85+ Best Gifts for Book Lovers Husband

Avid readers and well-read people, in general, are hard to impress. Especially if your man is a reading enthusiast, you must always be on the lookout to find him gifts that he would like.

You can’t just keep gifting books all the time, and you might even run out of them after a point.

It is essential to keep the gifts interesting as they will never fail to be romantic. We will help you with a few ideas you might want to look into. 

Here are The Best Gifts For Book Lovers Husband

Bookmarks- Bookmarks are essential tools for a book lover. They need at least one for every book and maybe even a lot more for special books. Bookmarks help them be organized and act as reminders as to where did they leave the book the last time. Try going as colorful as possible and even a few quotes on them wouldn’t hurt.

A collection of books- An entire collection of their favorite author, the complete works of a publishing house, or even their favorite book series by different authors, anything that completes the pattern. Ribbon it up and he’ll be in tears. Make sure not to scratch any of them.

Kindle- Kindles are the future or maybe even the present of books. Of course, there is no substitute for a good old paperback, the smell and the feel of a book, but the kindle is more convenient and you get an entire library in your hands with it. Gift him one today, he can’t keep carrying all his books around all the time. 

Pens- Pens make a man and the kind of pen he carries should resonate with this personality. Gift him an elegant-looking one, something to no not only complete his outfit but to match his vibe. Make sure he never has to look for something to write with again. 

Stationery- Who does not like to work with a new set of stationery? The smell of new pencils, pens, or anything that reminds you of your childhood days. Make sure he is always equipped with all the tools that he needs on his journey to the book world. The easiest way to impress him. 

Studying light- The place where he spends the majority of his time besides the bedroom. His study is very close to his heart and you need to make sure that it has the right kind of light to not only protect his eyes but to keep them healthy for a longer time. A good studying light helps you stay focused and feel pleasant for a longer time. No more early exhaustion. 

Reading glasses- Constant reading day in and day out may take a toll on his eyesight. His eyes need some time to release the stress and be at ease while reading. The reading glasses not only make reading much easier but they can easily be worn for long hours without any problems.

A dictionary- Even if he has a library of books, even if he is the most well-read man you know and even if you think that he knows all the words in the world, there will always be something’s, there will always be words that he does not know about and in such situations, a dictionary is all he needs. Something to fall back on when you feel clueless or are unsure. 

An old paperback- With technology getting better each day, with new books coming out every week, and with digital being the new medium, paperbacks will soon be out of touch. However, only a real book lover knows the real feel of a paperback and that nothing can beat it. Get him an authentic and old paperback to refresh his memory. Difficult but appreciable, he’ll love it. 

First publications- The very first copy of a book when it has been printed is always special. Be it a recent book or something printed years ago, the very first publication of any famous book is an asset to possess and extremely difficult to get your hands on but they make an amazing gift.

Inkpot and feather- Another dream of a book lover. We have read about dipping a feather in an inkpot and writing it with and have only dreamt about doing it ourselves. If you could make their dream come true with this one, they’ll be forever delighted and grateful. 

A journal- There are only a few things that a book lover enjoys. One obviously is reading and the other is writing. They love to pen their thoughts down and what better gift for them to fulfill their purpose but a journal. Something attractive and something that will make them want to write on it. It is a box of secrets so make sure it is as special as him. 

A reading calendar- This one is a bit personalized. A calendar with a target to finish reading a book or a series of books within the month before the page of the calendar has to be turned. Something to motivate them to keep reading, even if they don’t need it. Fun, creative, and well thought, he’ll appreciate it. 

Adaptations collection- Book lovers might not be the biggest fan of movies as they like to build a universe of their own in their own head and would not like the director’s vision. However, they are always excited when any of their favorite books are being adapted to the big screen. Get him a collection of all the movies that are based on all his favorite reads. Start the movie marathon with him now. 

A signed book- A book signed by their favorite author and especially with a message for them will be a dream come true for them and will have them in tears for sure. Make an effort for this one. Don’t forget to get their name in. 

Limited edition merchandise- With the release of every book, comes a lot of fan merchandise. From T-shirts, bookmarks, mugs, posters to bookmarks, anything that you can think about. Make sure he gets his hands on the most exclusive merchandise which no one owns. You might have to stand in a long queue for this one but his happiness is equally important, isn’t it?

A customized clock A clock customized with its hands in the shape of letters, the hours as famous book characters, and the frame in the design of a paperback, the ideal clock for a book lover. Not easy to get your hands on something like this but can be easily customized for an order. The perfect clock for a bibliophile. 

Audiobook subscription- This one is for those when his eyes cannot take the pressure of long reading hours and he just wants to relax by listening to his favorite works. Audiobooks are an easy way to enjoy the beauty of books and an efficient way to get motivated. 

A publishing seminar- Take him to a book premiere or the seminar for new and upcoming books and authors. It is their version of an amusement park and they’ll be lost for words here.

Library card– Secretly make them a library card for a nearby library and they’ll forever be grateful to you. A library is their favorite place to be and the environment there is ideal for them to be in.

Book museums- These are always a treat to visit. Not only do they showcase extremely rare and antique books but imagine getting to know about the story behind writing the story in the book. Nothing gets better than this for a book lover. It is a haven for them. 

Bookshelf- An elegant-looking bookshelf for him to keep all his current favorites and always have something to read within an arm’s reach. Make sure it is sturdy and spacious and he’ll be in love with it. 

Book cover kit- Sometimes some of his favorite books go out of shape and need to be treated with extra care. A book cover kit not only helps you cover it well but helps you keep the book protected at all times. Keeps the cover looking as good as new and holds the binding together. 

Typewriter- The metallic sounds of letters being clicked and the sound of cartridges on paper will never take over the blinking of the screen. A typewriter feels amazing and does the job well even in today’s time. Moreover, we do have digital typewriters nowadays with the feel of a typewriter and all the data typed being stored in a cloud. 

Book-shaped accessories- A book-shaped ring, a locket in the shape of a book, or even a book-shaped coffee mug. Book lovers not only love the smell and feel of a book but want to be surrounded by books all the time, make sure you help them out on this one.

Neck pillow- All that reading with their head bent down, hurts their upper back and the neck region. Gift him a neck pillow and make reading even more joyful for him. No pain should ever stop him from his love of reading.

Books Are the Best Friends that We Always Look For. They Stay with Us in All Phases of Life and Teach Us Something New Every Day. Check Out Top Gifts for Your Book Lover Wife

A magazine subscription- A weekly magazine subscription will keep his reading habits healthy and keep him updated with the highlights of the week. 

Lenses- Wearing glasses round the clock can be hard on the eyes and the head, lenses are a convenient substitute for glasses and make reading even more fun and easy. Get him one now. 

Stickers- Something for him to remind himself if he really enjoyed the book and what memories does it bring him. Little things like these bring a lot of joy to book lovers and help them personalize their books. 

Pen holder- A pen holder to help him keep all his pens, pencils, markers, and anything like that in one place. If you could make one for him yourself, he’ll be drooling over for you. Cute and convenient, the perfect gift. 

A book care kit- A kit to keep all his books in the best shape and help them last for a lifetime. No more creases, stains, or unnecessary folds to tamper with how beautiful they look.

Cupboard- A cupboard for all their important books. Something that is not too modern but relates to the feel of old books. Wooden with a glass case would fit right in and make sure there are enough shelves inside. 

Highlighters or felt pens- When they need to mark a line that they find to be special or different, or need to highlight a certain word, he needs these pens. Make sure he is always stacked on these and has as many colors as he wants. 

Handmade paper- Handmade paper is easy to obtain and adds an extra touch when you write on it. Completely environment-friendly and recyclable.

Book launch- Take him to the launch of a new book, something that he has been waiting for, for a long time. He will feel at home with the people who share the same interest as him. He will thank you for organizing the whole thing and never forget the day for the rest of his life. 

Oil Paint- When one dives into the never-ending world of books, one cannot stay away from illustrations. Illustrations are the final touch a book needs and he might want to paint the picture that he has in his after reading a certain section. Make sure he is well equipped when that moment arrives. 

External Keyboard- An external keyboard to help him work on his writing or even any other book that he wants to go through. Keep it wireless for maximum convenience and don’t forget the wireless mouse to complete the set. Pick the color scheme wisely and make sure everything is light and tappy. 

Headphones- Some noise cancellation headphones to help him get in the mood and zone out of all the noise around and dive right into the book world. Nobody can disturb him with a book in his hands and the headphones on. 

Bookcase- A compact and beautiful case for all his favorite books. Some books need more care than others. Buy him a few and let him struggle with which ones he wants to encase. 

Customized Cards- Card customized with either his favorite characters from various books or maybe even famous authors. 

A desk- A customized and portable desk to make his reading habit even more convenient. This desk will turn the entire house into his study as he can set up shop anywhere he wants to. Desks like these can be easily customized to fit personal needs. 

Standing table- A standing table is a great idea for someone looking to burn some extra calories while reading. Might sound like an absurd idea but he will get used to it in no time. 

Scanner- To scan his favorite page or a favorite part of the book and store it in his computer to never be lost again and can be easily checked whenever needed. A convenient gift for any man.

Printer- Every book lover and more or less every modern household needs one. Book lovers in special need a printer as it helps them bring the digital world on paper. If you can’t get your hands on a paperback, a printer is as far as you can go. 

Beverage- His favorite tea, coffee, or anything that he enjoys sipping while he is lost with his books. Not only to help him calm down and enjoy the moment, but it also enhances concentration to a great extent. 

USB lights- When he wants to do a few late-night reads but does not want to wake anyone up. These even come in very handy when the lights are out and you want to continue with your reading. Get him a few, just in case one malfunctions. 

Book holder- Probably the smartest invention for a book lover. These holders not only keep the book in place but hold the page that you are reading intact. These help your posture by making the books stand in a way that you don’t have to bend your neck anymore. Get one that matches the binding and outline of most of his books and he’ll be delighted. 

Page clipper- To keep the pages in place and keep them fixed while reading. No more holding on to the page with all your might to be able to read. Very thoughtful and very inconvenient for any book lover. 

Book templates- Book templates are not only very collectible but they present a different version of the book illustrations than what the common reader is used to. They make us think about the question What if? Moreover, he might get a few ideas for himself with these templates. 

Cover art- Cover arts are always fun to look at and are a good collecting piece. There are millions of cover artwork for a single book and no matter how great it is, you’ll always enjoy a different take on it. 

Fanart- Fan art is a medium through which the fandom pays its respect and shows love to the creator. Get him a few for him to reminisce. 

Posters- Are you even a book lover if you don’t have a few book posters in your room? The bigger, the brighter the better. Make sure he wakes up to a room of positivity and keeps reading with the same passion as he does. 

Paintings- Paintings of his favorite characters, his best authors, or the books he enjoys the most will always have a special place in his heart. He would stare at them for at least a few minutes every day and would automatically get transported in his world of books for that brief time. 

Car signs- Signs that say, Book Lover, Reader Inside are a great gift for a book lover. Even when they are busy reading inside the car, no one would disturb them. 

A backpack- A small and compact to help him carry the classics and his favorites with him. Something that has good padding on the straps to make it easy for him to carry around. 

Meeting with an author- Arranging a meeting with an author he likes might be a difficult task but if you could manage to pull off this miracle, you would create a highlight of his life for him. He’ll never forget this moment even if the meeting lasts for a few minutes. 

Snacks-His favorite snacks to go with his reading sessions. Something to munch on and keep his mouth company while his eyes and brain do all the work. Pick all his favorite flavors. 

Reading lights- A little table light or even something that is easy on the eyes to help him read better and feel more pleasant while reading will be a very well thought gift for him. 

Sleeping masks- After all the reading is done, all the time for fun is over, help him sleep peacefully with a sleeping mask that will help his brain and eyes relax.

Customized socks- Socks with little books, quotes, or even his favorite logos would do the trick. Something to not only keep his feet warm but also to get his eyes rolling when he dresses them up. 

Watch- An elegant watch to help him keep track of time when he gets lost in his world of books. Something light on the wrist would be better. 

Voice assistant- A voice assistant to help him with all his queries regarding the book, any fact or even any word in the book, instantaneously. 

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