20+ Amazing Homecoming Proposal Ideas

If you are unsure how to propose to your crush/lover to homecoming uniquely, we are here to help. This article lists varied proposals based on different themes, from films and sports to food and animals. These are the perfect ways of asking out your partner or crush for homecoming!

How To Create The Perfect Homecoming Proposal Ideas:

If you want your proposal to be unique and creative so that there is no way your crush/partner can say no to it, there are certain things you must keep in mind. Pay attention to every detail, keep their preferences in mind, and have your perfect homecoming proposal idea.

  • Be creative.

This homecoming proposal is your chance to express yourself as a romantic and creative person. So bring out the artist in you and make an effort to make your proposal aesthetic. Add lots of color and bling to whatever you do to make your idea sparkle the brightest of all!

  • Have an interesting catchphrase.

The main idea of your homecoming prosal is to make yourself stand out as a unique person. Therefore, you must have a unique catchphrase that reflects your character and creativity. If you are using a poster to propose to your crush/partner, think of a caption that instantly attracts them.

  • Use cut-outs:

The more you jazz up your poster, the easier your crush/partner says yes to coming to homecoming with you. As discussed in the next section, use the cut-outs and drawings of their favorite theme/subject. They will be delighted when they set their eyes on your lovely poster.

  • Use gifts:

Yes, a themed poster will be great, but you can also make an extra effort while thinking of your homecoming proposal idea. Give a bouquet of your crush/partner’s favorite flowers, a box of chocolate, or a gift suitable to the theme so they are happier than you can imagine.

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Ways to Make a Birthday Party Special:

  • Decorate the house with balloons.
  • Let them choose the menu for dinner.
  • Make everyone dress up for the party.
  • Arrange a birthday breakfast with their close ones.
  • Serve them breakfast in bed.
  • Ask everyone to make handwritten cards.
  • Bake their favorite cake,
  • Plan an activity they love.
  • Get the family to plant saplings together.
  • Ask everyone to tell what they love about the person.

Ideas to make sure you can prepare the perfect homecoming proposal:

If you think that asking your crush/partner to come to homecoming with you is a nerve-wracking thing for you, we are here to help you out. Put in some effort, creativity, and confidence, and you will have your perfect proposal idea. These are the steps that you must follow:

  • Choose your theme.

The first thing to do is to pick the theme on which you want to create the whole concept. Choose something that suits their likes or interests and use your creativity to make a proposal that they will accept readily. Let your eagerness and love be expressed through your proposal.

  • Choose your setting.

You have to select the setting of your proposal based on your crush/partner’s preferences. Understand if they would be more comfortable with you proposing in front of your friends or if they would want you to do so in private. This way, you would not be embarrassed later on.

  • Be prepared in advance.

Don’t wait till the last moment to implement the proposal. There are chances someone else would already have asked them out, and you will miss your opportunity. Also, if you make all preparations in a hurry, things will go wrong, and you will fail to present your perfect homecoming proposal.

  • Don’t be scared.

If you get nervous before making the proposal and keep thinking about whether they will accept it or not, you will not be able to put your heart and soul into it. So, overcome these fears; just go ahead, and ask them out. Be nice and unique with your proposal.

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Tips to Overcome Nervousness on Your First Date:

  • Go when you feel comfortable.
  • Don’t expect too much.
  • Talk to someone who can provide you with emotional support.
  • Pamper yourself.
  • Be aware of the things that can make you nervous.
  • Listen to music.
  • Eat something you love.
  • Own your emotions.
  • Remember that feeling nervous is normal.
  • Laugh at yourself if needed.

Tips for asking out a sports fan:

  • Tennis

If your crush is a tennis player, you can pop up the homecoming proposal by asking them, “Hey! Let’s make a racquet at Hoco!”

  • Basketball

Write down the question on a board and surround it with hoops. Or, try cutting out a board in the shape of a basketball and writing the question on it.

Possible Questions Are:

  • Before you shoot some 3s, would you like to go homecoming with me?
  • Mind taking a shot at homecoming with me?
  • Baseball

For a baseball player, you can design a poster with baseballs, bats, gloves, etc. You can also gift them a baseball with the question written on it.

Possible Questions Are:

  • Forgive me if I strike out and ask you to come to homecoming with me.
  • If you come to homecoming with me, I will have a home run.
  • Football

Write down the question on a football and give it to your crush. Or design a board with footballs all around and write the question on it.

Possible Questions Are:

  • I just want to score a date with you so that we can go to homecoming.
  • I am going to homecoming, but I don’t think I can tackle it alone. Wanna join?
  • Hockey

Make a poster shaped like a puck or stick, write your message on it, and give it to them.

Possible Questions Are:

  • You’re cool, like ice. Would you like to skate to homecoming with me?
  • If I could go to homecoming with you, it would be like winning the Stanley Cup.
  • Volleyball

Pop the homecoming proposal on a volleyball and give it to your crush.

Possible Questions Are:

  • Would you like to hit homecoming with me?
  • I have an ace of an idea. If you went to homecoming with me, I would dig it.
  • I dig it for you to be my homecoming date.
  • Swimming

Designing a poster board in any shape is very easy nowadays. You can also gift your crush a pair of swimming goggles and give them a card on which you have written the proposal.

Possible Questions Are:

  • Will you like swimming to homecoming as fishes do?
  • I want you to be my homecoming date. You don’t need your goggles to see that.
  • Track

Draw a track and write a message on the board. Or, gift them a pair of sneakers and keep the card.

Possible Questions Are:

  • On your mark, get set, and here we go to homecoming on a date!
  • What are your running shoes for if you don’t come to homecoming with me?
  • Soccer

If your crush bends it like Beckham, these proposal ideas are your best choice. Write one of these on a soccer ball and gift it to them.

Possible Questions Are:

  • Only you can help me fulfill my goal of going to homecoming with me.
  • We are going to kick it at homecoming!
  • I want to have a ball with you, but at homecoming.

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Proposal Lines that Are Romantic and Effective:

  • You are the reason for my smile. Can I be yours?
  • My life is incomplete without you. Please don’t leave me ever.
  • Are you Google? Because I have been searching for you my whole life!
  • Now that I have found you, I want nothing else. I love you!
  • Every time you smile, I can feel the butterflies in my stomach.
  • All I want is to spend my whole life with you.
  • I don’t know what I would do without you. Please be mine!
  • I want to hold your hand and never let go!
  • I understood love when I met you.
  • I love you for being you.

Tips for asking out an entertainment fan:

If you know your crush/partner’s favorite book, movie, song, or TV show, you can use that advantage for your homecoming proposal. Here are several ways you can pop the question of going for homecoming to them using entertainment choices, knowing they wouldn’t be able to say no to you.

  • Movies

Be it dialogues from their favorite film or a theme they love, you can use these to invite them to go to homecoming with you.

Possible Questions Are:

  • I seek a homecoming date, and you are indeed a keeper. Homecoming? (For a Harry Potter fan)
  • At homecoming, I want you to be the Daisy to my Gatsby (For The Great Gatsby fans)
  • Disney

If your crush is a huge Disney fan, proposing to them for homecoming just gets easier for you. Design a poster with an iconic scene or their favorite character.

Possible Questions Are:

  • I want to go to homecoming feeling like Prince Charming, but I would be incomplete without you, my Cinderella! (For Cinderella fans)
  • Moana go to homecoming with me? (For Moana fans)
  • TV Shows

You can propose to your crush for homecoming by having a fun Netflix and chill night, where you pop the question during their favorite scene or dialogue.

Possible Questions Are:

  • Hi. Dr. Shepherd here. Will my Meredith Grey want to go to homecoming with me? (For Grey’s Anatomy fans)
  • Will you be Betty to my Jughead at homecoming? (For Riverdale fans)

Tips for asking out an animal fan:

Nobody can resist a cute animal, and your homecoming proposal idea can get unique. If your crush is an animal lover, they are bound to love your animal-themed homecoming proposal. Prepare a poster card with their favorite animal’s sticker and your proposal written on it, and show it to them.

Possible Questions Are:

  • I am officially hooked on taking you to homecoming.
  • If you went to homecoming with me, that would make me beary happy!
  • If I got to take you to homecoming, everyone would call me the lucky duck.
  • Homecoming would be purrfect when you and I go together.

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Ways to Let Your Pet Know You Love Them:

  • Feed them good food.
  • Make them exercise.
  • Learn their language.
  • Pay attention to its activities.
  • Invest in a training class to improve your relationship.
  • Make regular visits to the vet.
  • Play games together.
  • Help them overcome their fears.
  • Use walking tools if needed.
  • Pamper them with cuddles and kisses.

Tips for asking out a food lover:

Is your crush always in the mood for some good food? Well, order their favorite dish and slip in a card with your proposal written on it. This way, they get a delicious treat, and you take them to homecoming because that’s a proposal they will never say no to!

Possible Questions Are:

  • Come to homecoming with me if you don’t want my heart to be French fried.
  • Please donut say no. I am taking you to homecoming.
  • Hi Cuteapie! Would you like to go to homecoming with me?
  • I am not being cheesy, but let’s go to homecoming together!

Some other themes for homecoming proposal ideas:

If you are looking for something out-of-the-box, here are other themes you can check out. They are silly and romantic, but they are the best ones and will surely work for you. Write any of these messages to your crush/partner, and they are definitely going to homecoming with you!

  • Pick me for homecoming (Guitarist)
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I am going to homecoming, but not without you. (Poems)
  • Yes, roses are the second-best thing. You are the first. Come to homecoming with me? (Flowers)


We hope this article solves all your doubts regarding homecoming proposal ideas. There are plenty of concepts to try out. Don’t be afraid to be romantic and innovative. If you create any of these proposals with genuine love and deviation, your crush/partner is definitely going to homecoming with you!

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Ways to Ask a Girl out Via Text:

  • Hi. There’s a new restaurant I want to go to. Wanna join?
  • Hey. How was your day? Would you like to have dinner with me?
  • Hi. You must be tired. Good night. By the way, wanna meet for coffee tomorrow morning?
  • Hi. I am so proud you got the job. Let’s go out and celebrate!
  • Hi. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. Let’s go out for dinner.
  • I love texting you. I would love to take you out on a date.
  • Hi. I have an extra ticket to the new movie. Will you come with me?
  • Hi. I am going to a party tomorrow. Wanna join?
  • Hi. We have a family gathering tomorrow. I want you t come.
  • Hi. My friends are going out for pizza tonight. Care to join?

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