16 Things to Decide Giving Him a Second Chance in Relation

Humans are born with both qualities and flaws. So committing mistakes is one of our nature. But constant mistakes are fatal and can truly hamper a good relationship and even bring it to an end.

However, there are times when mistakes are not too severe and can be forgiven with a second chance. But the real confusion begins when you do not understand when to give second chances.

How to know whether to give him a second chance?

Giving second chances is not a joke because as a person you do not want to experience the same trauma again. But there are times that you are emotionally attached to that particular person and cannot make a proper decision. 

These factors can easily help you to get into a conclusive decision whether to provide your partner with a second chance or not. These factors are entirely arranged in a random form so that they can suit the preferences of all the readers.

1. If it was his first time

There are a lot of things that a person does for the first time and committing mistakes also comes on the list. This type of mistake can happen when your guy is completely ignorant of certain things, accidents or misunderstandings.

You can surely provide your guy with a second chance if you properly know that it is his first time committing such a mistake and he has not done it previously in his past relationships. 

2. When you are experiencing peer pressure from other people

When two people meet it is not only the two individuals meeting and creating a relationship. It is the complete union of two distinct worlds that consist of friends, parents and relatives. So whenever there is an issue in a relationship, these same people come forward and try their best to restore it.

They influence you to clear out all differences and provide your partner with a second chance. You finally realize that your guy is not a bad person when so many people are rooting for him. So, you understand that your guy seriously needs a second chance.

3. When you both share common interests

It is very difficult to find a partner that shares common interests with you. But when you do then you try your best to never let him go. But things may take an ugly turn when the very same with whom you have shared a taste of multiple things commits a mistake.

Then situations may go at a very rough patch.

Even though your heart beats for that person and starts believing that you may not find another one. So instead of that, you provide him with a proper second chance so that all the differences can be restored systematically.

4. When it’s your fault

Yes, you have read the point correctly. Sometimes you tend to make wrong decisions but blame it on others. There might be multiple factors for such behavior. This can be anything starting from a bad mood to misunderstandings. But you later realize that you were the guilty one for that situation.

You should provide your guy with a second chance to eliminate your self-guilt and create a perfect platform to start a new relationship.

5. If he brings the best in you

Living in a relationship does not only mean two people are deeply connected in physical or emotional aspects but also attempts to bring out each other’s best qualities.

Some very rare partners can perform that feat with simplicity with no-fault. But sometimes there might be mistakes in a relationship due to certain misunderstandings.

You should not throw away such a beautiful relationship like that and should provide your guy with a second chance so that both of you can continue complimenting each other and the association grows into a greater height.

6. When you go for couple counseling

Problems are a very fundamental part of relationships and with time can become the main agent of a breakup. So it should be eliminated at the earliest so that the relationship can last for many years. However, due to a certain mistake, it finally gets broken.

But some specialists are quite good at mending broken relationships. These are called relationship counselors.

With the help of counselors, you can identify the problems in your relationship and provide the required second chance to your partner.

7. When you know that he can change

Humans have a terrific ability to change after a specified consequence. Your man is not so different. There is no written evidence that a person remains the same throughout his life. 

So you should give him a proper second chance so that he can show you a change in his attitude and rectify his previous mistake.

The decision is influenced more by the mental understanding that you develop during the relationship rather than the facts. 

8. When you feel happy with him

The proper definition of happiness changes from person to person. In a relationship, the general definition of happiness means enjoying a great understanding, compatibility and affection. But due to the unfortunate turns of events, your partner commits a mistake and makes you completely angry. 

But still, you should give him a second chance because the very same person has given you many happy memories. So a bitter one may be avoided to make a refreshing start. 

9. When a child is involved

There have been many cases, where a problematic relationship still has to be continued only because a child is involved. Because you start thinking that a sudden separation can create a negative impact on your child and leave a long-lasting impact. 

So even though disgusted with the very same person who you used to love still provides him with a second chance and moves forward with regret and disappointment. You make this sacrifice only for your child’s better future.


10. When you try to find the real reason

Sometimes you provide your partner with a second chance just to discover the real reason behind his sudden change in attitude. There might be multiple reasons behind it and you have the right to know because you are his other half.

Sometimes knowing the real reason can also give you peace and satisfaction. This can also help you to move forward in life in a better direction.

11. When you see that he has become a better person

Individuals who once dated but got separated due to certain differences can again get back together and start a new life.

This is majorly possible when both of them have matured and understood each other’s shortcomings. 

So after years of staying away from each other, you can surely provide your man with a second chance to begin everything in a better way. 

12. When you have strong feelings

Feelings are very strong emotions that are difficult to go away easily. So you always find it difficult to let go of a guy even though he commits severe mistakes.

This is mainly because you have strong feelings for him and letting him go will surely destroy you.

    So to help yourself from the destruction you keep on providing your guy with second chances so that he does leave you under any condition. 

13. When he gestures that he is sorry

Self-realization is a very strong feeling to maintain or restore a relationship. A guy may commit a mistake due to many circumstances but things can take a better turn when he shows remorse for them.

You must provide him with a second chance if you find regret in his eyes and gestures. Because in the end, he is also a human being and capable of committing any mistake.

14. When the time is up

Time is a very crucial factor in punishing a person for a particular mistake but they should be forgiven once that period is gone. It is impossible to keep a grudge against someone for a long time and should be forgiven for a better good.

Similarly, you should also forget all your past experiences and provide your partner with a second chance so that both of you can start a new journey together.

This is the best way to move forward as both of you will try to achieve heights in life.

15. When you believe him

Certain things are only confined between couples and are out of the understanding of outsiders. 

You simply provide him with a second chance because you believe him that one day he will understand you and change for the betterment of the relationship.

This decision is purely based on instinct and proper understanding between two people who have been together for a longer period.

16. When you see the commitment in his eyes

It is said that the eyes are the most expressive feature of human anatomy that depicts thousands of emotions. You can easily understand your man’s commitment to work on this relationship through his eyes.

You can witness the strong emotion and eagerness to bring the essential improvement in him so that the relationship faces no more hurdles.

Then you should reward him with a second chance so that he can still prove to you that he is worthy of your love and affection.

Why are second chances important in a relationship?

Second chances are highly important in a relationship because of these factors. These are as follows-

1. To fix problems

Problems are an integral part of a relationship and it is very difficult to prevent them. This is mainly because both individuals come from different backgrounds and are bound to have differences. Things may be harsh in the initial phases but you should not give up.

Giving your relationship a second chance will give you enough time to identify and clear out all your differences.

If you can do that then you can start a new journey together. The journey is full of promises and expectations.

2. To bring in change

In every relationship, there is always a person who does not admit their flaws. As a result, the complete relationship goes into a breakdown. But it is still soon enough to give up as there are many places for improvement.

You should go for a second chance to initiate a change in the dynamics of the relationship.

This is mainly because during the second chance both you and your partner can understand the shortcomings in a relationship better.

3. It prevents heartbreaks

Break up is not the solution to every problem in a relationship. So considering second chances are of utmost importance because it plays a crucial role in understanding the problems in a relationship.

Since it helps to identify problems so you would be able to rectify them too and since you are rectifying it then the possibility of break up is greatly reduced. So the chances of heartbreak are reduced to a bare minimum.

4. It keeps the support system going

It is very difficult for a person who has been in a relationship for many years to just do things single-handedly.

This is mainly because they are habituated to a supporting cast for most of their activities. So providing a second chance becomes an important tool for those people who need a constant support system for numerous reasons.

5. For keeping the love intact

It is very easy to go away from someone’s life but very difficult for someone’s heart. Second chances do the same. These opportunities give couples to find reasons to sort out their differences before opting for the final decision.

Second chances not only help the couple to figure out the mistakes but also facilitates them to start a new life with reborn love and affection.

Giving second chances is purely an individual decision that might depend on various parameters but all the facts and points provided here are just to help readers to make a better decision if they or their dear ones face a similar situation.

Giving Him A Second Chance In Relation

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