75+ Gifts For Engineer Wife Deserves

Your engineer wife is crazy about technology and is always looking for new and cool gadgets.

She loves all things technology and loves a surprise whenever she gets any. Show love to your wife by giving her something she deserves. We have a few interesting ideas for you to go through.

Gifts Your Engineer Wife Deserves

Pendulum– She is an engineer, and they are taught about pendulums from very early in their learning process. They make up for some excellent home décor items, and having such items around will make her happy and in her element at all times. Make sure to pick more than one bob for more fun.

Smart watch-Smart watch will help her be on time, check her vitals, and stay connected with the world plus, she gets to play around with this modern object of technology. She will always be delighted to have something like that on her wrists and would all always be attached. 

Led lights– Led lights make the place come alive and are perfect for any happy occasion. Plus, she will feel like a baby getting a new toy when she receives a new set of LED lights as she gets to manually control it and play around with its settings. She’ll be delighted. 

Thermometer– She needs to know if she is feeling alright and just telling her that will not be enough. Gift her a thermometer so that the scientific worm in her can be satisfied when she reads the thermometer and finds out that everything is normal. Not to mention that she loves to check the temperature of anything too hot or too cold. 

Tshirt– A t-shirt with a photo of Einstein, an equation, or anything to do with science or engineering will make her extremely happy and she will find a way to express herself better. Make sure to customize it in a way that she will be proud and not embarrassed to wear it around.

Toolkit– She has an urge to build or dismantle any kind of technology or machine that she finds at her disposal, it is a thing that engineers have and she is no different. Gift her a complete tool kit to make her task easier as she is never going to get over this habit of her. 

Laptop– A new laptop with the latest processor and graphics card will make her life so much easier. When she has more processing power in her hands, she would be able to multitask better and save herself a lot of time and effort and get things done easier and faster. 

Charging station– A charging station will not only make sure that all her gadgets have enough juice in them all the time but it will also take care of her lifelong problem of managing cables and wiring. She will be incredibly thankful for this one, she needs it. 

Pouch– A pouch for her to carry all the essential tools that she might need to fix or break things depending on the situation. Make sure to pick the right color or a great quote that matches her personality to make it a great gift that she will happily carry around. 

Glasses– Working and reading all the time can be stressful for the eyes and in order to protect her eyes, get her a pair of glasses with UV protection along with anti-blue light technology for maximum benefit. This will make sure that her eyes stay healthy for a longer time. 

Holidays– Being an engineer can be a tough job. You have to show up to work every single day consistently and always be focused on what to do. Such working conditions can be stressful and to help her release some of her stress, take her on a holiday for a week or maybe even a few weeks so that she can finally enjoy the life that she works so hard for. Mountains are calling. 

Books– All the latest tech-related books, all the books about scientific advancements and even autobiographies and sci-fi, get her all the books you think would excite her and make her happy to read. The best way is to ask her or check the books section of her Amazon account to find out. 

Special classes– Get her enrolled in some specialized classes which will develop her hone her skills or even a few classes that would help her stay in shape. It could be anything from Thermo Dynamics to yoga and dancing, anything you think would be beneficial for her. 

Pen– A good pen is always a great gift. Especially, when she has to keep writing numbers and details throughout the day. Give her a fancy and reliable pen that she can use daily. 

Diary- A diary for her to not only note down all the necessary details but also to write a few personal things when she finds time and feels like writing. Gift her something techy with a metallic cover or an equation on top. 

Mechanics– Mechanic pieces like gears and levers to be kept as showpieces would excite her. She lives and breathes for things like these and to be surrounded by such a mechanism, she would be extremely happy to look at it every single day. 

Mug– A creative mug with an equation on top, or maybe a quote that says Engineer for life or even a photo of her favorite scientist would make her happy and she will be delighted to have a sip of her morning coffee in it. 

Clock– A transparent clock with the machinery at the back visible is bound to make her happy. Watching all the gears turn at the strike of the hand would sure be exciting for her. You could even try getting one of those fancy digital clocks, she’ll like them too. 

Coupons– Coupons to her favorite tech store or maybe even the hardware store is bound to make her happy. She gets to pick herself a toy that she can experiment with and experience how it works. She will be happy at the very thought of satisfying her curiosity. 

Tactical bag– This one is a life savior, not only does it keep all the belongings safe from any kind of damage or theft but it is also fire and waterproof. Engineers often have to work at tough locations and this bag is going to help her bear those conditions easily. 

Swiss knife– A Swiss knife is the ultimate tool for an engineer. It practically has every single tool that anyone needs to do everything from repairing a fan to television and even open locks. Gift her a fancy-looking Swiss knife, not because of its utility but because it just looks super cool. 

Poster– A poster of her favorite scientist, her favorite sci-fi movie, or even a great quote of an inventor or scientist to be put up on the wall and inspire her every single day to always be the best version of herself will be a great gift for an engineer. 

Puzzles– Engineers are really smart people and they love challenges that make them use their heads. Gift her a few puzzles which will force her to use her head and feel thrilled about solving them as soon as possible. You never know she might even get stuck with a few.

Cardholder– A Cardholder in the shape of a gear or a mechanism or even a holder totally made up of metal will make her happy. She likes anything different and techy, and this cardholder is going to be the perfect amalgamation of both. Help her get her cards in order. 

Mathematical glass– A glass not only for her to enjoy her drinks but also with a few equations printed on it for her to solve and think about. This one is extra special for an engineer as they may have spent hours with that equation and to finally see them on a drinking glass would be a great experience. Get her more than just a few. 

Printing pen– A 3D printing pen would make her completely fall in love with it and would be her new favorite now. She gets to print real stuff with a pen and she gets to have fun while doing so, could she ask for a better gift? She is bound to love it to pieces. 

Projector– A 3D projector will not only help her work better but will also make her viewing experience much more submerged. It is a great gift for a tech lover as it makes the objects come alive. 

Circuit board coasters– Coasters in the shape of circuit boards will surely bring back a lot of memories of when she used to work with them all the time. Remember those age-old green circuit boards, they would look incredible as some wooden coasters. Get her a few different-looking ones. She will always stay hydrated with these. 

Lego set– Some habits never go away and Lego is one of them. She might have started her engineering career here and the love for it will never go away. As irritating as they are, she will surely feel happy like a child when she receives a big set and would not be able to stop herself from building it. 

Cap– A cap that says something super cool like The Blue Screen of Death or maybe even the fit engineer would make her feel proud plus it will also protect her head from any heat.

Robot kit– An opportunity for her to build a robot and to receive this opportunity as a gift, she would be delighted and she could not have asked for a better gift. Building robots is what she wants to do and this gift is the perfect one. 

Quiz game– A card game of a science quiz would bring out the competitive spirit in her. Great game for a family get-together or just to kill some free time, this game is surely going to be a joy ride and she will just not be able to put it down once she picks it up. 

Safe- Gifting her a safe with the circuit boards or the gears on the top and clearly visible, would make for a great gift. She can not only keep all her precious belongings in it but she also gets to figure out the mechanics behind the safe and decode it as she likes. 

Soda maker– Enough of buying cold drinks and soda from outside, you don’t have to do that anymore since you have an engineer at home. Just get her a soda maker and she will know all about what to do and how to bring the best flavors out of the machine. 

A small catapult– A miniature of a catapult created by Leonardo Da Vince will not only make for a great attraction at the center table but will surely make her brain cells work every time she looks at it and appreciates the genius of the great man. 

Architect models– Miniatures of famous buildings and architectural marvels like the Golden Gate Bridge or the Leaning tower would be a great gift for her. She would not be able to stop herself from appreciating the architectural beauty even in a miniature form. 

Gramophone– Gramophone is the oldest music player known to mankind and gifting her one would take her to the rudiment principles of sound engineering which she will love. Records are still a thing now and you might even be able to enjoy some music on it once in a while. 

Gloves– Some special gloves like those with a flashlight or even ones that are fire and damage proof would be of great help to her on work. There are all sorts of techy and advanced gadgets present in the market today and you need to pick the best one for her. 

Fitness tracker– A fitness tracker will constantly remind her of her vitals and her fitness goals that she needs to hit every single. The smartest way to help her stay healthy as engineers often tend to slack off on their health. 

Wall art– Customized wall art of her favorite scientist, an equation, or maybe even a scientific quote would be a great gift. She will draw motivation from it plus it makes the room look better.

Headphones– Some noise cancelation headphones with great sound are all that she needs to concentrate better at work and also to zone out from the world and have some fun. Gift her a good pair today from the number of trustworthy brands present in the market today. 

Periodic table– Engineers have the periodic table remembered at the back of their heads and to gift them one with samples of actual metals in the grid would take their love to the next level altogether. She will be delighted to put it up on the wall and would not be able to thank you enough. 

Drone– Drones are loved by all tech lovers. A remote-controlled device that flies is the dream of every kid and helps her bring her dream into reality by gifting her a drone and making Christmas come early. 

Graphic calculator– A graphic calculator makes calculation so much easier. When she is already dealing with so many complex numbers and algorithms at work, she needs to have one of these to make her work even a little bit less difficult and maybe just a tiny bit more fun. 

Magnet– Magnets work great as showpieces and make the entire place look more sophisticated and clean. Get her a cubical magnet to make it even more interesting and do not forget that magnets should come in pairs. 

Scifi merchandise– Owning a lightsaber has been the dream of every kid, or even the iron man helmet. Get her the sci-fi merchandise that deep down in her heart, the kid still wants. She deserves to have some fun and this is what is really fun for her. 

Chopping board– She loves cooking and science at the same time. To make both of these coming together, gift her a customized chopping board that says the best engineer chef or scientific cooker and matches well with her personality. She will be in love every time she chops some veggies on it. 

Robotic vacuum cleaner– A robotic vacuum cleaner will not only clean the house better but will always keep her impressed whenever she is around it. She loves technology to the core and having something like that at the house will surely make her happy. 

Encyclopedia– A scientific encyclopedia covering all the important topics and sub-topics would prove to be the best gift that you could give her and to be blunt, this is the only book she needs in her life. It will take months for her to complete this and when she does, there will be a second volume waiting for her attention. Gift her the complete set today. 

Toy trains– A mini toy train with a few real life-like gears and an engine and real track will surely get her excitement rolling. She could happily sit down next to it and watch it move in circles the whole day. She loves it and you need to get it for her. Get as many tracks as possible. 

Speakers– Some high-quality speakers for her to attend those important meetings, listen to some audiobooks or documentaries, and even enjoy some music once in a while when she feels likes it. Get her something that has great sound, bass, and amazing connectivity. 

Purse– A metallic purse made up of a special metal aluminum or iron other than the normal steel or plastic will make her want to carry it everywhere and feel proud while doing so. It is the only purse that she needs and she will be truly happy to have it in her hands. 

Neon lights– Neon lights make the house look incredible, especially at the night. Not only are they super bright but are also super soothing to the eye. Get her a few neon lights in the shape of words such as Experiment, Discover, or even Gravity and she would put them right in the center of the room before you know it. 

Magazine subscription– Subscription to a magazine, a scientific magazine with all the recent discoveries and advancements, or even the news in the tech world would keep her updated with the part of affairs that she is most excited about. Get her the subscriptions as soon as possible. 

Metallic flower– A flower made up of special metals would steal the show away at any place. This special flower would take a lot of effort to get but will stay for a lifetime. Don’t forget to get her a suitable vase or a stand to go along with it. 

Clockwork– A clockwork is just so visually pleasing and aesthetic to look at that it is easily the best gift ever. Pick one that she would not be able to get her eyes off. It has nothing to do with a clockwork orange, let’s get that clear. 

Slippers– A pair of comfortable sleepers but with some cool quote like lady engineer, or like the scientific human would take it to the next level of comfort that she is looking for. 

Apron– An apron that brings her love for both science and cooking together. An apron that says The Blue Screen of Death or The best Engineer Chef would make her time in the kitchen even more special and she would love to cook while wearing it. 

Necklace– A necklace with a special meaning like an element or a word would make it unique and make it ideal for her personality. Pick something that spells her personality and she would love to wear it with all her dresses. 

Bracelet– A specially customized bracelet with a message especially for her would make her want to wear it more often. The design of a circuit board is always a great idea but you can try other designs and metals too. Get one for yourself too so that you can win and have fun. 

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