How to Be a Good Husband: 51+ Tips

There are specific rules in a relationship that makes us feel blissful and happy if we follow them. Well, to be a good husband the idea of trying to be one is the topmost criterion.

The sacrifices and compromises made by a husband are undeniable qualities that cannot be ignored. Just the same, some tips make a husband an ‘excellent one’ to add spice to marriage.

Listed below is How to be a good husband.

Your wife is not a rehab who deals with your bad behaviour, laziness, and demerits. She should be treated as a partner and not as a therapist. 

Be an excellent listener who gives attention to every detail that your partner wants to share. Don’t be in a hurry to speak.

Make sure you keep your promises. Take her shopping if you have committed or help her out to babysit the kids as you promised.

Keep flirting even when you are married. Don’t let the thrill and charm of four relationships because you have committed to each other officially. Marriage shouldn’t end your fulfilled teases and romance.

Realize the fact that you are her partner so don’t depend on her for every small or big thing. Look for your things and know your house better like her.

Don’t expect your partner to book for you every time. Keep a day or two when you make dinner or breakfast. It’s good to give her a break.

Be passionately in love with her because marriage also burdens you with responsibility so you shouldn’t let the fire of passion fade away in all of the.

If you have a bitter argument then take some time off and leave the place for some time. Let her cool down and don’t be harsh and abusive.

Keep complimenting her for every little opportunity you get. It can be for her new haircut or her new dress. You can also acknowledge her for her professional success.

Respect her and accept the same from her. Don’t lose out on the base of a relationship because you share a room. 

Interdependence is the charm of a married relationship. Independence will pave way for misunderstandings but when you have a mutual discussion over every small or big thing then it’s going to be fruitful.

Manage your finances and keep your savings so that your partner doesn’t have to go through a financial crunch. 

Your family should be prioritized and your friends should come afterward. 

Don’t get rid of the word ‘Thank You’? Use it often when she helps you out and makes your work go smooth.

Be friends before imposing your relationship status on each other. Both of you should be comfortable talking to each other about every small or big problem.

Self-care is significant so make sure you do what you like to keep yourself growing in every way. Hit the gym or go jogging, learn a new activity, eat healthily, or participate in sports but make sure you do what you like.

DE-stress yourself by planning a vacation or an outing. Go for dinner dates or simply out together to have a ‘we time’.

Winning an argument with your partner doesn’t result in trophies or ultimate bliss. You can anticipate but don’t have the criteria to put her down.

Love her and appreciate her for what she does for you and your kids. She is not a newly born superhuman but the same person who you fell in love with. 

Don’t bring out past differences, references to conclude a fight at the present. Stick to the present and get things sorted.

Keep each other satisfied in bed. Just because you live together doesn’t mean that your sex life should be predictable and monotonous. You can try out new things to keep each other entertained.

Show some enthusiasm in her interests even if that’s a tv show. Have some information about it and keep asking her questions about it.

Appreciate her if she’s trying a new dress but just the same be a genuine critique who gives her suggestions.

Call her from work even if you don’t have anything important to talk about. Your concern and love should be felt and not at any cost should that be compromised or taken for granted.

There can be differences in the family so when it’s her versus your family, make sure you take her side in those squabbles and not leave her alone to defend.

When you make coffee or a snack for yourself, keep in mind that you share with her or make it for two.

Your marriage is not a license to look worse. Maintain your hygiene and be presentable so that when your wife looks at you she feels the same passion that she had some ten years back.

Nostalgia adds to the charm of your relationship. Speak about the good times you had with each other, the silly things, and the fun things that you did together.

If she wants you to express your love on social media then be that way. Post pictures together and admit publicly about your passion for her.

Don’t keep talking about your work-related problems with her. You can share your problems not every time.

Participate in the household chores as it’s not her part of the business to keep the house clean but both of you live together. Clean the house together.

Divide the work at home but do her part of work at a time to see her smile. 

Respect her family and help them in trouble. Treat them like your own.

Calm her down when she’s facing challenges at work. Be the shoulder to lean on and let her have faith in you.

Befriend her friends to have good times together.

Sort out your differences before you go to bed. Never go and sleep with a heavy heart of unhappiness.

Love her and keep expressing that with small gestures, gifts, or notes. Make her happy.

Keep your mind positive and spread that optimism in her life as well. Be confident about each other.

Give her a beautiful space and allow her to have her own time. You don’t need to solve all her problems, but just be the support by allowing her to do things by herself.

Drop out bad habits of drinking, addiction, smoking, and always try to be a better person for her.

Be productive and ambitious who is focused and goal-oriented. Don’t neglect your work.

Don’t get away with your sense of humor. Keep her laughing and find ways to laugh together.

Pamper her and treat her as precious. She’s your love so give her that cuddle, hug and kiss.

You can be protective but don’t control her. Let her have her way out but make sure she feels secure with you.

Your health is your priority so eat well and exercise. 

She can make mistakes so explain to her and forgive her. Don’t give verdicts and abuses to put her down.

Be trustworthy who can be relied on completely. Let your wide have faith in you.

Nurturing your kids and raising them is not just her responsibility but also yours. Play with them and help your partner to keep them happy.

Be honest with your wife. The moment you start bringing in another person in your mind, you will lose interest in her. Just be honest with her.

Chivalry shouldn’t die with marriage. Keep the good manners in you alive and treat her well.

Celebrate all the good occasions together be it your anniversary or your birthdays. Surprise her with a party or a private dinner.

Don’t let her cry because of you. She decided to have a life with you so it’s your responsibility to make that a special one.

As a good husband, you should be knowing her favorite food, best color, kind of music that she likes, her hobbies, and things that she detests.

Patience is the key to unlock happiness in married life. You can’t sulk at your wife and kids for having problems at work.

Like a good husband, he should diligently work for his wife and kids. He shouldn’t stop and fail to let things fall apart. His consistent trials will give a brighter future.

Understanding is a great term that is easy to say but difficult to work out. If she cooperates with you then make sure you do the same personally and professionally. Let her prosper.

Don’t be proud and arrogant. Treat your partner as equal and involve her in all your important decisions.

Make her smile even at the slightest opportunity that you get. Do small things to keep her happy and being funny at times enhances your bond.

Sacrifice your plans with your friends, sacrifice a bad habit to see her smiling, be a good father to your kids, and give away all that pulls you back. It will be worth it.

Love your wife truly and that’s the key. If you are not in love with a person then you are just wasting your time. You would try all ends to make her happy because you love her.

Be defensive about her. Don’t let people speak against her or make fun of her. Be the husband who sulks if anyone dares to speak ill of his wife.

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Learn to ask for forgiveness when you have done something wrong. Be the man to admit your fault and not the one who gets smaller when you confess. 

 Don’t share your secrets and private details with friends. You have to be a reliable source where she spills her secrets.

You may want to show her fault in some cases but when you pick one make sure you compliment her first. She won’t feel bad at the criticism.

Ignore the petty matters that bring confusion. Just let things go and don’t stop at every word to argue.

Discussions are healthy but arguments are not. You can discuss a topic and have your respective views on it instead of fighting over it.

Make sure you don’t sulk as soon as you come back home or she comes back. Ponder over a moment for whatever the cause is and then speak about it.

Participate in an activity together like you can go swimming together, watch a live show together, hit the gym together. This ‘together’ becomes a habit that you can’t stay without.

Bring home something that she loves to eat especially if she had a tiring day. 

Massage her back and foot to give her relaxation after a tiring day. Women love all of these.

Decide a day when you don’t speak of your in-laws, finances, debts, home loans, bills, work, kids, and diseases. Speak only about the two of you.

Ditch your phone and be with each other for real. Keep it away and switched it off so that you can speak to each other.

When you guys go out together make sure you look good. She should fall head over heels in love with you all over again.

Make an extra effort to show how important your spouse is to you. 

You need to tell her that you are more than lucky to marry her and life wouldn’t have been better without her.

Give her opinions and advice when she asks for one. She values you so she discusses it with you.

Don’t listen to a third party when it comes to your relationship. Always take decisions which are mutual and there shouldn’t be involvement of any other person.

Don’t make comparisons and try to make changes in her. Admire her for the way she is, support her but don’t try to change her by giving examples.

It’s good to be friends but don’t forget to ignite the romance. That should be intact and growing.

Your marriage will evolve with time and your relationship and expectations will change further. Adapt the change and don’t try to compare that with your past.

Grow together and help each other fulfill goals. Don’t be apart and start doing things your way.

You need to understand the emotions of your partner without being told. You can observe her gestures and body language and figure out if she’s fine or not doing too well.

Take extra care when she is not well. Your love for her when she falls sick will make her stronger and happy.

Leave notes in the house for your post to find and read. If your wife is forgetful, give her a reminder with a small note to carry her car keys or her purse.

Take responsibility if you have done something wrong. Own up your mistake even if that is after a few days or a month or even a year. Point the time and admit that u were wrong.

Don’t be judgmental and draw conclusions when your spouse seeks help from you. Be free to advise.

It’s not mandatory to have some interest or common hobbies but you can show some interest to have her by your side forever.

Your marriage does not give you a license to stick to each other like a leech. Stay alert from each other and realize how much you miss your partner.

If you guys have no plans for a kid then bring home a little pet. Nurture that together and share the love.

Kiss often even if that’s a peck. That’s an expression of love.

Participate actively when you are intimate. Make your partner happy and even if you are not making love, just cuddle with each other.

Tease her often to make her smile. She may love to joke around with you.

When you are not together, try to find ways to tell her how much you miss her. 

Always support your partner’s dreams. She will look only upon you to help her fulfill those. Give her ideas that can be I’m located for a better future.

Show empathy rather than sympathy. You should feel her pain and suffer rather than feel sorry.

Don’t ever bring the threat of divorce when you are having small arguments. 

Treat your partner with love and pamper her in the morning to have a great day ahead. 

Express your love when you are out with family or friends. Make her feel special and look for her.

Don’t give her suggestions every time especially when her mood is not good. She may need your support and warmth but not your advice.

If you are unable to express your discomfort and you have some issues with her behavior when you can text her to explain or write a letter rather than arguing over it. Always conclude with ‘I Love You’. 

Tips To Be A Good Husband

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