, why wait for something else? These socks are super durable due to their use of elastic and breathable. These are fun to wear and are made up of cotton for extra comfort and polyester for that colorful shine and shimmer that makes those socks look alive and fresh. 

Back Neck Shoulder Massager

The Back Neck massager comes with heat and helps in deep tissue kneading massage of shoulders and back. It is a great caring and relaxing massager that helps to relieve stress and daily hustle. Indeed, a great gift!

JOVIVI Chakra Gemstone Tree of Life

This Jovivi chakra gemstone tree of life is indeed the most uniquely designed and thoughtfully crafted piece that signifies the interconnection between life and creation. It is a very beautifully crafted piece that can be gifted to tree-huggers and nature lovers!

8 Pairs Animal Paw Crew Socks

The eight pairs of animal paw crew socks come in a beautiful print and are true to the desires and likings of nature enthusiasts! The socks are super cute and are super comfortable as well. The socks are mild on the skin and do not irritate the skin as well!

‘SHHH I’m Watching Racing’ 

 The ‘SHHH I’m watching racing’ socks are super fun. They come in a beautiful color and print. These ankle socks are very comfortable and durable as well. Indeed, the tree-huggers would fall in love with this gift!

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship

The Willow tree angel of friendship is a perfect gift piece to the tree huggers. It is a handmade, painted figure which is extremely elegant and classy. It is uniquely designed and a beautifully crafted piece!

Jack & Rose Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

The Jack and Rose essential oil diffuser bracelet diffuses aromatherapeutic fragrances and is very relaxing. It comes with a leather band and eight colors of felt pads. This is a very unique gift for the tree huggers, indeed!

ENSIANTH Couple Keychain Koala Lover

The ENSIANTH couple keep chain is designed in a koala bear theme and is super fun. It is nickel-free and made from stainless steel that is mild on the skin or for other uses. This is also super elegant and a perfect gift for the tree huggers!

Agvana Sterling Silver Tree of Life Bracelet

The Agvana sterling silver tree of life bracelet is another very elegant and classy piece. This can be stored as a priced-jewelry piece and is super mild on the skin too. It is convenient to use and super comfortable at the same time!

Willow Tree True

The Willow tree true is a sculpted, hand-painted keepsake box. This piece is very uniquely crafted and is beautiful to look at as well. The entire design just elevates the look of the gift and is perfect for the tree huggers also!

Succulent Planter Pots 

The succulent planter pots are small ceramic flower cactus pots and come with drainage for the bonsai plants. These are super cute and can just elevate the ambiance of your garden space. Indeed, a perfect gift for the tree-huggers!

Willow Tree Love My Cat

The Willow tree loves my cat is yet another hand-painted, sculpted piece that is unique and classy. This is indeed a perfect gift for the tree huggers, and the look just adds to the essence of the entire product.

Giraffe Necklace 925 

This Giraffe necklace is super cute and comfortable to use. Comfort and elegance are combined into one single product. This is a must-buy and a sure love for the tree huggers who would never want to miss getting their hands on this gift piece!

Bonsai Tree Cat Kitchen Towels

The Bonsai tree cat kitchen towels are dishwasher towels that are so cute and comfortable to use. This is a perfect gift for household requirements and is an extremely useful product. You would want to own this piece!

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