35+ Good Afternoon Paragraphs For Her and Him

Good morning and good night texts are normal and cliche. Occasionally dropping in a text in between work hours, in the afternoon, just to check on your significant other is very sweet and they are surely going to love it! 

Good afternoon paragraphs for him

Afternoons are the most boring and monotonous time of the day. The time seems to come to a standstill in the afternoon and helping your man get through these lousy times would be the perfect way to express your love for him. We have a few lines that might help him beat the mid-day heat.

-The sun seems to be at its full force and the time seems to be on a break. The afternoon might be tiresome and boring but that does not mean that it is not a moment worth living. Think about the beauty that you just had and the mind-blowing evening that awaits you and the afternoon will feel like a cool breeze passing by. It is a good afternoon, after all, see you in a bit.

-Hey, don’t exactly know what exactly to say at this hour but I figured that you might be getting bored just like me. I was just thinking about you since morning and even if it is the afternoon, I just can’t get you out of my head and I don’t think I will be able to do it anytime soon. I figured I would just drop by and wish you a good afternoon for the sake of it. Hoping to see you soon.

-Remember the lunch break when we used to be in school? As soon as the bell used to ring, the two of us would be the first ones to rush out of the class and sit in the most uncrowded place and have the time of our lives. I always enjoyed being with you in that break, you made the entire afternoon pass in the blink of an eye and I really wish we could continue to keep following the lunch break tradition. I wish we could escape from work and just spend my afternoon in some lonely little corner talking to you, wishing you a good afternoon for old times’ sake. 

-The sun might be blazing with its total power and the workload might be drowning you right now. The weather and the time both might seem to be out of order and you might find yourself in a really exhausting atmosphere. Just know that it is just a matter of a few hours, a matter of just an afternoon. It might as well be a good afternoon if you manage to make the most out of it and get prepared for a joyous evening. Hang in there.

-Afternoons like these bring back a lot of fond memories, memories that are very close to my heart. There were many afternoons like these which I spent talking to you and lost track of time and place. That summer and the afternoons of that time, in particular, have played a major part in our story. Looking back at it, I feel nothing but lucky to have spent my afternoons with you, and in the spirit of those memories, I wish you a very good afternoon.

-A bottle of coke, some shorts, and sunscreen is all I need right now to go out and have the time of my life but sadly I am not allowed to go out and nothing feels worse. I wish I could go back to the time where we spent our afternoons lying on the beach, sunbathing without a worry or care in the world, just you and me, living in the moment, living for each other. Now, I don’t know when will such times be back but what I know is that I can make this afternoon just a tad bit better by wishing you a good afternoon.

-Not even some upbeat music could help you and me get through this afternoon and I don’t think it is drinking time yet to get a shortcut. I wish the world would just agree with me that afternoons are hands down the most un-fun time of the day unless it is Sunday of course. However, I would like to take your afternoon from being boring to special by firstly, wishing you a good afternoon and secondly, meeting you for lunch in about an hour. Sounds good right?

-I can almost recall the entire last summer when we spent most of our afternoons doing all sorts of fun stuff. Skateboarding, going to the beach, playing ball, and whatnot. What would I not give to be able to do have even a fraction of the fun that we had? It might not be a good afternoon when you compare it with the last time but I’ll wish you a good afternoon nonetheless and hope for better times.

-It is that time of the day again. That time of the day when you feel like doing nothing and just lay on the couch. It is that time of the day which you wish had a skip button and comes with a disclaimer that says, boring times ahead. As uncool as it sounds, there is nothing that you can do about it except make do with what you have and hope for the best. I wish you a good afternoon and hope that it does not feel half as bad as it sounds.

-Be it the cozy mornings, be it the cold nights, or be it the warm afternoons, it is all the same when you are holding me in your arms and I feel like I have the world in my hands. Afternoons especially, make me feel like I have all the time in the world with you and that this moment would never come to an end. It is always a good afternoon when you are around and I look forward to spending a lot of such slow afternoons with you. Good afternoon once again.

-I really wonder how you spend your afternoons when I am not around. Do you just play games all day or sleep it off? Do you even think about me are you busy doing what you have to? It makes me really anxious to think about all this because I keep thinking about you all the time and there is no end to it. Good afternoon and can’t wait to be with you, I love you.

Good afternoon paragraphs for her

All of us have a lot of time in the afternoon. You have to understand that when your girl has nothing else to do at this hour, her minds start going to all sorts of places and that might end up throwing you in a very unpleasant situation. Try sending her a few lines to keep her mind occupied with you and let her know that you are thinking about her.

-It might be the afternoon for you but for me, it is that time of the day when I am most distracted because I can’t stop thinking about you. You are always on my mind but this time of the day really takes a toll on me. It would really be a good afternoon for me if you were here with me but for you, I can only wish you a good afternoon and tell you that I love you and I want to see you as soon as possible.

-The sun might be the hottest thing on the planet at this hour but it stands nowhere in comparison to you when it comes to real hotness. The time might seem to be slowed down right now but whenever you are around me I live more in every passing second. I could easily get lost in expressing what I feel for you but I have to wish you a good afternoon first and let you know that I will be waiting.

-I clearly remember those slow and lazy weekend afternoons when we just lay on the couch the entire time and the world seemed to have either stopped or forgotten about us, it was just you and me and all the time in the world. Even if we can’t go back to those times now, just thinking about those moments makes me want to wish you a good afternoon for I know that we would have those times soon.

-It is always a good afternoon with you around and not even a single second goes to waste with having you with me. Every minute feels more alive and living in that moment is all I need right now. I could just run right now, run from this mess that I have no choice with, and come straight to you. I wish I could spend more time with you. I am wishing you a good afternoon just to get a good afternoon in return. 

-As slow as the time may seem, as weary as you might feel, as much as you would like to go out with your girlfriends now and party, you are well aware of the reality and have to just wait for this one through. I could try and make it a little bit easier for you by telling you that I love you and I am always here if you would like to hear a really bad joke and lighten up. Just don’t kill me afterward. Good afternoon honey.

-I miss the beach, I miss the sand, I miss sipping on a chilled coke after playing in the hot sun for hours, I miss going skateboarding, sunbathing, or even the pool but above everything that I miss the most right now is you. You heard me, I miss you the most. It would be so much easier with you around, everything would seem so much simple and fun with you. I wish you were here to make my afternoons good, all I can do for you right now is wish you a good afternoon.

-The afternoons are a perfect time for a lot of things. You could spend hours binging on your favorite show, try different new things, watch cat videos, or just lay around procrastinating without caring about anything in the world. If any of those things sound right to you and make you excited, I wish you a very good afternoon and hope you remember you after the afternoon is over.

-There might be a lot of things about an afternoon that makes you hate it. It is not as lively as the morning, it also isn’t as cozy as the nights nor is it as interesting as the evenings but what the afternoon holds is a lot of time. Time for you to rediscover yourself, time for you to tell the people that you love them as I love you and this does bring me to wish you a good afternoon.

-It is the height of the work hour now so I would like to keep it short and crisp. You might have ten things in your head right now, or even more but I hope one of those ten things is me for you are always on the top of both my head and priority list. Just thinking about you reading this note makes me happy and makes my afternoon better even though nothing seems to be working here. I hope you have a good afternoon, better than mine at least.

-The moment the sun is over my head and the mid-day bell rings, my senses seem to go out of the room and I am left with no creativity or motivation whatsoever. I just begin to pray for the sun to go down as soon as possible so that I can come back to you. I don’t really know if I should continue to do this try to change it but this is how things are for the time being. I wish you a really good afternoon and hope that you never have to face what I am going through and that afternoons treat you better than they have treated me, love you loads.

Good Afternoon Paragraphs For Your Love Partner

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