How To Be A Good Big Sister: 15+ Best Ways

Being a big sister is a wonderful privilege that comes with great responsibility. As an older sibling, you have the unique opportunity to be a positive role model, mentor, ? and friend to your younger siblings.

In this article, we will explore essential ways you can effectively fulfill this role and create a lasting, supportive bond.

From offering guidance and being a patient listener to sharing experiences and setting a positive example, discover How To Be A Good Big Sister ?‍? your younger siblings could ever wish for.

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Inspirational Ways To Be A Good Big Sister

Plan Out Some Alone Time.

Plan Out Some Alone Time

Make sure that you and your sister make a plan to bond at times. Sit together over a cup of coffee or go walking just to freshen up your mind.

Talking to each other alone will help you talk about things that can make you uncomfortable otherwise.

Always Enact As One Of The Team Players.

You have to be on the same page to understand the situation. To calm things down or heat things needs to understand what is going on.

It is better to learn about the stakes before joining the discussion.

Strive For The Version That Is Personally The Best.

You are elder but that does not mean you are always correct. Learn to accept your faults and rectify the mistakes.

This will make your younger sister realize that there is nothing wrong with making faults and owning them.

Think Before You Act.

Never act in haste. You will probably make wrong decisions for both your sister and yourself. Think before you jump to conclusions and make hefty decisions.

Refrain from speaking at all when you are mad at your sister.

Being A Nice Person Shows.

Make sure you have a clean state of mind and your intentions are pure. Your sister will walk into your shoes only when she will believe in you.

She has to look up to you as a trustworthy person and a good one.

Remember Confidence Is Key.

An elder sister should lead the way and how. She should hold her head high and be as confident as it seems.

She should have the guts to take everything in her stride. That way, the little one will be in awe of her personality. 

Be A Confidante.

Show your siblings your benevolent nature and your caring attitude. Make them believe that they have a shoulder to cry on.

Someone should be by their side with whom they can discuss their secrets. Make sure it is you who is their partner in crime and their human diary.

Talk Through Any Issues.

Talk Through Any Issues

Issues will certainly arise and when they do, an elder sister should give her the benefit of the doubt.

Listen to them and respect their decisions but do not act as a stern parent.

Be A Good Example.

Respect her. Listen to what parents have to say, and apologize when wrong. Tell her to study hard in school and work hard in a side hustle.

That would make you your sister’s ideal person to follow in your footsteps.

Compromise Where Necessary.

Learn to let things go if they are petty issues. Let the little one enjoys some things which are not that over the top.

Choose your battles wisely since it is your little sister.

Keep Thorough Contact If You Don’t Live Together.

You should stay in touch with your younger sister.

Check on them routinely. Assure them that you’re just a call and text away during their dark times or whenever they feel like talking.

Encourage Them.

Occasionally your sister can feel down and her morals can be below. Encourage them and ease their fears.

Let them know that you have your full support and boost their mental energy so that they can start over again.

Give Your Support Unconditionally.

Wish your sister luck when they are leaving for an upcoming contest, interview, or award function.

Support them and make them feel special at important events. Show up to the ceremony and cheer for her.

Make Them Cute Gifts.

Get them curated and thoughtful gifts on special occasions, achievements, or holidays.

This will demonstrate your love and care for them besides making them super happy.

Say I Love You, Often.

Remind your siblings that your attention is completely on her at all times. Show them how important they are to you every day of the year.

Do not just say, act out. Actions are better than words and the sister will see right through it.

Siblings Are Your Family.

Siblings Are Your Family

They may be annoying at times, but they are a part of your clan.

You should always be there at both their best and worst times. The unconditional love you show can help them see the good big sister and friend in you.

Support Them At Important Events.

A big part of being a good elder is making time for younger sisters and portraying the importance and love that they deserve.

Encourage your sibling for the upcoming tests or interviews, visit their ceremonies, and applaud them when they are awarded.

Give Them Something Special To Show You Are Proud Of Them.

Gift them their favorite chocolates, make them a greeting card, buy their favorite dress or perfume, or purchase what is special for them.

Make them feel excited and happy.

Say Good Luck Or Congratulations. 

If they are tensed and doubting their abilities, wish them luck and hug them before their important day.

Congratulate them when they win something and show off a little to make them feel sure about themselves.

Share Meals. 

Share Meals

Make time to get together to have dinner or lunch together. You can make it a random one or plan it as a tradition and execute it timely.

This might as well be your bonding time, where you discuss everything important and unimportant without using your mobile phones.

If You Can Drive And Your Sister Can’t Take Them Out.

If you are a licensed driver, and your sister wants some junk food or some beverages, make sure you both head out for a short ride.

Grab sandwiches, take turns around a park, and drive your worries through. It can be a very exciting time spent.

Perform Fun Activities Together.

Perform Fun Activities Together

Have fun with your younger sister. See your favorite franchise’s newest release, go shopping for prom, twin your dresses, or have a code language.

Enjoy a beach day or try something new like bowling and skating. It’s all about the time you spent together.

Share Secrets With Them.

If your siblings are trustworthy, you might share some secrets with them. This will help them trust you and feel more comfortable sharing problems and their secrets.

Make sure your secrets are appropriate for their age and mental health capacity.

Keep Your Siblings’ Secrets Quiet As Long As They Are Not Harmful.

If they are not in danger and their safety is not at stake, make sure you do not spill the beans. Keep their secrets as an adult who can be trusted.

Do not complain about a small issue that the sister shared with you with good intentions.

Talk Through Any Issues.

Even the perfect big sister fails at times to keep up with the expectations and, issues are bound to arise.

When things like this happen listen to what the younger one has to say. Respect their differences and talk to them kindly. Ask them about their annoyances and address what is bothering them.

Listen To Your Parents.

Showing respect to your parents is very important. Sometimes, your siblings will look at your attitude when determining their own.

Honor what your parents order, don’t talk back to them, and always show them the respect that they deserve.

Show Respect To People Beyond Your Parents.

Respect everyone that deserves your respect.

That may include teachers, elders, and other figures irrespective of caste, creed, authority, etc. This will inculcate good behavior within your sister.

Follow Rules.

Keep your room clean, come home before curfew, and follow the rules made for your safety concerns.

Tell the sister why it is important to follow them and encourage her. They will abstain from behaving arrogantly if they see the elder one abiding by the rules. 

Model Responsible Behavior.

If you are the elder sister and underage, refrain from drinking hard beverages like alcohol. Keep your social media image clean and do not post embarrassing family pictures.

Your language should not be filthy and avoid gossiping in front of your sister. Do not swear very frequently, and try to set a good example.

Help Around The House.

Make your siblings learn the importance of contributing at home. Cleaning up your room is a must, but also clean the common areas.

Do the dishes, put the trash in the dustbin, cook to help your mother, do basic household chores, etc. Encourage them to perform these basic life skills, and consider them a fun way to bond with the family. When you work together, you stick together.

Apologize When You’re Wrong.

Even the best big sister messes up. Own it instead of giving excuses and saying sorry. Be sincere and tell your little sister everything honestly.

This way you will have a solid bond in the future and you will be transparent to each other.  

Stick Up For Your Siblings.

Stick Up For Your Siblings

You should always take the upper hand and protest when you find your sibling getting teased or bullied. Never let anyone harm their self-esteem. Let them know that you have their back, always.

It is your responsibility to protect them from any possible danger. It might be a personal one, where you need to fight with your parents, but make sure she is unharmed and confident, as ever.

Speak With Kindness.

A pen is mightier than a sword. One insult or one bad word can have a long-lasting effect on one’s mind. 

Do not overdo both compliments or insults. Speak kindly even when the situation is not perfect. Avoid yelling, abusing, and cursing as much as possible. Ask the underlying problem and try to solve it.

Work Hard At School Or Your Job.

Make your sister understand that hard work pays off. Do productive things, inculcate good habits, pay attention to studies, painting, etc.

Once your sister sees what good grades can help her achieve, she will be rooting for her results, doing her homework, and working hard to reap the benefits.

Honesty Is The Best Policy.

Even in tough times, stick to the truth. If your sisters see you lying to your close ones, they will ponder on telling the truth and think lying is cool.

Be a good example and boost their morale by encouraging them to never fear away from the truth, even when it is harsh and bitter. Teach them, however, to give constructive criticism instead of teasing the other person.

Boost Their Self-Esteem.

Your sister should learn to be confident in her skin and you should teach her to do so. They should feel naturally beautiful and encouraged.

Focus on the positive qualities and earn their trust. never let their spirits down.

Encourage Your Sibling When They Are Doubtful Of Themselves.

All of us struggle with insecurities and that is okay. Make sure you are there for your sister and everyone else. You can do all the petty things to cheer them up.

Do not let them sit all huddled up and worried and try hard to bring a smile to their faces. Do whatever they like and cheer them up.

Help Them When They Need You.

Watch out for your sisters. Even a small gesture can go a long way.  A small act of kindness can help them solve a giant problem.

Never hold it over their head after doing something nice, and natural. Acting selfishly is the worst kind of tomfoolery an elder sister can do.

Do Nice Things For Them When They Least Expect It.

This is a very good way to show that you care for her. A small surprise when the other person is down and stressed uplifts their mood like anything.

Do some of their jobs, help them clean or decide on a dress, and tell them they look gorgeous. Every compliment goes a long way.

Share With Your Siblings.

You both are family, so share anything and everything. It may be your favorite but try to be generous.

Both of you must try to share everything you have ranging from family heirlooms to gadgets. This will increase the transparency between you two.

Be A Good Influence.

Children are very influenced by their older siblings. They want to see an older version of themselves in you.

Mirror good behavior, and make it relatable and achievable. Make correct decisions so that they follow the good steps

Respect Your Parents.

You should never curse in front of them, however bad the situation is. Do not give them excuses to justify their bad behavior because of one little fault of yours.

Teach them to treat authority figures with respect and honor. Do not let the bad behavior trickle down because it will someday backfire on you.   

Listen To Them To Understand. 

Be a good listener to your sibling and let them vent out.  They should come to you without the fear of getting judged.

Do not just answer or talk back. Sometimes, sit in silence and let them rant. Then, talk openly and make them understand the root of the problem. Do not interrupt.

Be Aware Of How You Behave. 

When you share your space with a younger sibling you have to be aware of the way you carry yourself.

Quit the habit of chain-smoking, or drinking in front of them. if you have to do it, do it when they are not nearby. Do not unnecessarily bother them with your habits which are not so good to translate.

Help Them Through Issues.

A time will come when the little sister will run into problems. There is a high chance for them to feel embarrassed and confused and they are most likely to stay alone and not discuss kinds of stuff.

You should learn how to deal with these conflicts since these are often too sensitive and requires practice. Do not judge them and make them feel safe.

Share Secrets With Them.

Sharing secrets builds intimate and transparent bonds between two siblings. Spying behind them will not be of any help and will drive you even further.

If you fill the void of a best friend, they will let you enter their life and openly discuss otherwise secretive issues.

Maintain A Good Work Ethic.

Maintain A Good Work Ethic

When your fare out well, your younger sister visualizes the entire thing for her. It makes them want to do the same and they learn the value of attributes like good behavior and proper education.

Hearing from parents might not be persuasive enough but following a path is always easier.

Support Them If They Are Starting Something New.

Support Them If They Are Starting Something New

Be their cheerleader. They will be very much pleased and their courage will soar high once they know that you have got their back.

Appreciate them and help them make your family proud. It might be new and something they are not doing good at but tell them to keep practicing.

Teach Them New Things.

This will expand their horizons and they will surely find their true calling. Take them to institutions that have a variety of options, like the library. Let them decide what they want to do.

This way, it will be fun, and they will learn something new and interesting. Stimulation of young brains is very important and as an elder sister, you have a responsibility. 

To Conclude

If someone follows these rules, it is pretty much guaranteed that she will be a better bigger sister.

She will know which waters to tread and how. She will be aware of how to deal with unpleasant behavior. The sisters will bond better than ever. 

Quick Steps To Be A Good Big Sister

  • 1 Lead by Example: Be a positive role model.
  • 2 Show Support: Offer love and assistance.
  • 3 Listen Closely: Be attentive and caring.
  • 4 Quality Time: Spend moments together.
  • 5 Share Wisdom: Provide guidance when needed.
  • 6 Patience Matters: Understand and be patient.
  • 7 Respect Boundaries: Give space and privacy.
  • 8 Resolve with Care: Handle conflicts calmly.
  • 9 Celebrate Together: Cheer for achievements.
  • 10 Forgive and Apologize: Foster understanding.
  • 11 Encourage Growth: Help them develop.
  • 12 Build Friendship: Form a strong bond.


What role does communication play in being a good big sister?

Communication helps in understanding their feelings, and concerns, and sharing their own experiences.

How do I handle conflicts or disagreements with my younger siblings?

Listen to their perspective, stay patient, and find compromises to resolve conflicts peacefully.

How do I offer advice without sounding bossy or condescending?

Use a supportive tone, share your experiences, and offer suggestions instead of commands.

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