61+ Sweet Rose Day Gifts to Give Your Man

Rose day is as special for your man as it is for you and it is your responsibility to make him feel just as special as he makes you feel.

Get him the best of roses, gifts and shower him with all the love in the world. Here are a few gifts ideas for you to make this rose day special for your man. 

Sweet Gifts to Give Your Man on Rose Day

Red sneakers – Get him an attractive pair of red shoes. The first thought when we think about a rose day gift, red pops up in our minds. Look for an amazing pair of red sneakers and wrap it with red color wrapping paper and leave a small note with it.

Red band watch – Red band watches look really attractive with black color outfits. It looks really stylish. You can buy him a nice red band digital watch and he will be really happy. The first day of valentine’s week will become really special for him. 

Red color polo tee – You can get him a good-looking red color polo T-shirt for the first day of Valentine’s week. He could wear matching shoes with it black denim and that would become a perfect date night outfit. You can also give a red rose along with that and that will be your perfect rose day gift. 

Red color belt – Red color looks really vibrant and gifting your partner a red color belt will absolutely be a bad idea rather it will be unique. Men usually wear brown and black, ask him to come out of his daily wear and try something really cool and exciting.  

Red color bike gloves – If your partner has a fashionable bike, he will also need some really cool stuff to match them and look amazing while riding. Red color bike gloves would play an amazing part in bringing out real style while he will be riding the bike and he will be really happy with it.  

Red color earphones – You can get him good quality earphones or ear pods which are red in color. It would look nice when he will wear it with a black shirt as you know, red and black make an amazing pair. Keep it i9n a red box and gift it to him.  

Red color tie – Surprise your partner with a red color tie on the rose day morning. You can either buy a plain red color tie or a striped tie of red and black will also not be a bad idea. Make his rose day morning red with a red tie as you know red is the color of love.

Red color bow tie – Red color brings elegance to anyone and especially when it is paired with something of black color. You can get him a red color bow tie this rose day and make the first day of valentine’s week special for him.  

Red color bike helmet – if your partner rides a stylish bike he also needs to have stylish helmets and gloves to complete the look. You can help him look amazing every time he rides the bike by gifting him a red helmet on the rose day. You can get a red helmet with a beautiful message written on it and it will make the gift more special. 

Movie tickets – You can start your valentine’s week by watching a nice romantic movie or if not that you can also go for a rom-com movie. You can write a letter and keep the movie tickets with it mentioning the time and venue asking him to come.

Water park – You can plan an outing to the water park and enjoy your rose day. You can buy a bouquet of roses or gift it to him or you can also buy a single rose and give him. You two can also go out for a lunch after that to have a perfect date. 

Car exhibition tickets – You can buy two car exhibition tickets for yourselves and plan an outing. If he is a car lover he will surely enjoy that and love your gift. Wish him a happy rose day by giving him a rose when you meet and that will be a good start.  

Tickets for a concert show – You can buy tickets for a concert show for the two of you. If your favorite band is in town then it would be a brilliant idea to buy tickets for their show, he will really enjoy it and you will have your perfect rose day.  

Rose plant – You can be very basic and gift him a rose plant on the rose day. It will not be a bad idea and as a plus point, it will always stay with him as a sign of his rose day gift and will remind him of you.

Red-colored slipper – You can buy him a cute red color slipper on rose day. You can surprise him by keeping it under the bed the day before so that when he wakes up the next day he will find it there while getting up. You can also keep a rose on top to make it more special. 

Flower vase – You can buy him a flower vase filled with different colors of rose or you can just put red roses for your valentine. It will be a beautiful gift for your partner on the rose day. 

Red backpack – You can gift him a red backpack on rose day and surprise him. A backpack can never be a bad idea as a gift. You can keep it in a box and wrap it with red wrapping paper to make it look like a real surprise and just to make it more relevant you can keep a rose on top. 

Red phone case – You can gift him a plain red color phone case, you can also look for some beautiful designs. A customized phone cover will be an amazing idea as a gift for the rose day. You can customize a good picture of him or you can also put a picture of the two of you, that would be really romantic.   

Love note – Self-made things are always the best and make the person whom you are gifting it fee really special. You can write a beautiful love note mentioning how much you love him and how much he means to you. Keep a rose along with that. Keep it on his table the night before and he will wake up to this beautiful letter. 

Red flannel shirt – a red flannel shirt will look really smart on your man. You can give him formal pants with them or pieces of denim would also look good. That would make a perfect date night outfit for him. 

Red color shoes – You can buy him nice red color shoes for a rose day gift. You can go for canvas or sneakers as both would be nice. You can also give a pair of socks with it. Wrap it properly with red color wrapping paper. 

Ruby gemstone ring – A ruby gemstone ring would be an amazing gift for him on the rose day. He will be really happy if you inscribe a beautiful message on the ring or you can just write “happy rose day” or “I love you”. That would be a beautiful gift which would make him feel really special.

Red rice lights – You can buy some beautiful red color rice LED lights and decorate your room or balcony and plan an amazing date night at your home. You can cook some delicious food of his choice and surprise him. Red lights will bring an amazing vibe to your room and make the first day of your Valentine’s week really special for the two of you and he will love you for it.  

Red color jacket – You can buy a solid red color jacket for him on the rose day. It’s not necessary that you have to buy a red-colored jacket only but since it is Valentine’s week and red is the color of love so red is always preferred. 

Red wine – You can gift him a bottle of red wine and plan a dinner at your place. You can also go out somewhere but at home, it is always cozy and intimate. You can decorate your room or balcony with some red lights and order some good food. Play your favorite music and enjoy! 

Customized bracelets – You can buy matching bracelets for the two of you. You can inscribe your names on it and wear them. Customized bracelets would be really romantic and would make him really happy.  

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Heart-shaped candies – You can buy a box of heart-shaped candies if he loves sweets. You can also get other sweets or cakes to sit and have together. You can make a gift box where you can keep all the food items and decorate them with rose petals. And on the top of the box, you can stick a rose and give him a letter along with that. 

Red color wallet – You can buy him a good leather red color wallet on rose day and put some rose petals inside it. This is a gift that he can always keep with him and will keep reminding him of you. 

Manly rose-scented perfume – You can prepare a surprise for him when he returns home after a long day at work on the rose day. Decorate a table with some rose petals, light up some scented candles, decorate your room with some beautiful lights, and keep some red and white color balloons. Keep the manly rose-scented perfume in the middle of the table with a rose attached to it. He will be amazed by the preparation and will feel amazing after seeing everything.   

Red color towel – You can gift him a red-colored towel.  Keep it on his bed before he goes for a shower and decorates it with rose petals it will add up to make the surprise more special. 

Red color dream catcher – You can gift him a beautiful red color dream catcher which he can put up in his room and whenever he will see it will remind him of you. He can put it near the window and it will look beautiful. 

Red color wind chime – You can buy him a beautiful glass red color wind chime. The beautiful sound made by the wind chime will remind him of you. You can just put it in his room and along with that, you can give him a rose. 

Red color showpiece – You can give him a lovely red color showpiece. Or a normal showpiece of dove or of lovers. You can look for some beautiful showpieces online and gift him. You can give him a watch in a showpiece or a photo frame with a picture of you two won’t be a bad idea either. 

Red suit – Buy him an amazing red suit of his perfect size on Rose Day and he will be amazed. You can buy a full formal outfit also. A white shirt, black pants, and a red suit would look amazing and also black formal shoes. 

Rose framed picture – You can buy him a beautiful rose framed picture on the rose day. That will be pocket-friendly and a nice idea as a gift. 

Red color diary – You can give him a red color diary and paste pictures of the two of you inside it. With every picture write the back story and some funny or romantic captions. This will help him cherish all the good and the weird moments in which you have been together. You can write some poems in it or a letter and gift it to him along with a rose inside it. 

Red color pullover – You can gift him red color cotton or woolen pullover on rose day. Pullovers are really comfortable and he would love it. 

Red color bandana – You can give him a red color bandana to style up is a casual look for outings with friends or for picnics. He would love it. 

Red color muffler – You can buy him a nice red color muffler with some nice design. You can buy a woolen muffler or if you know knitting you can make one. Handmade gifts are always special. You can learn knitting and make him a nice muffler and he will be so happy.  

Red color teddy – You can give him a cute red color teddy with I love you written in a heart. You can buy a medium-sized or a large one which he can hug tightly and sleep every day after he’s tired. 

Grooming set- It is never a bad time to gift your man a grooming kit. Help him always look his best and keep his skin healthy and moisturized all the time. Rose day or not, make sure his cheeks are always red and glowing. 

Rose scented room freshener- Room fresheners have always been great gift ideas and what could make this rose day any more special than a room freshener with the smell of roses. Not only will it get rid of the bad odor but it will also help the room smell like a garden of roses. 

Red color trimmer- Men and trimmers go way back and they are always excited when they are gifted one. The only way that you could surprise him with a trimmer is to play around with the design a little bit and now that it is rose day, what better than getting him a trimmer with roses all over. 

Red color razor- If he is a man who still uses a classic razor in the times of electric trimmer, he not only deserves the respect but also deserves the best gift on the rose day. Customize his shaving tool with roses and let him know that you like his decision. 

Red color sports socks- He keeps losing his socks in less than a month and is always forced to keep buying them over and over again. Get him a box of socks that are popping red in color and save him from going sock hunting every second day. 

Rose scented candles- Scented candles always add extra flavor in the atmosphere to get things going and to help you get things going this rose day, gift him some rose-scented candles. 

Red color cap- Every man loves a good cap and red is the color to go this rose day. Don’t go overboard by getting him a cap with roses all over, just stick to the color red and you will be fine. 

Red color earphones- Headphones are a life savior in every situation and to show your gratitude towards them, customize them this rose day and make them look like roses to make them feel extra special and stand out in the crowd. 

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