How To Balance Work And Love Life

When one is trying to make ends meet and manage to live independently, balancing out time becomes a huge problem. Managing your work front, and social circles, and also dedicating time to the one you love becomes a hindrance.

Not scheduling enough time for each of the dynamics is going to bring out bad results on every front. The key here is to maintain the balance. The biggest question is – How Do You? Well, worry not, read along.

Here are some tips that will give you some insights on how to balance your life and every part of it equally well for a happy and healthy life.

Tips On How To Balance Work And Love Life

Spend time with your family

Spend time with your family. Having a supportive and loving family is a godsent gift. Spend enough time while they are here. There are many people who unfortunately do not have a family. Love them while they are here. 

Outsource your chores if needed. One of the best things that you can do is to outsource your chores. If you need house help, appoint one. If you need to get your laundry done, give them to a cleaner, etc. 

Schedule your meal timings. One of the biggest problems these days is having an unhealthy body. In the daily hustle and bustle, most people often do not allow enough time to look after what they are eating. Schedule your meals timely and prepare a week’s meal in advance. This will help you not waste time.

Limit your time on gadgets. Gadgets although very addictive and useful are often misleading and most people living in the 2`1st century tend to get carried away. While most people are active on social media these days, they are often glued to unnecessary content and keep scrolling for hours. Limit your time with gadgets and spend it with the people who really matter.

Dedicate enough time to your priorities. You love your life, don’t you? But in due course, are you catering enough time to things that actually make you happy? Give enough time to your priorities in life! Make a priority list. Literally!!! It is sure to help. 

Wake up early. With most people sleeping for long hours every day and usually getting up late, one is left with a limited amount of time. To have an edge over others and dedicate enough time to all the dimensions of your life, wake up early. 6 hours of sleep, quality sleep is enough for an adult.

Finish one work at a time. Multitasking is good and all, but working on one task increases efficiency and will also help you manage time. Having too much going on in too little time is going to squeeze out all your energy. 

Meet your friends once a week to stay in touch. Friends….they make you happy. Every person needs to have friends. Well, if you are lucky enough to have some real friends, take out time and spend it with them. It is a great way to unwind as well.

Schedule when to come online on various platforms.  While spending time on social media is important to keep track of everyone and what they have been up to, limit your time that you spend on various platforms. You could also keep an hour a day in total to keep track of all social media that you consume.

Go out with your partner on your day off. When you have a day off from work, make sure to spend it with your special someone. This will help you cleanse your mind and also keep your worries at bay. They definitely are called special for a reason. Remember!

Go out with your partner

Be efficient in working hours. If you have a job that screams working hours, make sure to work only during those hours efficiently. Try to get everything done within that stipulated period of time to avoid working extra hours.

Take short breaks to stay productive at work. Working too long is tedious and will reduce one’s efficiency. Try to take short breaks to cut out the monotony. 

Schedule the time that you spend on a particular work. Try to schedule a time for every piece of work you do. This will ensure dedicating enough time for each work and will also ensure more productivity.

Keep yourself mentally fit. While staying fit physically is everyone’s concern, more often than not, we tend to neglect mental health. Having a clear mind will allow you to focus more and be more productive in the long term. Meditate!

Take out time for the things your love to do. You have your passions and your hobbies make you happy. Take out enough time so that you feel happy and are not stressed all the time. When engaged with work, most of us tend to lose out on ourselves.

Bring up and know your network. Having a good network will allow you to be more resourceful as a person. You never know who might be of help to you and the same applies, vice versa. Just like having friends, having quality colleagues and acquaintances is equally important.

Do not cancel plans with one for work. Often time, one cancels out on the people who matter the most for work. You better give time while they stay. If this becomes a habit, be prepared to lose out on the ones that you truly live for.

Save time by doing online meetings. Nowadays, online meetings are enough to serve the purpose of having meetings in the first place. Spending time commuting just to attend a meeting reduces the total amount of time you have in a day. And much of it eventually goes to waste.

Your workspace should be comfortable. If you do not have a comfortable workplace, your happiness levels will get affected. Invest in a comfortable workplace if you are making it on your own or ask the employer to make necessary arrangements. Don’t go too overboard and become just too comfortable either.

Take out time to plan your finances. When working and making ends meet, you often disregard your finances. This results in unnecessary spending and thus depletes your finances.

Schedule some personal time. If you’ve heard it, having that “ME TIME” is important. Being with your own self will help you figure out your own strengths and give you enough time to make up for your weakness. 

Do not try to be everything. Sometimes, you also need to take it easy. If you are constantly bottling up pressure on yourself, you will often become too exhausted, saturate, and burnout.

Restructure your life. If things are not going according to plans, take the time to restructure your life. Get a job that makes you happy. Cut off ties with people who don’t make you happy. It is never too late to take out time and make necessary changes to make yourself happy.

Plan your day. Make sure to plan out your daily routines. This way you will always have a time constraint making you live every moment wholly.

Go on vacations with your partner. At times you need to take some time off and go on vacations. What’s better if your partner accompanies you? 

Go on vacations with your partner

If needed ask for help. Bottling up and grinding all by yourself will become tedious and you are eventually bound to fail at some point. Speak to a therapist if necessary.

Be smart. Learn to work smart rather than always trying to work hard. The key to making things in time is to work smart and be as efficient as you can be.

Do not let your work interfere when you are with your partner. Picking up a work call while having dinner with your partner? This shows that they are not as important as your work. This will lead to heat between you and your partner because you simply aren’t giving them enough time that they deserve.

Strengthen your relationship with friends. Bond with your friend better. This means go out more often and spend some quality time when together. These memories are priceless and a single vacation with your friends is enough to destress you. 

Build boundaries between work, social, and love life. Maintain a boundary. Do not let any of the above overlaps and coincide with one another. The moment that happens, everything starts going haywire. 

Do not take out your work anger on your partner. If you had a bad day at work, forget it before meeting your partner. He/she was in no way involved in your bad experience. Venting out your anger on them will heavily insult them. Never do that.

Make decisions with your partner. Talk it out with your partner. They are called your partner for a reason. Partners do things together. They can support you and also often give solutions to your problems. 

Make decisions with your partner

Distribute your household jobs. Household chores are often a big menace. Divide them to make things easier. Managing everything singlehandedly is surely going to draw out time.

Learn to forgive. When things don’t go according to your plans, do not get worked up. Instead learn to take things easy and forgive yourself, others, or the situation itself. You cannot control everything in your life.

Apologize when at fault. When at fault do not try to work your way out with excuses. Take failures and misdoings head-on. Chances are you did not purposefully want things to happen that particular way. But if it did happen, say sorry.

Do not work on weekends unless very important. Unless extremely important, keep work off your weekends. Use this time to unwind and destress yourself. 

Understand when to leave. If you know that things are not going right on any of the fronts – work, life, or personal, know that it is time to leave. You need not sacrifice your own happiness levels trying to please things or situations that you are comfortable with. 

Maintain your relationship privacy. Keep your relationship private. Do not try to mix your relationship with work. 

Do not sacrifice too much. Know when things are getting too complicated. If you seem to sacrifice too much for one part to make up for another, cut things off. First, try to restructure revamp what you have been doing. If they do not work out, make sure to take a step back and walk if need be. 

Do not sacrifice too much

Spend time with each other’s families. When in a relationship, connecting with your partner’s family is equally important. This strengthens the relationship and builds trust which further helps in maintaining good terms with your partner. 

Do not let your love life problems affect your work environment. As mentioned earlier, do not try to overlap one dimension of your life with another. They have their own places. Never allow relationship problems to affect your work life. That is what is sustaining you and your daily needs. 

Know what to share on social media platforms. Often sharing too much on social platforms will result in unnecessary drama. Keep things limited to yourself once in a while. That way you can manage things without complicating them.

Buy tools that will help you track yourself. A diary, a Personal Digital Assistant, or even Alexa might help keep a note of whatever has been happening. This way you know what you are doing, have done, and what you need to do. 

Stop postponing your work. Procrastinating is one of the worst habits that you can do. If you have kept a window time to finish off one particular job, finish it. Procrastinating and delaying things unnecessarily will only result in inefficiency and you will not be able to manage time. Instead, you will be wasting it. 

Attend events with your partner. One good way to balance out your work life and personal life and also your social circles are to attend work events and parties with your partner.

Attend events with your partner

Showing up with them once in a while will help in numerous ways – first, it will help you and your partner spend some time together. This will also result in a sense of belonging that you will develop for one another. 

Be patient during a problem. When you are facing a problem, make sure that you are cool and calm. When in heat, If you tend to lose your cool, you will make the worst decisions and later end up blaming yourself and create unnecessary unhappiness. Instead, take things easy and figure things out with a cool head.

Be transparent with your partner. Your partner is called your better half for a reason. They need to know what is happening in your life. A relationship that is built on trust stays stronger for longer. Even if you cannot make time for one another all the time, your partner will know that you care and will understand that you could not make time for whatever reason.

Lean on your partner, sometimes. Sometimes, leave it on your partner and ask them for help. Often many people tend to hide things from their partner. This makes your partner feel unwanted and they often tend to detach.

Set mutual goals. Having ideal and mutual goals n life will keep both of you busy building things that you both want to build. This way both your goals will be met and this will lead to having fewer conflicts since both of you can understand and feel each other’s priorities. 

Set mutual goals

Introduce your partner with work friends. When hanging out with your work friends, it is a good idea to introduce your partner to them. This will help in making them know that they are wanted.

Make every moment count with your partner. When you are with your partner, try and be present with them wholly. This means do not switch to work issues or start working when with them. That way both of you will feel happy being in each other’s company and make up for all the missing that you two had for each other. 

Eliminate people who are negative from your social circle. Spending time with toxic individuals will bring down your overall life’s quality. To explain, toxic people eventually make your life toxic as well.

Stay away from people who are cunning, try to bring others down, and overall spread negativity. Always be friends with people who are worth it and worth your valuable time.

If it is getting uncontrollable then take some time off. If things start to get haywire, do not push it even further. You might be taking the wrong turns. Instead, you owe yourself to take some time off and figure things out. Stay happy and avoid bottling up too much stress inside yourself. This will affect your life negatively. 

Be in touch with your partner. When away at work make some time for your partner. Connect with them. This will show them that they matter and increase the affection you have for each other. 

Be in touch with your partner

Stop trying to be perfect. You are only human and all of us are imperfect. These imperfections allow you to have your unique identity. No matter what you do, you cannot always cater to everyone’s needs all the time. You are no God.

This also applies to the other people in your life and they should also understand that you are human and you sure have your limits.

Avoid doing anything that you dislike. If you do not love your work, quit it. If you think that things are working out between you and your partner and you are living in an incomplete relationship, think things over and call it quits.

You owe yourself happiness and anything and everything that gets in the way, do not deserve your time or efforts.

Cut off ties from the outer world. Having unnecessary social circles and having people that are not worth your time will pull you down. Even if they are unintentional about it, you will be wasting too much time on circles that are not important cutting out on the time for your own dear ones.

Do not wait for the perfect time, make it. This means that do not wait too long before making a move. If you are confident about it, go for it. Life is too short and lives it as much as possible before it is too late. Make every time perfect according to your own time. It is your life, your time, and your priorities end of the day. 

Be flexible to changes. Be dynamic. Never be too stubborn or stringent with anything. Things happen and they do not always go according to your plan. Being dynamic means having the quality of adapting to necessary changes and making quick moves.

Everything is important. Be it your work, your personal priorities, and passions, or your relationship, all of them have their own place. You need to balance each of them equally well. All of them make you complete and make you who you are. If you lose out on any of them, you are losing out on yourself, at least a bit.

So, give each of them equal importance, balance things out. Live freely and enjoy your life. Life just comes once, make the most out of it. Stay happy!

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