55+ Amazing Hanukkah Gifts for Your Partner

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that prolongs for eight days. On each day, people celebrate this beautiful festival by lighting candles at night, accompanied by singing songs related to this festival, and with plates full of delicious and tasty fried foods throughout these eight days.

One of the significances of this festival is that temples were purified, and the wicks of the menorah were burned for eight days constantly. 

Here are Hanukkah Gifts for Your Partner.

Wine labels. Surprise your Jewish wine lover throughout these eight days of the Hanukkah festival by decorating eight bottles of their favorite wine with decorations related to the Hanukkah festival. 

Themed candles. Get your partner a set of themed candles that are layered with potato, butter, and apple that will help them to create an environment like the way people used to celebrate this Hanukkah festival in the old times.

Personalized pyjama set. Your Jewish partner will love to slip into a pajama set after a long day of work. Make sure that they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

Books. Gift your partner a book on the history of Hanukkah and the Jewish tradition. 

Olive oil set. You can surprise your partner who is willing to cook delicious food for this festival by getting them a set of olive oils that are of good quality.

Handmade gifts. Nothing can beat the feel and effort that one puts into making for their partner on special occasions. You can surprise your partner this Hanukkah with a handmade gift.

Hanukkah elf. This book should have information regarding the roots of Hanukkah and Christmas. It will be a great idea if they wish to learn more about the Jewish tradition.

Personalized apron. Do not let your partner get messed up while preparing for this special occasion in the kitchen. Get them an apron customized with the theme of the festival Hanukkah as a gift.

Personalized flask. One cannot go wrong with a flask customized with the theme of the Hanukkah festival for their Jewish partner- a gift that will keep their drinks fresh all the time.

Hebrew pendant. Does your partner know their Hebrew name? If not, then you can make them learn more by presenting a pendant designed with their Hebrew name hanging in the middle of a necklace.

 Wearable blanket. Hanukkah is celebrated around Christmas, and most places on Earth experience a huge temperature drop. A wearable blanket will help them keep warm. 

Pop-up card. It is the little things that truly matter. A pop-up card is sweet and is the best way to wish your Jewish partner a happy Hanukkah.

Cocktail recipe book. Let your Jewish partner surprise their guests with a special handmade cocktail on each day of the Hanukkah festival with the help of a book that is full of cocktail recipes.

Personalized tote. A tote bag that is personalized to the liking of your partner could be the best way to light up their face this Hanukkah. 

Candy Collection. Surprise your Jewish partner with a beautiful set of eight various tasty candies, a sweet gift for your sweet partner. 

Customized stationery set. You can get stationery set specially customized with a design of a menorah on it. Customized gifts are always special.

Oil infuser. You can honor the history behind this beautiful festival by surprising your partner by getting them an oil diffuser as a gift, which will help them to mix their favorite herbs and spices to make delicious food.

Waffle maker. Well, who doesn’t like tasty waffles? A waffle maker makes the job so much easier by allowing people to create perfect waffles for any occasion. 

Bath time buddies. Make your partner’s bath time fun and very refreshing during this festival of Hanukkah by getting them bath time buddies who glow in the water.

Wireless speaker. These come very handily when you think about hosting a party or celebrating a festival as huge as Hanukkah. You can surprise your partner with a wireless speaker that has high-resolution audio.

Jogger pants. These pants are made for people who love to stay comfortable and look stylish at the same time. You can surprise your partner with a pair of joggers at this festival as a gift. 

Card game. Gathering or inviting your friends and family to this special festival of Hanukkah at your place means building a perfect evening for them. You can elevate the joy and fun by getting your partner a set of various card games.

Eye bracelet. This bracelet will not only look very stylish on your beloved partner’s wrist but will also be symbolic of the festival of Hanukkah. 

A sweater. You can surprise your Jewish partner with a feel of luxury and warmth by getting them a cashmere sweater that is customized with the theme of the Hanukkah festival.

Whiskey chillers. Wouldn’t your Jewish partner who loves to drink whiskey love to use chillers in the shape of a menorah or armadillos related to the festival Hanukkah?

Plush blanket. Nothing will be more beautiful than cuddling with your partner inside a plush blanket that is super comfy in front of a fireplace with a cup of coffee during the Hanukkah holidays.

Crossbody bag. Are you and your partner planning to spend this Hanukkah outside of your house? Looking stylish is a must then. You can help your partner by helping them carry loads of awesome outfits in a crossbody bag.

Travel pillow. Are you and your partner planning to spend this Hanukkah festival somewhere special? If yes, you can get your Jewish partner a travel pillow that has a design of a beautiful menorah stitched on it.

Personalized journal. If your partner is one of those old souls who love putting things down in a journal, then a personalized journal would prove to be the best gift that you can give them.

Latke delivery. This Hanukkah makes your partner lick their fingers and increase their love for Latke by getting them a plate full of crispy and hot potatoes delivered wherever they are. 

Desk accessory. Get your Jewish partner a practical desk accessory that plays the role of a flower vase and a phone dock at the same time, customized with the theme of the Hanukkah festival. 

Pair of slippers. Keep your Jewish partner’s feet warm like toast this Hanukkah festival season by getting them a pair of slippers as a gift on this special festival. 

OTT platform subscription. Present your partner with an OTT platform subscription with the help of which they can enjoy the latest movies and TV series during this festival.

Pillowcases. Pillowcases are always special, and when they are from the person who your love the most, they feel even more special. It is a great way to remind your partner of you every night when they go to sleep. 

Personalized water bottle. Keep your Jewish partner hydrated during these eight days of the Hanukkah festival while they are busy with the preparations by getting them a water bottle personalized with the theme of Hanukkah.

Photo frame. Photo frames are always special, and if you want to make your partner feel nostalgic about all the special moments that you’ve spent together, a photo frame could be the best gift for this Hanukkah. 

Instant camera. Almost everyone uses a smartphone these days to take a snap. An instant camera is something that is fresh and brings back the old-school charm of every child. Help your partner capture special Hanukkah monets with an instant camera. 

Herb garden kit. You can surprise your Jewish partner who is dependent on paramedics by getting them an herb garden kit at this Hanukkah festival as a gift. 

Pair of socks. This gift idea has always been an underrated one, but they are a necessary part of anyone’s wardrobe. You can surprise your partner with a pair of socks designed with the theme of the festival Hanukkah.

Charging hub. Do not let your social partner lose connection with their social media platforms during these eight days of the Hanukkah festival by getting them a charging hub that can charge various devices at the same time by just one outlet.

Wine glass. One would love to get glassware as a gift. Give them glasses engraved with designs of the theme of the festival Hanukkah on each of them.

Cooking kit. Surprise your Jewish partner with a cooking kit that is used by professionals so that your partner can give their best to prepare delicious and tasty meals during this Hanukkah festival. 

Flower kit. Is your Jewish partner aware of their birth flower? If not, you can make them aware of their birth flower by presenting them with a flower kit corresponding to their birthday month as a gift during Hanukkah.

Personalized t-shirt. You can surely make your partner laugh every time they wear a t-shirt customized with Jewish dishes, like matzo balls, brisket, and a lot more. It will be a very funny gift idea and appropriate this Hanukkah.

Serving tray. Make this Hanukkah festival even more special for your partner by serving them delicious foods and snacks on a tray that is in the shape and design of a dinosaur. 

Egg cooker. Make it easy for your Jewish partner to prepare delicious food and meals for the festival by getting them an egg cooker as a gift which will help them to cook eggs in a multitude of options.

Wool scarf. Help your partner look elegant with this beautiful hand-woven scarf that comes in various colors. This scarf will elevate your partner’s style at this Hanukkah festival. 

Coffee mug. Make the eight mornings of your Jewish partner’s coffee time interesting by getting them a coffee mug that is customized with the theme related to the festival Hanukkah. 

Jewel garden. You can get a garden showpiece that is fully decorated with Jewish dreidels, menorahs, and stars. It will also be a great conversation topic when others see it.  

Bath salts. Your Jewish partner will not get time to relax during these eight days of the festival Hanukkah, but they need it. You can get your partner a set of bath salts that will help them to get refreshed during their bath.

Wall art. This Hanukkah will be incomplete with decoration, and when one talks about wall decorations, wall arts are always on the top of the list. Get a wall art done related to the Hanukkah festival.

Armband case. Do not let your partner face a problem keeping their device close to them while they are preparing for Hanukkah. Get them an armband case that will keep their device attached to their arm.

Towel Set. Get your partner a set of towels designed with the theme of Hanukkah, and make sure that they are comfortable at the same time. You might find your partner roaming around in those towels comfortably. 😉

Coaster Set. Let your Jewish partner show their love for this festival when they invite their friends and family to their house. Get them a set of coasters designed with a theme of the Hanukkah festival.

Hanukkah cards. This Hanukkah, surprise your Jewish partner by getting them a set of cards that are specially customized with the theme of Hanukkah and for each day with a special note. 

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