20+ Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You (What To Do Next)

Are you tired of being left guessing about a man’s intentions? Unraveling the enigma of a guy’s true motives can be perplexing, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

In today’s modern dating landscape, it’s crucial to distinguish between genuine interest and someone simply looking for a casual encounter.

Suppose you’re wondering whether his intentions go beyond the bedroom. In that case, this article will equip you with over 20 telltale signs to help you navigate the tricky waters of deciphering his true intentions. It’s time to decode the signs and take control of your romantic destiny.

Key Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

1. He only texts you late at night.

He Only Texts You Late At Night

Our bodies start having sexual cravings mostly at night, and it’s perfectly normal. But if your guy only texts you during that time of the night, it’s a clear sign he only wants sex.

If he doesn’t bother to text you throughout the day, he is least concerned about you.

2. He is pissed off when he doesn’t get Netflix and chill.

Suppose you ask your guy to come over for movie night. If he wants to sleep with you, he gets frustrated when you tell him that you don’t want sex that day.

He would want to go home because he isn’t getting what he came for.

3. You never see his friends.

A guy who wants to sleep with you will always see how he can ghost you without any trouble. So, you have very little information about his life- his address, friends, and whereabouts.

So, even if he disappears suddenly, you would have no way to communicate with him again.

4. He has a problem with you sleeping over.

He Has A Problem With You Sleeping Over

Do you hear your guy frequently telling you that he has a ‘thing’ early morning the next day? Well, he just wants to sleep with you.

He is clever enough not to ask you directly to leave because that is rude, and he would have trouble getting his next hookup.

5. He never lets you leave stuff behind.

If a guy always makes sure you take all of your belongings with you before leaving his place, that is because he doesn’t want you to come back looking for those things, at times, he’s not okay with them.

He avoids your unwanted arrival because he is hiding things from you.

6. You’ve never had a real date with him.

A guy who only wants sex from you will not bother pampering you with love and making you feel special.

So, if he is reluctant to go out on a date with you or spend time anywhere other than the bedroom, it’s a sign that he doesn’t want a relationship.

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7. For him, sex is the date.

Does your guy always insist on splitting the pizza cost after you’ve had sex? This is a smart way to make you think as if you are having a date.

For him, dates with you only happen when you have sex.  He pretends as if he’s very responsible towards you.

8. He has no time to listen to your problems.

A guy who just wants to sleep with you will never support and sympathize with you during tough times.

If you are sad or depressed, he will never be there for you. Since he is only interested in sex, your texts are irrelevant unless you are dirty talking to him.

9. He is always keen on initiating sex.

He keeps asking if you can return to his place even when you hang out. Think about a day when you were together for a couple of hours but didn’t have sex.

If nothing comes to your mind, the guy is just interested in having sex with you.

10. His gifts are only sexual.

If the only gifts your guy has ever given you are slutty dresses, provocative underwear, or sex toys, you already know he just wants sex.

A man who truly wants you will bring you flowers, chocolates, or a nice dress- things that make you feel special. But this guy won’t.

11. All your conversations are sexual.

Just go through your chats with him if your conversation started with ‘Hey! What are you doing?’ has ended with dirty talk; you are with someone who is always having sex with you in his mind.

No such thing tells you that you want each other emotionally.

12. You always leave parties early.

You Always Leave Parties Early

Suppose you are invited to a party. He will want to go back to his place as soon as you reach there.

He has no interest in spending quality time with you and your friends or letting his friends know about you. Quality time has only one meaning to him-sex.

Leaving a party early

13. His compliments are sexual.

His compliments for you are ‘hot’ and ‘sexy.’ He only considers you beautiful when you dress up provocatively.

This guy will never appreciate you with no makeup or in your pajamas. Since he only has sex on his mind, he thinks you are beautiful only when you can arouse him.

14. The only room he knows is the bedroom.

Have you ever had coffee in your drawing room or cooked together in the kitchen? You will get nothing because no sooner he comes to your place, he aims for the bedroom.

He would only be interested in any other part of your house because of his sexual fantasies.

15. He has no interest in knowing about you.

He Has No Interest In Knowing About You

Since he only thinks about having sex with you, he is least interested in the other aspects of your life.

He never asks you about your hobbies, passions, family, friends, or even your relationship. He has zero interest in anything you say to him apart from sexual things.

16. He is very vague about taking things seriously.

He is reluctant whenever you start a conversation about your relationship and want to discuss things like if you see a future together.

He doesn’t think of it seriously because he has no intentions of having a proper relationship. He is just being nice enough not to say it directly.

17. Even when you are together, he acts distant.

Apart from the time you are having sex, he is always either busy on the phone or acts distant. Since he only focuses on sex, he can even pretend you are around for the rest of the time.

This is mainly because he has developed no emotional attachment to you.

18. Sometimes, you cannot even reach him.

A guy who is only interested in having sex with you will ensure that you can’t reach him anytime.

For instance, you keep texting and calling him for days, and he doesn’t respond, but he suddenly appears out of nowhere, saying he is busy. This unpredictability is proof of his reluctance.

19. If he kisses you, you are having sex.

Kisses and hugs are the purest forms of physical intimacy and may not lead to sex.

But if your guy is kissing you intending to take it further, he doesn’t value its ability to grow emotional intimacy. You can understand a lot from how a guy kisses you.

20. There is no affectionate interaction.

Have you ever talked to each other for hours about how you appreciate each other’s presence in life? If not, there’s a possibility he only wants sex. Affectionate interaction is very important in relationships.

If your man doesn’t understand the difference between sex and lovemaking, he will never appreciate you.

Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

How to handle a guy who only wants sex?

Sex is important in a relationship, but it’s not everything. So, if you are with a guy who only wants to have sex with you and is least interested in having an emotional relationship, you should not encourage it.

Here are some things you can do to control the situation.

1. Avoid all forms of contact.

No matter how charming he is, avoid contacting him. Don’t go to parties where you can bump into him, and don’t return his calls and messages.

Cut off all contact before you get too involved in a meaningless relationship. Your self-respect and honor are more important than love and sex.

2. Don’t stalk him. 

Even when you have cut off all contact, you might feel the urge to check his social media profiles and see what he is up to.

Resist yourself because doing so will make you want to contact him again. Know that you are doing the right thing by avoiding him.

3. Don’t suppress your feelings.

When you realize that a guy has been involved with you to have sex, you are bound to feel hurt and ill-treated.

Tell yourself that it’s perfectly normal to feel like this, and you will bounce back. Suppressing your emotions will create a heap of negative feelings in you.

4. Accept your relationship with him the way it was.

Before you try moving on, you must acknowledge that you shared a sexual relationship with him.

Don’t even encourage the notion that there was probably more to it than you thought because this will create false expectations. Acceptance makes it easier to move on from a bad relationship.

5. Don’t blame yourself.

Often, women think that something they said or did lead the guy to be only sexually interested in them.

They blame themselves and end up being depressed and pessimistic. You must realize that some men are just like that, and it has nothing to do with you or your sexuality.

6. Never forget his bad qualities.

Even when you feel like going back to home, remind yourself of the things about him that made you end this relationship.

Always remember how he ill-treated you or just wanted to have a sexual relationship. These mental notes will help you get over him and the relationship more quickly.

7. Be neutral about your feelings.

You will feel anger, resentment, and deceit every time you think of him. While it’s okay to have bitter feelings, do not let them overpower you.

Neutrally assess your emotions and always focus on your emotional growth for a more realistic evaluation of the situation. You will move on easily.

8. Pen down your thoughts.

You know that a diary can be your best friend, right? Whatever you are feeling, write them down.

This will relieve you of the emotional burden, and you can also view things better. Make a list of the things that made you come out of this relationship.

9. Focus on your hobbies and passions.

To divert yourself from developing negative thoughts, do something constructive. Pick a hobby or do things you are passionate about.

Set goals you want to achieve and work hard to fulfill them. This gives you determination and positivity to eliminate bad feelings and work on improving yourself.

10. Focus on the present.

Instead of lingering over what happened in your past relationship, focus on the present. Utilize the opportunities life has given you, and never stop believing in love.

Enjoy life by yourself, and you will find someone who loves you for who you are and not just want to have sex.

Key Takeaways

  • Recognize the signs: Look for indications such as late-night texts, frustration when sex isn’t involved, lack of interest in your life, and avoidance of emotional conversations.
  • Actions speak louder than words: Pay attention to his behavior rather than his promises or compliments.
  • Sexual focus: If the majority of your conversations, gifts, and interactions are sexually oriented, it’s a clear indication of his intentions.
  • Lack of emotional connection: He shows little interest in your feelings or problems or in building a deeper connection beyond physical intimacy.
  • Take control and move on: Avoid contact, resist the urge to stalk him, accept the nature of the relationship, focus on self-care, and pursue your own interests to heal and find someone who values you holistically.
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