How To Ask For Her Number: 15+ Smart Ways

Nothing feels more nice than having the number of that person you are interested in. The thought of texting ? them all day and night feels like a dream. And when they text you while you’re having a bad day, it might even make your whole month, right? I know how that feels, and that is one of the best feelings!

That’s something you need to experience and probably the best feeling you are going to feel. So let’s just get into some of the best advice I have for you so you can feel amazing!

But before that, if you want tips on how to ask for her number, then I suggest you read the book ?, “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” by John Gray.

Here is How To Ask for Her Number

Do you think she’s pretty? Beautiful? Gorgeous? Amazing? Or is she someone so incredible you could only dream about?? But you’re sad because you don’t get to tell her that. Oh, mate, we have all been there, okay??‍♂️ 

If you could just have her number, you could have made sure she knew how charming you are or someone with a great sense of humor. If there’s any possibility for you to talk to her all day, would you do it? 

I guess this question is unnecessary. But let me help you with that, mate! You don’t have to sound creepy at all when you try a few tips that could get you her number!?

Here are the best ways to ask for the number of your lady crush! Read on! ?

Relax, Mate!

Relax Mate

Do not be nervous, and you aren’t going to ask her to marry you, so just chill out, okay? But that doesn’t mean you can be too casual about it as well. Don’t keep her waiting for you by asking for her number. 

Don’t look like someone who has a dead body in your basement. Be charming; your sense of humor will get her laughing. And then you can definitely pop the question!?

You Have To Play It Cool!

Don’t be that person who comes off as creepy and weird when you are asking for her number. A woman definitely finds a man ten times attractive if he knows how to play it cool. Don’t demand her number when she says, ‘No.’ 

Don’t expect her to give her number to a complete stranger like yourself. Be natural and ask the question!?

Compliments Take You A Long Way!

Compliments Take You A Long Way

I hope I don’t have to remind you that girls love compliments. You can see her cheeks turning pinkish red, and oh god, she looks cute to you, right? So, compliment her! Make sure you don’t compliment her with something everyone does. 

Be unique. And I think you should make sure that your compliment will leave her smiling the whole day. Your compliment could make or break it, mate! Be careful with what you go for!?

You Need To Make Sure She’s Comfortable Around You!

You Need To Make Sure She’s Comfortable Around You

No girl would dare to share her number with someone that she doesn’t know or a stranger. So you could approach her in the smoothest way possible, not coming off as creepy or a psychopath killer, really! 

You need to find that connection, the vibe, and everything will make it easier for you to get her number, as simple as that!?

In my opinion, making her feel comfortable is something you should work on.

Your Pick-Up Lines Could Make It Or Break It!

I couldn’t stress more about this, guys! You have to be smooth and natural with your pick-up line. Don’t use cheesy or cringy pick-up lines that could scare her off or make her run for the hills. 

She has to be impressed by it; make sure you put a lot of thought into the pick-up lines that you are going to use. As I said, it could make it or break it, mate!⭐️

Let Her Know That You Want To Know More About Her.

Let Her Know That You Want To Know More About Her

One way you can easily impress a girl is by being honest; this really helps you! Every girl would want someone who is honest and real with her, alright? 

She will be glad to hear you say that you are interested in her and would love to get to know her more. And expect her to share her phone number with a sweet smile just for you!❤️

Always Expect Disappointment.

Spiderman taught us to expect disappointment, and you will never be disappointed; you can apply this to your daily life as well! And for this, too. You should know that there are very few chances of her sharing her number with you, so go prepared. 

Don’t call her names just because she didn’t share her number with her or, even worse, threaten her.?

Be Attentive, Guys!

Be Attentive, Guys

You have to catch the smallest of stuff that she frequently does. Maybe you observed that she likes her tea cold; surprise her with that. Or you can gift her something that no one would have got her. 

It is these that she will notice that you are attentive to her. Make sure she knows that you pay attention to every single detail of hers without being creepy!⭐️

Cut The Playboy Act!

If you are a bad boy or a playboy from the beginning, I am damn sure she would never share her number. You could be one only if she likes or she wants to have some harmless fun. 

Few of them see a lot of red flags if you are acting that way and wouldn’t usually prefer to share her phone number with you. Be yourself, and she will be impressed.?

Before we get into more, let’s take a short quiz and find out if your girl is actually interested in you, okay?

  • When you both talk, does she make eye contact or smile while she’s talking?
  1. Yes, she maintains constant eye contact.
  2. Not always.
  3. Nope.
  • Does she initiate any conversations or pick a new topic when the both of you are together?
  1. Yes, she never runs out of topics.
  2. Not that frequently.
  3. No, she’s very quiet.
  • Does she touch you or slap your shoulder jokingly when both of you are together?
  1. Yes, always!
  2. Not always.
  3. Not at all.
  • Did she introduce her to your friends or mention you to them?
  1. Yes, I know all of her friends.
  2. She only mentioned me a few times.
  3. Nope, not at all.
  • Did she compliment you?
  1. Yup, and I love that!
  2. Not always.
  3. Nope, not at all.

So, from the above quiz, did you get an idea if she is interested in you or not? Don’t worry if not; you always have the time to change that! Cheer up!

Make Sure She Knows That You Want To See Her Again.

Make sure you know her interests and find common ground where you both can do things together. You might have a lot in common that you wouldn’t know. 

So let her know that you would love to know her more and just ask for her number, you guys! Timing is the key, and how you approach her is important.?

Make Sure She Knows Why You Want Her Number Saved In Your Phone.

She has to know that you have the right intentions, which will eventually put her at ease, and it will be comfortable for her to share her number. 

Tell her you will text her when there’s some fun show or a drama that is happening and to invite her. This will make her more comfortable in sharing her phone number with you!?

Girls Love Confidence!

Girls Love Confidence

Be confident, mate, because-

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”

— Joe Namath

I am stressing this point: girls love confidence! No matter how you look or what you do, be confident. Your confidence will charm her, and she will be impressed. She might be interested in you as well. 

Don’t fumble with your words or actions; be real and smooth. She definitely wouldn’t find you confident if you stuttered or slipped.?

Give Her Your Phone So She Can Type Her Number!

Give Her Your Phone So She Can Type Her Number

Give her your phone so she can just type it in without shouting or yelling her number again and again if you don’t hear it quite right. 

She would know how to work with a phone, so just give it to her, and she would type her number and save it for you!⏳️

Make Sure She Feels Heard Or Seen.

Make Sure She Feels Heard Or Seen

This is very important if you want her number, guys! Don’t just invite her to places that she wouldn’t even want to go. Listen to her carefully. Make sure you know that she’s comfortable with the place or excited to spend the day with you. 

Plan your date accordingly, and if you want to do this, ask her for her number so you can communicate!?

Don’t Spam Her, Please!

Anybody would get irritated or annoyed if they were spammed frequently. And if you do the same, don’t be surprised if you are on the blocked list of her. Once you get her number, know when and what to text. 

And when the response comes from her side, you will know if she is interested or is not comfortable spending time with you, so let her be. Don’t ever spam her, you guys!?


Now that you would have got her number, what are you planning to do with it? Be real, be yourself, be honest, and all this will impress her, dear guys! Be confident and just ask her, and you will have it. Remember to be genuine and engage in fun conversations; that’s it!?

So that is all I have for you, and I hope that you get that girl’s phone number! Also, please don’t forget to let me know if it was a success or not! My comment box is open for you!


When is the right time to ask for her number?

After a good conversation and positive vibes, typically before leaving or transitioning to another topic.

Should I ask directly or hint at wanting her number?

Being direct is often appreciated; it shows confidence and sincerity.

What if she says she’s not comfortable giving out her number?

Respect her boundaries and suggest an alternative, like connecting on social media or another platform.

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