76+ Gifts for Architect Partner

They are the architect of your life and the foundation of your relationship. They are also the best human beings you know, and you would love to shower them with all the love in the world. You are well aware of how much they like gifts, and if you are running out of ideas, we have a few suggestions. 

Top Best Gifts for architect partner

Lego set. A Lego set is an architect’s playing ground, and no matter how old they get, they will always be fascinated by how new ideas can appear out of nowhere from any ordinary Lego set. Gift him the biggest one now.

Architecture books. Architecture is not something that you learn overnight, and even after completing your degree, you keep learning things. To help them to keep progressing, gift him all the best books related to architecture you can find. 

A chair. They spend most of their time in their workspace, and sitting uncomfortably for such long hours can cause major back issues. Gift him something comfortable to sit on, like a gaming chair or even a lounge chair. 

Shelves. You would never find a more organized breed of humans than architects. They like to stay neat and tidy at all times, and gifting them a few wall shelves is only going to work a lot easier. Get them different shapes that they can play around with. 

Lamp. Being an architect means tireless hours of work and even working till late at night sometimes. When working nights, the normal light can cause harm to your eyes, while gifting them a lamp with pleasant lighting can make their work a lot easier. 

Miniature landmarks. An architect will always be fascinated by all the famous landmarks in the world, and to bring all those landmarks to his work desk, get him a few miniatures. Start with churches and famous buildings. 

Lanterns. Lanterns are yet another source of light that is perfect for working in the night and do not cause much harm to the eyes. Plus, they have a bit of architectural and historical significance to keep them happy when working. 

The seven wonders. The seven wonders would never fail to impress any architect in any part of the world. Get them a smaller version of the seven wonders, new and old, and make his workspace even more aesthetic. 

A hanging rack. Hanging racks are perfect for architects as they neither take up too much space nor are they limited in their usage. You can hang anything from their coat to hat on it, and it would make the place look more organized. 

A drawing kit. Architects are always caught up in their straight lines, it is a way for them to express themselves, and they see it as an art form. Gift them all the right tools that they need to express themselves effortlessly on paper. 

Canvas. A blank canvas is a place where the architect creates all the magic. From the foundation to the finishing, all the details form the right blueprint for the structure they want to build. Make sure the canvas suits them. 

Electric sharpener. Architects need to use a pencil to be able to rectify what they need to without damaging the entire structure. One cannot keep sharpening their pencils over and over again manually and waste their precious time; gift them an electric sharpener. 

Pendulum. Pendulums are a great object to have in your workspace, especially for someone as scientifically sound as engineers who need to keep thousands of things in their head while designing anything; it is a great tool to help you focus. 

Metallic flower. Architects take a strange liking to metallic flowers not only because they are aesthetically pleasing to look at but also because they are made with such geometric accuracy that an architect has to be impressed. 

Clockwork. Clockworks are not only great tools to help you focus, but they are also great at helping you relieve stress, something that an architect could really use because they are fighting deadlines all the time and get mechanical clockwork. 

 Neon lights. Neon lights prove to be great showpieces and are also the perfect lighting that one needs at night to focus properly. Plus, you can also get them to spell words like Breathe and Fight to keep them motivated. 

Encyclopedia. Architects are well-read people who have an eye for great details and are always curious to know more about other things. Gift them an architectural encyclopedia or anything related to it, and they would drown in that book. 

Drone. A drone is one of the most useful gifts for an architect. It would help them to get a bird’s-eye view of what they are working on and get an overall check on the progress that they have made in construction on the field. 

Headphones. When one really needs to focus on their work and take a break from all the other distractions in the world, a pair of good noise cancellation headphones is your best weapon. Gift them a pair now. 

Fitness tracker. Architects are not known to be physically active people because most of their time is spent designing things sitting in a room. A fitness tracker would help you keep a better track of your vitals. 

A small catapult. Catapults are yet another one of those architectural tools that paved the way for many modern inventions. A small catapult in their room will always keep them motivated about their progress; it also looks super cool. 

Projector. A three-dimensional projector could be life-changing for them to get a better view of what they have just designed but, more importantly, to turn their two-dimensional blueprint into a three-dimensional model. 

Swiss knife. A Swiss knife is the ultimate all-in-one tool that anyone needs. From pen knives to sharpeners, it can have anything that you might need to keep handy. It is a gift they could really use in tight situations on the site. 

Glasses. Sitting at a desk for long hours can be very stressful for the eyes, and if you do not take any precautions, it might even harm your eyesight. Gift them a pair of working glasses to help them work more comfortably. 

Diary. Being an architect means being swarmed by different ideas in your head all the time; better to write them down than lose them in a few hours. Gift them a journal that they carry with them wherever they go. 

Smartwatch. They need to be on time all the time, and they love to stay organized all the time; all which is missing from their life right now to help them with both these clauses is a smartwatch. Gift them one that counts their steps too. 

Distance measures. They have to be precise in their calculations to be able to do their job well and to help them be accurate to the millimeter, gift them different tools that help them measure distance, and try the laser ones first. 

3D printer. 3d printers have taken over the world of architecture, and you cannot let them fall behind. Why waste time when you can print a three-dimensional version of your design on the go with just a click of a button? 

A birdhouse. Birdhouse is a great place to start for any architect when he is looking for new ideas. It is just a small version of an actual house with an actual living being inside. Gifting a well-made one is bound to motivate them. 

Color pencil set. Sometimes all you need in life is a little bit of color to make things better, and you can do that by gifting them a complete color pencil set since they are used to working with pencils all the time. 

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 A tube. You must be very careful with the blueprints of the structure you are building. A little damage to them, and all their effort is down the drain. Gift them a sturdy leather tube to help them carry all the blueprints around safely. 

VR. A Virtual reality gadget will allow them to get a firsthand view of the designs that they are working on. Also, they can use it to transport them to other spots of architectural genius to do their research in detail, all sitting at home. 

LED lights. LED lights are not only extremely soothing to the eye, but there is something so nostalgic about the classic RGB lights that one cannot help but feel better. Add some light to their lives, and everything will be alright. 

Alarm clock. As we said, they like to be punctual and organized at all times, and to help them always be on time; an alarm clock could be a life savior. Find a clock that is super irritating to ensure efficiency in its working. 

Magazine subscription. There are a few magazines out there that always have news related to all the latest architectural developments and all that is happening in the world of architecture. Sign them up now. 

Toy trains. Whether you are a five-year-old toddler or a fifty-year-old architect, toy trains will always be fascinating to both groups. They are built to geometric perfection, and everything works like clockwork to make them a perfect gift.  

Wall art. Wall arts always make up for great gifts, but because your partner is an architect, t cannot be just any other wall art. Pick something geometrically pleasing so that they find motivation and ideas in it whenever they take a look. 

Poster. The poster of their favorite architects, the building they love the most, or maybe any quote close to their heart will make for the perfect poster they would love to put on their wall and wake up to. 

Cap. A customized cap with the word architect would define them best as a person and make them proud to wear it. The classic baseball caps or snapbacks would be a great option as long as it does the job. 

A holiday. Architects are busy every day of the week around the year and are under immense pressure while they are working. Sometimes they need some time off, a meaningful vacation where they can get their creative juices back. 

Paperweights. You would always find some important piece of paper of some design that they are working on, on their desk. They keep running out of enough paperweights to keep the papers segregated; gift them a few geometric paperweights now. 

Rubik’s cube. The Rubik’s cube is not only a great puzzle that people worldwide are obsessed with solving, but people who are under stress most of the time also know that it is a great stress buster. Gift them a mechanical Rubik’s cube for maximum effect. 

A concrete vase. Architects work with concrete all the time, and when you add something industrial to the house’s beautification, it naturally becomes special. They would love the thought behind it; get a well-made one. 

Cubes. Cubes are essential for any architect because they make up the foundation for any structure, and gifting them a set of different types of cubes will open new creative avenues for them. Add a few colors to the set too. 

A prism. A prism is a prime example of how interesting science can truly be. A prism can be a great gift not only because it splits light into seven colors, but it has a few other purposes, like being used as a magnifier as well as to draw lines. 

Analog watch. Analog watches have so much to them than meets the eye. They have a very intricate system of clockwork that keeps rotating day in and day out to keep the time running. Gift them a watch where they can see the insides clearly. 

A calendar. Not just any other calendar, but several calendars can fascinate an architect. There is the solar calendar, the infinite calendar, and so on that work on various scientific principles to tell us the date. 

A flask. A flask is an ultimate gift for an architect as they often forget to stay hydrated when they are so involved in their work. Gift them a flask with a special geometric design that is unlike any flask they have ever seen. 

Doormat. Doormats can make the place come alive and feel more hospitable with the right message. Gift him a doormat with a message that says, Architect inside to impress him immediately, and don’t forget the different symbols that you can use. 

Foldable table. A foldable table would be the right gift to help them keep their workplace flexible without causing any back pain. It would allow them to set up their station wherever they find comfort without thinking too hard about it or putting in much effort. 

A jigsaw puzzle. A jigsaw puzzle of all the famous buildings and monuments in the world is bound to keep them up at night, besides giving them a lot of joy and happiness when they finally piece the picture together. 

A work board. A work board where they can pin or stick all their new ideas and important documents that they need to keep checking over and over again. It is going to be more like their brainstorming blackboard. 

Pen stand. A pen stand could change the work desk’s appearance only if you pick the right one. Pick a pen stand that gives off the same geometric vibe that he loves would be the ideal gift. Even a few famous buildings as pen stands would work perfectly. 

Desk organizer. Desk organizers have been growing in popularity since they were introduced, and you need to gift them one simply because they love to keep their workstations as organized as possible. 

Tape dispenser. Not just any tape dispenser to make their job easier but a ceramic or even a concrete one to add to the architectural vibe that their work desk has. He would definitely love to take some tape out of this one. 

Chess set. Chess is the perfect game ever made, something quite like architecture itself. It is beautiful, and it is creative, and yet has science involved in it, just like architecture. It is the perfect gift for architecture to keep near his desk. 

Magnetic shapes. Magnets are fascinating objects, and they are used a lot in the construction of new buildings. Gifting them various magnets will only help them get new ideas along with many uses for the magnet itself, like a paperweight. 

Cinderblocks or bricks. Cinderblocks and bricks are the bread and butter of an architect; it is what they live around and live for. Gift them a small set of both that they can proudly keep on their desk and maybe even create a few small structures of their own. 

Photo frame. Just for a friendly reminder of how much you love them and that you really care for them, make sure they have a family photo at their desk so that they have something to look forward to when they are done working. 

Electronics. Be it the new iPad or the new voice assistant, new electronics can only be of help when gifted to an architect. There are a lot of gadgets out there that make drawing and designing so much easier. 

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