How To Take Good Dating Profile Pictures By Yourself: 30 Tips

With the rise of online dating ?, your dating profile picture holds immense significance as it serves as the first impression potential matches have of you.

However, what if you find yourself without a friend or professional photographer to lend a hand? Worry not! This article will provide valuable guidance on creating impressive dating profile pictures by yourself ?.

From selecting the perfect location and utilizing favorable lighting to mastering flattering angles and expressions, we will equip you with practical tips to ensure your online dating profile shines amidst the competition ?.

1. Let Someone Else Choose The Picture For You.

Rather than relying on your idea of a picture looking good or not, let someone else make the correct decision for you.

Let your close friends decide the best profile picture for you to put on your dating app profile. They will best understand which photos highlight your features and reflect your personality to prospective partners. 


The main three components of a good profile picture are attractiveness, trustworthiness, and competence.

A stranger will be more accurate at telling you which pictures of yours are more suitable than you can do yourself. This is mainly because we do not get to view ourselves as other people do. 

2. Skip Boring Neutral Colors

Skip Boring Neutral Colors

If you want your profile picture to appear attractive to the people who visit your profile, try to put in as much color as possible.

Use photos in brighter shades, for example, the ones where you are wearing red dresses. Yes, red is your go-to comfort color when you want your prospective partners to notice you as a different person.


Bright colors instantly make you attractive, and you can stand out and present yourself with a unique personality and taste.

Using neutral shades may lead to people ignoring your profile since most profile pictures follow that flow. Wear red, and all eyes will be on your profile.

3. Take Enough Space in The Picture Frame.

You need to take up enough physical space in a picture. Take up a lot of space in the frame so that whenever someone visits your profile and sees your photos, all their attention instantly goes to you.

Also, this idea works better for men, so this is something worth trying out while choosing your profile picture on dating apps.


Experts suggest that expansive postures in images stand out as a symbol of authority and attractiveness for both men and women.

Posting a profile picture with lots of vague objects may be a big turn-off for your partners. Remember that you are the main object of the profile picture.

4. The key to Success Is Squinting.

The Key To Success Is Squinting

Getting a picture with a 20% squint works a lot to make you appear cool and confident, adding to your personality. Also, squinting too much will ruin the photograph, and you will look creepy.

Know the perfect amount of squinting, and you have plenty of relationship possibilities on dating apps.


According to renowned portrait photographer Peter Hurley, you just raise your lower eyelids to squinch. If you notice, most people prefer a wide-eyed look in their profile pictures.

But squinching gives you an extra point and ensures that people who view your profile find you more attractive at first glance.

5. Accentuate Your Jawline as Much as Possible.

The idea is to bring your head close to the camera and move your forehead forward and down a bit.

This may seem to be a wrong posture from a side angle, but from the front view or a slight angle, these captures give you precisely the profile pictures you need to be likable on dating apps.


Your jawline is very important when choosing pictures to put on dating apps. The jawline is prominent in all the physical features that grab attention, especially from prospective romantic partners.

Therefore, if you are posing for headshots, always make sure you accentuate your jawline. This will ensure that your photos stand out. 

6. Have Your Best Face Forward.

Have Your Best Face Forward

The concept, called ‘leftward bias,’ is critical when choosing your profile picture for online dating apps.

The idea is to present your best self through your photos; you must do everything to get that right. You may find proof of this idea in all the important artworks where the object is mainly painted with their left face forward.


Studies suggest that people mostly prefer to be attracted by profile pictures taken with a left profile of the person.

Since the brain uses its right half to regulate our emotions and romantic interests, and the muscles on our left are also controlled by it, a person’s left side of the face appeals more to you. 

7. Say No to Hunching.

Stop hunching if you don’t want to appear confident and attractive in your photos. Instead, try listening to your mom’s advice and always sit up straight.

Tall people often appear to be hunching in pictures so they do not end up towering over their friends. But it makes you look sloppy and nervous, so instead, spread your legs. 


Your posture speaks a lot about you. Your character and personality can be derived from how you pose for a photo.

If you have a good posture, you are immediately more appealing to people who see you in person or in photos. Never hunch your shoulders in a photograph because that may lead to a wrong first impression.

8. Use the ‘ugly Friend Effect.’

Use The Ugly Friend Effect

This may sound mean, but it works wonders. If you are posting a group picture, try using one where the rest of the group appears not as attractive as you.

The ugly friend effect is a concept that most people use, even unconsciously, because this is a legitimate trick to make your profile pictures more appealing to prospective partners. 


You are showing people with fewer described options than you, which automatically turns their attention to you.

This also adds importance to your personality; therefore, your appeal to people viewing your profile increases marginally.

Thus, the idea is to pose with people with the same features as you, just not as good as yours.

9. Send Appropriate Signals.

Posting a shirtless picture or a picture with lots of friends of the opposite gender may lower your appeal and make you look creepy or indecent to the people who see them.

You must ensure that your expectations from these online dating apps are somewhat clearly reflected through your pictures.


Regardless of your intent in using your profile pictures, always remember that people will judge you based on everything they can see in the frame.

Therefore, if you want to appear attractive and worthy, you just need to take care of every little detail, your clothes, posture, expressions-everything. But, also, you must be careful about your background in the pictures. 

10. Use Your Beautiful Smile.

Use Your Beautiful Smile

The most attractive thing you can look at before the camera is when you are laughing. The key to an attractive picture on your dating profile is eye contact plus a good smile.

Rather than being nervous about your appearance, just be yourself and smile as wide as possible. 


A friendly smile in your photos makes you an optimistic and loving person. Therefore, stop being grumpy to show that attitude and laugh out loud instead.

Try to give out a positive vibe so that more people like your profile and your attitude.

11. Show Off Baby Blues.

Did you get good sunglasses? Good, never use them in your photos. Recent studies say that having your eyes covered in photos is unsuitable for a first impression. 

Also, avoid your hair falling on your face too much in your photos. There is no point in hiding your eyes. Flaunt them just the way they are. 


It’s a negative thing for your personality because when obstructed by something, your eyes also obstruct your personality to your prospective partners.

Keeping anything hidden signals as if you are a person who likes to hide things. Be it your photos or communication on dating apps, try to be open.

12. Enhance Your Trustworthiness.

Enhance Your Trustworthiness

Your eyes are very important in expressing your personality through photos, especially on a dating app. So, if you want to appear more attractive and trustworthy to the people who view your profile, you have to choose photos where your pupils are dilated.

Experts suggest that you avoid extreme closeup shots because the camera has a chance of geometrical warping. 


Try to be as natural in your photos as possible, avoiding all those bright lights and filters that destroy the genuineness of your physical features.

A photo taken from a distance has better appeal, which is what you should go for to have a better first impression from your prospective partners.

13. Don’t Age Yourself.

As you probably already know, a camera’s direct flash will instantly add seven years to your age in photos.

In addition, artificial light is blinding and creates rough shadows and flawed highlights. You must avoid these things, especially in the photos you use for dating app pictures.


Natural light is the best choice as it promotes authenticity and comfort in photos. Therefore, try to take pictures outdoors.

Projecting your appeal is very important on online dating apps, and having images where you appear older than you. Using light wisely gives that special effect you are looking for in your profile pictures.

14. Use the ‘golden Hour.

Use The Golden Hour

Every professional photographer will tell you that the best time to have your pictures is at the golden hour, just after sunrise or before sunset.

The golden light during this time is mellow and gives enhanced colors. So naturally, you will look better in your photos. Consult with a professional photographer so they can click good images of you.


As discussed in the previous section, you must look as natural as possible so that people viewing your pictures understand that you are confident and comfortable just the way you are.

Remember that these photos convey your personality and confidence to your prospective partners, so you must take extra care to ensure they are perfect.

15. Dress Up.

Don’t show off how costly clothes you own but express that you are comfortable in what you wear and can carry everything with elegance.

Choose colors that suit you and clothes that boost your confidence. Since you are choosing your profile pictures for dating apps, bother putting in some extra effort, dress up, and then have your images taken.


Your clothes are important if you are trying to make an impression. Let your photos speak everything about the person you are.

Your clothes will be the benchmark to decide the level of attractiveness you want your prospective partners to show when they view your photos for the first time.

How To Take Good Dating Profile Pictures By Yourself

Key Takeaways

  • Let someone else choose your picture: Get input from close friends who can objectively select the best profile picture that highlights your features and reflects your personality.
  • Use bright colors: Incorporate vibrant shades in your photos, such as wearing red, to stand out and convey a unique personality and taste.
  • Take up space in the frame: Ensure you occupy a significant portion of the picture, drawing the viewer’s attention to you as the main object of focus.
  • Find the right amount of squint: A slight squint (around 20%) can make you appear cool and confident, enhancing your attractiveness in profile pictures.
  • Pay attention to your posture: Avoid hunching and maintain a good posture to appear confident and attractive. Your posture can convey aspects of your character and personality.


How do I avoid awkward posing in my photos?

Practice different poses and experiment with angles to find what looks natural and comfortable for you. Relax and be yourself!

Should I smile in my dating profile pictures?

Smiling is generally a good idea as it conveys friendliness and approachability. However, a mix of different expressions can make your profile more interesting.

What should I wear for my dating profile pictures?

Choose clothing that reflects your personal style and makes you feel confident. Solid colors and outfits that flatter your body type tend to work well.

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