29+ Signs of A Healthy Relationship

It is essential to reflect on your relationship once in a while. Reevaluating the state of your relationship and its impact on your life will help you proceed wisely and see if there are any changes to be made. These signs will indicate that you are in a healthy relationship.

Your partner always wants you to go higher.

Everyone deserves a supporting partner who encourages us in everything we do. If your partner wants to see you succeed in life and is always there to celebrate your achievements as their own, you are in a healthy relationship with a good-hearted person who will never demotivate you in life.

You embrace each other’s imperfections.

A relationship is healthy when you realize that nobody is perfect; therefore, your partner is bound to have flaws. Instead of judging or criticizing them for those flaws, we must accept them wholeheartedly. Your partner will love you for the person you are, including those imperfections that make you human.

You can always be yourself.

In a healthy relationship, there is no room for pretenses. You can always be yourself when you’re with your partner because they know you best and will never judge you. You are comfortable enough not to put up a mask before them and be someone you are not deep within.

You respect each other’s opinions and feelings.

Two people in healthy relationships will never underestimate each other’s beliefs and emotions. If your partner believes in something, you will support them genuinely, even if you don’t feel the same way. Their opinion is as important as yours, and you always tell them that you understand them very well.

You are not in a codependent relationship.

You are emotionally connected to each other but not codependent. You are responsible for your own happiness and prosperity, and you are just happy to have someone to share it with. You have enough self-respect to not feel incomplete without each other. Their presence just makes you happier and stronger.


Signs of a codependent relationship:

  • You feel the urge to save your partner by being their caretaker.
  • You want to change your habits and personality.
  • You feel selfish, wanting to take care of yourself.
  • You are never sure where you stand in this relationship.
  • You are always uncertain and freak out when your communication is disrupted.
  • You can never be alone; you always have a fear of being left out.
  • You sacrifice all other aspects of your life to be with your partner.
  • You don’t have any space in this relationship to think about yourself.
  • You feel like your expectations from this relationship are way more than they should be.
  • They have problems with setting boundaries for a better understanding.

You value each other’s decisions.

In a healthy relationship, you always consider yourself as a unit instead of a couple. Therefore, you always consider each other’s opinions and thoughts before making important decisions. You never fail to show each other that your partner is a priority in your life, giving you better understanding and communication.

You appreciate and validate each other.

Validation and honest appreciation are important aspects of a relationship. If you want to have a healthy relationship, you have to put in the effort to make your partner feel special. A compliment, a simple thank you, or ‘I miss you can work wonders to improve understanding between two partners.

You respect each other’s families.

Since you love everything about your partner, their family is equally important to you. You take care of their parents and respect the bond they share with their family because you value them most. This mutual appreciation of each other’s loved ones is an important sign of a healthy relationship.

You always consider intimacy important.

Intimacy, both physical and emotional, is very important. If you and your partner always make efforts to grow your intimacy and know each other better, you will have a healthy relationship. Being intimate doesn’t necessarily mean sex to you; you can always cuddle up in bed and watch a movie together.

You are not afraid, to be honest.

You can be yourself with your partner; therefore, you don’t even feel the urge to be dishonest with them. You can tell them everything, knowing they will never judge you or think less of you. This honesty makes your bond stronger and helps you connect with each other more easily.

You have great fun together.

When you are together, you don’t need anybody else. You enjoy each other’s company to the fullest and whatever you do is fun and interesting. If you are comfortable with spending endless time with your partner and having fun at the same time, you are definitely in a healthy relationship.

You have healthy communication.

Always remember that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. You can always talk to your partner freely about the good and bad things in your relationship, and you always hear each other out. If you can communicate with each other without any restriction, you share an honest relationship.

You are truly happy.

The most important sign of a healthy relationship is that both you and your partner are happy to be in it. There are no untold grudges or disappointments, and you love each other. You feel happy to have your partner, and this relationship gives you contentment in every way possible.

Your connection is not merely physical.

Sex is undoubtedly an important element in relationships. But people in a healthy relationship are capable of transcending this union into something more meaningful. Your connection isn’t only physical; you bond emotionally, and your relationship becomes spiritual. Both of you must understand the difference between having sex and making love.


Ways to connect better with your partner emotionally:

  • Take a moment to find a connection.
  • Always create an environment where you can talk to each other freely.
  • Let each other know that it is safe to express your emotions and weakness.
  • Working on your conflict-resolution process and helping each other.
  • Be relaxed in each other’s presence, and promote informality in your relationship.
  • Allow your partner to completely be themselves when they are with you.
  • Accept your imperfections and let each other know that it is okay to make mistakes.
  • Let each other know that thinking out loud is good.,
  • Believe that playing it cool in difficult situations is not helpful.
  • Accept that emotional connection makes things easier.

Your relationship is balanced.

You can never hope to have a healthy relationship if you can’t balance everything. You and your partner must share responsibilities, the emotional ones too. You never pressure each other to do things, and you try to help each other in every way, be it household chores or emotional burdens.

You trust each other wholeheartedly.

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. We always seek a partner who is reliable and whom we can trust with everything. So, if you can discuss all your problems with your partner or trust them with your life and the things in it, you will have a healthy relationship.

You never disrespect personal boundaries.

Being in a relationship never means you can invade your partner’s private space. As individuals, you have things or beliefs that nobody else can gain access to. So, if you and your partner have always respected each other’s boundaries and never made each other feel uncomfortable, your relationship is healthy.

You treat each other very patiently.

A healthy relationship demands dedication and patience. Your partner will do something that pisses you off, but instead of acting impulsively or treating them badly, you have to be patient with them. If you and your partner have always kept this in mind, you share a good and kind relationship.

You have great respect for this relationship.

You respect your relationship, and you are ready to make all efforts to protect and nourish it. When you consider your relationship a priority, you never take it for granted or misbehave with your partner. You will always treat them with love and respect and dedicate yourself to this relationship.

You never deal with jealousy and insecurities.

You trust each other so much that you have no reason to be jealous about anything. If your partner has a good friend, you don’t see it suspiciously. A healthy relationship means you will never be insecure or uncertain; you never think your partner will leave you or hurt you.

You can confide in them whenever you want.

They are your best secret keepers. There is nothing you can’t tell them because you are so comfortable sharing stuff. Being able to confide in your partner about everything without feeling uneasy or uncertain is a great advantage of being in a healthy relationship with a trustworthy and understanding partner.

You always let each other feel love and concern.

Constant validation and expression of your love and commitment are necessary for a healthy relationship. If you or your partner have never taken each other for granted and if you keep reminding yourself how much you love and care for each other, you are confident and honest enough to make an effort.

You have a sense of security.

You feel secure in this relationship, physically and emotionally. You know that your partner is always there to love and protect you, and they will never hurt you intentionally. With a sense of belonging comes a sense of security and comfort, and this is very important for a healthy relationship.

You support each other unconditionally.

In a healthy relationship, partners love and support each other unconditionally. You always know that your partner will be supportive of you, irrespective of the circumstances. They will hold your hand and always encourage you for the best, no matter what. This is very important for your mental health too.

There is room for constant growth.

Partners in a healthy relationship always motivate each other to grow as good human beings. Your partner teaches you things, and this relationship is great for your mental well-being. Encouraging your partner to become a better human and motivating each other to achieve great things is the best feeling ever.

You have freedom of speech.

We often deflect our beliefs and opinions to impress our partners. But if you can be in a relationship, knowing that you are free to speak and think and your partner will never criticize or judge you, this is a healthy relationship. Partners should value each other’s opinions equally.

You make equal efforts in this relationship.

As already mentioned, the key to a healthy relationship is to learn how to balance everything. Both you and your partner make similar efforts to express your love for each other, and you share responsibilities, knowing that you are in this together. This equality makes your relationship healthy and beautiful.

You never have ugly fights.

Being in a relationship means you will have disputes. But if you are in a healthy relationship, even your fights are civil. You don’t get into ugly fights and start playing the blame game or bad-mouthing each other. Even though you disagree, you will consider each other’s opinions equally valid.

You have a life.

Your relationship isn’t the only thing in your life. You are wise and understanding enough to give each other the space to enjoy life with your family and friends and do things alone. Whenever you make your relationship the only priority, things start getting suffocated, and the tension keeps building.

You never question each other’s love.

In a healthy relationship, you never have to ask your partner,” Do you really love me?” because they express it openly. You know their feelings are genuine, and you never doubt each other. This trust and understanding protect your relationship from negativity, and you are deeply connected to each other.


These signs will help you understand if you are in a healthy relationship or not. Being with a loving and understanding partner is very important for our mental health. It shapes your idea of love and makes you feel grateful to always have that one special person in your life.


Signs you are in an emotionally harmful relationship:

  • You are over-intense with each other.
  • Your possessiveness crosses limits.
  • You constantly manipulate each other to suit yourself.
  • You try to isolate each other from family and friends.
  • You intentionally sabotage the goodness in each other.
  • You make each other feel bad and try to cover it up with humor.
  • You try to make each other feel guilty during a conflict.
  • Your reactions are unpredictable, making your partner feel intimidated.
  • You don’t bother to take responsibility for your mistakes.
  • You don’t hesitate to betray each other.

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