70+ Delightful Goodnight Messages for Boyfriend

Messages are hard to construct at times when it comes to writing a creative Goodnight message for your boyfriend because let’s face it, who has the time to think of something these days?

So worry not, we have got you covered! Just check out our collection here and we hope you will like it!

Delightful Goodnight Messages for Him

-You have had a tiring day, it is time to sleep baby, Goodnight!

-Hope you have a good sleep tonight and wake up refreshed for your big day tomorrow! Goodnight!

-May you have a restful night because I do not want you to stay up and think of unnecessary things because you have a lot of work tomorrow, so goodnight, and I love you!

-There are no ways to express how much I love you and even if I would want to try to express it, now is not the time because it is the time for you to sleep, goodnight!

-I love you and I hope you get scared out of your wits tonight by the afterthoughts of Annabelle because last night you had wished the same for me, goodnight!

-Nothing feels better than snuggling to sleep with you darling but that has to wait for some time, goodnight from apart!

-There are bed bugs waiting to bite you, so make sure that you are able to dodge them when you go off to sleep, goodnight!

-I love you and as much as I would love to spend the entire night chatting with you, it is pretty late now and we both need to sleep, goodnight!

-It is not a good night unless you are here with me, but even though you are not here with me, we have to sleep because it is late, so goodnight!

-Goodnight baby, I am sending you my love and kisses from so far, have a good night’s sleep!

-Sleep well and make sure that your snores do not wake up your roommate, goodnight!

-Hey baby, remember the time when your roommate had refused to share his trimmer with you, well I wish you snore so loud tonight that he does not get even a blink of sleep, goodnight!

-Love is hard when you and I are so far apart, so let us sleep with the hope that we get to meet each other really soon, Goodnight!

-I would have said that I love you to the moon and all the way back from the moon, but my moon, my Sun, and all the other planets are just you, you are my solar system, goodnight love!

-You are the reason I smile every night before I close my eyes, you are the reason I smile every morning after I open my eyes, I love you, and goodnight!

-I may be a bit too much to handle for other people, but you know how much I love you and how much I need you in my life, I love you, and goodnight!

-I love you the most and I hope you are all settled in your bed now because it is time to sleep and if you do not get a good night’s sleep, you will not be able to wake up in time for your morning walk, goodnight.

-I know you had a long day at the office and I so wish I was there with you, goodnight love.

-All-day of talking and all night of talking and yet we do not get tired of each other, but let us sleep now goodnight.

-Goodnight love, have a good night’s sleep and wake up all fresh and fit tomorrow!

-Goodnight baby, the night is harsh when you are not with me but let us hope that we meet soon!

-I love you so much that you would not need anybody else’s love in the world, goodnight baby!

-Goodnight baby, have a restful night, and make sure you are all bright and fresh in the morning!

-I love you baby and as much as I would want to be with you right now, I can’t and it hurts me, goodnight.

-I am so glad that you are there in my life baby, I love you, and goodnight!

-my life has changed for the better since I met you, goodnight baby, get a good sleep tonight!

Goodnight Messages for Boyfriend

-Love is the best gift that you have gifted me,I miss you but now it is time to sleep so goodnight.

-I wish we were together right now and soon we will be, but for tonight, goodnight baby!

-You are the support system in my life and I miss you, goodnight baby!

-My baby, you are not with me right now, and I miss you, goodnight!

-Sending you love and goodnight wishes from 10 kilometers apart, I love you.

-May you have a very good night tonight and may you get a good sleep!.

-Goodnight baby, I hope the sleep fairies work out a miracle on you and put you to sleep early tonight.

-Today was wonderful, thank you for the date today, I love you, goodnight.

-Only I know how much I love you and I hope one day you will understand my love, goodnight.

-Goodnight baby, tonight is going to be a long night because I am not there with you, I miss you.

-Baby you are the best person in my life and I love you the most, goodnight.

-I love you so much, that I could write a book on you, goodnight love.

-you are the one that keeps me going throughout my busy day, I love you, goodnight baby.

-I love you baby but I miss you even more than I love you, goodnight baby.

-We are finally meeting tomorrow and I can’t wait, goodnight baby!

-I cannot wait to meet you tomorrow baby, but we have to sleep tonight, so goodnight love.

-I know you are too excited to sleep tonight because we are going to meet tomorrow, but we both have to sleep now, goodnight love.

-We both are so much in love, it is almost hard to stay apart, I miss you, goodnight.

Goodnight Messages for boyfriend

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