30+ Signs He Loves You Through Text

If you have been talking to a guy via text and are unsure if they like you, these signs may be helpful.

Before investing your time and energy in a relationship, you must be assured that the other person has a similar approach.

He texts you about scenarios where you are together.

If a guy is talking to you over text and repeatedly discusses scenarios like ‘If we were together right now, we would be doing…..” or “We would have had so much fun if you were here with me right now.” This shows a guy’s growing interest in being with you.

He uses flirty emojis more frequently.

Someone’s use of emojis doesn’t express their feelings or approach to a person. But if you are familiar with his mode of interaction with other people or on social media and find him using flirty, lovey-dovey emojis while talking to you via text, know that he has feelings for you.

He has an infatuation with you.

Your approach towards the guy has a sense of attraction that he cannot ignore. So, if he puts in his genuine efforts to make you feel special, be it through good morning texts or sharing memes, you must understand his intention. He wants to always stay in touch with you.

He informs you when he is going out.

If a guy always lets you know that he is going out and won’t be able to reply to your texts for a while, know that he is genuinely interested in you. He is responsible and doesn’t want to make you think he is deliberately not replying to your messages.

He is very thoughtful regarding his texts.

Guys who send you one-word replies are a bummer. If someone is genuinely interested in you, they will always take time with their texts and send you thoughtful responses. This shows that they are talking to you because they want to know you better and not just to kill time.

He never hesitates to initiate conversation.

The biggest sign of a person interested in you is that you never have to wait for him. He texts you regularly and doesn’t hesitate to initiate a conversation with you, even if you didn’t reply to his last text. You can have an effortless and comfortable conversation with him.

He is quick to respond to your texts.

A person who likes you will never take ages to respond to your messages. They are eager to talk to you and don’t pretend to be cool by acting distant unnecessarily. So, if your guy is responding to all of your texts right away, know that he genuinely likes you.


Benefits of texting someone rather than calling:

  • It is a quicker process.
  • You don’t have to spend much money to text someone.
  • It’s an easy-to-use process for everyone.
  • The chances of people responding to your texts are more.
  • You can send attachments, music, or other things if you want to.
  • You have records of what you send and receive.
  • The entire system is discrete, so you don’t have to worry bout privacy.
  • You don’t need an Internet connection to text someone.
  • You can send a text to multiple people at the same time.
  • It is widely used across the globe.

You are texting each other constantly throughout the day.

You can always identify a budding romance when you spend your entire day texting someone. Every time you look at your phone and see their message, your face lights up with a smile. You don’t even realize how the day goes by because you are so invested in each other.

His texts are not very basic.

A guy who likes you constantly tries to impress or make you feel special in little ways. So, his texts will be a little different from your other friends. He will try a bit harder or make weird and stupid jokes but know that he does everything with good intentions.

He doesn’t miss a chance to compliment you.

A guy who likes you will compliment you in every little way possible. From your profile pictures to photos of your dog or family, he will tell you something good about everything. This shows his genuine interest in your life, and he is doing this because he truly likes you.

He tried to find out if you had a boyfriend.

 If he truly likes you, he will try to find you if you are already committed to someone. So, if a guy wants to know about your love life and if you are in a relationship, he likes you, and this is a clear symbol of his weakness for you.

He never forgets the little details.

Most men have difficulty remembering the little things about women. So, if your guy is very careful regarding these matters and is extra attentive to everything you say or do, know that they are putting in all the effort to make you understand that you are truly special to them.

He is always there to help you out.

If a guy likes you, he will ensure you always find him when you are in distress. They will let you know they are here to help you in any crisis you face. A guy is only ready to go the extra mile for you when he genuinely likes you.

He constantly teases you.

Remember the childish approach where a boy teases you all the time if he likes you, like in Kindergarten? So, if a guy texting you is always teasing or irritating you, know that he is doing so in good humor. He wants to make you laugh and grab your attention.

He laughs at everything.

Even if your jokes aren’t that funny, a guy who likes you will laugh at them. They want to protect your feelings and appreciate you for the person you are. So, if there are a lot of ‘hahas’ and ‘lols’ in your conversation, know that the guy truly likes you.


Reasons to laugh more frequently:

  • It makes you happy.
  • It relaxes you.
  • It triggers feel-good endomorphin release.
  • Boosts your physical immunity.
  • Reduces stress levels.
  • Improves your memory and learning ability.
  • It keeps your heart healthy.
  • Helps you overcome pain.
  • Helps you gain perspective.
  • Acts as a core workout.

He drunk-texts you.

Things could not get more obvious, could they? If a guy texts you while they are drunk, know that you are constantly on their mind. Alcohol makes your inner emotions come out more easily. So, if he is blurting out lovey-dovey texts while being drunk, he likes you a lot.

He tells you that he hopes you weren’t just texting right now.

When a guy likes you, and you have been communicating over text for some time, he will want to take the relationship forward after some days. So, if he wants to video chat with you or go out on a date, know that this relationship is very important to him.

His messages keep pouring in.

When a guy is genuinely interested in you, he will always want to text you. So, even when you are in a meeting or busy with some other work, his texts keep coming in. He is so attracted to you that he wants to keep talking to you via text.

He keeps going back and forth while texting you.

A guy who likes you will always be very conscious about his texts. So, if you find him deleting texts frequently or spending a long time writing his texts, know that he is very careful about the impression his texts create before you because he likes you genuinely.

He has pet names for you.

A guy who likes you will soon have cute pet names for you. This is his way of making you feel special and letting you know you can have a comfortable conversation with him. Sounds cheesy, but this is what liking someone and wanting to have their attention is about. 

They constantly check in on you.

A guy who likes you will constantly check in on you through text. He will ask you what you are doing, where you are, or if you had breakfast/dinner. These are little ways in which he shows his growing concern and attention towards every little detail of your life.

They don’t hesitate to apologize.

The most chivalrous thing a guy can do is apologize when he has messed up. This expresses their lack of false ego and lets you know that they are humble enough to accept that everyone is flawed. So, if he cares enough to maintain communication with you, he likes you.


Reasons to apologize to someone:

  • You have a clearer conscience.
  • You have stronger and more effortless relationships.
  • You model healthy habits for people around you.
  • You get to reflect on yourself.
  • It boosts your emotional growth.
  • It makes you more humble.
  • You develop a more positive mindset.
  • You are motivated to change your negative attitude.
  • You heal personally.
  • You have better self-esteem.

 You are the best to him.

A guy infatuated with you will always consider you the best in every matter. So, if someone is telling you how lucky they are to have you in their life or keeps complimenting you in every little aspect, they want to show their validation and love towards you.

You have your inside jokes.

Know that you are developing a strong and special bond with someone when you have inside jokes that only you and he understand. You can easily share things about your life without being uncomfortable and keep each other’s secrets. The chemistry between you is budding, and you can’t ignore it.

 The conversation is never-ending.

If a guy likes you, he will just want to keep talking to you; you never run out of topics to discuss with each other. They are comfortable sharing almost everything with you. If this is reciprocated mutually, you overcome the friend zone and get involved in something serious.

You always find their messages waiting when you wake up.

The first thing you see when you wake up in the morning is a lovely text they’ve sent. They want to start and end their day with the thought of you, and this doesn’t happen unless you count as someone very special and they have a soft corner for you.

 He wants to take things up a notch.

If a guy wants to let you know he likes you, he will want to video call you frequently after you’ve texted each other for a while. If he wants to see you more often because he wants to feel more connected to you, you have something serious going on.

He mirrors your texting style.

This is a subconscious process where a guy copies your texting language because he likes it about you, among everything else. So, if he uses the same slang/emojis while texting you, he wants to get closer and be more like you. He makes an extra effort to attract you.

Everyone has a different way of expression.

Although the signs mentioned above are the most commonly seen, every person expresses their interest in their way. You know the guy you are talking to, and therefore, your idea of him as a person and his habits will help you find out signs that he is attracted to you.

Ask him.

The simplest way to know if he likes you is to ask him. You are both adults and don’t need to play stupid mind games or wait for him to express his feelings. If you like him and want a relationship, make the first move and speak to him openly.


So, you now know when a guy likes you. If you find most of these signs applicable to the guy you’re talking to, you can hope to have a relationship with him. Remember that it is always better to have a straightforward and honest conversation when it comes to relationships.


Reasons why someone isn’t texting you back:

  • They are busy with other priorities in their life.
  • They are distracted by something else.
  • They have some real-life drama going on.
  • They are unsure about how to talk to you.
  • There are more comfortable with face-to-face conversations.
  • They are irritated with your frequent texts.
  • They are trying to play stupid mind games with you.
  • They are not comfortable enough to respond to your feelings.
  • They don’t feel the same way about you.

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