185+ Heartfelt Love Messages for Him

There is no need for you to express your love to that special person in a hundred words. Even a single line can do that for you. A heartfelt message should be full of true love. Here are some cute and romantic heartfelt love messages for that special man of yours.

Heartfelt Love Messages for him

-I don’t think anything can be compared to the love and the feelings that I have for you.

-Your glance and smile are enough to make every day special.

-My love for you knows no end.

-I love to start my day with and also end it with you by my side.

-Staying away from you is the last thing I want in my life.

-Even a second away from you makes me feel like a thousand years have already passed.

-I spend most of the night thanking God to bring a person like you into my life.

 -I don’t know why I love you but all that I know is that I love you the most in the world.

-You are the only one who loves all my flaws without complaining about it ever.

-I just want to love you without any boundaries and love all your flaws just like you have loved mine.

-Loving you with all my life is the only thing that I have ever known in this world.

-True love always happens at the right time with the right person and I know I have found the right person at the right time.

-It is really sweet to hear you saying ‘I love you’ and I wish to hear it for the rest of my life.

-I just want to love you with all my heart till the last day of my life.

-You are the only person I know who loves me truly and will do so forever.

-I promise not to leave your side until the last day of my life.

-You are the only person who will make me feel safe and takes care of me as no one did.

-You make me feel good even when everything else is far from perfect in this world.

-You have me in your life and always know that I will ever stop loving you even for a second.

-You make my day special with that sweet smile of yours.

-All that I ever think about is you when you are not with me and I just want to say ‘I love you’.

-I took a pen and a paper and drew the map that will lead me all the way to your heart.

-My heart belongs to you and it is the responsibility to keep it safe.

-Last night, I stayed up late crafting words that will let me express the amount of love I have for you but my love for you could not be expressed with any word.

-Your tears make me weak but kisses will make me strong.

-You are not allowed to leave my side until the last day of my life.

-Each morning when I wake up beside you, I just thank god for creating a person like you and giving him to me.

-My biggest dream is to have a cup of coffee with you beside me every morning.

-The definition of a perfect day is the one where I get to spend my entire day with you.

-I have no reason to love you but I just happen to love only you.

-I am ready to spend the entire day loving you.

-You are and will always be the first and the last one whom I have loved this much.

-I just hope that I am the only person whom you will love forever.

-Let the two of us run somewhere far away from this place and stay together for the rest of our lives.

-When I first met you, I immediately knew that you are the only person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.

-You are the most adorable person who belongs to me only.

-When you walked into my life, I could not help but fall in love with you.

-This world for me is truly blessed with you present in it.

-Loving you is the best thing of my life and I want to say out loud that ‘I love you’.

-Whenever I hear you saying ‘I love you’, it becomes a magical moment and I request you to create this magical moment more often.

-Every time is the perfect one as long as it is spent with you.

-Your laughter makes the butterflies flutter into my belly and then goes all the way to my heart.

-I love you the way you are and I hope that you remain like this forever.

-The greatest joy in the world for me is to see you smile and hear you say ‘I love you’ to me.

-I cannot spend even a second without you in my life.

-I cannot manage to spend a day of my life without thinking about you.

-Now that you are with me, the only thing I know is that I need to spend the rest of my life with you.

-Even words fail to express the love I have for you and yet, I want to tell you ‘I love you’.

-Do not leave my side ever or else I will forget how to breathe.

-Stay with me forever and I shall show you how much I love you.

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Heartfelt Message for Boyfriend

-Be with me so that together we can create the most beautiful and the most colorful masterpiece.

-With you by my side, I am ready to face any danger in the world.

-My greatest misery is to see you hurt.

-My life is worth living with you in it.

-The only mission of my life is to make you smile every single day.

-You are like the treasure that I want to keep safe and hidden.

-You have filled my garden with love and you are the most beautiful flower that blooms in it.

-According to me, the most precious treasure is not beneath the ground but it is the person who is walking beside me and that is you my love.

-I hope that you love me just as you do now forever and ever my love.

-Even though sometimes I make it hard for you to stay with me, yet I know that you will stay anyways- I love you so much for that.

-If I have to lose myself into the pool of your love, I really do not mind drowning in that pool.

-My love, I wish to start my life with you and grow old together.

-It is not a crime to love you and even if it is then I am ready to turn in myself.

-All that it took was just a smile from you and that changed my entire life.

-I just want to say that I love you to the moon and back.

-Did you know that your hands are meant to fill the spaces between my fingers?

-I love my life because I have you in it.

-Love is said to be painful but I am ready to bear the pain if I am in love with you darling.

-I wished for someone who will stay with me forever and just then I met you in the form of my life partner.

-Your happiness means a lot to me and also it is the biggest reward of my life.

-In spite of all your flaws, you will always have me by your side who will love every inch of you.

-I am really lucky and blessed to have a person like you in my life and I love you for that.

-When I met you on the first day, I immediately knew that my prince charming has arrived.

-Just call out my name anytime even if it is past midnight and I shall be there by your side.

-I do not need the most perfect person but all I need is someone who will love my silly and weird side along with everything else and I know that you are the only one who can do that.

-My love, just say my name and I am ready to cross thousand oceans to see you.

-It is an honour to have such a loving and caring person like you in my life.

-I love you only because you see me in a way that no one else can or does.

-I am grateful to you for you always make me happy, love me and care for me in ways like no one did.

-I wonder if it is reasonable to fight for love but when I think about you I think I am ready to be in a war and also win it.

-I never expected that I would get to be with you but it happened anyways.

-In my spare time the only thing that I think about is all those times that we have spent together and that makes me grin.

-I love you the most because I know that you are the only person who knows me so well.

-I love you darling because you are my life.

Heartfelt love messages

-Even if I don’t tell you this to you every day but darling, I’ll love you all the way, till the last day. 

I thank God because of every breath I take in your name, thinking about you, and falling for you even more.

Each second that I’m away from you feels like an eternity away from each other. 

I’m the one suffering from acute separation anxiety, and I always want to hold on to you tight. 

You are the only one I imagine spending my entire life with. There’s never going to be anyone else. 

My heart seems to race against the clock every time it thinks of you. Neither I nor my heart can’t wait to see you again. 

Your breath against that of mine, just as our souls intertwine. I miss that feeling so much, babe. 

You are the perfect blend of everything that I wanted in a girl. You are the apple of my eye. 

Hey babe, you are one in a million, and I’m glad that you are the one for me, in my life, forever mine. 

I may have quite a few addictions but in reality, you are my favorite addiction. 

You are in my thoughts 24×7. You are the reason I breathe, and I exist. Thank you for enlightening my life.

Trust me, darling, the love I have for you is as vast as the sky and as deep as the oceans out there. 

Your sole existence is the reason I live and breathe. You have shown me how to love and made me believe that I, too, can be loved. 

You and your love mean the entire world to me. Never even in my darkest of dreams, can I imagine leaving your side for someone else. 

The feelings you give me are something I have always craved for. With you by my side, we can show the entire world what true love looks like. 

I pray to God always that he lets me experience your love for a lifetime and for all the lifetimes that follow. 

I always imagined myself being someone who could never be loved, but you proved me wrong. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. 

The more time I spend with you, the more I fall for you. The more I fall for you, the more I realize how dreary my life would be without you. 

I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Every time that I see you, you seem to take my breath away. You’re a blessing in disguise in my life. 

You are the only one ever to light up my world and someone with all the qualities that I have ever dreamt of. 

We are bound to face obstacles and challenges, but I’m sure that with you by my side, we can overcome the biggest of hurdles out there. 

This year has been the best in my life since I met you. And now that you’ve become my habit, I can’t live a moment without thinking about you. 

Every time you leave, I cherish the moments we had just spent together. What would I even do without you, my love? 

A love like yours is what comes once in a blue moon, baby girl. I’ll cherish you always and do whatever it takes to keep our relationship on track. 

A love like yours would be very stupid of me not to treasure and cherish. It’s not very often people get someone as pure as you are in their lives. 

All those nights I spend being wrapped in your arms are my favorite ones. 

That smile of yours stole my heart, and that aroma of yours took my breath away. 

As long as you’re with me, I feel safe. You are my home, my shelter, and I can’t bear the cost of a life without you in it. 

It doesn’t matter how hard life becomes for me. As long as you are there with me, no obstacle is difficult for me to conquer. 

Sweetheart, I want all our dreams to come true. All that we have secretly prayed for ourselves and all that we crave so badly. 

Baby, I want to be happily yours for every life to come. I’m grateful that you accept me the way I am. 

Oh, girl! Your drop-dead gorgeous smile will be the reason I die someday. 

You know what, babe? This life is just too short for us to do everything that we have ever planned to do. We need another life together. 

My words could never fathom how important you are to me. Just seeing you breathe makes my heart fill with joy and euphoria.

Man, I love to steal glances at you every time you’re busy doing something else and not looking at me. 

The love I have for you is, and will always be, everlasting and pure. There can never be anyone else in my life other than you, sweetheart. 

You are an angel in disguise, that has descended from paradise, carrying with herself the special note of “I Love You”, for me. 

Your love is like a necessity to me. I’m like a bird without wings, or an ocean without water, without your showering of love over me.

The truest and most honest feelings of love and care emanate from my soul, towards yours. You justify my entire existence. 

When you put your head on my chest, you’ll realize the genuine feelings of love etched deep inside my heart for you. 

Not every girl I come across has the same vibe as yours. Not every girl I meet, I wish to be with. It’s you and you only for the rest of my life. 

Honey, what would I have done without you? You complete my life and bring clarity to my existence. With you, I can accomplish everything. 

If you could see the world through my eyes, you could only see yourself as a reflection in the mirror because you are my entire world. 

I wish I was your heartbeat so that I could be close to you all the time and never let go of you.

You are the only and the absolute queen of my life. Nobody will ever try to steal the throne from you as long as you have me. 

Every time you feel down and low, I wish to be the one who picks you up and loves you in a way that you forget all your pain. 

Your love for me is like the shining of the stars. At times they get hidden behind the clouds, but we all know that they never stop shining. 

As long as you’re the reason behind my smile, you’ll never hear me complain about my reason for frowning. 

You are the sunshine on my dullest of days and the moonlight on my chaotic nights. 

I hereby promise to protect you from all sorts of negativity this world has in store for us, but you have to promise to stick by my side as well.

-Your name isn’t written on sand so that it can wash away. Your name isn’t written on the clouds so that it can blow you. Your name is etched on my heart, where it’ll always stay. 

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