Holding Hands: What it could mean to a guy

Holding hands is the most common and romantic gesture that you can do in a relationship. It represents connectivity and togetherness, but most importantly, it gives the relationship a defined meaning. But for guys, the meaning is much more deep-rooted than that.

Here is what holding hands could mean to a guy

The meanings are connected with the change in the guy’s hand positions concerning their partner’s hand. Through this blog, we will try to discover what holding hands mean to a guy concerning their hand position.  

Down facing palm

When a guy holds his partner’s hands through a downward-facing palm position, then he is showcasing his dominant role in the relationship. Apart from this, he also indicates his protective nature towards his partner and is always ready to safeguard both himself and his partner against a sudden attack. 

Holding quite a few fingers

This style of holding hands is not too macho like the earlier one but still looks cute and amazing. If a guy is holding hands with their partner in this fashion, then he is signifying his independence in the relationship.

He wishes to exhibit that he has his private space in the relationship. He can also use this hand-holding position to indicate that he is not happy with the relationship and wants an emotional distance. 

Interlocked fingers 

Interlocked fingers are one of the most traditional ways by which guys hold their hands with their partners. Through this, they showcase deeper connectivity with their partner. This connectivity is both on the emotional and physical levels.

A guy may also show his vulnerability towards his partner by holding hands in this fashion. He may also show that he is very comfortable with his partner. 

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Swinging hands

When a guy holds his partner’s hand and starts swinging in all corners, then he is indicating that he is in a cheerful mood and wants to play with his partner. Through this, he is also trying to indicate that he is very happy in the relationship. 

Passive hand holding

When you notice couples holding hands in a very subtle way but yet the grip is quite firm, it conveys their mutual respect and understanding. It also tells that the couple respects each other’s boundaries. 

This is a way of showing a deep and meaningful connection in the relationship. This way of holding hands says a lot about a guy- it makes the guy feel respected and understood in the relationship, and it also lets him know that he is allowed to express his feelings.

Relaxed Lace

Holding hands in a relaxed way tells a lot about trust and care for each other in the relationship. It also tells that the couple is mature enough to be emotionally stable even if they are in a long-distance relationship or staying apart.

A guy would realize that his partner is longing for a deep physical bonding filled with love and admiration. This position of holding hands gives a feeling of being homesick.

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Wrist grab

This is a way of showing control or a sense of neediness in a relationship. This is considered to be one of the most intimate ways of holding hands.

The guy would realize that his partner wants him to be always around him. This feeling of always being around can either develop because of a feeling of insecurity or because of admiration. People often mistake this for possessiveness. 

Massaging Hand Hold

This is one of the most romantic ways of holding hands. Couples massaging each other’s palms can be relaxing and also be flirtatious. 

A guy would feel relaxed and attracted to his partner. He would also pay attention to how his partner’s fingers massage each of his fingers and gradually intertwine.

Two-Hand Hold

This also is a very intimate way of holding hands. Holding hands in this position gives a feeling of security and calmness. It also makes the other person feel special and loved.

A guy would feel romantic and also secure. He will get the confidence to let his guard down and express his emotions and feelings freely.

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Warm-up handhold

This is a great way of cozying up during cold winter nights. Holding each other’s hands and caressing and rubbing them provides comfort and warmth.

A guy would not only feel warm and comfortable but will also realize that his partner loves him and cares for him as much as he does for him/her. 

Here, all the important points are what holding hands mean to guys concerning their hand positions. 

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