What Does The Gold Heart Mean On Tinder? Key To Connections

Are you curious about the mysterious gold heart ? symbol on Tinder? Wonder no more! The gold heart holds a special significance within the popular dating app, and understanding its meaning can give you valuable insights into your matches.

In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing world of Tinder ❤️‍? and decipher the secrets behind the gold heart.

Whether you’re a seasoned Tinder user or a newcomer ? looking to navigate the app’s features, get ready to uncover the hidden allure behind the gold heart on Tinder.

Who is the Golden Heart given to?

The golden heart is given to those Tinder users who have viewed and right-swiped A lot of profiles in a very short period. The concept is based on the app’s algorithm That judges your profile based on the number of profiles you have right-swiped on.

This means the more you use the app, the more likely you are to receive the gold heart next to a profile. If you are looking for a serious relationship through Tinder, you will aim to rack up as many gold hearts as possible. 

What does the gold heart mean on Tinder?

On Tinder, the gold heart symbol signifies a Super Like. When you Super Like someone, it shows a higher level of interest in their profile. This action triggers a notification to the other person and highlights your profile with a blue border and a gold heart icon, indicating your special interest.

Super Likes are distinct from regular likes (swiping right), conveying a more deliberate and enthusiastic approach. They aim to grab attention and increase the likelihood of being noticed and matched with the person you Super Liked.

By utilizing a Super Like, you can communicate genuine interest to someone and potentially stand out among other profiles they encounter. It’s important to use Super Likes thoughtfully since free users usually have a limited number available (typically one per day), and they are a premium feature on Tinder.

Tinder Gold Features:

  1. Likes You: See a list of people who have already liked your profile.
  2. Unlimited Likes: Swipe right on unlimited profiles without restrictions.
  3. Passport: Change your location and browse profiles from different cities.
  4. Rewind: Undo your last swipe and go back to a profile.
  5. Boosts: Increase your profile’s visibility for more matches.
  6. No Ads: Enjoy a seamless browsing experience without advertisements.

Why is the Golden Heart feature provided?

Tinder provides its users with a gold heart feature so that they can show their appreciation towards each other. If you see a gold heart in a person’s profile, it means that they have viewed and liked your profile.

Also, if you want someone to know that you are interested in them, you can send them a gold heart. The procedure of sending a gold heart to someone is also very easy because you have to just tap on the icon. 

Most people become confused when they receive a heart of gold from users on Tinder. You need to understand that this signals that they are interested in you and think you are a great match.

Therefore, you can always send them back another gold hard to tell them that you have received their favor and you are also returning the same to them.

Who can use the Tinder Golden Heart Feature?

Since many people are confused if the gold heart is for Tinder Gold members, here is the solution. Tinder Gold is an advanced system provided by the app using which you can see the people who have liked you.

This feature is not available to free Tinder users but to those who have Tinder plus. In that case, you can just click on the star on the app and see how many likes you have received and from whom they are.

On the other hand, the golden heart is available for all Tinder users, and it is just a way to show your liking towards another profile and highlight it to that person.

Key Takeaways

  • The gold heart symbol on Tinder represents a Super Like, indicating a higher level of interest in someone’s profile.
  • Super Likes are different from regular likes and are intended to grab attention and increase the chances of being noticed and matched with the person you Super Liked.
  • Super Likes are a premium feature on Tinder, typically limited to one per day for free users.
  • The gold heart is given to Tinder users who have viewed and right-swiped on many profiles in a short period, reflecting their active usage of the app.
  • The gold heart feature is available to all Tinder users and allows them to show appreciation and interest in other profiles, while Tinder Gold is a premium feature that provides additional benefits like seeing who has liked your profile.


What does it mean when someone sends you a gold heart on Tinder?

When someone sends you a gold heart on Tinder, it means they have used a Super Like on your profile.

It indicates that the person is particularly interested in you and wants to stand out from other potential matches.

Can you send a gold heart to multiple people?

No, you can only send a gold heart (Super Like) to one person at a time on Tinder. It is a special gesture intended to express a high level of interest in a specific individual.

Can you retrieve or undo a gold heart on Tinder?

Unfortunately, once you have sent a gold heart (Super Like) on Tinder, it cannot be retrieved or undone. It is important to use it thoughtfully and consider the person you are Super Liking.

Does receiving a gold heart guarantee a match?

Receiving a gold heart (Super Like) does not guarantee a match on Tinder. However, it does increase your visibility and the likelihood that the recipient will notice your profile. It can potentially improve your chances of making a connection.

How does the gold heart differ from other symbols on Tinder?

The gold heart (Super Like) on Tinder is distinct from other symbols like the green heart (like) and blue star (super like).

The gold heart carries more weight and signifies higher interest and attraction than the other symbols. It helps users stand out and grab the attention of the person they Super Like.

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