How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 99+ Proven Ways

A good boyfriend is someone who tries to cross the limits for the betterment of a relationship. He might not be perfect, but he can try to push his boundaries, which will help both of them to cherish a solid yet lovable bond. Here are some suggestions.

Tips On How to Be a Good Boyfriend

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

1.  Making her smile is the best possible condition. A good boyfriend will always try and find ways to make his girl smile and be happy.

2. Making her laugh is also important. A good boyfriend will make sure they have a hearty laugh together. Laughing is good for their health and will ease them so that they can bond together.

3. Telling her your feelings can change the whole ball game. A boy should never hide his true feelings from his partner. He should always be open about his love and feelings.

4. Looking into her eyes when she is in a serious discussion with her is a huge turn-on. She feels secure and concentrates more when both of them have eye contact.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

5. Holding her hand in public makes her feel loved and protected. A good boyfriend can hold her hand while crossing the roads or in public to make her feel loved and safe.

6. A caring boyfriend will share his food with her. Always letting her have a portion of what he is eating will elevate the importance of each other in their relationship.

7. A boyfriend can buy her cute gifts every once in a while. The gift might not be costly, but the gesture is lovely and warm.

8. A boyfriend must be able to talk about her with his girlfriend. He must not shy away from sharing his relationship when he is with his friends. This will strengthen their bond.

9. A boyfriend who is serious in a relationship must never hinder talking about her in front of his parents. His parents should have an idea about the girl with whom he is planning his future.

10. Reminding her reasons why the person fell for her in the first place is always exciting. The boyfriend must be appreciative of her qualities, which attracted him in the first place.

11. Act goofy. A boyfriend who can be humorous at times and not always remain grumpy is loved. No one likes an all-time serious face to be with.

12. Be comfortable showing her your sensitive side. A sensible man will remain transparent no matter what. He should normalize conveying emotions and should not shy away from showing his sensitive side.

13. Calling her on the phone. A phone call after a long, tiring day may be all that his girl needs. Talking over the phone is very much needed to de-stress and strengthen the relationship.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

14. Texting her in the morning is a good gesture. A good morning text leads to a good start to the day. Texting his girlfriend in the morning brightens up their days, and it just strengthens the bond.

15. Listen to her as and when needed. Giving her a patient ear when she needs to rant is an integral part of any relationship. The boy should listen to her and understand her problems.

16. Being her shoulder to cry on elevates the relationship. Every human being needs someone to vent out their frustration and talk openly. An ideal boyfriend must provide her with that support.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

17. Complimenting her when she adorns a new haircut is very wholesome. These small compliments go a long way. It just motivates her to do better, and she is satisfied with herself.

18. Tell her she looks gorgeous before going out. Compliment her when she dresses up for her date. When a boyfriend recognizes her effort, she feels on cloud nine.

19. Tell her your deepest secrets to initiate strong conversations. An ideal mature boyfriend will never hide a thing from his girl. He will reveal his deepest secrets and insecurities in front of her.

20. Share your dreams in life, sit, and plan together. Life is not only about flowery dreams but also about planning the future together. When the girl sees that you are discussing your future together, she will automatically feel secure.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

21. Encouraging her to follow her dreams and passions is very important. An ideal boyfriend will not restrict his girl from pursuing her dreams but will encourage her to follow her passion and excel in that field.

22. Making a bucket list and ticking it together. Both of them should sit together and make a list of their most wanted things. A man should plan his dream with his girlfriend and vice versa.

23. Kissing her on the forehead. A small kiss on the forehead has much more importance than a long smooch. It is a sign of selfless love and trust. A good boyfriend should kiss his girl and make her feel special.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

24. Get the car, pick her up, and drop her, if needed.  This basic gesture shows how courteous and chivalrous the guy is. The girl would be impressed and will trust him completely.

 25. Kissing her on her nose is very intimate. A small intimate peck on the nose is very lovey-dovey and girls often enjoy them. A boyfriend can kiss her girl anytime in the nose and see her go all red.

26. The guy should be charming with her parents and try to impress them. Pleasing her parents is very important if the guy wants to marry the girl. So a guy should be charming and act responsibly in front of her girlfriend’s parents.

27. Make the things that she likes.  Be a good boyfriend and make her favorite things. She will be taken aback and love him more than ever. Guys should put some effort to make the girl happy.

28. Cuddling is the best way. Cuddling is perhaps the most intimate non-sexual affair between couples. Just staying close to each other and cuddling can make her forget all her worries and she will feel secure and cherished.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

29. Remember anniversaries and wish them. Anniversaries are milestones which both of you complete together. An ideal boyfriend will never forget anniversaries. He may not arrange great parties but never forget to wish the girl.

30. Watch her favorite movies with interest.  She might enjoy certain genres of movies that are off-stream. A good boyfriend will never judge her for this, but manage to watch a movie together once in a while.

31. Letting her control the music and stereos.  A girl feels happy when her guy believes in her music and taste in art. So, a boyfriend can let her decide on the music or the movie, and enjoy together.

32. Know her friends and mix with them. A mature and sensible boyfriend will be a part of the gang her girl is a part of. He should know their friends and do not hesitate to spend time with them.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

33. Hanging out with friends together can be a plus point since her friends might be impressed by the guy. A nod from the friends can strengthen the relationship. So a good boyfriend can hang out with her girlfriend’s gang and know them thoroughly. This instills security and confidence in the relationship.

34. Don’t ask to check her phone now and then. This is a very unhealthy behavior, and the girl will not entertain this for long. The boyfriend should trust his partner and should not tell her to prove her innocence or love every time.

35. The guy should stop invading her social networking sites. This is a breach of privacy, and a guy should be dignified enough not to do it. This can very well go against the relationship.

36. Letting her drive his car can be a nice gesture of believing in her. She will feel precious because everybody knows how boys are with cars. She will respect this decision and take great care.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

37. A good boyfriend should give her space when she needs it.  Every human being needs her own space, and a clingy boyfriend is not appreciated. So we should let a girl live her own life, alone sometimes.

38. Letting her wear your sweatshirts. A boyfriend who has made the girl an integral part of his life is bound to share hoodies and sweatshirts. They are comfy, and the girl looks cute in oversized clothes.

39. Introducing her as his girlfriend boosts morale. When a boyfriend acknowledges the fact publicly, it makes the girl feel secure and happy. She gets an assurance about how serious the guy is.

40. Let her mess with your hair.  This is a major weakness for many girls. Guys who let girls play with their hair exchange a very cozy and heart-warming vibe.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

41. Tickling her even when she tells him to stop is a very playful, yet intimate moment.  Tickling her can create unforgettable memories. Both of them will have a hearty laugh and will share moments that are very intimate in a good way.

42. Hold her hand when you are driving. These are signs that will increase her trust and love in the man. She will feel attached and important and will appreciate her partner like no other.

43. Stand up for her when people diss her.  A sensible boyfriend will protect his girl and stand up when she is being pulled down by others. He will take charge and support his partner.

44. Kiss her in front of other girls you know. This will make her go gaga and she will be content knowing that he does not shy away from showing off her as his partner publicly.

45. Don’t lie to her.  Lying is something everybody hates and it just ruins the relationship. A girl will never tolerate lies about a person she is serious with.

46. Don’t cheat on her. this needs no explanations. Complete transparency is required for a relationship to be stable. Cheating has no space in between.

47. Let her be with you and your friend circle.  A good boyfriend will let her mingle with his friend circle as well and they both will hang-out together. This will increase their interaction and help her be comfortable.

48. Compete with her when she expresses her love.  This is a fun way to crack her up and make her believe that the guy loves her more than she could imagine. She will melt and surrender to his love.

49. Link fingers together when you hold her hand. She will feel secured and important when a guy will do this. She will realize that she is a part of his life and doings.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

50. Staying up all night with her when she is sick is very special. A good boyfriend is the one who cares for his partner at odd times. He should never think twice to stay up all night and help her recover if she is sick.

51. Don’t make her choose everything.  She should not always feel obliged to choose between options. This might be difficult for her and she may fear losing certain important parts of her life.

52. Give her pampering massages.  Massages can make a guy an ideal boyfriend. They are calming and relaxing and often girls enjoy them after a tiring day at work. These breaks certainly increase the bond.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

53. Have a song for your relation. There is always a special song that reminds a couple of some good old days. There can be a song entirely dedicated to those moments and make them extra special.

54. Walk her to the door. She surely wants a man who is decent and chivalrous. Walking her to the door to see her off is a very pleasant gesture and she will feel wanted and precious.

She Is Not Perfect but She Tries and Gives Genuine Efforts to Strengthen the Relationship. Here Are Some Tips to Be a Good Girlfriend. Check Out How To Be a Good Girlfriend

55. Hold the door open for her. A gentleman will hold the door when a girl gets out. She will not only find it easier to manage her dress but will also be wooed by his manners.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

56. Be spontaneous. Nobody likes someone who takes forever to decide. A boyfriend must think and act quickly. By doing this, he can make the most out of any events and grab his girl’s attention.

57. Respect her family plans. She has a life outside the relationship and he should respect it. Her family plans are equally important for her and the guy should understand her duties.

58. Take time to get to know her family. Her family may be very close to her and the boyfriend must recognize the bonding. He should understand her family and slowly mingle with them.

59. Make the first move. This may change the perspective and she may like him even more. Romantic proposals are always welcome and if the boy makes the first move, it makes the whole dream come true moment for the girl.

60. Don’t send her one-word texts. One word texts are a bummer. An ideal boyfriend will never reply with boring one-word answers to her just kills her excitement and she becomes sad.

61. Protect her from things that might hurt her. Everybody has their shares of fear and a protective boyfriend can care for her and protect her from the dangers. He should not let her get hurt under any circumstances.

62. Take pictures together. Taking pictures together reassures her and she feels secure. Other than that both of them make memories and store them so that they can relive them later.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

63. He must not forget the important things she tells him. A good boyfriend remembers the smallest details of any important things which his girl tells him. Forgetting them makes her lose confidence in him and she cannot trust him in serious issues again.

Be random. Guys can be random at times and experience certain unplanned things with their girlfriends. Always planning before every little thing stresses out the relationship and at times, a sudden plan releases the stress.

65. Don’t talk about your ex-girlfriends with her.  Talking about a guy’s ex’s life always creates tension and stress between the couple. She realizes that he has not moved on and thinks that he is not with her.

66. Don’t let her go when she pulls away from you. A good boyfriend understands when her girlfriend is angry and is hurt. He does not let her go even when she wants to leave his embrace. He holds her close and makes her feel important.

67. Don’t gossip about her.  A mature boyfriend will never gossip about his girlfriend. Whatever be the circumstances, talking behind her back is a big no-no.

68. Cooking for her will always be special. When a guy cooks for her girl, she appreciates the efforts he puts in and recognizes the hidden love. She feels lucky to have her and their bond deepens.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

69. Make her your number one. A boyfriend should give priority to his girlfriend and the relationship. She should come first in any decision he takes and she should be a part of everything.

70. Cherish her. No relationship is stable enough if the boyfriend is not happy with his girl. He should cherish her presence in his life and make her feel on top of the world.

71. Appreciate her. When she puts in the effort to do something out of her comfort zone, do not judge her and appreciate her. This will increase her confidence and boost the relationship.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

72. Value her. Your girlfriend must feel the relationship worthwhile. The guy should value her and invest in her. This is the foundation of any relationship.

73. Adore her. A good boyfriend finds her girlfriend attractive and adorable. He adores her innocence and beauty and finds her special.  

74. Respect her. Respect marks the base of relationships. The guy should respect the girl and her decision without any conditions. Under any circumstances, he must not disrespect her.

75. Love her. Loving her unconditionally is the most important criteria. Smother her and do not let her go seek love elsewhere.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

76. Know your girl inside out. A sensible boyfriend must know every secret his girlfriend has. He must be the best friend with whom she can share her deepest secret with.

77. Be sweet and caring, always. Sweet behavior can win the world. Arguing with your partner will create more problems than solving them. So it is better that both of them behave sweetly with each other. 

78. Be surprising and spontaneous. Girls love surprises. A surprise gift, outing, or a surprise kiss can brighten up her mood and she will love him in leaps and bounds.

79. Keep challenging her to give her best. A boyfriend must encourage her and not the opposite. He should initiate healthy competition so that both of them can follow their dreams and excel in their field.

80. Help her with chores. Household work should be divided equally. No one should only be doing them. This equal division will ensure the smooth functioning of the household and fewer tiffs.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

81. Be her hero. A girl searches for similarities of her father or her idol in her boyfriend. He can try to inculcate certain qualities she loves and wants her hero to be. 

82. Be understanding and patient. Understanding is very much needed to sustain any relationship for a long time. Patience is virtuous and can help solve very grave situations gracefully.

83. Be in control of things. Guys look responsible and mature when they take hold of certain things. Not always, but at times, a girl expects her guy to take control over certain matters. 

84. Be romantic. Romantic boyfriends are very charming and they vibe well with a girl. Girls expect them to be romantic and act like the man of their dreams.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

85. Win over her friends and family. Approval of her friends and family can do the trick. She can get serious once she sees your involvement with her close ones.

86. Know how to handle her passionately. A girl can act childish at times. It is better not to behave rudely with her but to handle the situation cleverly and passionately. 

87. Be fashionable and well-groomed. Grooming oneself and staying fit has its own advantages. You look good and you make her feel proud of you. She loves looking at you.

88. Elevate your status and position. To be financially and emotionally stable is important. Both of them should strive for excellence and try to elevate their status and financial level.

89. Do things to develop yourself. The boyfriend should be well aware of the on-going competition in the outside world and keep him updated. Developing continuously is the need of the hour.

90. Have a unique personality. Uniqueness in your personality is what makes you different and attractive. It distinguishes you from the crowd and leaves a mark wherever you go. 

91. Give her space. Giving her some space to do whatever she feels like is important. She should be free and do things we wish without any hindrance.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

92. Work on your body and also, your fitness. A good body is something girls swoon over. One need not be a bodybuilder, but a well-groomed physique is always appreciated. 

93. Continue to invest in yourself.  Investing for a better future will ensure both of them will be successful in the near future and this will strengthen their relationship.

94. Be kind and generous to others. Kindness costs nothing but gives many in return. A girl will love how kind her soul mate is and she will recognize your generosity. 

95. Plan activities together. Planning hikes, camping, or any activity together can help the couple bond well and give them some alone time together while they enjoy the beauty of nature.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

96. Explore new restaurants. Foodie couples can try new restaurants together and bond over this common interest. They can spend some quality time and get to know each other.

97. Watch her favorite movies, together. Though the genre can be something which the guy is not familiar with, he must try to watch it together once in a while.

98. Let her be herself around you. A good boyfriend will not judge his girlfriend on the basis of her appearance. She should be comfortable in her own skin.

99. Plant trees with her. Gardening is a very pure and natural way to bond together.

100. Enjoy together. There is nothing more fun than enjoying simple things together. 

How to be a good boyfriend? :

● Be loyal and honest in your relationship. Don’t flirt with other girls, and make sure to be open about everything with your girlfriend. It is not wise to keep things hidden from her.

● Encourage her, be by her side at her toughest moments, and support her at all times. Make sure to look at her dreams and aspirations as yours as well.

● Communication is key in any relationship. If you feel bad about something, let it out, and never let doubts and negativities accumulate inside you and affect your bond with her.

● Spend time with her. Make her feel special and wanted at all times, especially when she is down with something that is affecting her mood.

● Besides being her partner in crime, it is also important to never encourage her wrongdoings. Grow together, and become an ideal couple.

Tips To Be A Good Boyfriend

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