70+ Gifts for Travel Lover Wife

You are well aware of how big of a travel lover your wife is and how excited she gets whenever she thinks of traveling to a place she has never been to before. Make these trips a bit easier for her by giving her something which will make traveling better.

Best gifts for travel lover Wife

A suitcase. A good enough suitcase is all that she needs to go around the world and have fun. Make sure that it is not too heavy and has enough room to ensure a comfortable trip. Also, do not forget to pick a color that she loves. 

Suitcase tag. Regular travelers have faced this situation at least once in their life. Either their luggage goes missing or is misplaced and to try to stop it from happening, give her a suitcase tag which she can attach to her luggage so that the person who finds it can contact her. 

Backpack. A backpack instead of heavy luggage would allow her to move more freely in whichever location she is traveling to. Make sure it is the right size and allows her to enjoy her time there. Pick her favorite color to make it cuter. 

Sling bag. A sling bag would not only take a lot of weight off her shoulders but would also turn into a fashion accessory because of the recent trends. Pick something light and comfortable but big enough to carry her essentials. 

Hip bag. A hip bag is another bag that has been turned into a fashion accessory recently. It is highly functional and can be carried easily in other parts of the body too. The key is to pick the right size and the right color. 

Packing cubes. Packing cubes are a lifesaver for any travel lover. They are pouches of different sizes which you can use to store your essentials as they keep increasing in size. They are usually in one color to make sure that you always travel in style. 

Traveling pouch. A pouch that she can carry all her belongings in a more organized way the next time that she is traveling out. It would be the best gift for a travel lover as they always face a hard time staying organized while traveling. 

Toiletries kit. You have to stay clean and hygienic no matter which part of the world you are in. Help her always feel fresh on the journey by preparing a toiletries kit for her with all the right products that she needs to stay clean. 

Skincare kit. Skincare is a very important part of any woman’s day and it gets really difficult to maintain your skin routine while you are traveling. Make sure that her skin receives the same love and care no matter where in the world she is. 

Body care kit. One needs her body to feel fresh and lively for them to truly enjoy their travel. Even if she does not feel at home when handling her body care routine while traveling, you could try and make it better by gifting her a body care kit. 

Hair Care kit. Hair care is right next to skincare on her priority list and there is no way that she can completely enjoy her traveling unless she is having a good hair day. You need to prepare a hair care kit for her the next time she goes out. 

Sleeping masks. Sleeping masks make the journey so much more peaceful. They help you sleep while you are traveling from one place to another and make sure that you do not experience any major jet lag or fatigue. 

Notebook. She cannot possibly keep track of all the adventures that she has been on or all the experiences that she has had. To help her, give her a notebook in which she can write about her journey in her very own words. 

Wallet. A wallet is an essential tool for any traveler, it is your life savior and if you lose it, you will be in big trouble. Gift her a wallet that people can easily identify with her by getting her initials printed on it. Leather is always a great option. 

A leather bag. A leather bag will help her carry all her belongings more easily the next time that she would be traveling. It is classy, elegant, and does the job well, what more could she need? Go for a more off-beat brown than the normal black. 

Room fresheners. How she feels while traveling totally depends on the kind of room that she is staying in. If it does not smell good enough for her, she will not be able to enjoy the trip as much so you need to give her a room freshener that she loves. 

Power bank. A power bank is a must-have for any regular traveler. It is always a big task to manage your gadgets and keep them charged at all times when you are traveling and a power bank is going to make the job a lot easier for her. 

Power cord. Different countries have different types of power sockets while the phone that you own comes with only a single type of power adapter. This power cable is going to make your life much simpler and help you in wire management. 

Body grooming kit. She cannot waste time visiting the spa or waxing when she is out traveling but this kit will be of much help to keep her body in a way that she likes quickly and smoothly. Make sure it is the right one. 

Hat. A hat is a great fashion accessory be it on a warm sunny day or if it is freezing cold. She has got to add a few hats to her wardrobe and you should be the first one to get her started by gifting her a hat that she will be in love with. 

Head covering. Head coverings are very important when you are traveling. Not only do they protect your hair against the sun, dirt, or dust but they make the hair more manageable. They are also a great fashion accessory to switch things a bit. 

Insulated socks. You will not survive in any cold place without wearing a pair of insulated socks on your feet. They keep the heat locked in and keep your feet warm at all times plus they make wearing boots a lot easier because of the padding. 

Slippers. Everyone needs a good pair of slippers to relax in and just chill when nothing is going on. They are also a great piece of footwear when you know that you will have to take them on and off pretty frequently, give her a cute little pair. 

Sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses is a great gift for someone who loves to travel simply because of how better they can make you look without doing anything besides protecting your eyes from any kind of damage from the sun or gadgets. 

Adapter converters. These will turn out to be a lifesaver when you visit a country and find out that the sockets there are not compatible with the adapter of your phone. You can use this converter to plug in your phone easily. 

Cuddle pillow. When she is traveling alone and misses you a lot, this cuddle pillow will keep her company. They are specifically made for cuddling and are the perfect size for them. Pick the softest one that you can find. 

Weighing scale. A weighing scale will help her in more than a few ways. She can easily weigh her luggage wherever she wants to check if she is exceeding the limit and she could also use it to keep her weight in check while traveling. 

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Vitamins. People usually forget to take care of their diet while traveling and start eating irrationally. Make sure that she is taking in all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy by giving her some multivitamin tablets. 

Tumbler. A tumbler that maintains the temperature of the liquid stored in it to the best of its capabilities will make her travel a lot easier by providing her the refreshments that she likes fresh out of the bottle at regular intervals. 

Underwear. One cannot have enough underwear no matter how many you own right now. Gift her some more right now so that she is stocked on them for the next time that she decides to travel. Get a few different colors. 

Travel tokens. Travel tokens are a great souvenir to collect from a place that you are visiting. They bring back a lot of memories and make you want to travel again. Motivate her to travel again by giving her a few and asking her to grow the collection. 

Tote bag. A single, durable tote bag is enough for her to carry all the things that she needs or would need for the trip. It is stylish, light, and above all, eco-friendly. You have to get her one right now in her favorite color. 

Scarf. Scarves are a great way to elevate your outfit to something special. Gift her more than a few so that she has one for all her outfits and she stays well-dressed at all times. Try and get scarves of different materials and textures. 

Jewelry case. The most precious items that she would be carrying while traveling would be her jewelry and to make sure that she does not need to keep checking on them and can enjoy freely, give her a safe jewelry case. 

Shopping vouchers. Even if you cannot help her out with shopping much and you think that gifting cash is not at all a great idea, give her some shopping vouchers, which she can redeem at her favorite store to get ready for her next trip. 

Headphones. A pair of headphones, some great music playing in her head, and the view from the window would be enough to get her into the traveling mood and feel truly grateful for being able to experience it by being in that moment. 

Neck pillow. A neck pillow is going to provide the right kind of support that your neck needs while you are traveling and it also reduces a lot of health issues that you might face on your back. Plus, it helps you sleep a lot better. 

Portable lamp. A lamp that she can easily carry with her wherever she goes would make her stay happy. She can feel like she is reading a book from the comfort of her home the moment that she turns the lamp on. 

Hand sanitizer. One needs to take care of their hygiene and always take the necessary precautions to stay away from any disease or infection. Gift her a bottle of sanitizer so that her hands are clean at all times and she can do whatever she wants with them. 

Masks. When she is out traveling in some foreign country, you don’t exactly know what kind of air she will find there, whether your body will be able to adjust quickly enough or not. It is always better to carry a mask to help you breathe easier and cleaner. 

A world map. Give her a world map and start marking out all the places that she has already been to, the places that she really wishes to visit one day, and also the places that she has no intention of going to soon, it will be fun exercise. 

Language classes. Before she goes out on her next adventure in a totally unknown country, try and get her enrolled in a new language class that might prove to be helpful for her in her visit there. She would have a lot more fun if she could communicate better. 

A camera. To help her capture all those priceless moments, to bring all those precious memories back home with her, and to help her capture a beautiful part of her life, get her a camera that she will use to see the world through a different lens. 

A Polaroid. A Polaroid will capture the moment and get it into a physical photo in real-time, could she ask for a better gift? Plus, this has been in trend recently because of the growth of its fame on the social media platform, Instagram. 

Makeup kit. A make-up kit with all her basic tools that are good enough to make her feel all glam when she is heading out, and something that she can easily carry in her bag; will be a good idea. 

Bomber jackets. Bomber jackets not only look super cool but they are also super functional when the weather gets cold. They keep the warmth locked in while making you look sharp, the classic olive green is always a great option. 

Camping kit. You have no idea where her next trip will take her. It could be camping, hiking, or even climbing but just to make sure that she is ready for whatever comes in her way, give her a camping kit to make her trip more exciting and fun. 

Shoes. To go around the world on her own two feet, you need to make sure that the footwear is right. Something that makes walking easier and is light on the feet would be great and it would be a marvel if you nail the right color. 

Gloves. Hands are the most important limb of your body when you are traveling and to make sure they do not freeze or lose sensation, you need to keep them warm at all times when in a cold country. Give her a warm pair of gloves. 

Beanies. Beanies are not only super cute when she puts them on but it is also going to protect her against the cold when she is far off in a colder country. The woolen beanies in all sorts of bright or light colors are a treat to wear. 

Mufflers. When in a cold country, your muffler is your best friend. It will keep your upper body warm by adding an extra layer of thickness and warmth to keep the cold out. Make sure to give her a few for more than just one outfit. 

A laughing Buddha. A laughing Buddha will not only bring a smile to her face every time that she looks at it but no matter which part of the world she is in, she will always be reminded of you through it. It is easy to carry around and brings in positivity. 

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