How to Beat a Narcissist: 20+ Practical Things to Cultivate

Are you geared up πŸ‘² to take your charge again from a narcissist? Narcissists are arrogant, self-focused, and manipulative, so it is not possible for them to understand your angle. 

“Narcissists will never tell you the truth. They live in a world of delusion.” β€” Shannon L. Alder

How can you close them down? We are here with tricks that will help you beat a narcissist at their very own game 😏.

Here is how to beat a narcissist

We will walk you through everything you may do to defeat the narcissists in your life.

Maintain Little to No ContactΒ 

Maintain Little To No Contact

Narcissists do not change, and they take a toll on your intellectual 🧠 fitness. In some cases, it is satisfactory to quit your relationship. Sadly, that is now not usually possible. 

I suggest – In case you are in a romantic relationship πŸ‘« with a narcissist, plan your excursion before you leave. Make sure you recognize where you will live, and do not tell the narcissist you are leaving till you are already long gone. 

If your parent πŸ‘ͺ or buddy is a narcissist, you could possibly forestall taking their calls and texts. 

Alternatively, you may determine to talk to them once a week or as soon as a month. If your coworker is a narcissist, restrict your interactions with them to commercial enterprise responsibilities.

Stay Calm when They Are Trying to Disappoint You

Narcissists actively try to rile you up 😠 so you act out. It is all a part of their recreation, so they win when you get disenchanted.

Do your part to disregard their impolite comments and criticisms. Additionally, take control of the state of affairs with the aid of calming yourself down. 

Counting to ten, deep respiration, or picturing my glad zone helps me. You may also repeat fantastic affirmations to yourself, which include “I am calm 😌 ,” “I have peace,” or “The universe is on my facet.”

Use “we” Language to Get Them in Your Facet

Use We Language To Get Them In Your Facet

A narcissist best cares about one personβ€”themselves πŸ™‚ , and that they could not care less about what you believe.

Luckily, you can trick them into going along with you by the usage of the phrase “we.” “We” language can really defuse fights and get them to do things. Beat them in their game by announcing things like, “We seem to have gotten off course. Let Us change subjects,” or “We both care about this a lot 😊 . Maybe we ought to move directly to something else.”

Get them to do something with the aid of pronouncing, “We want to complete this document by the end of the day,” or “We have got a huge mess 🫠 to clean up in here.”

Play up To Their Need for Attention

Narcissists have an insatiable want for interest and validation. They want to feel like they are in the middle of the universe 🌏 and that everyone else revolves around them. If you can provide them the attention they crave, you are increasing your possibilities of having your own way.

One powerful way of doing this is, I believe, to believe the whole thing they are saying. Narcissists trust that their evaluations are always proper, so if you validate their beliefs, they will feel important πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ 

This does not imply that you need to, without a doubt, accept what they are saying; rather, it is about making them feel heard πŸ‘‚ and understood.

Things To Do:

  • Keep in mind to be assertive, not aggressive.
  • Always set your boundaries.
  • Never stroke their ego to gain their favor.
  • Try not to share too much personal information with them.

Agreeing with A Narcissist Also Avoids Conflict

Agreeing With A Narcissist Also Avoids Conflict

Narcissists can be very argumentative πŸ—£οΈ and protective πŸ›‘οΈ whilst their ideals are challenged, so by agreeing with them, you can keep away from triggering those bad behaviors.

Attention to Their Sense of Superiority

Narcissists have an inflated sense of self-importance and believe that they are better 😌 than all people else. They want to be famous, reputable, and seen as advanced.

If you can make them sense like they may be the smartest πŸŽ“, most capable person in the room, they will be more likely to do what you want. One effective manner of doing that is to satisfy their ego by requesting their help or advice.

Make Them Feel Quintessential

Make Them Feel Quintessential

Narcissists need to be wanted and valued by others, and they crave recognition ✨ and admiration.

If you can make them feel like you can not cope without them, they will be much more likely to cooperate with you. One powerful manner of doing that is to flatter their feelings 😚 of significance by expressing your dependence on them.

Pro Tip:

For instance, you could possibly say something like, “I do not recognize what I might do without you. You are simply the best person who is familiar with me.”

Play on Their Fears

Narcissists are often pushed by fear 😰 . If you could find out what their fears are and play on them, you will be able to manage them easily.

As an example, you could use triangulation with the aid of telling them you know someone who is interested in the same issue to lead them to feel jealous 😠 and insecure 🫀 or you can say something like, “Do not fear in case you do not have the time to help me out. Mr X offered to do it for me, and I am positive they will do a terrific job.”

Deliver Them What They Need… However Not Easily

Deliver Them What They Need However Not Easily

Narcissists have a tendency to want things that are just out of reach. They will have grandiose aspirations or goals 🎯 , consisting of attaining a sure degree of fulfillment, being admired by others, or obtaining fabric possessions.

I like delivering them what they need, but not easily; this way, it sends a powerful signal of manipulating them into doing what they need.


This tactic works due to the fact narcissists thrive at the anticipation and exhilaration of having what they need. By giving them a flavor πŸ˜‹ of what they prefer but not satisfying their desire immediately, you create a feeling of longing and desire πŸ’— in them.

Threaten to Withdraw Your Aid

Narcissists often depend on the humans πŸ‘₯ around them for assistance. If you could threaten to withdraw your guide, they may be much more likely to do what you want.

I recommend – Whilst threatening to withdraw your help, it is crucial to frame it in a way that appeals to the narcissist’s self-interest πŸ˜‰. You may highlight how much they must benefit by running with you rather than towards you.

Play Tough to Get

Play Tough To Get

Narcissists have a propensity to need what they cannot have. As a result, they are interested in human beings πŸ‘₯ or matters which are impossible.

My suggestion – While playing hard to get with a narcissist, it is important to create the illusion that you are in excessive demand 😌; this might involve being aloof, noncommittal, or even dismissive towards their advances or requests.


By developing this experience of mystery 🀫 and intrigue around yourself, you tap into the narcissist’s want for attention and validation.

Say Something First-Rate Before You Give Criticism.

Narcissists completely lose it when you point out their flaws. Though, it is occasionally necessary to deliver a complaint. To soften the blow, deliver them praise πŸ‘ before you inform them what is incorrect. It additionally allows us to word the criticism in the most fine way viable. 

Pro Tip:

You might say something like, “You are one of the best analysts πŸ” we have right here. Your reviews do an incredible job at protecting the facts, but we would like greater details to round them out.”

Let Them Feel Achieved to Minimize Drama

Let Them Feel Achieved To Minimize Drama

Bragging about your very own achievements πŸŽ‰ will prompt a narcissist. They want to agree they are the best and could do something to at least one-up you. 

There is no need to put yourself all the way down to please the narcissist. Simply do not rub your successes on their face so you do not have to deal with their drama.

In case your companion is a narcissist, be conscious of how your achievements assist both of you. I prefer saying things like, “We did this together,” or “I am so glad we are doing so nicely 😊.” 

In most cases, they will feel confirmed enough to transport directly to a new subject matter.

Ignore Them Instead of Calling out Their Conduct

There is no point in confronting or reporting a narcissist. However, this could best improve the scenario. They will say you made all of it up 😐, all at the same time as remaining as cool as a cucumber. 

I understand it is frustrating 😠 to need to address them, but you may neutralize a variety of their poisonous behaviors by ignoring them.

They will simply attempt to turn things around on you and prolong the drama. Do not let them suck you in.

Stop Arguments with A Vague Reaction

Stop Arguments With A Vague Reaction

Narcissists will by no means admit they are wrong, so arguments πŸ—£οΈ just amplify. Due to the fact they are so arrogant and self-centered, it is not possible to get them to own as many errors. 

Pro Tip:

Save yourself the time and strength with the aid of refusing to argue. It is the quickest way to close them down. At work, you might say, “I hear you πŸ‘‚. “If you are speaking to your accomplice or relative, you could say, “Mmmhmm,” “okay,” or “Cool.”

Ask About Their Pastimes to Change the Topic

Narcissists like to hear themselves talk. Use this tactic to neutralize your narcissistic relative, coworker, or acquaintance. Attempt to select a subject that interests you, too, so you are not bored. 

Say something like: “You are almost an expert on space software. I was hoping you may tell me about the undertaking to Mars and while it would take place,” or “I heard you like to jot down ✏️. What do you usually write πŸ“ about?”

Points To Remember:

  • It’s crucial to keep in mind that interacting with a narcissist can be emotionally taxing, and there’s a chance you won’t be able to have any impact on their actions. 
  • Protecting your own well-being and reducing the relationship’s negative effects on your life should be among your top concerns. 


While dealing with a narcissist, recognize their manipulative strategies and prioritize your emotional well-being πŸ₯°. Keep in mind that you cannot change a narcissist, but you may control the way you react to them. 

Stay resilient, live grounded, and do not let their ego-driven games define you. Via nurturing your very own internal spark ✨ and focusing on your personal boom, you can ultimately conquer the toxic influence of a narcissist and regain control of your existence.

Those were a few tips that have saved my mental peace on countless occasions. Do let me know how helpful 😊 you found them.

Do not shy away from letting me know in the comments down below a few of your tricks, too, if you have any. 

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