How to Be a Good Girlfriend: 99+ Proven Ways

A good girlfriend is someone who pushes every boundary to perfect a relationship. She is not perfect, but she tries and makes genuine efforts to strengthen the relationship. Here are some tips to be a good girlfriend.

How to be a good girlfriend? :

  •  It is essential to stay loyal, honest, and open with your partner. 
  • Be supportive of what he wants, and curate yourself to be his most significant source of courage and motivation.
  •  Never be afraid to let out things that bother you, and always maintain clarity in your relationship.
  •  Good communication is critical.
  •  Respect him, his decisions, his friends and family, and the things he loves. Only when you portray Respect do you get it in return.
  •  Encourage him to give his best and fight toward his dreams and aspirations. Appreciate his efforts, and never take him for granted.
  •  Be the shoulder he wants to cry on and the one he wants always to come back to after a bad day.

how to be a good girlfriend

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

1. One should not sneakily read her boyfriend’s text messages or snoop behind in their absence.

2. One should make time to discuss certain unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings with their partners.

3. One should befriend their partner’s friends. This will strengthen the bond among the entire group.

4. One should always maintain personal space. Girlfriends should respect their partners’ space and vice versa.

5. Showering her partner with compliments can make him feel good and wanted. Complimenting their appearance does the job very well.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

6. One must not forget to compliment his small achievements, passions, and so on. This encourages the other person tremendously. 

7. Expensive gifts will not increase the love and bonding. It is better when avoided. Materialistic things do not work.

8. Simple and sensitive ways to care, which may look very small are very important. This shows the importance of the relationship.

9. A relation should not be a burden. It is not only about the two of them but also the lives surrounding them.

10. Trust is one of the main founding stone in any relationship. Men are not afraid of being judged and they feel very much secure and start opening up.

11. A strong woman encourages her boyfriend to grow and evolve. One must believe in him and let him flourish. 

12. Nobody likes a person who lies.  A girl should not break his boyfriend’s trust. Both of them should be completely transparent and honest. 

13. Women should remember to respect their partner’s time with friends or other family relations. This way mutual respect and significance grow for each other.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

14. Flirting with other guys just to make your man jealous will not be fruitful and will create distance between the two. Loyalty and faithfulness have their own charisma and this will strengthen the love.

15. A woman must let her partner know that he has done a great job. When he will see his efforts getting noticed, he will feel better and the relationship will grow. 

16. A quick but short and appreciative message can brighten up one’s day. A sweet “I Love you” will make him feel he is reminded. 

17. The worst thing to do is to take the person or the relationship for granted. Paying attention to him is the next best thing. 

18. As a girlfriend, giving your partner a patient ear is important when he needs to vent out. Assure him and help him by listening to him calmly.

19. A nagger is never appreciated and sometimes it proves to be very annoying. This can ruin the relation so one must stop nagging.

20. A person already has enough pessimistic and negative people in their life. As a good girlfriend, one must cheer him up and help him reach his full potential.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

21. We should always respect each other as individuals. Giving him the freedom and let him be should be the main goal and not always trying to change him.

22. One must never expect her partner to be perfect. Accepting each other’s flaws and mending them together always makes a relationship strong and transparent.

23. A mature woman doesn’t dwell in the past and dig it up every time she is angry with the partner. The relation should move forward leaving the past behind.

24. Making crucial decisions when we are angry will make us regret that. So it is better to give us some time, think, and then pass a judgment.

25. A good and clever girlfriend will always worry about the future of the relationship and will settle down things without dragging them to the next day. The more time it takes, the harder it gets.

26. Pampering him, cooking for him, or simply buying him a little present, small efforts go a long way. This will imbibe good vibes between the couple.

27. Giving him his desired space and not putting pressure on him is of utmost importance. This will enhance the bond of respect and love.

28. Independence in every form is necessary. One must not rely on his boyfriend but be a lot more responsible to avoid unnecessary tiffs.

29. Be empathetic. Understanding and recognizing other persons’ perspectives is very effective in keeping the romance alive.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

30. It is very easy to tell someone how happy and blessed you are to have him in your life. These are very sweet and comforting lines.

31. A good girlfriend will always support his partner’s dream and passion and be celebrating his success as her own. Achieving goals together has its own flavor. 

32. A mature girlfriend will never hide anything from her partner if that bothers her. Oblivious men should be told so that they can correct it after both of them have heard their perspective.

33. Inspire and motivate him on a regular basis so that his path becomes a little easier.

34. A strong and independent girlfriend can be a role model who can inspire her partner rather than control or pressurize him.

35. Not only girls but boys also love surprises. It makes them feel special and they become excited and elated. 

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

36. Giving him positive advice makes him feel genuinely better after he shares some uneasy secrets. This is very crucial.

37. Taking care of him in simple ways like a relaxing spa or a delicacy will loosen the tension between the couple and both will vibe well. 

38. A productive and informative discussion helps the couple to stay positive. Arguments over petty matters should be avoided.

39. Being a respectable and loved woman is essential.  One should learn to carry herself and behave accordingly at times.

40. Being the “friend” before acknowledging the girlfriend tag is important. Friendship, intimacy, respect, and connection, all of these are important to have in a good girlfriend. 

41. Give him his space. Being overly attached is clinginess and it is a major turn off for most boys. Constant calls, texts, or attention-seeking habits may go against one’s relation.

42. A good girlfriend will never make a man choose between his friends and her. These foolish and disrespectful deeds can stir a conflict between the two.

43. Approval from friends can be a good idea. A man should be proud of the girlfriend and not shy away from her company. This can be possible by befriending his friends. 

44. Once in a while, a good and wholesome meal can lift the partner’s mood and elevate the relationship. The menu might not be elaborate but the intention and the effort should be true and clear. 

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

45. A pleasing and cheerful personality is always attractive. Everyone and especially the boyfriend should be comfortable, regardless of how he is when he is around the girlfriend. She can build herself up to suffice this.

46. When things go out of control, a sensible girlfriend will try and handle it with dignity. She should not badmouth the other person and try to disarm with her inherent sweetness. 

47. Listening and communication are the key. When the other half is having a bad day, a good girlfriend will let him rant and do not answer at every point. She should try to listen and make him feel comfortable.

48. A witty and sensible girlfriend will not waste her energy over small petty stuff. One should pick the battles which are worth ruining a good day, fighting over. Both partners should learn to leave things when needed.

49. Sex is an important part of a relationship like this. Both of them should enjoy it and have good sexual chemistry. They should be open to each other about their needs and desires. 

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

50. Someone who invests a lot of time and effort into a relationship will go the extra mile to make her partner feel special. Small cute gestures or undivided attention after a long day can do the job

51. A good girlfriend will reciprocate his feelings in a similar manner and will try to appreciate his efforts when he plans to do certain things together. This will make both of them invest in a long term relationship. 

52. Men have insecurities that remain buried underneath their tough exterior. Boosting his ego at times, in a genuine and warm way, can make him feel desirable and good about himself.

53. Men like to have control. This must not be always entertained but once in a while, a girl can let him take the lead and he might decide certain things about the relationship. He can have his opinions and guidance.

54. There is nothing more attractive than being confident in your skin. Every man cherishes a girlfriend who is self-confident and adorable. Insecurities don’t creep in.

55. Into the initial days of dating, when one is not sure about the dressing style of an individual, it is best not to buy loads of clothes for a man. He might not like them and this will be an awkward situation to be in. 

56. Purposely forgetting a feminine or dainty piece of jewelry at his place will evoke the good times spent and he will connect to the nice memories.

57. Leaving a cute note on his workplace or his desk elaborating on certain things can make a man feel loved and celebrated. 

58. Giving him a quick kiss especially in front of his friends will boost his morals and make him blush. That is worth the public display.  

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

59. Too much PDA is not good for a relationship. Guys do not like their partners to be over the top and always cling to them. Do not overdue.

60. Sometimes, a little sneak peeks wearing some revealing clothes will make her beloved go weak in the knees. So it is a very sexy and feminine gesture.

61. Homemade bakes or any food items add a charm when the girlfriend visits the guy’s parents. This will make the family feel more good and lucky to have her.

62. Weekend getaways like some adventurous trips or a relaxing holiday just increase the bond between the couple and help them tick off their bucket lists.  

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

63. Red alerts are important in a relationship. A witty girlfriend will not compare his lover with her ex or bring up stories that show she has not moved on yet.  

64. Girlfriends should praise their guys every now and then. They are often not used to compliments and this will make them feel special.  

65. Boys appreciate girls who are direct and straightforward. Being direct, but in a compassionate way solves every uneasy situation very efficiently.

66. A good girlfriend is supposed to see the intention behind a certain action and appreciate or criticize that. She should not charge or judge the guy randomly. 

67. Maintaining one’s own life separately outside the relationship is important. The guy becomes the center of the girl and this becomes very unhealthy and problems arise. 

68. A girl should prioritize herself and take care of her before anything. If the girlfriend stays happy and content, she can make everything better. 

69. Smile. A smile is very powerful and it can change the world. Smiling increases the feel-good hormone level and this is good for the couple. They enjoy and laugh together.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

70. A girlfriend who is serious in a relationship can enhance and focus on the qualities that made him attractive. This shower of praise may ignite a spark in the relationship.

71. A man enjoys a light physical contact from their love interest in a public place. This increases the fondness and they love the attention when their girlfriend does it. 

72. Treat others well. A good girlfriend treats everybody well, irrespective of anything. This is a basic human attribute which proves how gentle and kind the girl is.  

73. There is no harm in comforting a man when he is crying. A girlfriend should always offer a shoulder to cry on when he is upset. A man can be vulnerable and she should lift him up.

74. A good girl partner makes her boyfriend an integral part of her world. Introduce him to your family and friends and evaluate the bonds for a more concrete relationship.  

75. A mature girl must never ask her partner to prove his love again and again. This is not all fun and games and leaves a hint of insecurity and burdens the relationship.

76. She should know how to enjoy, have fun, and be happy and comfortable doing activities together. She should be a fun girl to be with and not all stiff and jittery.  

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

77. A proper girlfriend will not be a manipulator.  She will never put words in the mouth of her partner even in the middle of an ugly fight. This shows how dignified a woman is.

78.      A girl must always offer to split the bill. The responsibility must always be shared and equal. This balances the respect in a relation.

79.   She should accept the man for who he is and do not try and change his aura or personality. Nobody is perfect and one must accept all the flaws.

80.   Both of them should be sexually compatible. It does not have to be perfect but at least needs to be more fun and less pressure. The couple should enjoy it.

81. When the boyfriend is sick, a caring girlfriend should take care of him and help him get back on his feet. This period can give rise to certain platonic intimate moments.

82.   Although therapy should always be professional, but in case of a sudden panic attack or anxiety, the girl must act as a therapist and provide him some support and mental strength. 

83. A good and fun-loving girlfriend will be very spontaneous and a little crazy but in a good way. Guys adore girls who can act all crazy and fun-loving once in a while.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

84.   The couple should have as little insecurity as possible. Any hint of damage to the relationship should be handled together and there should never be any disloyalty or breach of trust between them.

85.  A guy wants his girlfriend to step up for him even when he can fight his own battles. He feels stronger when a girl does this. This just imbibes the confidence in each other and concretes the bond.

86.  Sometimes, a girlfriend can be all dressed up and in the mood for a retro romantic experience. This will break the monotony and ignite some fresh sparks in the relation.

87.  A good taste in music. It does not necessarily have to be the same, but a varied spectrum often excites guys and they love sharing their favorite stories with bands, etc. 

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

88. Foodie couples bond together over this mutual love for food. A girlfriend must utilize her resources and find unusual and quirky places to dine together. This is fun and interesting.

89. A nice pedicure or a warm back massage can prove to be therapeutic at times. Girls must sharpen their spa skills and give the boyfriend a much relaxing pedicure, manicure, or shave.

90. A good girlfriend will try and spend more time bonding over her partner. For a relationship, it is very beneficial if both the partners skip parties or unnecessary gatherings and spend the time chilling together.

91. Girlfriends are very different from mothers. So it is a plus point if one does not behave like that. One should not keep bossing around every time but try and act accordingly. 

92. A clever and nice girlfriend would know when the relationship is in danger and try to salvage it. She will not avoid the red flags or try and seek comfort elsewhere. 

93. A girlfriend should be her partner’s best friend. Complete transparency, even in the worst cases is expected from both. This will enhance the clarity in between.

94. Do not point small mistakes and exaggerate them. There might be situations that can be controlled in a compassionate way. Exaggerating small events and stretching them for long is considered unhealthy. 

95. Sometimes, the girl can set up a nice little date in the home for the couple. This is a very sweet gesture and can go a long way. She can decorate a warm corner for a movie date or something special.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

96. A surprise gift can make him happy and cheerful. Once in a while, she can surprise him by gifting him his favorite gift. It can be a watch, a jersey, or anything he likes.

97.  Girls can try to go to a match with him. This is only to make him realize that she is there no matter what. They can enjoy the game together and have a gala time.

98. Whatever happens, cuss words are a big turn off. It should be a mutual understanding that nobody will abuse even when they are in a bad mood. This ruins the relationship.  

99. The girlfriend who remembers her boyfriend’s favorites is good. She should keep in mind his favorite color, flavors, dishes, and everything else.

100. There is no perfect relationship. But they should not leave trying. They should enjoy the process of building a strong relationship.  

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