60+ Gifts idea To Keep The Fire Burning With These

Once you spend enough time as a couple, the spark gradually begins to flicker out. It is your job as a loving partner to try to keep the fire burning between you guys and keep things interesting. Here are a few ideas about what you should do. 

Gift ideas to keep the fire burning.

Perfume. The best way to keep the fire burning between you and your partner is to give them a perfume they will love. If you smell right or if your partner smells right, you are naturally more attracted to each other. 

Scented candles. Candles have something really romantic about them and if you really wish to ignite the fire once again, give them some scented candles that smell the way they like. They would immediately turn the atmosphere romantic. 

Chocolates. Chocolates are the ultimate way to show love to your partner and are a great way to turn them on. No one can stay away from being in a good mood after receiving some delicious chocolates and you have to give a few to your partner. 

Flowers. Flowers not only smell wonderful but everything becomes just a little bit more romantic and if you wish to keep the fire burning, do it naturally with some romantic flowers. Gift them an entire bouquet of different flowers. 

Dim lights. When you dim the lights, everything else seems to slow down for a moment. You talk softly, you make eye contact and you feel the romance brewing in the air. Gift them several dim lights to turn the atmosphere romantic. 

Romantic music. There is no human being on the planet who does not wish to love or be loved when they hear their favorite track. Surprise them by playing their favorite romantic music the moment that they step inside the house. 

Romantic movies. Gift them all the romantic movies that inspired you to fall in love and believe in it. Visit the foundation of your love life by watching all those movies that pull all the right strings in your heart. Start binge-watching. 

Board games. Sometimes something as simple as a board game like Monopoly or even chess might be able to stir things up a bit and get you guys to loosen up. Once you are having fun and feeling like yourself, you would feel the fire burning. 

Cook. Gift them a meal that you have cooked yourself just for them and they would be delighted. Sometimes you need to make extra efforts like these to set things right. To light the fire between you and your partner, you literally need to ignite the fire this time. 

Underwear. Gift them something as exciting as underwear, which will not only turn things up but will also bring in the flavor that was missing for so long. Do not mess up the size or the color. Do not forget to wrap it well. 

Adult toys. If things do not feel like how they used to feel earlier, maybe you need to start experimenting with some adult toys to stimulate things a bit more. You should never stagnate in your love life but keep trying new things. 

Flavored condoms. To add something exciting to the bed, you could try and use condoms of different flavors to add a fun and colorful element to the whole thing. You would never run out of flavors even if you tried something new every single day. 

Flight tickets. Gift them some flight tickets to a place that they have wanted to visit for a long time. When they are finally in their dreamland and are happy, there is nothing that would stop them from keeping the fire going. 

Makeover. To change things a bit and keep them from being boring, give them a makeover by a professional. Let them reinvent themselves in an avatar that neither they nor you could imagine. It will surely stir up something interesting. 

Blankets. Gift them some new comfortable and cozy blankets, which will immediately make them want to snuggle in and cuddle with you. Once you start cuddling and are comfortable, the fire will more or less light itself up. 

Sleeping bag. A sleeping bag for the two of you to share. Sometimes all you need is a change of atmosphere and a bit of closure. Try sharing a sleeping bag together to feel the fire that has been missing off late. 

Table lamp. Gift them a table lamp to help them in their late-night reading. You just need to show them that you still care and feel just the same about them and when you give something like that, it becomes very evident. 

Jewelry. Some jewelry always helps in getting some action going. Man or woman, everyone likes some new and shining jewelry as a gift and when they are happy to see it, you would notice the fire in their eyes that they have for you. 

Matching clothes. Buy a matching set of clothes for the both of you and go out wearing it. All that you guys need to get closer like you guys once were is to loosen up a bit and enjoy the little things and be happy in each other’s company. 

Gift hampers. If you are out of ideas for gifts, the internet can always lend you a hand by compiling a gift hamper for you with assorted items just to make things romantic between you and your partner. Pick the one you think will work well with your partner. 

Ribbons. Gift them a few ribbons with a special message written on each one. The more they read those messages, the stronger the fire between you guys will become. You can use the ribbon for a lot of things later. 

Bubble bath. The easiest way to lighten up the tension between you guys and go back to having fun is to take a good old warm bubble bath together. Save some water by bathing together and rebuild the fire that has been burning low for quite some time. 

Oil diffusers. Oil diffusers make the atmosphere in the house so peaceful that the moment that they step inside, they would feel so relaxed that the romance would start on its own. Natural oils would turn the air romantic. 

Body wash. Give them a body wash you think that they will love and use the same one for yourself too. When you guys smell similar, the differences would begin to fade out. You would feel familiar with the long-lost romance pretty soon. 

Wine. Nothing feels more romantic than a glass of wine at the end of the day with your partner and a never-ending chat. Get a bottle that she will love and sit through the entire night while sipping the wine, the morning would be very special. 

Netflix subscription. Netflix and chill have been trending since the day it was launched and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Netflix does have a lot of romantic movies that you could watch with your favorite snacks while cuddling with them.

Rose plant. Rose is arguably the most romantic flower, so much so that it has been the symbol of love for a long time. Gift them a small rose plant to remind them about how much you love them and how close they are to your heart. 

Ice cream. There is no problem in this entire world that a tub of ice cream cannot solve. Take their favorite flavor home and they would not be able to resist engaging in some good time with you. 

Camping kit. A change in the atmosphere could help your chemistry a lot as a couple and what could be a more romantic trip than going camping together. When you are close to nature, you will naturally come closer to each other. 

Vibrating bracelets. Buy a pair of bracelets for both of you. The special thing about these bracelets is that when one taps their bracelet, the other person feels it through vibrations and they will know that you are thinking about them and missing them. 

Diamond. A diamond is a gift of a lifetime, and when you give someone a diamond, you tell them how much you love them and how much you want them to stay in your life forever, just like the diamond. 

Crystal ball. A crystal ball is all about mysticism and the unknown. These balls are often said to predict the future and even if nothing special happens, they are a great gift to excite them. Gift them one now and find out about the future of your love life. 

Cake. A cake brings a lot of happiness and positivity with it. Bake one yourself to celebrate you guys as a couple and bring in some much-needed happiness in your life. A cake always makes things very special. 

Exotic fruits. Exotic fruits like the passion fruit or the dragon fruit have been said to be used as aphrodisiacs and eating them will surely bring you positive results. This one is definitely worth a try. 

Cosplay costumes. If you guys have lost your spark and are in dire need of something interesting, pick each other’s costumes and start cosplaying as each other’s favorite character. You might even take it to the bedroom. 

Handcuffs. Some handcuffs always bring in some excitement in the bedroom. Even if your partner is not open to experimenting, give it to them and you can try it on yourself to add fuel to your romantic fire that has been flickering for a long time. 

Blindfolds. Blindfolds can be used for so many more things than just covering your eyes before sleeping. Make the correct use of the blindfold in your bedroom and give the boost to your love life that it needs right now. 

A rug. A cozy rug not only makes the house look more elegant but is a great place to lie down and have a good time. By the fire, on a warm rug, you could talk for as long as you want and have a great bonding time together. 

Yourself. The only gift that they need is you. The only person that can keep the fire burning is you. The only element that has been absent from your love life is you. Give them your complete and undivided time and attention and everything will be back on track. 

Showpiece. A showpiece that reminds them of all the good times that you guys had as a couple. All those romantic memories coming back to them would make them want to relive them, want to recreate them with you. 

Portrait. Get them a portrait where they look perfect in your eyes. Frame it well and keep the whole thing as a surprise so when they finally see it, they would be overwhelmed. You could even try your drawing skills here. 

A poem. Put all your feelings and all the emotions that you have for them on a piece of paper and it would turn into poetry itself. Even if it is the worst poem ever written, they would love it just because of how genuine your emotions are. 

Song. Writing them a song is not all that difficult. Take the words that appear in your head when you think about them and say it in a rhythm. It does not need to be good, it just needs to be straight from your heart. 

Matching socks. Add a fun little element to your boring life by buying them a pair of matching fun socks. You guys could just wear the socks and twin, and it would still be a great time. Go all out on the colors and patterns. 

Video games. Maybe all that you guys need to make things fun again is to blow some steam off and what better way to get some kills in a multiplayer game or get a high score in an arcade game. 

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