13 Things Guys Like in Bed But Will Not Tell You

There are many aspects of men that they do not want to talk about frankly. There is nothing wrong with the topic, but the societal imagery of men for so many years taught them to never showcase their emotions openly.

However, through various resources, there are quite a few things men like to do in bed and wish their partner to understand and fulfill their desires.

Things Guys Like in Bed But Will Not Tell You

1) Being pampered

Being Pampered

This is a quality that is quite familiar to women. Women always want their partners to treat them special and understand all their emotional needs. 

But through certain observations, it is also noticed that certain men also crave this affection. He likes you to hold him up in the bed when he is emotionally unbalanced or has some stress due to work.

A little pampering reassures that you are always beside him and will protect him in tough times.

2) He likes commands

He Likes Commands

Most men are of a dominating nature and love to govern some command. Men always want to be the one who regulates all the plays and set the mood in the bedroom. 

But this is not always the case. According to certain studies, it is also found that there are certain times when he enjoys bondage in the bed. He likes plays in which he likes to relive his corporal punishment fantasies. This kind of kinky stuff sets his mood. 

3) He likes your first move

He Likes Your First Move

Men are always considered the first person to initiate the moves in the first place. This is the same rule that applies right from dates to the bedroom. But in this process, every time he has to think and search out new ways to surprise his partner. 

Sources have clarified that sometimes men like to have the opportunity to be surprised by their partner. It is mostly very effective if it includes sexual activities.

This lessens his burden and makes him believe that your relationship is running on a mutual understanding.

4) He likes to have communication

He Likes To Have Communication

There is a common belief that men always think about sex and are always up to some action in the bed. This is a common misbelief and not always true.

He also likes to communicate with his partner. He enjoys knowing how her day went and also gives insight into his. He converses about things that interest you both with a warm cuddle before going to sleep.

5) He likes to feel confident

He Likes To Feel Confident

There are occasions when a man needs confidence but is unable to say. This situation may mainly occur during the bed before trying any sexual activity. He may be nervous for various reasons and not able to start.

This may be difficult to convey to him as he might think it will harm his male ego. 

He will be delighted with a bit of confidence from his partner, and it can lead to a great transformation.

6) Fantasies


This is a weird topic as it may differ from man to man. They always get turned up when they think about the particular scenarios where they think about their women dressed in the most sensuous way. 

But this urge of foreplay generally remains in his mind, and they hesitate to share this more than often.

7) The delicate smell

The Delicate Smell

Men always have a great fascination with things that smell nice. This is the same feeling that he wants to transport into his bedroom.

The smell can be easily developed with the help of a shower, applying lotions that smell nice, or the easiest way is to wear high-quality perfumes.

This is a very peculiar desire, and often, men don’t openly express it to avoid hurting the feelings of their partner. But instead, he provides some hints so that his partner can set the mood.

8) Occasional Compliments

Occasional Compliments

There are many instances where a man tries hard to impress his partner. This also includes his capabilities in physical intercourse. He tries his best to satisfy his lady to the fullest and lead her to the perfect climax. But sometimes, he gets upset when his efforts go unnoticed. 

Men are always simple creatures who are built with emotional sentiments, too, and would surely like to have some compliments quite a few times to boost their performance more.

9) Exotic Lingerie

Exotic Lingerie

There are many things that men fantasize about their partner, and making them lingerie is one of them. Lingeries make men drool over their lady and want to lose the command all over.

Although there are varieties of activities associated with lingerie that can be manipulated easily with some plays that can set the tone for the night’s fun. 

Lingeries with stockings are indeed best suited to bring out the best in a man’s sexual capabilities.

10) They like to be navigated

They Like To Be Navigated

Many instances have made men completely clueless in bed. They try hard but are unsuccessful in satisfying the urge of their partner. These scenarios often lead to further distances and complications as they completely misjudge the needs of her women.

As a result of this,  men always enjoy women who can easily direct and manipulate the whole intercourse so that both of them enjoy it to the fullest.

11) He likes full coordination 

He Likes Full Coordination

 As a couple, it is important to exercise all sexual desires efficiently. 

But there are certain times when it is observed that one of the partners is not in the mood but still engages in sex with no passion and coordination. This is a complete dealbreaker in sex, and no man completely likes such kind of attitude.

This will only cause him to feel a guilt trip, and it will develop doubts about his partner.

12) Roughness


The degree of roughness in sex is a personal matter and can vary accordingly to different persons. The amount of roughness is also highly dependent on the nature of his partner, the mood, the surroundings, and even the interval. 

But there are certain things to be taken care of so that things don’t go out of control and lead to some mishap.

13) Surprises


Surprises are a collection of small pockets of joy that burst out at the correct time. Just like women, men too like surprises, and surprises in bed only get better.

There are numerous types of surprises that a man enjoys in the bedroom that range from sexual activities to changing the decor of the room. 


In the end, the points that are discussed here are mainly hidden because of the shy and hesitant nature of men that compels them to restrict their feelings.

Things Guys Like In Bed But Will Not Tell You

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