85+ Gifts For Wine Lover Partner

If your partner is quite the lady or the gentleman and loves a glass of wine, here are some of the gifts you would love to gift them.

When choosing a gift for a wine lover, you need the gift to scream sophistication. Let’s hop into the ideas!

Top Gifts For Wine Lover Partner

Drinking Glass Cover. What could be a better gift than a drink glass cover set for your wine lover partner? These keep the bugs away from wine glasses, especially when drinking and relaxing outdoors. Since you gifted them, your partner will use them quite fondly.

Wine Glass. A wine lover doesn’t just love wine. There are many more aspects that they love. One aspect is wine glasses. Give them a special wine glass, or a set, as a gift and see the pride they show when using these glasses.

Coasters. Coasters are a great gift idea for your partner. Since they are wine lovers, a well-designed set of coasters will be an appropriate gift for them. And they will value these always.

Drinking Puzzle Set. A drinking puzzle set, especially the famous Shut The Box, will prove a great gift for your partner. These games and puzzles help them relax while savoring a glass of the choicest wine.

Personalized Wine Glass Caddy. A wine glass caddy is a great gift idea for your wine lover partner. Make it a personalized wine glass caddy, and you strike gold in their heart. The style and class of a wine glass caddy simply emote an out-of-the-world feeling.

Wind Chimes Made Of Wine Bottles. Wind chimes work out as great gift ideas. Gift your wine lover partner wind chimes made with real wine bottles. You will be surprised to see how much they will cherish this gift from you.

Aged and Exquisite Wine. A bottle of aged and exquisite wine is a gift your wine lover partner will love you immensely for. Surprise them with a bottle and see for yourself. You will love how they share it with you only on special occasions.

Wine Glass pendant. A wine glass pendant goes a long way to say a million words of love for your partner. And if he or she is a wine lover, this pendant will deepen their love for you. Feel glad you gifted them such a unique pendant when you see them wear this pendant from you with pride and happiness.

Wine Cork Holder. Since your partner is a wine lover, it is imminent that there will be a lot of cork lying around. Gift them a wine cork holder and see how they pile up those wine corks in the holder you gifted them. And a cork holder comes as home décor as well nowadays.

A small Freezer. Freezing those wine bottles may be quite a problem for your wine lover partner. Gift them a small freezer and make it easier for them. Better yet, gift them a wine freezer and let them chill their wine to that perfect temperature before serving.

Collector’s Wine. This is the perfect gift for your wine lover partner. You could gift your partner wines from different parts of the world, or maybe just an exceptional bottle first. You will be astonished by how your partner will profess the grandness of this sophisticated gift you have given them.

Wine Wall Art. Wine wall art can be a source of great inspiration for your wine lover partner. They will simply love just such a piece of art to decorate their wall, especially at the home bar or cellar.

Wine Subscription. Your partner is a wine lover. Gift them a wine subscription and see the twinkle in their eyes. They just won’t be able to thank you enough for such a thoughtful gift. And you can even customize your subscription to select the exact wines you want.

Bottle Straws Set. A set of bottle straws, especially metal straws, will mean so much to your partner. This set will bring out the experimenter from within, such as an avid wine lover. It will thrill you to see them concoct the best blends and pairings.

Socks That Say “I Love Wine. Buy them a pair of socks with the inscription saying “I Love Wine” and watch them wear these socks happily wherever they go. They will be ever so thankful to you for such a loving gift.

Shower Glass Holder. Your wine lover partner may like having their wine in the shower or the tub. It is how they relax. Gift them a shower glass holder and see them enjoy their time in the tub, relaxing with a glass of wine by their side.

Collection of Wine Book. A collection of wine books is a great possession for any wine lover. Go ahead and gift your partner just such a collection and see them proudly introduce your guests to this collection while they also read through every page most passionately.

Cooling Cups. A set of cooling cups is a great notion as a gift for your wine lover partner. These double-walled wine freezer cooling cups are perfect for all types of wines. With some proprietary cooling gel, these cups can be frozen to the temperature of your choice, and the gel will maintain that exact temperature for a longer period after you serve the wine.

Stemless Wine Glass. Stemless wine glasses are a chic way to serve wine because these glasses are so well-designed and perfectly shaped to bring out an aura of sophistication to drinking wine. A must-have for your wine lover partner for sure.

Colored wine glass set. A set of colored wine glasses is a beautiful gift for your wine lover partner. It symbolizes the highly colorful relationship you two have and the thoughtfulness you have shown through this gift.

Wine rack. A wine rack makes your wine lover partner a thoughtful and useful gift. They can now store and manage their wine bottles easily and better than before. A sincere and honest way to express your concern for his or her likes.

Marble Wine Cooler. There are wine lovers who love using marble wine coolers and chillers. They add a natural tone to keeping wine chilled. And coming from the one they love, this will be a gift of even greater value to them. 

Personalized Wine Minibar. A wine minibar is so compact, cute, and yet a space saver. It even enhances the décor of the room it is installed in. these mini bars come in different sizes and shapes. You will be glad you gifted your wine lover partner one of these fantastic wine minibars. And see him utilize it to its fullest potential.

Rose Flavoured Bath Bombs. Rose wine is one of the most loved wines around. And to have this wine while in the tub is a way to relax excellently. It would feel more sophisticated if your wine lover partner had that rose-flavored bath bomb to relax while sipping at his glass of wine. Gift him a pack and see how much he enjoys his sessions in the tub.

Wine-Themed Scented Candles. For an avid lover of wine, scented candles in the theme of wines are an absolute hit. Your partner will simply rejoice in the aroma and be so cool to be around with. Drown in his love then.

Perfume Set. Wine lovers usually love beautiful fragrances and aromas. So go on and gift your wine lover partner a set of perfumes. These will compliment his personality while accentuating his countenance.

Wine Stain Remover. Almost every wine lover has spilled wine at some point or the other. Your wine lover partner is no exception. Gift them a wine stain remover and see them happily removing those wine stains from almost every place, even their clothes.

Wine Aroma Master Kit. These wine aroma master kits are one of the best gifts your wine lover partner will appreciate. With more than 80 scents and tastes worldwide, this kit is also a grand tasting kit.

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Personalized Corkscrew. A personal corkscrew is a thoughtful way of showing appreciation for your partner’s love for wine. It is a handy tool for them, and they will be delighted when gifted one.

Wine-infused salts. Wine-infused salts are a great way to add the essence of wine to food. They not only enhance the flavor of the dish you are preparing but also give a new feel to any food’s overall taste and flavor. Gift your partner, a wine lover, such a pack of salt and see how he belts out one culinary delight after another.

Chess Board. A chessboard is a great idea as a gift for your wine lover partner. It is more effective if it is a glass board. And to make it even more interesting, try getting him a shot glass drinking game set. With this one, you will surely enjoy spending time with your partner playing all those strategy and war board games. These will make sure that you guys spend more time together.

Wine-infused Chocolate Set. Drink chocolates are pretty popular. The more interesting ones are the wine-infused chocolates. And these are great inspirations as gifts, especially on valentine’s day.  Just gift them a set under any premise and watch the fun you guys have together.

Picnic Table Wine Carrier. It is a great gadget invented to have a picnic in class. Buy your partner one of these and be surprised by how often they organize picnics.

Insulated Wine Glass. Insulated wine glasses are very popular, especially for serving chilled wine. These insulated glasses let the temperature remain the same for longer before it gradually loses the chill. 

Bottle Chiller. A bottle chiller is a fantastic gift idea for your partner who’s a wine lover. These bottle chillers help keep the wine at a particular temperature. They act as freezers as well.

Sangria Cocktail Mix. Sangria is one of the most popular cocktails in the world. They are a Spanish specialty. Ideally, they are made with Spanish red wine, fruits, lime, and sometimes with a dash of ginger ale or maple syrup. Gift your wine lover partner a Sangria cocktail mix and see their eyes sparkle with delight.

Wine Suitcase. A wine suitcase is a pleasant gift for your wine lover partner. They will happily pack their favorite wine bottles for your outing together, or for a family gathering in the backyard, or sometimes just like that. They will just please themselves by packing and unpacking wine bottles.

Wine Tote Bag. A wine tote bag is a very innovative idea for a gift for your partner who loves wines. They can use these tote bags to carry the bottles home whenever they buy wine. The bottles do look nice in the tote bag. And they may store the bottles in the cellar or wine cooler later.

Wine Scrap Book. Since your partner is a wine lover, they not only taste wine but also make notes and take snapshots. Why not gift them a scrapbook to fill up with their pics and snaps? Later on, this very same scrapbook may even become a famous one. Even if not that, this scrapbook will hold many fond memories for you guys to enjoy later in life.

Personalized Wine Art. A piece of art is so nice a gift. And if it is a piece of wine art, that too, personalized, it says so much more about your love for your wine lover partner. And they will simply love you deeper than ever, forever.

Portable Wine Glass. Sometimes your wine lover partner may want their glass of wine to go with them wherever they are. On such occasions, a portable wine glass has immense value, especially since it comes with a lid or cover. It is a very nice gift for your partner.

Wine Condoms. These exist. They are specially made to store your leftover wine and unused wine and also to stop wine from spilling off bottles. These get wrapped around the mouth and neck of the bottle so well that there is no chance of the wine inside spilling. And these are reusable, unlike the other type.

Wine Aerator. This innovative device lets your freshly opened bottle of wine allow the content to get more air than it would otherwise get. It is a very healthy way to drink wine. So if you gift your wine lover partner one of these, they will just adore you for it.

Wine Guide Books. Wine guide books are a great way to gain a good knowledge of the various types of wines, wineries, vineyards, and almost anything. Go on and gift your partner just such a book and let them be surprised by the additional information and knowledge they will gain.

Oak Bottle. An oak bottle is a fantastic possession by any wine lover. This bottle can make even an average wine taste like an expensive one in less than 4 hours. Kept for a few hours in this oak bottle, your wine lover partner’s wine will feel like an elite vintage wine. Gift them one of these and enjoy how they serve wine like a connoisseur.

Smart Wine Opener. Smart wine openers are also called automatic wine openers. A smart wine opener will be a great gift for your wine lover partner. Gift them one, and they will just look for an excuse to open a bottle of wine.

Wine Dispenser Handbag. A wine dispenser handbag is a unique gift item for your partner. It helps them serve wine at large parties and gatherings, especially outdoor ones. And they will gladly serve wine in this unique and interesting way.

Blue Wine. Blue wine works great as an aperitif. The electric blue color is mesmerizing, as is the mild sweet taste and the soft heady whiff about it. Your partner will just love such a beautiful gift from you. It shows how involved you are in their lives and how much you care for their likes and dislikes.

Vineyard Aroma Scented Candles. These candles are unique as their aroma is quite masculine. They are all clean-burning and are mostly handcrafted. These make for great gifts for your wine lover partner.

Wine Tasting Set. A wine-tasting set will be a great gift for your partner. Since they love wine, they will presumably love attending wine tasting sessions too. Gift them a wine tasting set, and you will be amused by the way they use this set at their wine tasting sessions.

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